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Girls' Frontline M4A1

emmmmm just a new project
big project
(im alive!!!!!XD
video in…
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its been three years of wait for the DL hope your doing well for this big project of yours, love your work

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will there ever be Downloads to models in the videos? sorry if you get this question alot.
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Wow,I were just trying to find if there's a model of Girls Frontline or sth,then I found this page of yours,compare to other models,yours really catched my eyes,wonderful model.Are you going to make it as a MMD model?Really look forward to your DL link if you allow to DL,that way I may be able to use it to do some 3D animation!好了不放洋屁了,能在这看见国人是既意外又惊喜,大佬可以加个QQ啥的嘛?w@,一直都觉得你们这些模型大佬炒鸡厉害。我的qq1048357494,收藏一波,大佬辛苦了
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Looks great. I finished chapter 5 but from there the game practically becomes unbeatable.

Really wish they would patch the game. M4A1's hp cap only reaches 500 at max level, either to balance her other skills or as a result of battle damage in the intro.
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could you do an download link for that model? i want that so much and i would give you credits on everything i do with it and i think i would pay for it 
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sorry, long time cant look here ,and please wait some time befor i finish my big project ,maybe ican open this models DL link XD
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would be cool if you can send it i waant to do some art work to it with your help i would give credits to you even then
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These MMD models are amazing but I use SFM and none of these models have been ported yet and I'm also too lazy and not informed enough to port them over yet so I'm kinda just sitting here really salty... Still a great model tho!
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For GMOD there are currently three T-Doll Npcs available on the Steam workshop. Ump45, M4A1 SOP-II and H&K47. If you have a Steam account and/or Garry's Mod I strongly suggest downloading them. More to come soon I'd wager, but for now just these three.…
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salty可还行 hhhhhh
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I am playing Girls' Frontline a while now and because of that I am constantly searching for great MMD models of my favorite characters.
And your M4A1 is one of the most promising so far :3
Only from this picture I can see, that you've put alot of effort into this model

This M4A1 looks so amazing even Sunborn Games couldn't do a better job -imo.

Of course I was wondering, if you will release it at some point in the near future, but there is no rush take your time creating this awesome model :D

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Nice, I was working on girls frontline models (or at least attempting to). I only really started 3d modelling in blender recently but its nice to see more models of them cause my experience prevents me from doing more complex ones.
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Oh, the princess . I'm playing the game and I like her voice .
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are u chinese too?
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No, I'm VietNamese and the game just released the english version so I'm playing it now .
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would you consider distributing this model?
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emmmmm,i use this make a big project now ,maybe ill distributing this model,hhhhhhh
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