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Bearquarter's Toy Story: Act IIISherman is feeling depressed than he has ever been in his toy life. He let his jealousy consume him, Jimmy and the only friends he can trust ditched him, Trent's going to move out of Illinois in at least a few hours from now, and he's trapped in the meanest kid's room in the block. He might as well wait for Duncan to wake up and find something else to blow up. Maybe him.Just then, a noise vibrated from the top of the crate, alarming Sherman. The Milkcrate's shaking?! He looked up and saw, to his surprise, that Jimmy was on the milk crate's top while Mark and Lyds worked on the bottom! Jimmy is trying to push the toolbox right off while the other 2 toys helped from below! "You'd really think we'd leave you behind?" Lydia replied. "Not as long as there's someone waiting for him." Mark said. "Guys? Jimmy, what are you doing...I thought I told you..." Sherman said looking surprised and disbelief, he thought that he himself was left behind."Come on, Sherman. There's a kid over in that house who needs us. Now, let's get you out of this thing!" Jimmy said, determined, pushing the crate."Yes, sir." Sherman said, saluting. Sherman quickly adjusts his glasses and starts pushing the milkcrate with Mark and Lydia and Jimmy continues pushing the toolbox. With their strengths, they begin to move the objects slowly. "Come on, Jimmy. We can do it." Sherman encouraged.With the rain stopped and the sun beginning to rise... a moving truck can be seen pulling up in front of Trent's house!"Sherman! It's the Moving Van!" Jimmy said, horrified, it's almost time to move!"We'll have little time for them to pack!" Mark stated out, the family will need to pack, that gives the quad of toys time but not enough."We gotta get outta here now!" Sherman yelped."No need to tell me twice!" Lydia said, alarmed.Jimmy braces himself between the tool chest and the wall. Using his legs, Jimmy pushes with all his might like the Man of Steel known as Superman. The toolbox begins to move.Sherman notices that with every shove Jimmy gives to the toolchest, the milkcrate begins to edge out over the lip of the desk, and eventually, a gap has been opened. It is wide enough for the mouse to jump through."All right!" Sherman laughed out as he jumps out of the toolbox onto the floor. Looking up, Sherman calls to Jimmy, Lydia and Mark still working. "I'm free!" He let them know that he himself was free so they could stop."I see, that's good." Mark noticed this as he ceased his action to push, jumping to the ground, as did Lydia, but noticed something odd the item in question was still being pushed."Uh, Jimmy?" Lydia asks, concerned. "Almost...there..." Jimmy groaned out with shut eyes as he kept on pushing the toolbox and milk crate. He is unaware that Sherman has got out. "Wait! Stop, you don't know what...." Mark tried to stop Jimmy's action, the boy genius doesn't know what he's doing! Soon it happened, Sherman couldn't do anything right now from seeing how over the edge the milkcrate and toolbox was. He could only watch with a nervous face as the toolbox and milk crate fell off the desk and is about to land right on him.Sherman nervously chuckles as the tools crashed on top of him, luckily, Duncan is dumber than he realizes and keeps sleeping, and Jimmy sighs in relief."Sign my Jersey, Bear Killer Brett." Duncan mumbled.Jimmy sighs in relief, the boy is more thick-headed than he thought, now to check on Sherman."Sherman! Are you alright?" Jimmy asked, concerned."I'm Fine, I'm okay!" Sherman said, punch drunk as he lifts the toolbox, dazed. "He might need a hospital…" Mark joked.Duncan's alarm clock rings. Duncan stirs awake. Sherman frantically hides under the toolbox, and Jimmy froze back. The alarm clock kept on ringing, but it's moving forward, and it crashes to the floor. Duncan's face brightens as he looks over to his workbench."Oh, yeah!" Duncan said, grabbing Jimmy. "It's time for liftoff! Whoo!"He opens the door and runs downstairs, much to the horror of Sherman! He lost everything he had, at least he's not gonna let THIS one get away from him!Sherman comes out of the toolbox and races to the closing door. Mark and Lydia jump down an catch up to him. He jumps to it, and the door stops on his arm. He looks out the door, and sees Vinny racing toward him. Sherman scurries and he tries closing the door, but it hits Vinny's face. After a few tries, the door closes."What am I gonna do now?!" Sherman yelped. "Come on, Sherman! Think!"Sherman sighed in disappointment. Jimmy is about be blown to pieces, Vinny's ready to tear him to shreds and the only friends that he can count on won't help him. He's on his own, or is he, as he looks around, he notices the Mutant Toys looking at him."The Mutant Toys?" Mark spoke in surprise, what could have gotten these toys attention to appear now?"Guys!" Lydia asked, as he saw the Mutant toys but none of them were pleased as they hid in the shadows, shunning him in fury, still offended over the fact Sherman referred to them as cannibals.Desperate, Sherman pleaded, "No, no, no, wait! Listen, hear me out! A good toy is down there, and all because of me he's... he's gonna be blown to pieces in a few minutes. I gotta save him. But I...I need your help!" "Listen to him, if you don't act now, then even you can't fix someone blown to bits! We need to act." Mark announces with open arms.For a while, the Mutant Toys are freezing him out and ignoring them. With no one else to help them, Sherman is about to lose hope...but he stops sulking as soon as he notices Mr. Freeze peeking from out of the shadows, looking concerned for Sherman."Please. He's my friend..." Sherman then said, then he started sadly thinking about his friends who may never wanna see him again. To him, it seems as if because of what happened yesterday, it would seem as if Sherman's friends lost faith in him. "And he's the only one I've got...."At that moment, Sherman lost hope. But little did he know, even Mark knew that Sherman's friends still have a tiny hope for him, but they can't let their feelings cloud their judgement until Sherman is there with Jimmy alive and well. "I think of you as a friend, Sherman Peabody." Mark said, surprising Sherman. "You've got another friend. And she's going to help you the best way she can, no matter what. Friends stick together," Lydia said."Even after what I said?" Sherman asks, curious."You've given everyone else a second chance. Why not you?" Lydia said. This made Sherman weakly smile. As all seemed silent for any response to this request to save Jimmy, it seems no help would come, that is until Mr. Freeze nods as he crawls out, beginning his monologue, "It would seem that you have been given a second chance. If you want, we'll help you save your friend from the Dark one's suffering as my precious Nora has. Today, we have the ONE SHOT to get back the man who destroyed our lives.""Even if it means getting past the dog?" Sherman said, starting to gain some hope. Mr. Freeze nods."Think of it, Sherman: to never again walk on a summer's day, with a loved one and a loving hand to hold. Oh, yes. I'd do anything for that." Mr. Freeze said as he begins to bang in some sort of code on Duncan's metal bedpost.Little by little, the other Mutant Toys came out, gathering around the quad, Sherman smiled at this, these guys are willing to help out after all!"Thank you." Sherman told Mr. Freeze with a smile in being appreciated of all the Mutant Toys aid.Turning to the others, he said this with a careful planning. "Okay, I know what we should do. It involves breaking a few rules, but it will help everyone if it works."The mutants nodded. Operation Save Jimmy has just begun!Meanwhile in Trent's Room, The movers cart out the last load. A forlorn Trent clutches onto Jimmy's "spaceship" box in one hand and his Back to the Future VHS in the other. Trent scans the empty room and heaves a sad sigh, he might as well face it, his favorite toys are gone for good. In Duncan's Backyard, Duncan comes out of the she carrying a bunch of materials under his arm. He drops the junk down beside an inanimate Jimmy. Duncan chuckled, "If only this was one of McGrady's toys, this would be SO satisfying."Jimmy was concerned, he's running out of time!Back in Duncan's room, as Vinny is planted right outside Duncan's bedroom door, poised to attack anything that exits, Sherman has created a little diagram of the house and yard out of dominoes and Scrabble tiles. He points to it with a pencil as he addresses the mutants."Alright, I need Broly with Mercy here, Greg to meet up with Harley." Lydia then said. "Greg, you're with Shannon's Legs." Mark said. "Roller Sideshow Bob and I aren't allowed to move until we get the signal, so let's move!" Sherman said, determined to end this Nightmare.The toys all break out of their huddle and got started on their plan as Greg and Shannon opened a vent grate, and went through the air shaft, and headed towards where the porch light was. "Wind the Frog!" Mark said, setting up as Sherman sat on Roller Sideshow Bob.Suddenly, the Bullfrog got winded up by Coach Steve Kong. Meanwhile, Greg and Shannon come to an intersection. Greg chuckles. and they head down the right tunnel. A bottom of wall insulation is pushed aside to by the 2. They make their way towards a junction box sitting in the center of the floor. The two lift the loose junction box. Lex pokes his head and looks around. Good, the coast is clear.In the bedroom, the mutant toys wait as they get into position, looking at Sherman who said sternly, "Wait for the signal." Everyone needs to time this rescue just right. Otherwise, this was a waste of time, and all is lost. Greg takes the end of the line off Shannon's fishing tongue reel, hooks it onto himself, and is then lowered down through the open hole.Hanging halfway down the front door, Greg begins to swing. Eventually he swings far enough to reach his destination: the doorbell. Greg presses it. In Duncan's room, the door bell was heard, that was the signal, indicating that Greg rang the door bell! Our Heroes and the Mutant Toys heard the signals. Sherman threw his arm down while yelling now, "And go!" Skeleton hand in a box went onto and opened the door, the wind up frog fled the room, and caused Vinny to go after it, and opened it, and the Mutant Toys went downstairs, hoping that Sherman isn't too late. As she walked downstairs, Duncan's mother opened the door, thinking that Ella's friend was getting her for a playdate, and she found nobody outside, unaware that Greg was on the porch with his hands out. Vinny continued chasing the Frog, following him down the stairs, and out the door. Greg caught the Frog. Vinny raced out, unwittingly knocking a distracted Duncan's mom from her legs."Agh! VINNY!" Duncan's Mother yelled in annoyance. Vinny realized that he's been tricked. Unseen, Widow Legs reeled Greg and The Frog in, before replacing the bulb. "Stupid dog!" Duncan's Mom slammed the door, locking him outside. Vinny tries to get in the house, but he slammed his face in the door. She ignored his barking and went out in the hallway, not even caring that Vinny is locked out. "Badda-bing." Vinnie said, sarcastically, "I know everyone hates me, but come on."As the mother went upstairs to get ready for work, she fails to notice a familiar group of mutants led by a familar pull string doll and by now RollerBob has really picked up speed. He shoots underneath the kitchen table, through the maze of chairlegs, straight towards... the pet door."Lean back!" Lydia demanded. The mutants all push back causing the Rollerskating mutant to do a wheelie. They smash through the doggie door...and catapult into the bushes.Duncan was getting things ready for "launching the kid into orbit". As Sherman looked through the bushes, there's Jimmy still taped to that rocket, good, he isn't too late. Greg and a few Mutants shoot out into the yard from a drainpipe. They exchange a thumbs-up with Sherman, Sherman smiles that stupid dog's out of the way. Time to prove his innocence. " Uh, Mission the launchpad construction complete? -(simulated static) Uh, Roger, rocket is now secured to guide wire. We are currently obtaining the...ignition sticks. Countdown will commence momentarily. Stand by - (simulated static)" Duncan said, still getting things ready in the tool shed."Good." Sherman said with a smirk to the group. Vinny is out of the way. Turning to the toys in the bush, Lydia said this to them. "Time to do this."The toys then run to where they are supposed to be in the yard. Meanwhile, Duncan from the tool shed yelled out for something. "Ey, Mom, Dad! Where are the matches? Oh, wait, here they are. Never mind, forget it, I found them!" The rest of the mutant toys got in position as Lyds and Mark did.Jimmy sighs, thinking that this is his last few minutes alive. Jimmy then stopped as he sees a group of Toys getting into position as Sherman ran up to Jimmy. "Sherman! Great! Get me outta this thing!" Jimmy said, excitedly, he knew Sherman wouldn't give up on the Superman of Nickelodeon, well, at least not without any help, anyway. But then, Sherman shushed Jimmy. "What's the SHH for?" Jimmy asked, confused. "It's cool! Everything's gonna be alright..." Sherman replied, then he went into toy mode, falling limp on the grass."Are you insane?!" Jimmy gritted his teeth, then he saw Duncan heading out of the shed, prompting Neutron to go into toy mode. "Houston, all systems are go. Requesting permission to launch -" Duncan said, playfully.Duncan noticed Sherman on the ground. "Hey! How did you get down here?" Duncan then said, getting confused.Just then, another twisted idea came into his mind as he smirked. "Oh, well, You and I are gonna have a cookout up next." Duncan said, laughing. With a chuckle, Duncan tossed him onto a barbeque grill, then sticking a match into a small pocket of his shorts.Duncan walked over to Jimmy at the launch pad, and got ready. "Houston, do we have permission to launch? - (simulated static) Uh, Roger, permission granted. You are confirmed at T minus 10 seconds..." Duncan said, lighting the match.Jimmy knew this was it. Once Jimmy gets blown to pieces, and Sherman's burnt into a crisp, all hope was lost. "...and Counting. 10...9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" Duncan then said, grinning menacingly as the match moves towards the fuse. But before the fire could touch the fuse, a familiar voice box said, "STOP RIGHT THERE!"Confused, Duncan pulls back from lighting the fuse. He turns to look at Sherman still lying lifelessly atop the barbecue except for the sound emitting from his voice box."Huh?" Duncan asked, he puts out the match. Curious, he stands up and begins walking over to Sherman."You're not going anywhere, snake eye." Sherman's voicebox said."What?!" Duncan said, impatiently."Let's just say the Leaning tower of Pisa wasn't always leaning." Sherman's voice box was heard, then Duncan picked him up. "Stupid toy, it's busted." Duncan scoffs, irritated. Growing impatient, Duncan reaches for Sherman's match, preparing to burn Sherman, but then...."Who are you calling "Busted", buster?!" Sherman's voice box said, stopping Duncan and taking him by surprise. This has never happened before. "Turn around." He hears splintering snapping, only to see Lydia and Mark break the matches in half. They notice Duncan is looking at them, in shock. "Gepetto! Look!" Lydia mockingly said. "I'm a real girl!" "Are you talking to me...?" Duncan gasped in shock, he won't like where this will be going. No way. "B-B-But...."He knew what impending horror would be in store for the former sadistic kid. Praying this is a joke from Harold, Duncan checks the pull string. To his horror, the Pull String isn't moving. Duncan tried his best not to have a panic attack, but he is overwhelmed with horror."That's right, we're talking to you, Duncan Ryanson!" Sherman's voice box notified a surprised Duncan. He turns Sherman around to face him again."How did he know my name?!" Duncan thought, worried."We don't like being blown up, Duncan. Or smashed, or ripped apart,""Wait, "we"?!" Duncan gulped in terror."That's right, your toys!" Sherman's voice box was heard.That's the signal. On cue, Duncan hears something out of the sandbox, a severely burnt doll rising from the ground Princess Sophia doll, covered with red food coloring, going to him, exclaiming like a zombie, "Bad jerk! Bad jerk!" and a broken toy struck rising as well, and both are heading towards Duncan. Jimmy came to life and grinned as this happened, he likes where this is going. Duncan then looks horrified as something terrifying happen: the toys that he has broken over the years begin to rise from the ground, being led by the Mutant Toys and any toys that aren't broken but are using parts that make it look like that they themselves were.Then, 3 broken GI Joe toys rise out of the mud led by The Wind Up Frog toy, 1 with a nail through his head, another headless, and one without arms.Duncan looks on in terror as they start creeping toward him. Vinny's dog bowl flips up, revealing the Rolf, all chewed up and covered in dirt. Duncan gasped at the sight of the toys moving toward him."No… This couldn't be happening! Toys are just objects! They couldn't possibly come to life!" Duncan thought in horror. At least, that's what Duncan was led to believe…"Rolf will release his rage now!" Rolf angrily shouted. Duncan gasped at the sight of this. Then, Duncan felt something fall on his head, it was Mr. Freeze. Duncan screamed in terror as he was surrounded. He stumbled before a rubber hand grabbed his foot. Duncan let out another scream, and he noticed Hand-in-the-Box, Roller Sideshow Bob, Ducky Momo and the Annoying Orange with Mark next to him. Breathing heavily, the scared Toy Torturer was surrounded by the Mutant Toys, the very creations he abused, tortured, and mutilated for so long. Duncan was clearly hyperventilating in fear. Mustering whatever sense of defiance he has left, Duncan whimpered, "W…Who do you think you are?!"Then suddenly, Mark appeared on the boy's left shoulder without him noticing or feeling it, arms crossed to say this with a strict tone, "I'm vengeance." As Duncan became too frightened to scream or move now, Sherman's voice box continued, "From now on, you must take good care of your toys, Duncan! Because if you don't, we will find out, Duncan. We toys can see..." Then, Sherman's head turned 360 degrees, further frightening Duncan. Sherman then said, gruffly, "Everything." Then, the final straw that broke the toy camel's back was driven when Sherman's face came to life, glaring at Duncan as he got up in his face. Sherman gritted his teeth and said, "So play nice." Duncan screamed like the real devil was after him as he tosses Sherman up in the air. The punk runs back inside the house in fear screaming as Sherman lands on the ground. The toys watch as the one they once feared runs inside. Then they cheer happily. "We did it! We did it!" Lydia cried happily, giving Sherman a very tight hug."Ha-ha-ha! Yes!" Sherman laughed proudly, reciprocating the hug. After all this time, Duncan's reign of terror is over.In the Ryanson's front room, Duncan sees his sister walking by holding a Doll. "Ella! The toys! The toys are alive!" Duncan yelped, but then, he gulped as he saw the doll. "Nice dolly!" Ella smirks devilishly. It's payback time! Cockily, she shoves the doll in Duncan's face as Duncan screams in fear, backing away, running into his room upstairs."What's wrong, Duncan? Don't ya wanna play with Sally?" Ella mocked as he chases a whimpering Duncan upstairs. It was from that moment on that Duncan gave up his reign of terror, and victory has come to toys everywhere.Back at the backyard, the toys were celebrating their victory. Not only has Sherman save Jimmy from a horrible fate, but he and the mutants joined forces to scare Duncan to the point where he'll never destroy a toy again. Sherman smiles at what is a great day in history for toys everywhere."Great job everyone, hey, Sophia, you and Tamika coming out of the ground. Nice improv. That was a stroke of genius." Sherman said, impressed. Then he walked over to Lydia and Mark, who were talking to Mr. Freeze. "Mark, Lydia?" Sherman asks. "None of this would've been possible without you guys. I'm sorry I roped you into this. If it wasn't for you, this plan wouldn't have started."Lydia wrapped her arms around Mark, "Now that Duncan's out of the picture, we can finally rest easy. The Mutant Toys are free, Jimmy's safe…""And just be glad you've learned a lesson, when jealousy takes over, there's no telling what can happen!" Mark said."Sherman," Jimmy said. Sherman turns and sees Jimmy still on the launch pad. As the boy approaches, the boy genius smiles and holds his hand out to Sherman. "Thanks." The genius wanted to offer his thanks for the save. Sherman smiled back and shakes Jimmy's hand.In the midst of all the chaos and contention, the pull-string boy's animosity and jealousy for the boy genius has now washed away. It's official. The two are best friends now.Just then, a can horn honked next door. Mrs. Cooper's voice called, "Everybody say, 'bye house!'""Guys, the van!" Jimmy alerted, looking through the fence to see the Cooper family van about to depart."Bye, house!" Trent's voice echoed, sadly."We can celebrate coming out of Duncan's house in one piece later." Mark then said.No one didn't need a second invite. Sherman helped Mark hoist off the pole Jimmy was tied to. The toys hopped from the launch pad and dashed for the fence, never bothering to remove the rocket. "There's an opening at the fence, straight ahead!" Lydia pointed towards a hole in the fence."Gotta go! Thanks again, guys!" Sherman exclaimed quickly in saying goodbye to the mutants. They gotta run.They knew that they will miss them but it's okay. Thanks to the newcomers, the Mutant Toys will have an interesting time at Duncan's house from now on. Even Jerome or Jeremiah Valeska wouldn't blame them.Our heroes hear the engine starting up as they go through the fence. They don't have much time to waste now. Not like this! Sherman is the first to slip through the opening in the fence. He sees the van revving, ready for departure to the new house."Quick!" Sherman said, alarmed as he slips through the opening in the fence. Lydia, Mark and Sherman ran to the rear bumper of the van before it could take off. Jimmy was the next to go, but he was unable to, courtesy of the big rocket still taped to his back. Sherman, who failed to notice this, climbs up on the rear bumper, until he and his friends realized that someone is missing. He looks back to witness Jimmy stuck in the fence. "Just go! I'll catch up!" Jimmy insisted. Sherman hesitates. He could reunite with Trent Cooper now, but he couldn't just leave Jimmy here. No toy gets left behind, not on his watch. "We shouldn't leave him here." Sherman said. "I'll be right back."Jumping down, Sherman ran back over to the fence. He grabbed Jimmy by the shoulders, pushing him down, and he managed to fit the rocket through the fence, breaking him free."Jimmy!" Mark called out."Sherman!" Lydia called out.This alarmed the duo as the van started to drive down the street. Jimmy and Sherman race down to the street to see the van driving down the street. All hope seems to be lost.Suddenly, a loud rumbling noise of big wheels screeching along the pavement. Our heroes turn to see a big vehicle approaching them. Sherman and Jimmy scream as they ducked down and covered their heads until the vehicle passes by. Jimmy looks behind him and saw that the vehicle was actually the U-HAUL. They can still catch up! To two certain toys, their troubles weren't over just yet."C'mon, we can still catch up!" Jimmy said as he and our heroes run after it.On the porch, Vinny was angrily sitting there, that is until he sees a group of familiar jerks who got him stuck running towards the moving van. He grins as he chuckles darkly, time for vengeance. From the distance of the Van, Lydia and Mark saw this. This isn't good."We gotta do something!" Mark said. "They're basically dog food if we don't intervene." They jump from the van and run to the U-HAUL truck, hoping to make it to Sherman before Vinny does!Jimmy runs up close to the van and Sherman is back a few paces. Jimmy jumps up onto the strap and climbs up onto the bumper. Sherman tries reach for the strap as well, but he kept missing."You can do it, Sherman!" Jimmy encouraged. Increasing his running speed, he gave a giant leap and caught the strap. As he starts climbing up, Sherman laughed happily, "I made it!"The moment of relief and bliss was short-lived, when Jimmy heard barking behind them. Jimmy's eyes widen with panic.Confused, Sherman asks, "What, did I miss something?"Turning, he sees Vinny chasing after him, he shouts in terror."Hey! Get back here!" Vinny then said, grabbing Sherman by the leg, the boy found himself in a tug of war with the dog."Get away, you stupid dog! Down, DOWN!" Sherman yells, angrily kicking Vinny away with his remaining foot but it's no use. If anything, it just made the dog angrier. Vinny kept on tugging at Sherman, slowly pulling him down to the end of the rope. "Sherman!" Jimmy shouts as Sherman was down to a single hand. "Hang on!" "I-I can't do it!" Sherman cried out, admitting genuine defeat as fabric was heard being torn if you could listen closely. "Look over Trent for me!""NOOOOOOOO!" In a move that was very brave and very stupid, Jimmy jumps off the truck lands on his snout. The boy genius toy grabbed the vicious dog's eyelids, then snaps his eyelids hard. The dog yelped, causing him to let go of Sherman, now the vicious dog starts shaking Jimmy back and forth.Mark and Lydia made it to the Moving Truck Bumper as they notice the whole thing. Mark tried to open the truck's back, but it was no use."What are you trying to do now?" Sherman asks."Trust me on this." Mark said, as he undid the locks, and he prepares to pull up the heavy door. The car and moving truck comes to a stop at a traffic light, and then, Mark threw the door, sliding it up. Sherman looked around at the cardboard boxes being housed in the truck bed, until he found a box that caught his eye. It was labeled "Trent's Toys". That gave him a brilliant idea.At the same time, Vinny was still shaking Jimmy, until he threw him out of his jaws and under a nearby parked car. Knowing the underside of the vehicle was too big for Vinny to fit through, Vinny took his time to wait.In the truck, Sherman opens up the box containing Trent's other toys. When the flaps are undone, the toys cringed and groaned at the sudden brightness."Are we there, already?" Grenda asked groggily.Looking up, Mabel was startled as he sees the one toy he didn't think she would see again. "Sherman? Is that you? But how..."Beetlejuice also looked up and was curious, saying, "Babes? How'd you escape that brat?!" "It's a long story," Sherman said as he noticed the toy he was looking for isn't in the box. He pushed the box aside and goes searching through another one, ignoring everyone's questions."I told you Sherman is strong enough." Lucy said. Mark, Lydia and Sherman turned their attention to another box labeled, 'More Toys', he hunted through the box, pulling out and throwing aside random objects. "What's going on?" Toothless questioned. "What's he taking?""A-ha! There you are!" Sherman smirked. He and Mark pulled out a certain toy: the RC Pig-Car Waddles, along with his remote. Then, Sherman looked to Mabel as he said, "Sorry for this, I'll explain everything later!""What's he up to?" Mabel asks, concerned."How should I know?" Gene asked."Whatever it is, it ain't pleasant." Zeke said.Sherman rolls Waddles to the edge of the truck, with the RC Pig Car toy looking a bit nervous. Picking up the remote, Sherman kicked him out onto the street.Mark gets on Waddles as Sherman and Lydia roll waddles to the edge of the truck, with the pig-car looking nervous. Picking up the remote, Sherman and Lydia kicked them out onto the street.The other toys screamed in utter horror at what they just saw. "He's at it again!" Toothless cried."Not you too, Waddles!" Mabel said, alarmed."Lyds, this is too much, even for me!" Beetlejuice said. Ignoring the fear from the other toys, Sherman turned on the remote and drove Waddles out into the street, steering past Vinny and under the car where Jimmy hid. Waddles wondered what is going on...until it saw Jimmy and squeals happily. Jimmy was alive all this time! Jimmy grins as he's happy to see him too.Mark then said, "Come with us if you want to live!""Waddles! You're here!" Jimmy smirked.Sherman smirked and Lydia chuckled. They are really going to bring Jimmy over to the moving van for sure! At that very moment, the traffic light turned green, the U-HAUL and family van drive forward, crossing the intersection.Angered, Zeke and the others have had enough of Sherman's shenanigans, as they growled."Okay, Dude," Luna said, sternly. "You've gone too far!""You've just made a big mistake!" Danny growled."GET THEM!" Jay, Tucker, Nelson and Gumball shouted. The toys flipped their boxes over, and moved to attack Sherman. Sherman had a worried look plastered on his face, noticing the angry toys closing in on him. He tossed the remote to Lydia and she took control, desperately trying steer to the wheel, ever so trying to avoid any more hostilities in store for them.Jimmy got on Waddles and the toys zoomed out of the car right to the truck, with an angry Vinny in pursuit. He's right on their tail and he's about to chomp onto our heroes! But as luck would have it, Mark noticed the Alley Cat that Lydia befriended days before Jimmy came into their lives, Percy! He's running around, curious to what he could find as a meal! Mark smirked, maybe he can find something that will motivate Percy into helping them!As the toys watched, Jimmy Pesto Jr. grabs Lydia and spins him around his head like a pro wrestler."No, stop, wait!" Sherman yelped, but the Loud Girls dogpiled on the boy, pinning him. Sherman tried to escape, but Nelson grabbed him and started to punch him repeatedly in the stomach and face.As for Jimmy, he, Mark and Waddles go in circles in the middle of the street around Vinny."Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Jimmy asked, getting dizzy, eventually, Mark fell off the ride as Vinny failed to capture Jimmy.Taking the oppertunity, Mark runs to Percy and gets on his back, Percy was surprised as he asks, "Merow?!""Percy, now's not the time, Lyds is in danger!" Mark said, pointing that way.Yowling in fear, thinking that Lydia is in danger, Percy runs after him. In the truck, J-Ju tosses Lydia aside, sending Jimmy and Waddles back on course. Not easily deterred, Vinny kept on chasing them.Mark smirks, he's close to completing his plan!In the truck, Sherman attempts to run from Bart and his friends as Jay and Matthew threw chess pieces at him. Andrew then used a checkers piece to make Sherman trip and fall."Pig pile!" Gene, Danny, Luna, Tucker, Sam and Beetlejuice shouted, jumping from a box and landing on Sherman and Lydia in a body slam. And then, enough was enough. They all ganged up on Sherman and Lyds.At the same time, the Pig RC car hops up in the air, tossing Jimmy up and off. Jimmy manages to land back on Waddles, but facing backwards.Suddenly, Jimmy looks behind him and saw another wall of cross traffic that the truck and moving van passed by. Jimmy screams, preparing for his fate, only for Mark to arrive with Percy on horseback as Mark shouts, "Hey, Dummy! Got some fresh meat!" Percy screams in shock as he darts into the intersection, as did Waddles.Vinny, blinded by rage and anger at the cat, ran after both of them, only for Percy to make a great leap, distracting Vinny as he ran, not knowing that he just alarmed the drivers, causing all the cars to stop in alarm, crashing into each other, leaving Jimmy unscathed. And luckily for the dog, he didn't get hit, though the predicament made other cars swerve around him. In a few minutes, Vinny was trapped in the middle of the street because of five cars around him. He had no choice but to bark at the drivers shouting at him.Jimmy sighs in relief as Duncan's dog is out of his sight. Mark and Percy move right beside him. "There's something you don't see everyday." Jimmy said, relieved. "Thanks." Mark said, taking credit. "Let's get our ride home so we can end this nightmare." Sherman and Lydia aren't so lucky as the angry toys begins to pick up and headed to the opened door way. "I don't wanna hear it." Jay said, holding Lydia like a confiscated crook in handcuffs."You have to listen to us! Trust us!" Lydia said. "BJ!""Well," Beetlejuice said, gaining some sense. "Fine, anything for you, Babes!"He then stood out in front of all the kids, getting in their way."Beetlejuice, what are you doing?!" Andrew said, accusing."Yeah, Sherman and Lydia are a danger to all of us!" Nick said."You're willing to risk everything just to get rid of Lyds and that dork face?" Beetlejuice said. "If it wasn't for Sherman, Trent wouldn't pay any attention to you guys at all! And you truly believe you'd be better off without him?""He threw Jimmy out the window!" Jessi shouted, angrily."And we all saw his severed arm the other day!" Luna said."He's not trying to save anyone. He's using you guys! You're nothing but a mess he's not gonna clean up!" Danny said.Andrew then said, "And now, as my mom said on my Netflix Show in the future when I'm not getting in the car fast enough, 'Vamos your caboose, mister.'"Nick shouted, "Yeah!"Gina replied, "You guys suck!""Freeze Mud Water like a popsicle and eat it!" Jay shouts."Well, if Lyds will go, I too, shall go!" Beetlejuice said.Sherman helplessly screamed, "NO, WAIT! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! JIMMY'S OUT THERE! WE GOTTA HELP HIM! NO!" The toys would not listen. All they could see is Sherman trying to kill more toys. Sherman ends up unwittingly smacking Gumball in the face, sending a few of his facial parts falling out."Toss 'im overboard!" Gumball shouted."Beetlejuice!" Lydia scolded as Luan threw her out, Jessi and Missy then set their sights on Sherman."NO, NO, NO! WAIT!" Sherman cried, trying to get the toys to listen to him. Unfortunately, his former friends refused to listen as they succeeded in throwing the poor toy out of the truck right onto the street. As Sherman got up, he sees the moving truck driving off with the toys cheering for their victory."So long, idiot!" Jay said, laughing all the way. "Finally got rid of the ones that could've destroyed us all!" Jay said, laughing."I'm just glad that this nightmare is over." Gumball said, crossing his arms. "Yeah, me too. I'd hate to be them." Riley said.However, Danny had an uneasy feeling in his system. Somehow, he feels that something is horribly wrong. "Danny, we got rid of Sherman, why aren't you happy?" Tucker asks. "Because something tells me that we did something stupid. Really, Really Stupid." Danny said. "Who cares!" Lola Loud said. "As long as we're away from that psycho, it's all good!" "Maybe Danny's on to something, Lola..." Luna said, concerned. Meanwhile, Sherman sighed in agitation; he is now duped a third time for an accusation of abandoning another toy. Then he sees a car heading his way. He ducks under, and as the car drove off, he stood up and backed up a couple paces. A familiar Meow was heard. Lydia turned to her right and saw Percy anxious to see her! "Percy?!" Lydia said, excitedly. "I don't believe it!"Percy purred as she rubbed her head on Lydia, making the Goth Girl toy laugh. She then said, "Oh, Percy, you silly cat." She then noticed something surprising, Mark on Percy's back! "Mark?" Lydia then said, stunned."That's the name, Lydia." Mark laughed. "Please...WEAR it out." "Wait, that could only mean..." Sherman asks. A familiar race pig car approaches the quad, with a boy genius action figure still boarding it. "OH, SHERMAN!" A voice shrieked. Sherman didn't have time to react as he, Lydia and Mark got swept up by Waddles, with Jimmy still boarding him. He sat behind his new space toy friend, still holding the control as the cat and Mark followed them."I thought guys like you don't pick up hitchhikers!" Sherman joked, he was glad to see his friend again. "HEADS UP!" Jimmy alerted, pointing ahead. The toys see that they are about to collide in the rear tire of the car that passed Sherman before. Sherman yells as he quickly makes a hard left barely missing the tire. Waddles moves under the car."OK! Now let's catch up to that truck!" Sherman smirked in determination. Sherman turned the control from ON to TURBO, and the speed is increased as they make their way to the moving van.Back in the truck's back, the toys celebrated, they got rid of the one who caused them enough trouble. Mabel is depressed, not wanting to be near her so-called friends now. She just wants to be alone.Lola Ugfuglio Skumpy, looking bored, decided to look out the back. She then looks surprised as she spots a group familiar toys trying to catch up."Ohmigawd, guys! Those three are riding Waddles and Percy!" Lola Skumpy said, stunned."Huh?" Asked the toys, surprised. "And Jimmy is, like, totally with them!" The toys looked astonished as they join Skumpy. "What?!" They chorused shockingly. "Impossible!" Zeke said. "Yeah, we saw what happened that day!" Jay scoffs."Where's Soos?" Jessi asks. Soos walked right by and handed Mabel the binoculars.Sure enough, to her happiness, Sherman, Lydia and Beetlejuice are riding on Waddles very fast. And Jimmy is right behind him!"It is Jimmy! Sherman was telling the truth!" Mabel exclaimed. And needless to say, she's relieved that she was right, but the other toys on the other hand, were embarrassed, not to mention horrified. All this time, Jimmy was still alive, and Sherman was innocent! And Gumball felt the most stupid for convincing the toys otherwise. Mabel felt guilty, realizing that she has thrown out the one toy she should've had faith in. "What have we done?!" Mabel then said in horror. "Great, I have guilt." Toothless then said, then, everyone glared at Jay, Riley and Gumball for obvious reasons."Jay! You jerk!" Lola Skumpy angrily shouted, "I'm conflicted because you and Gumball nearly killed a few friends, but as everyone previously acknowledged back in Act 1," Then she stated, braggingly, "I'm ALL about the DRAMA!"Now, Sherman and Jimmy were close to the truck, this is their chance to board the ship! Or in this case, board the truck."We're almost there!" Sherman laughs."Zeke! Get the ramp lowered!" Danny said taking over.Zeke runs over to a lever on the side of the truck which is labeled 'Ramp: Up/Down'. He pushes with all his might, causing the level to go down. The ramp begins to lower.Sherman, Jimmy, Mark and Lyds see the ramp about to come down...and they are too close!"Look out!" Jimmy shouts. Lightning and Percy got out of the way before the heavy ramp slams into the road causing sparks to fly like mad due to the metal scraping the pavement. Percy leaped onto the ramp and leaped into the truck as Mark hopped onto Waddles. Beetlejuice managed to get on the truck, alarmed."Someone get Babes!" Beetlejuice said, worried."Quick! Grab on to my legs!" Spongebob then said, everyone did so. "Mabel! Get on!" Mabel got on Spongebob like horseback and the slinky sponge jumped on to the RC car, and after a while, Mabel grabbed on to her reinstated boyfriend, much to the delight of Trent's toys! "Atta Girl, Mabel!" Gumball cheered. He may have led the riot against Sherman, but hey, he's Gumball Watterson. What do you expect?Suddenly, the RC Pig Car was slowing down for some unknown reason. The toys held onto Spongebob's backside tighter, struggling to keep him steady. "Babes?" Beetlejuice asks, nervously. "Uh...Sherman?" Spongebob panickily said as the toys held on to him. "Sherman! Speed up!" Mabel pleaded. "Speed up, Jimmy!" Sherman pleaded. "What's going on?" Lydia said, alarmed. "The batteries are almost dead!" Jimmy said, explaining how they're slowing down. "Now you tell me?!" Mark said, annoyed. While Spongebob continues to stretch, the car begins to weave side to side like a water skier causing Spongebob to yelp 'whoa' repeatedly.Meanwhile in the car, as Mrs. Cooper drove while Trent looked depressed, Mr. Cooper was listening to No Easy Way Out on his MP3 player. As he does, he notices a group of familiar toys driving in and out of mirror shot. Mr. Cooper shrugged it off as he goes back to listening to his song."Why does dad always listen to 80's music?" Trent asked, trying to take his mind off his 2 favorite toys."Your dad's always been a mystery to me and your grandparents." Trent's mom laughed as she drove.Meanwhile, back in the streets, Spongebob was at his limiting breaking point! He can't keep this up forever!"I can't hold on much longer!" Spongebob then said, grabbing on to Mabel's waist, which is causing her to lose her grip on Sherman! She can't let go, not at this time! "I can't keep this up, Sherman!" Mabel gasped. "Hang on, Mabel!" Sherman then said, pleadingly. Too late, Mabel's hand slips, sending Mabel and Spongebob's front shooting back into the moving truck and knocking over all the toys. Our heroes show concern as Waddles' batteries die out, coming to a complete stop. They could only watch as the family van and moving truck disappear from sight, maybe forever. They almost had it. The toys were almost to Trent! Now they are sure to be lost."Great!" Sherman said, sarcastically. Sherman was about to give up, face it, they're lost toys, regardless of the fact that they're free from Duncan or not. "Well, that's it, we're lost. We've failed!" Lydia sighed. "Now what?" Mark sulked, pouting as he glared. Jimmy started to sigh, now he feels stupid and insignificant again, he looks back about to say at least they're far away from Duncan, but the Rocket's in the way. Jimmy's eyes widened as soon as he saw the rocket. "Sherman! The Rocket!" Jimmy exclaimed. Sherman lightened up as he heard those words, the rocket can help them catch up!Sherman then remembered the same match that the punk put into his pocket earlier. He is glad for once that Duncan did that. "The match! Yes!" Sherman and Lydia happily said, taking out the match he ran to the fuse. Mark then said, "I never thought I'd say this, but thank you, Duncan, you idiot!" He strikes the match on Waddles, lighting it. Jimmy notices something approaching them. As Sherman was about to light the fuse, a passing car whizzes over them. It snuffs out the flame."We should've just checked if there was a car coming!" Lydia groaned.Gasping shallow, Sherman eyes the snuffed-out match as tears start to pool up in his brown eyes. "No! No, no!" Sherman cried. "No! No!" He kneels down, tears running down his cheeks. Then he lowers his head in defeat. Unable to see his friend cry, Jimmy lowers his head in all lost hope, their last shot has gone up in smokes, literally. He was sure to be almost home as well."Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO!" Lyds and Mark look away in seeing this sad reality hit them hard, they may as well face it they're stuck. "NO!"As all seemed lost, Lyds, Mark and Sherman heard some slight sizzling. At the same time, Sherman felt a hot, burning, feeling in a spot of his hand, Sherman took a look, he raises an eyebrow.Lydia and Sherman looked at it. They saw that the sun is reflecting through the glass of Jimmy's "Heat Ray Glasses", popping out of his backpack. It's like how Duncan tried to use a magnifying glass on him earlier. Sherman raises an eyebrow, somehow, while getting things set, Duncan must've made the Backpack Jetpack on Jimmy's back look like it was overstuffed by accident."Deadly VU!" Lydia then said. "The glasses lenses are glass, so it has the same kind of light enhancement as a magnifying glass!"Getting a different idea, Sherman beams as he took the shades off of Jimmy's jet pack, much to the boy genius's confusion. Sherman then grabbed the fuse, he's trying to align the tip of the fuse with his "Glasses"."What now, Sherman?!" Jimmy asked. "Stay perfectly still, Jimmy! You're about to shoot fire that doesn't come from a burrito!" Lydia then said, as Sherman is having the shades concentrate on the fuse's tip, then, to his delight, the fuse lit! Sherman then got back on Waddles, laughing in triumph. "You did it! Next Stop: Trent!" Jimmy then said, happily. But Sherman stopped smiling as he remembered something. That rocket was meant to destroy Jimmy, and if it ignites..."What's the matter?" Lydia asks."Wait a minute! That's his little rocket. And don't rockets explode..." Sherman said, confused, then he started to get a "Uh-Oh" look as Jimmy shook his head in annoyance as he rolls his eyes, and the rocket blasted off. The RC Car rockets forward. Speeding along the dividing line in the road, it easily passes car after car until the moving truck can be seen on the horizon.The toys looked depressed as they try their best to get a depressed Spongebob back to normal. His spring is all over the place.Meanwhile, Spongebob's two ends were being brought closer together after his failure to save his friends."I shoulda held on longer!" Spongebob said. "You did all you could," Tucker said, sympathetic."HUH?" Soos exclaimed, seeing Jimmy, Sherman, Lydia, Mark and Waddles. "It's Sherman and Jimmy coming up fast!"The toys cheered as they saw their friends, but the Rocket's velocity began to get stronger, and it started to lift our heroes off the ground, Sherman tried his best to hang on Mark and Lydia, who are clinging to the car toy, unfortunately, he fails to hang on as they separate, sending the two toys upward and Lyds, Mark & Waddles into the back of the truck."Take cover!" Toothless exclaimed, then the toys screamed as they ran away from the Incoming Pig, but Gumball stood there in shock as Waddles hits him, sending all of his parts flying. That has GOT to hurt."Oh, no!" Lydia said. "They're goners! I wish BJ had powers to help them!" "Thanks a lot, Gumball." Mark said, sarcastically. Sherman and Jimmy flew higher and higher into the air, the duo watching as the moving truck shrunk to a dot. The Sherman toy cursed his stupidity; what was he thinking?! That was the same rocket Duncan tried to blow up Jimmy with! Now Jimmy and Sherman are about to be blown to bits! "This is the part where we blow up!" Sherman said in terror. "Not on my watch!" Jimmy said, smirking with much confidence and determination. Then, Jimmy pressed a familiar button on his chest, and a certain pair of wings popped out of Jimmy's backpack, severing the weakened tape that holds him to rocket. The toys separate from the rocket just before it blew into bits. Sherman then saw a much more horrifying sight, the heroes were plummeting to the ground! He screamed in fear of not surviving the fall! But the impact never came. In fact, Jimmy managed to swoop down under some power lines and soar back up into the sky. Sherman then took a look, and to his surprise, they were flying! They were really flying! "Oh, my god, Jimmy, you're flying!!" Sherman exclaimed. "Flying? Now this is what you call falling - with style!" Jimmy said in triumph. ,For the first time in his life, Jimmy can realize that he is a toy and still perform amazing feats of heroism. When Jimmy believed he was a CIA Apprentice, all he could do was fall around Trent's room in a way that resembled flying. Now that he knows who he truly is, he really can soar through the sky. He believed he could fly, touch the sky. Now he's finally spreading his wings and flying away. Regardless, Sherman didn't care as he laughs, pretending to fly as he exclaims in triumph, "Gotta Blast!"Sherman couldn't believe it, they were heading back to their owner, their nightmare was going to end! But to Sherman's surprise, they passed the moving van."Jimmy, we passed the truck, what are you doing?!" Sherman exclaimed in shock."Aiming somewhere better than the truck!" Jimmy then said. Sherman then noticed they were heading towards the Cooper Family Van, their sun window was open. Inside, Trent looks depressed in the back seat. Sure, he gets a new house, but his favorite toys Sherman and Jimmy are gone for good.Just then a noise is heard in the open box next to him. Looking puzzled, Trent took a look and sees something that makes him happy for the first time in days."Hey wow!" Trent exclaimed."What is it?" Trent's dad asked."Sherman! Jimmy!" Trent excitedly said. "Oh, great! You found them!" Mrs. Cooper said happily. "Where were they?" "Here in the car!" Trent answered. "See?" Mr. Cooper replied in an 'I-told-you-so' voice. "I knew they would turn up soon enough."The 9-year-old then hugged his favorite 2 toys in the world, and without anyone noticing, Jimmy and Sherman winked at each other. Their nightmare was over. Now that Sherman and Jimmy are friends, they now have a new life awaiting them.Months has passed and it's now Christmas time at Trent's new house. The Coopers have gone into the living room to open their presents as the Christmas party kicks off with Trent's new friends from school. Well, except for Heather, who was pretty much the Queen Bee brat, crashed the party instead. "Which one can I open first?" Trent asked. "Let's let Gwen find you one to open." Trent's mom replied. As Gwen gets Trent a present, no one sees a bulb moving in the Christmas tree. A familiar pair of binoculars is spying on them. Cartman, taking a look at the Party, nods as he turns to his friends hiding in the tree with him. Cartman grins as Butters turns on the baby monitor that manages to be supported by some of the branches. Operation: Christmas Time has begun. In Trent's new bedroom, Jimmy listens to the receiver crackle, with Gene and Luan standing on the nightstand. "Frankincense, this is Myrrh.""Hey, heads up, everybody! It's showtime!" Gene called down to the toys, who are dancing, Jimmy Pesto Jr and Zeke were wrestling. "It's showtime!" "Oh! It's time!" Toothless then said. The toys fear of being replaced were gone for good, they vowed to make the new toys feel welcome at home. Things have changed. Jimmy and Sherman became great buddies, and Sherman learned the greatest lesson a toy like Sherman could ever learn: being a toy is about making a child happy, regardless you're advanced or not. And Sherman admitted to his friends that he just wanted to push Jimmy in between the desk and the wall so Sherman could get to go to Dave and Buster's. He was able to regain his friends' trust after the long ordeal. They were impressed that they heard that Duncan got scared to the point where he vowed never to do harm to any toy again, but they were confused about how Duncan's now afraid of Seline Deion music store standees. But regardless, they don't care.The toys, who were afraid about being replaced, rid themselves of the fear. From that day, the toys have vowed to not fear competition from the new toys but welcome them into Trent Cooper's toy family. The toys walked over, and then, Mabel grabbed Sherman from the neck. Mark and Lydia were walking by. "Whoa, Mabel. Listen, there has to be a safer way to grab my attention." Sherman then said, you can obviously tell that Sherman missed Mabel, and Mabel missed Sherman as well. "C'mon, lay off, she really missed you!" Lydia laughs. "Let's celebrate Christmas?" "Merry Christmas, my sweetheart!" Mabel said, swoonfully. Then, Mabel and Lydia pointed upwards, and Mark & Sherman noticed. "Wait, is that a mistletoe?" Mark asked. Mabel and Lydia nodded as they dip the boys, and they kisses them multiple times. Above the two on a shelf, are Lori, Leni and Beetlejuice, who smirks and chuckles as he held the mistletoe in delight. "If only that were me under that mistletoe." Beetlejuice said, smirking. "Know what I mean?""Maybe Trent will get another Dragon, maybe a leaf eater, that way I could be the dominant predator!" Toothless said, prompting everyone to laugh. "Quiet, everyone!" Jimmy then said. "Trent's first present from Gwen is...Dani Phantom! Repeat, a Dani Phantom!" Sargent M. said. And finally, after all these months of waiting, Gumball finally gets to be with the one he loves."Check it out! Time for a bachelor party!" Danny said, laughing."Way to go, Idaho!" Gene then said. "Geez, I better shave!" Gumball then said, then he took a plastic mustache out of his back and threw it away. "I'll get the party games ready!" Jay said. Jimmy sees Sherman climbing onto the bed with a silly look on the face, and Mark and Lydia walked onto the bed, with Mark having a silly look on his face as well. Jimmy can see lipstick marks on his other friends' face. Jimmy noticed, and he smiled at him as if he was saying, "Way to go, bro". "Come in, Toy Leaders, Trent's opening his present, it's..." Cartman said. Then, there was interference, Jimmy banged on the baby monitor to get feedback, much to the surprise of Sherman and Lydia and Mark. "What's this?" Lydia playfully asks. "Is Jimmy actually scared of what Trent will get?" Mark laughed. "Jimmy? James Isaac Neutron, you're not worried, are you?" Sherman said, jokingly, ever since Trent Cooper's birthday, and finding out what he is and embracing it, he wouldn't be bothered by this situation."What, me? No, don't be ridiculous!" Jimmy then said, sheepishly smiling. He tried to look confident, but Sherman wasn't buying it for a second. Then he asked Sherman, "Can you blame me?""Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, please," Sherman laughed, placing his arm around Jimmy. " What could Trent possibly get that is worse than you?" Jimmy chuckled. After all, what could Trent possibly get that bugged Sherman more than Jimmy did?"What did Noah get me?!" Trent excitedly said. The living room door opened, and barking was heard."Merry Christmas, Trent." Noah was heard."WOW! A PUPPY?! AWESOME!" Trent happily said.Then, all of the toys had a alarmed look on their faces, especially Sherman and Jimmy as they just stared at each other and grinned sheepishly. Somehow, they expected that."Here we go again," Lydia said, nervously grinning.,And that's the story of one boy learning that when it comes to being the leader of the group, there's no competition. While it's nice to be Trent's Favorite, all a toy needs to do is be the best toy it can be. And everyone lived happily ever after, well, except for Duncan.
Bearquarter's Toy Story: Act IIBack at the house, a chain of monkeys are lowered down by Mabel and the other toys in an attempt to save Jimmy from the bushes."That ain't enough!" Riley then said."It's too short! We need more monkeys!" Spongebob said."There aren't any more!" Luan cried, holding up a yellow empty barrel.Toothless said, "That's the whole barrel!" He tossed the barrel away. He walked over to the window, and called out, still believing that Jimmy is trapped in the bushes. "Jim, the monkeys aren't working! We're now formulating another plan, so stay calm!""Is Neutron the only thing you care about? What about Sherman?!" Mark asks."Forget him; as long as he gets his comeuppance when he comes home, we'll be cheering over the fact he gets what he deserves!" Luan said, pointing at this."You know what?" Mark then said. "I'm willing to bet he's innocent! And to prove that," Mark went in the closet and found a kite as he continued, "I'm going out there to find them."What?!" All the toys said, alarmed."You really expect to fly over to him with that kite?" Jay said. "You'll never make it on time!""Mark, I hate to side with them after the stunt Sherman pulled," Lydia said, shaking her head. "But you'll never get there on time.""I have to try to help him. If someone can be proven innocent, I have to try." Mark said.Lori sighed as he said, "Well, you better go with him.""What?!" Beetlejuice asks, concerned."Well, if Mark is going, he'll probably get himself killed." Lydia said."No, because you and Mark are Sherman's sidekicks in crime now." Andrew said."Exactly." Lori said."What?!" Lydia said. "No! That is ridiculous! We're not his sidekicks!""Come on," Luna said. "You're practically the Natasha and Bucky to Sherman's Captain America, brah!""And if that were the case, Jimmy's Iron Man!" Lola Skumpy said."You're always helping Sherman during one of Trent's games!" Luan said, complaining."We're not his sidekicks. We just know he's innocent!" Lydia said, annoyed."You don't seriously believe Sherman, do you?" Jimmy Pesto Jr. said."Yeah, J-Ju has a point." Zeke said. "If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and murders a fellow Duck...""Sherman is innocent!" Lydia said, annoyed."Oh, really?" Gumball said, skeptically."Really!" Lydia shouts."Then prove it!" Luan said. "You've "Goth" nothing to lose!" Luan then laughed.Lincoln then said, "But seriously, what Luan's saying is that if you think Sherman's so innocent, prove it.""Fine," Lydia then said, grabbing a toy Grappling hook as she's walking towards Mark."Babes!" Beetlejuice said, scared."Just be careful, not just for Sherman's sake, but that's my grappling hook!" Mabel said, worried yet sternly."If Trent's going, there's a good chance Rock and Spud are going with them." Mark then said, walking to the window sill, and seeing a Van go by, where two boys, Rock and Spud, are rocking out to 70's rock. "And that's our cue."The two get a good start and start running and jump out the window and flying towards the van and Lydia uses the grappling hook to get to the top of the van. Now, they should be to Sherman in no time!Mabel then sighed in concern, "Where could that kid be?"That night at Thornton's Gas Station, Trent's friends had to get gas. Apparently, the father forgot to get gas on his way home from work. Trent then asked his friend, "Hey, dude, can I pump the gas?""Sure, maybe I can let you and Trent drive while I'm at it." Trent's friend's dad joked, prompting the entire family to laugh as they left the car, with Trent unwittingly leaving the car door open.And with them gone, Sherman came to life, and he sighs. Sure, he gets to go to Pizza Spaceport with the boy he cares so deeply for, but what's the point? His owner wants to be with someone else, his friends think he killed Jimmy, of course, Mabel and Spongebob believe him, but how is he going to prove it was just an accident?"How can I show it was an accident? There's gotta be an easy way." Sherman then said, hopelessly. If Jimmy was smashed to pieces, then Sherman would be in bigger trouble than he is. He hopelessly stares into the night sky, thinking that this could be his last sight at the sky. Then, on the open sun roof, Sherman saw a familiar face, a familiar, angry face glaring at him."What the-? Jimmy?" Sherman said, hopeful. Jimmy jumped down to the backseat, angry at Sherman, but Sherman was too happy to pay attention to Jimmy's mood. "Wow! Jimmy! You're okay! Everyone's wondering what happened to you! This is great!"Sherman then got up and then said, "I'm saved, you're safe. Trent will find you here! He'll take us back to the bedroom, and you can clear my name and tell them it was a mistake. Right, buddy?""Even you though tried to kill me," Jimmy said, trying to keep his calm, "I just want you to know that in my dimension, revenge is not an idea that my parents promote in parenthood.""Oh, then we're good then." Sherman said, but Jimmy continued to glare at Sherman."But we're not in my dimension, are we?" Jimmy angrily gritted his teeth."No...?" Sherman asked, confused.Before the boy could react, Jimmy jumped Sherman. The 2 toys ended up flying off the seat and out the door Trent left open by accident. The 2 toys began to fight underneath the car, hitting or smacking each other.Jimmy threw Sherman near the tire."Okay! Come on!" Sherman angrily said. "Wanna piece of me?"Then, Jimmy roundhouse kicked Sherman, causing Sherman's head to literally spin around, it stops, and Sherman' glares at Jimmy and tackled Jimmy and punched him, causing Neutron's head to squeak every time it gets hit. Sherman screams in pain as Jimmy bites him in the hand.Then, Trent's friend's voice was heard, saying, "Next stop:""Dave and Buster's!" Trent and his voice were heard.Suddenly the Car then drives away from the toys who stood there in shock. Sherman is the most shocked of them all."Trent!" screamed Sherman in horror as he tries to run after the car. But it was no use as it continues to drive on until it left the gas station and gone out of sight. The car left both him and Jimmy just standing there."Wha? He doesn't know I'm not there?" Sherman panickedly asked himself, he then gasped and said, "Oh, no! I'm lost! I'm a lost toy!" This is not good at all, he has no way to get home, and he's stuck with a Jimmy Neutron action figure who thinks he's a CIA Apprentice.Then, Jimmy "recorded" on his watch, saying, "CIA mission log, a local law enforcer ended up stranded at a refueling place."Sherman has had enough of this ordeal. He then shouted at Jimmy, angrily, "YOU!" He charges like a bull at Jimmy, ready to tear him to shreds.But a honk is heard. Jimmy and Sherman to see a behemoth gasoline truck heading their way. When Jimmy ran for cover, Sherman fell limp on the spot right where he's standing. The truck then begins to slow down. It finally stopped, and its big tire is millimeters above Sherman's nose.Sherman then crawled away from the tire, he could've been crushed by the tire, he then backed up, where Jimmy was on his "computer", looking at his "calculations"."According to these calculations..." Jimmy then said."Shut up!" Sherman gritted his teeth, clearly he was in no mood to deal with this. "Just shut up, you idiot!""Sherman, this is no time to panic." Jimmy replied, closing his "computer"."This is a perfect time to panic!" Sherman angrily said. "I'm lost, Trent's gone, they're moving in 2 days, we're gonna be stuck in this state forever and it's all your fault!""MY FAULT?!" Jimmy then said in disbelief, sure, Sherman may be angry at Jimmy, but did he want to put the blame on him? "If you hadn't shoved me out of that window in the first place,""Well, none of this wouldn't have happened if you haven't showed up and exited that stupid cardboard space box of yours and made me lose everything that was important to me!" Sherman angrily said."Don't talk to me about importance! I have to get back to finding the Phantom Planet before it's too late!" Jimmy then said, angered."WHAT?!" Sherman shouted, confused. "What are you talking about?"Jimmy sighs as he walks to one of the truck tire's edge. As he points up to the stars, he continues, "Right now, poised at the edge of the galaxy, Dark Danny Phantom has acquired all six reality gems for his reality gauntlet. With it, one snap is enough to decimate half the universe! I, alone, contain information about the gauntlet's only weakness..."Then Jimmy angrily pointed at Sherman, and Jimmy shouted, "But you, my friend, are responsible for interfering with my rendezvous with Retroville and the CIA!"Sherman couldn't believe it. This toy just doesn't get it. Jimmy actually thinks he's the real Jimmy Neutron. Are all Jimmy action figures like this? Thanks to everything that has built up, Sherman couldn't hold it in anymore."YOU...ARE...A...TOY!" Sherman shouted. "You aren't the real Jimmy Neutron, you're an action figure! You are nothing more but a child's plaything!"Sherman hoped that broke through Jimmy's head, but Jimmy then replied, "Wow. You are a sad, strange little boy. Yet, you have my pity. Consider this mercy."Jimmy then left to continue his "mission"."Oh yeah?! Well good riddance, you looney!" Sherman angrily shouted, having enough of this ordeal. Sherman then stomped off and went opposite of where Jimmy was going, thanks to everything that has happened, he's lost, and so is Jimmy.Just when Sherman was about to lose any hope of going back home, he then saw something that caught his attention: He sees a pizza delivery truck pulling into the station."Hey, gas dude!" The driver called out."You talking to me?" The attendant asked.He then sees the logo, and realizes one thing. "Dave and Busters?" It can mean only one thing. "TRENT!""Trent!" Sherman grinned.He starts going over to the truck, but he stopped in nervousness, Sherman had a concerned look on his face. Sure, he could get to Trent with ease and reunite with him, but yet, as long as Trent's toys are furious at him, he wouldn't last a minute in there."Oh, no!" Sherman mumbled, nervously. "I can't show my face in that bedroom without Jimmy!"He rushed back under the truck and called out, "Jimmy! Jimmy, come back!""Go away!" Jimmy called back, still walking away."No, wait!" A desperate Sherman said, he then said, "I found one of your inventions!"The word, "invention", made Jimmy stop in his tracks."One of your ships, in fact, Jimmy!" Sherman called out. Once again, Jimmy's gullible nature got in the way.From a nearby oilcan display, Sherman and Jimmy watched the delivery car carefully. Sherman knew that Jimmy's gullible nature would lead them to the place as long as Jimmy doesn't do something stupid. From Jimmy's perspective, he saw that the delivery truck would be some kind of spaceship...for a reason. "Come on man, hurry up! The pizzas are getting cold here!" The delivery boy called out.As the driver and the gas attendant continue talking on where the delivery boy should go, "So let me get this straight, this invention will take us to this spaceport, and then from there, we get to our destination?" Jimmy asked, raising an eyebrow in question. "That's the plan, and if you fallow my lead, in no time, we should get home." Sherman said, sheepishly grinning. "Great, now let's go!" Jimmy said, determined, he then headed to the front seat. "What the?! Jimmy, aren't you going to the back?" Sherman said, worrying someone will see Jimmy. "No, it's much safer in the cockpit instead of the cargo bay. There are restraints." Jimmy then said, climbing into the front seat."That's two lefts and a right, huh?" The deliverer asked the attendant. "Yep." The attendant nodded. "Thanks for the directions, OK?" The deliverer approved. Jimmy peeks inside the truck. A stack of pizza boxes sit by the driver as he continues talking to the gas that it's safe to get in, and he jumps in the seat."Jimmy!" Sherman whispered loudly. The car's engine starts up, so Sherman runs over to the back. The pull-string doll clambered up the bumper, and he opens up the back hatch window. As he tried to get inside, the back hatch window smacked down on his rear, and he is sent sailing into the bed. Recovering from the temporary ordeal, Sherman looks through the dividing window and he sees Jimmy, who fastens his seatbelt. "It's much safer than the cargo bay? What an idiot." Sherman said, rolling his eyes. However, he was about to eat his words as the pizza delivery boy floored it, sending the boy back to the trunk door. Then, the driver made a hard right turn, prompting Sherman to hit the window hard, right on his face, and then, the car went up a hill, and Sherman hit the trunk door once again. He then sees a tool box rolling toward him. He screams, and the tool box collides into him. Moments later, the car arrived at Dave and Busters, and the driver got out of the car. At the same time, a familiar car was parked as a Strange and Unusual doll and her friend walked underneath the cars, looking for a certain someone. "No luck." Lydia said. "They might've left already." "They're here." Mark said, confident. "Well, we don't know that they're even still here even if they went here, how can you possibly be sure?" Lydia said, concerned. "Next shuttle liftoff scheduled for T-minus 30 minutes and counting." The male announcer said. Then, Mark went saw a car with a boy genius looking excited. He then said, "I know for a fact he's there. In the delivery car, Jimmy then noticed the big gigantic building, he beamed like a NFL Quarterback winning the Super Bowl. Jimmy unfastens his seatbelt and he peeked out of the open window to see a mom and child walking up to the automatic door. Then, Mark and Lydia walked over to the delivery car as Jimmy noticed. Rolling the down the window as he presses the window button, Jimmy said, "Guys, glad you can make it. I'll be right back." Jimmy then went over to the divided window and opened the window to the "cargo", and looked for Sherman. "Sherman?" Jimmy called out. "Sherman!" Jimmy found Sherman, holding on to his groin in pain, before stumbling into a pile of McDonald's Empties. "Now, I heard of this place from your friend, Gumball. It has a high security door, we're going to need a disguise to get in. Think, think, think..." Jimmy then said, pondering. Sherman started to come to, holding a McDonald's Cup over his head, then Jimmy had an idea."Great idea. It doesn't look like a vigilante, but I love the way you're thinking, Sherman." Jimmy then said, Sherman sighed in embarrassment. As the kids hung out in the arcade, 4 certain toys disguised their selves as a Chicken Nugget box (Jimmy & Lydia) and a medium drink cup (Sherman & Mark), and snuck through the entrance. The 4 stopped, not wanting to be spotted by other children and parents. Then, Jimmy started to run, but he bumped into Sherman due to the fact they can't see. "Watch where you're going!" Sherman angrily whispered. "Sorry!" Jimmy replied. The 4 ran into a crawl space that was inbetween a line of arcade games. They took off their disguises, and Jimmy was in awe as soon as he saw Dave and Busters, a place of Pizza deliciousness and Arcade fun. But the arcade was spaceport themed, from Wack a Alien games to Galaga, everything was space themed, to him, he thought he was getting closer to the CIA moonbase. The entertainment attractions offer traditional and modern, high-tech games. The Dave & Buster's Power Card activates all the Midway games (with the exception of coin action games) and can be recharged for additional play. The Power Card enables customers to activate games more easily and encourages extended play of games to increase customer spending. By replacing most coin activation, the Power Card has reduced the technical difficulties and maintenance issues associated with coin activated equipment. "Leapin' electrons! What a spaceport! Whoever owns this place must be an advanced species, millions of years ahead of us!" Jimmy exclaimed. "Great work, Sherman!" "Yeah, that's great." Mark said, uninterested. However, the Boy toy was more concerned about finding the Cooper child. And to his delight, he found Trent and his friends! "Trent!" Sherman exclaimed in happiness. "Now we can..." "I think you've done enough, Sherman, let us take over." Lydia said, sternly. "Now we need to find a ship on our way to Sector 12..." Jimmy said. "Actually, I found a space ship, Jim!" Lydia then said. "You did?" Jimmy then exclaimed. "Yeah, it's got everything Hyper speed, it can run the parsecs faster than a speeding bullet!" Lydia said, confusedly. "Alright, so when I get to the count of 3, Jimmy," Mark said. "We make a break for Trent." Not paying attention, Jimmy then noticed a crane game in the shape of a rocket ship, however, to him, it seems as if it's a rocketship to get back to CIA. Jimmy then ran to the "ship" and went inside the prize door. Sherman notices as he turned around and saw the whole thing. "Ready, Jimmy?" Mark asks, as he turns. Lydia asks, "Where'd he go?" Sherman annoyedly points to the Rocket Crane game in a nonchalant manner, saying, "What do you think?" And also, to his dismay, he missed the Cooper boy and his friends as they headed to another arcade game. "This can not be happening to me!" Sherman angrily exclaimed as he prepared to walk over to the crane game, but then he noticed that he can't be spotted by other humans, otherwise he'd be in worse trouble than he already is in. This may take a while. In the crane game, Jimmy climbed his way up what is the deposit slot, or where the prize toys are dropped into. "Well, the core temperature isn't optimal. But let's hope that the fusion mix is stable, and that the engine will be cycling at 1 million gigajoules." Jimmy said. He then jumps right in. He then lands in front of a interesting group. Basically, he landed in front of the hundreds of toys of the Cul-De-Sac Kids from Ed, Edd n' Eddy. However, the eds were missing. "A stranger!" A Rolf toy then exclaimed. "From the outside!" A Marie Kanker toy exclaimed. "Oooooooooo." Exclaimed all the crane game toys at once. Jimmy grins at this. He's seen the Cul-De-Sac kids, he's worked with them before (or he did in Heroic Academy), except for the Eds (Who aren't in this fic because Ed, Double-D, and Eddy will appear in Bearquarter's Toy Story 2!). So, now that he's acknowledged that they're peaceful, he speaks, "Greetings, I am Jimmy Neutron, I come in peace." Excited, the crane game toys surround Jimmy, excited like little children, asking about what the outside life is like. Waiting until it's clear to go in, Lydia, Mark and Sherman run to the crane game and enter the deposit, climbing to see Jimmy talk to the Cul-De-Sac kids. "Listen, this is a interdimensional emergency! I have to barrow this ship to get back to finding the nightmare realm. Is there anybody that I can speak to, anybody I can take a seat with and have a chat with? Who's in charge here?"The crane game toys point upward as they said at once, "The Claw!" Sherman and Jimmy look up. Above everyone is a huge claw like object hanging from the ceiling of the game. Of course, in reality, it is the mechanical crane used for the crane game.One of the Lee Kankers explained, "The Claw is our master and friend." "The Claw chooses who goes and who must stay." explained another Rolf nodding. "This is ludicrous." Sherman said, facepalming himself. All the crane game toys are clueless, how could this night get even more worse?!"It could be worse." Lydia said."How?!" Sherman groaned.Just then, Lyds, Mark and Sherman heard some laughing, unfortunately, it didn't come from the boy he was looking for, it was none other than Duncan! He was playing a game, and by playing he was cheating at it. Fed up with not winning, he turns his attention to where Sherman was at! To Sherman's horror, Duncan then walked to the crane game!"Oh, no! It's Duncan!" Mark, Lydia and Sherman gasped, horrified. They then dive into the crowd and tackles Jimmy into the crowd, pulling him deeper into the crowd."Sherman, have you lost your mind?!" Jimmy whispered in anger."Hey, you're the one who wanted to come here, so shut up for once and..." Sherman gritted his teeth, but then a Johnny 2x4 toy shushed them."It moves!" Johnny 2x4 said, pointing to the claw moving towards them, and it grabs one of the Rolf toys and picks it up."I've been chosen!" Rolf then said, smiling as he's being pulled up. "Farewell, as the son of a shepherd is going to a better place!""Gotcha." Duncan said, and as soon as the Rolf toy landed, Duncan saw the upper body of a certain Boy genius toy. Duncan exclaimed, "A Jimmy Neutron?! No way!""Duncan found another victim, and that is Jimmy!" Lydia then said, scared out of her.Poor Sherman, he knew he won't be able to convince his friends of his innocence once Duncan destroys Jimmy, or worse! They have to find a way outta here, then they notice a door way where the toys are placed into the crane game. Sherman and Lydia ran up to it and kicked it open.Then, Duncan inserted another coin and aimed his claw at Jimmy, and successfully grabs him. As Jimmy is lifted, Sherman reacted in horror, as he gasps, "Oh no!"Taking this opportunity, Mark, Sherman and Lydia grabbed Jimmy by the ankles, pulling him down, much to the frustration of Duncan as he bangs on the glass, shouting, "What the heck, man?!"As our heroes pull Jimmy to the "Emergency Exit", the least they could do is wear down that claw so it breaks down, unfortunately..."He has been chosen!" 2 Nazz toys said."Let him go." Another Rolf toy then said.Then, all of the crane game toys began pushing them towards the point where Duncan won."No! You don't understand! Please!" Sherman pleaded, then the 4 toys went into toy mode, with Sherman, Mark and Lydia hanging on to Jimmy."Radical!" Duncan laughed. "Quadruple prizes!" The 4 toys were deposited into the deposit area.Duncan grabbed the 4 toys and evilly grinned. "Let's go home and play." He said, then he darkly chuckled. This has been the worst night in Sherman's life as a toy, and worse, he doesn't know if he'll ever see the guitar playing Trent Cooper kid again. Now he and his friends are in the clutches of Duncan Ryanson, the Toys worst NIGHTMARE!!Later that night, Duncan skateboarded his way home, he was listening to some Death Metal on his walkman, and judging by his behavior, Sherman doesn't wanna know what it is. Speaking of which, Sherman, Jimmy, Mark, Lydia and Rolf were in Duncan's bag.Duncan was a punk and a juvenile delinquent who ironically comes from a long line of policemen and policewomen: his dad, mom, uncle, aunt, grandma and cousins are all cops. He knows many tactics from his time spent in juvenile detention centers. He can carve a picture of a skull into a tree trunk. He has a sarcastic and flirtatious personality, flirting with Heather despite his apparent dislike of her and mocking his classmate Courtney whenever she gets near him. He also gives Courtney the pet name "Princess" to tease her. Duncan loves to break rules to better suit himself, but sometimes the consequences are worse than what he intended. Duncan also loves to make fun of the other contestants and pull several pranks on them, with Harold McGrady being his main victim. He considers himself as being "straight with people", rarely pretending to be what he isn't. As a result, he has been shown to either get along with or make fierce enemies with his fellow classmates, although it is more than often the latter because of his hobby of torturing toys. "Good news, Sherman, you should be home safely, turns out Trent lives next door." Jimmy confidently said."Well, that's good news..." Lydia said, nervously. "Bad news is that it's easier said than done." Mark said. "Why?" Jimmy asks. "Because we're in the house of one of the most infamous students in Mitchell Elementary School history." Mark said, sternly. "In case you forgotten, he tortures toys just for his own amusement." "The gates are calling! Rolf has seen the heavens, and they are better than papa's cooking, yes?" Rolf exclaimed in glee. "SHUT UP! You don't understand what's going to happen?! Once you go into Duncan's house, there's no coming out!" Sherman said, panicking, then, Duncan entered his house, and saw Vinny Griffin, his viscous dog, barking at him."Whoa! Vinny, hey boy! Sit. Good boy." Begrudingly, the dog obeyed his master. "Hey, I got something for ya, boy." He then handed the dog Rolf, who immediately went to toy mode. The dog viciously chewed up the toy, and all Sherman and Jimmy could do is watch and retch at the sight of this. "Dear god..." Lydia said, worried. "...We're so dead. "Duncan? Is that you?" Duncan's father was heard. "Yeah, pops!" Duncan rudely said, "Hey, where's Ella?" A girl was heard, she walked in and is revealed to be a little 10 year old girl with Black hair, light skin, and was dressed like a princess. It was Duncan's sister, Ella. She was holding Ducky Momo. 'What?" "Did I get my package in the mail?" Duncan asked. "I don't know." Ella shrugged with disinterest. "What do you mean you don't know?" Duncan snarled. "I. DON'T. KNOW." Ella answered insistently. Duncan couldn't believe how unhelpful his little sister is, so he immediately came up with a plan for revenge. "Hey, Ella, there's something wrong with Ducky Momo!" Duncan said, tauntedly, grabbing the doll. "No she's not!" Ella whined. The girl knew this boy's sick and twisted games to well. If torturing his own toys wasn't enough, then he wanted to do the same thing to Ella's toys. No matter how many times she screamed at him to stop, he never gave up.Sherman's eyes widen with a pang of horror as he caught wind of where they're heading to. He shuddered, "Not Duncan's room. Not there!"Duncan then ran upstairs and headed to his room where he slammed the door before Ella got a chance to enter her classmate's room. Duncan threw the bag onto his bed and walked to his desk. Ella pounds on the door furiously, but Duncan ignored her."Doctor! This man needs surgery! Stat!" Duncan mockingly said, "Don't worry, I'm a doctor!" Duncan then threw his bag on his unmade bed, and went to his workbench, and grabbed a Freddy Fazbear toy head, and placed the Ducky Momo toy on the desk, where he ripped the head off and placed the duck body in a tool, and winded down the spinny thingy on the duck plush's body and attach the plastic Fazbear head on the duck plush, now a mutant toy."I'm not sure if he's been to medical school." Jimmy said, shaking his head in confusion. "Duncan! Open this door!" Ella angrily said. Duncan proceeded and showed his sister the Ducky Fazbear toy he "created". "The brain transplant was a success." Duncan evilly said. Ella screamed in terror and ran for dear life, hoping to tattle on Duncan. Duncan laughed as he tried to lie his way out of this situation, throwing the doll into the room. Sherman looked around, and saw all the horrors of Duncan' room, all the death metal band posters, the disembodied toy parts, the uncleanliness of the room. He's heard stories, but he'd never thought he'd see it in person. It was like seeing the devil's lair, nightmarish, a living heck, and a nightmare for all toys. He and the other toys haven't been in here and they are too afraid to even take a look. They try to avoid being seen by Duncan whenever he came to the window. Then again, he barely checks out the neighbors so they are either relieved or concerned. However, he saw the Packers blanket on his bed, and he shuddered even more. "We're totally boned." Mark said, alarmed. "I'm getting outta here." "Mark, no!" Sherman said. "Wait, we need to wait until he least suspects it tomorrow!" Mark ran to the edge of the bed. He ran across the nightstand with stuff falling off, and jumped onto the door knob. He tried turning it, but it wouldn't budge. "Locked," he said, before dropping down to the floor, "There's gotta be another way out of here." Sherman followed him, and as did Lydia. "You alright, Lydia?" Mark asks. "Oh, I'm fine." Lydia sarcastically said. "Except for the fact that none of this would've happened if you didn't do anything stupid!""Me?!" Sherman said, accusingly. "Look, what I did was stupid, but..." "But nothing!" Lydia said, annoyed. "Don't you have any willpower? That little voice inside your head that tells you when you're going too far!" "Lydia, that's enough." Mark said, defending an already guilty Sherman. "He already feels bad enough, you don't need to add insult to injury." "But he gave me his promise!" Lydia said, sternly. "Don't you think I know that?!" Mark said, getting irritated. "I've known Sherman longer than others, and I'm not gonna turn against him because of..." Suddenly, a shadow from nowhere zipped past him. "Uh….Jimmy? D-Did you do that?" Sherman asked nervously. Mark picks up a flashlight. More weird noises come from under the bed. He turns it on, and it shines on a doll's head of Victor Fries, better known as Mr. Freeze. "Excuse me, Mister! I need you to come out there okay?" Sherman asked. As the head crawled out from under the bed, the head is on a steel spider-like body made of erector set pieces. He was one of the Mutant Toys (normal toys until they're jumbled into experiments paired with limbs of other toys). It's also another result of Duncan's sadistic machinations. Sherman looked on in horror as the abomination menacingly reared up over him as if she were to greet him. Even Lydia was scared speechless. Soon, more and more mutant toys arrived, such as a nail to the head GI Joe, Greg glaser's head on a duck's body, and a Cell action figure with the lower body of Imperfect cell, the arms of Semi-perfect Cell and the upper body of Perfect Cell, and muscle action figure with the head of a duck, Sideshow Rollerbob, the upper body of Sideshow bob glued to a skateboard, Shanon glaser's head and legs on a toy fishing rod, a few zombified versions of Happy Tree Friends toys, and Sherman was scared out of his daylights. As soon as Sherman saw Flippy, Lydia and Mark ran straight back to the backpack, while Sherman screamed in terror and ran back up to Duncan's Bed, stuttering and screaming in terror as he saw the mutant toys surrounding the recently mutated toy. "They're cannibals!" Jimmy said. The 2 proceeded to head back into the bag as Sherman shrieked in terror. Jimmy then shouted into his watch, "Come in, CIA! Come in, CIA! Send in back up, we need reinforcements!" No answer, he still thinks the signal is jammed. Jimmy then said, "Alright, time to set the lasers from stunned to paralyze!""Yeah, great, maybe you can make them blink to death when they attack us!" Sherman sarcastically said."Now you understand why we're scared of Duncan?" Lydia asks, annoyed.Meanwhile, next door, the toys in Trent's room are scanning the bushes with a flashlight. Suddenly, rustling is heard from a bush. "Hey, you guys, I think I found him!" Toothless noted, holding the flashlight. "JIMMY! IS THAT YOU?!"A cat's meow is heard from the bush. "Percy, will you get out of here? You are interfering with our search and rescue mission!" He yelled. Suddenly, he sees the car pulling up, and Toothless turns off the light."Look. They're home." Jay whispered. The toys listen to the car pull up to the garage, then Trent gets out of the car, having a concerning converstion with Trent's friend, Spud."I'm sure that you left them here." Spud was heard."I checked my dad's car before I left. Sherman's gone." Trent said, completely unaware of Jimmy and Sherman's fight. Those words shocked everyone in Trent's room. It's bad enough that they refused to believe that Sherman pushed Jimmy out the window on accident, but this? This is too much. "Sherman's gone?" Mabel asked, heartbroken. "Dude's gone?" Luna asks, worried. "Oh, boy. The weasel ran away." Gene said. "What a coward." Zeke then said. "Huh, huh? I told you that brat was guilty." Gumball agreed with Gene."Who would've thought he was capable of such atrocities?" Toothless frowned.However, Mabel wasn't ready to quit on Sherman just yet."This is new." Toothless then said, sadly."I told ya!" Gumball then said.The next morning, Duncan was "playing" with his "new" toys, and by playing, I mean "being reckless" and by new I meant "stolen". Jimmy’s feet was taped to a drill as Duncan activated it, spinning him around. Like a newscaster, Duncan spoke, “Lord Vader, stop, he’s losing control! He’s speeding up, he’s out of control!”Then, thanks to the Laws of Physics, Jimmy was flung off the drill as he flies to a pile of debris, crashing into it, as he knocks Mark and Lydia into the trash can. Then he looks over to a crate, noticing a familiar pull string doll lying limp under there.“Ah, a survivor!” Duncan said, grinning sinisterly as he swats the crate away and picks up Sherman. "Where's the Rebel Base?! TALK!"He pulls Sherman’s string, as expected, Sherman’s voicebox responds, "I'd like to join your group, guys, but not before I sing a little song!"“Liar!” Duncan said, slapping Sherman so hard it sent him flying to the ground near a window as Duncan walked by and opened up a window shade, and the sunlight let in. as Duncan walked by and opened up a window shade, and the sunlight let in."I can see that the force is strong with you. But we have ways of making you talk." Duncan said, then he proceeded to get down on his knees and have the magnifying glass concentrate on Sherman's forehead, and a hot white dot begins to smolder on his forehead."Where are your rebel friends, now?!" Duncan sinisterly said, laughing."Duncan! Pop Tarts are ready!" Duncan' mother said."Alright! Pop Tarts rule!" Duncan said, dropping everything and heading out the door. Sherman comes to life as soon as he leaves and screams in agony and pain. His forehead is burning like heck. Luckily, Duncan left a bowl of cereal, with that, Sherman runs to the bow and dunks his head in the bowl of milk, extinguishing the burn.Jimmy ran over and grabbed darts off of him, and grabs Sherman by the shoulder, lifting him. "Are you okay, Sherman?!" Jimmy then said. The toy nodded. Jimmy chuckled and grinned. He then said, "I'm proud of you, Sherman. If that was Sheen, she would've cracked under this torture."Lydia and Mark walked by, dazed and confused as they spit out marbles and fake Roach body parts."This is a nightmare!" Lydia said, annoyed."But you're friends with Beetlejuice, aren't you?" Jimmy said, confused."I'm crazy enough to befriend a guy like B.J., but dealing with Duncan's lifestyle?! GOD NO!" Lydia shouts.Sherman then took a spoon and noticed his reflection. He has a burn mark on his forehead."Ooh," Mark cringed. "That's smarts.""This shouldn't be permanent, right?" Sherman whined, trying to rub off the "blemish". Jimmy shook his "Communicator" and groaned in annoyance."Still no word from The CIA." Jimmy said, annoyed. "Is that spaceport close by?""Wait a minute!" Sherman exclaimed. He then sees that Duncan forgot to open the door, they might be free! "That moron didn't close it!""But we have no idea what's out there!" Jimmy exclaimed."Who cares? We can..." Sherman then said, but then, he shrieked in terror as soon as the Mutant Toys were in his way. "They're gonna eat us! Jimmy, if you can do something, now's a good time!""Shield your eyes!" Jimmy then said, pressing his laser button, and the light blinks quickly at Mr. Freeze, who was clearly irritated."That was anti-climatic." Mark said. "You may want to forgive our idiot friend here, he's...""It's not working! I thought I had this updated!" Jimmy then said. "I told Sheen not to mess with this!""You idiot! You're a toy!" Sherman said grabbing Jimmy by the shoulder, then repeatedly pressing a button on his Backpack, making Jimmy karate chop repeatedly, getting the mutant toys out of the way."Hey, hey, what are you doing?" Jimmy shouted. Sherman fended off the mutant toys. "Back! Back you savages! Back!" He circles the mutant toys and they arrive in the doorway."Sherman, stop doing that!""Sorry, guys, but dinner's canceled!" Sherman said victoriously. He leaves, Jimmy dropping on the floor. Lydia follows Sherman, and Mark helps Jimmy up."There's no place like home! There's no place like home!" Sherman repeated the same words as he races down the corridor, he just needs to head outside, and he'll be free as a bird! He stops in his tracks, only to see Vinny sleeping on the stair landing. He then cautiously goes back up the stairs, trying not to wake up the vicious dog. At the top of the case of stairs, Sherman noticed Lydia was frozen in her tracks."You were stopping because of the Dog, weren't you?" Sherman asks. Lydia nodded. A hand clasps over Sherman's mouth and pulled him toward the wall. It was Jimmy."I don't know what you did back there, Peabody, but at this rate, you're going to get us both killed! You're like a Vigilante that's like a one man reign of terror." Jimmy angrily said."That was pretty selfish, Sherman." Mark said, shrugging."Well excuse me for being stressed out! Don't. Tell. Me. What. To. Do!" Sherman angrily said, but Jimmy hushed him. Then, Jimmy quietly tiptoed fast to the other part of the hallway.Mark took his turn as he sprinted faster than a speeding bullet.Jimmy signaled "It's okay". Sherman and Lydia then tiptoed as well, but he accidentally got his string stuck on a stair railing. Sherman then struggled to get free, and then, he managed to get his string free, but the voice box activated.Suddenly, Sherman looks alarmed as his own voice box screams out in a child's voice, "Woohoo! Yeah!"The 2 boys looked horrified as the noise awoke the dog, the voice box continued to talk in a child's voice, "If being a dog means you're like Mr. Peabody, who never turns his back on you and who's always there to pick you up when you fall and loves you no matter how many times you mess up; if that's what it means to be a dog, then yeah! [Proudly] I'M A DOG, TOO!"The dog growled at the kids, and Jimmy said, "Split up!"Sherman, Lydia and Mark didn't need to be told twice. Jimmy then dives in one room, as Sherman, Mark and Lyds scurry in the closet, and closes the door. As Jimmy sees Vinny approaching, he scatters to the other side. Vinny notices the movement and goes over to the door, knowing that Jimmy is hiding right behind it.Just when the viscous dog was about to rip the action figure limb from limb, the dog realized the father was there, so he walks off.In the closet, Sherman pants in exhaustion he nearly got killed by that mongrel mutt of Duncan's! Now what can they do?"That dog's gonna be a problem." Sherman said, desperate. "We can get rid of him before sundown. But we have to hurry!"Lydia was stunned as she said, "You expect us to get back after that dog? We barely got out alive and in one piece!""It's better if we wait, Sherman." Mark said."Well, there's no time for that!" Sherman said, impatient. "We can easily do this! We outnumber Vinny!""Sherman, I'm sorry, but we need to wait." Mark said, annoyed. "You need to sort out problems with Jimmy!""Wait, what do you mean?!" Sherman shouted, annoyed."Look at us, Sherman. Look at what's going on!" Mark shouts. "I'm starting to sense this is more about YOU wanting to get back to Trent rather than clarify what's going on between you and Jimmy.""Look, we can deal with Jimmy's beef with me when we get back to Trent!" Sherman said."Well, he obviously won't trust you after what happened yesterday!" Lydia said."He thinks you tried to kill him on purpose!" Mark said, getting frustrated with Sherman's thoughtlessness. "You need to deal with your conflict with Jimmy now.""Not right now! I need to make sure that Jimmy and I are there for Trent!" Sherman said, sternly."Why?""Because!""Why?""Just because!""Why?!" Lydia grabbed Sherman. But Sherman surprisingly responded by grabbing Lydia by the shoulders and shouting, "BECAUSE IT'S ALL I'VE GOT TO DO!""I don't have anything else." Sherman sighed in defeat as he lets go of her.Lydia is stunned at those words, Really? Sherman has no one else to turn to? Sherman wavers, seeing the hurt in her eyes."Wait, so….." Lydia said, hurt. "All of your friends don't count?!" "That isn't what I meant. It's just that Trent needs us." Sherman said, guilty for what he said. "No." Lydia said, sternly. "YOU need Trent! Your paranoia about Jimmy replacing you has gotten us to here. Do you really think that it's going to help us now?"It's something a lost toy wouldn't know about. Something called Loyalty." Sherman said, sternly.Lydia gasps softly, Mark's glare creased in disappointment and it was only then it dawned on Sherman what he just said. Lydia then sat near the Christmas lights, hurt by what Sherman just said."I'm not the one who's lost." Lydia said. This got Sherman to raise his eyebrows in shock and guilt."Dude, that wasn't cool." Mark then said.Soon, Sherman's thoughts all vanished like a lost thought. Regretting everything he said, he sat back down and sighed, crushed and devastated by what's going on. He only prayed that Jimmy was going to be okay.Little did he know, something was gonna shatter Jimmy emotionally.When it's safe to do so, Jimmy then prepares to make his own exit."JIMMY NEUTRON! Come in, JIMMY NEUTRON!" The TV said, catching Jimmy's attention."The CIA!" Jimmy said, this is it! He can contact The CIA to continue his mission to save the world, he opens the communicator, ready to talk to the The CIA leader."I'm in!" A kid's voice was heard in the commercial.Jimmy then noticed the commercial, and noticed there's a kid holding Jimmy in his box!"The world needs your help!" The Announcer then said."On the Way!" The kid then said."JIMMY NEUTRON!" A chorus shouted. "The world's greatest boy genius is now the world's greatest toy!" The announcer said. "Jimmy has it all, karate chop action!" The commercial showed a kid using Jimmy's karate chop action, just like Sherman was earlier! Then, the commercial showed a kid pressing the "laser" button. The announcer said, "Lasers!" The next shot showed Jimmy's "Wrist Communicator". "Wrist communication!"Next shot showed a kid pressing Jimmy's Button for phrases. "Over 150 phrases!""THESE CRUMMY ALIENS STOLE OUR PARENTS! TIME TO SHOW EM' WHAT WE'RE MADE OF!" TV Jimmy's button activated voice box then said a quote voiced by Debbi Derryberry from the Jimmy Neutron movie."THESE CRUMMY ALIENS STOLE OUR PARENTS! TIME TO SHOW EM' WHAT WE'RE MADE OF!" Jimmy's button activated voice box repeated, much to his dismay."And best of all, Carbonic alloy wings!" Jimmy's wings popped out on the television and he flew as he glowed in the dark."Gotta Blast!" TV Jimmy said, in triumph."Not a flying toy!" An announcer said."Get your Jimmy Neutron Action Figure and save the world from Bill Cipher today!" The announcer then said."JIMMY NEUTRON!" Bowling for soup was heard in the background."Available at all Worthington Toy Stadium stores nationwide." An announcer then said.Jimmy couldn't believe what he's hearing, this can't be true. But he then saw the door of his communicator, it had the words "Made in Taiwan". Jimmy sighed in grief, Sherman was right all along about him. He's just a toy.Jimmy couldn't believe his ears and eyes, is what he seeing true? Is he a toy? The painful truth is, he is. Sherman knew Jimmy would find out the truth that he was just a toy, but Sherman would hope to tell Jimmy the truth once they were back with Trent once things were calm."Sherman can't be right......" Jimmy said, weakly.Jimmy looked down as he slowly exited the room he was in.Singing Voice: Out among the stars I sailWay beyond the moonBefore this whole charade happened, he had a big ego, and he thought he was a real CIA Apprentice, on a mission to save the world from Dark Danny.Jimmy thought to himself, "But how come I remember more things about my life? Has it been a lie? One big beautiful lie?" In my silver ship I sailA dream that ended too soonAnd now, he knows that he's nothing more than a toy, just an ordinary toy.Now I know exactly who I am and what I'm here forAnd I will go sailing no moreJimmy then stopped for a moment and glanced at the window, he looked and then despaired in sadness. He hung his head in shame, feeling foolish for actually believing he has a laboratory, or he was a boy genius superhero.All the things I thought I'd beAll the brave things I've doneVanish like a snowflakeWith the rising of the sunNever more to sail my shipWhere no man has gone beforeAnd I will go sailing no more But then he shook his head, and then got a look of determination, he wasn't going to let that discourage him. He has to prove he's a CIA Apprentice, and the only way to do that is to fly to that Window. He climbed the Stair railings and was in position, he pressed the button that got his wings popped out and had a look of determination.But no, it can't be trueI could fly if I wanted toLike a bird in the skyIf I believed I could flyWhy, I'd fly "Gotta Blast!" Jimmy shouted, and as soon as he jumped off, everything felt as if it went slow-mo, he felt as if he was going to fly, but then, he started to fall and had a terrified and betrayed look on his face as soon as he started to fall. Jimmy then landed painfully on the stairs and on the ground.Jimmy was stunned, and then saw his left arm, detatched, broken off, he was nothing but a toy. All he could do is despair in sadness.Clearly, I will go sailing no more... "Hey Mom? Have you seen my Treeflower doll?" Ella was heard, she walked in as she notices Jimmy lying in toy mode.."What was that?" Duncan's mom was heard."Never mind." Ella said, shrugging and picking him up and his arm up, she grins and shrugs. She might as well keep this toy away from Duncan.Upstairs, the closet door knob jiggled. Sherman came tumbling out of the closet, draped with Christmas lights. He fell to the floor, with Lydia and Mark following him."Jimmy, the coast is clear." Sherman said. Much to the surprise of Sherman, he got no response.Lydia asks, "Jimmy, where'd you go?""Behold, the Shrink Ray!" A familiar voice box said. Sherman pinpointed the location of the sound-another room near the closet door. Sherman and the others crept along the path to the doorway, the lights dragging behind him."Really? That's so interesting, Mrs. Archer!" Ella's voice replied from inside the room. The trio reached Ella's room as Sherman poked her eye in the corner and sees Ella having a tea party with 3 headless dolls seated at a miniature table. Alongside the dolls is another guest: A certain Boy Genius toy with a disembodied arm seated at the end. "Jimmy?" Sherman asks, stunned. Jimmy was at the end of the table during the tea party was Jimmy wearing a a frilly pink apron, and a fashionable party hat on his head. Suddenly, Sherman started to feel guiltier."Oof," Lydia said, concerned. "This isn't good.""It would be funny if it wasn't so soon like this!" Mark said, cringing. The girl then heard the doorbell ring and as she left to go see who it is, it was probably her parents, and Sherman ran over to his "buddy" in concern."Is he gonna be okay?" Lydia asks."Jim?! Are you okay?!" Sherman shook Jimmy, then Jimmy yelled out in agony."Maybe?" Mark said, nervously."Well, it's been nice knowin' ya! See ya later, bu-bye! So long! Farewell!" Sherman said, drunkenly."What?! What do you mean?! Tell me!" Sherman said, panicking, could this mean that Trent and his family moved out already?! However, he noticed the severed arm and Jimmy's manic sadness. Sherman knew what this was: Jimmy learned the hard way he was just a toy."One moment, you're working on inventions, protecting the world from the likes of King Goobot, Eustace Stritch, and one other moment, you're drinkin' tea with Leia Skywalker, and her brother." Jimmy said, looking through his "teacup".The pony toys just waved at Sherman, looking sheepish and embarrassed.Sherman raised an eyebrow in confusion and said sheepishly, "Uh, Jimmy, I think you're a little dizzy, I think we should get you outta here.""Don't ya get it? You see the hat? I'm Mrs. Malory Archer!" Jimmy said, drunkenly and angrily. Jimmy proceeded to laugh like mad."SNAP OUT OF IT, NEUTRON!" Sherman shouted, then he proceeded to use Jimmy's severed arm and slap him with it, stunning the Boy Genius toy."Sherman, that wasn't neccessary!" Lydia scolded."I'm sorry. No, He's correct to that." Jimmy said, now sober. "I'm just going through an awful lot. I'm very, very depressed, that's all.""Yeah, no kidding!" Sherman said, raising an eyebrow in confusion.Jimmy took back his arm, and walked out of the room, as if nothing happened."Uh, Jimmy?" Mark asks. "Are you sure you're fine?""Yeah, I can get through this, easy as pie." Jimmy said, quietly."That's the spirit." Sherman then said, confidently.The Space Boy fell onto his knees, slamming his arm down. "OH, WHO AM I KIDDING, I'M A FRAUD!""Jimmy!" Sherman said, worried someone might hear them."I CAN'T FLY OUT THE STUPID WINDOW!" Jimmy moaned before crying. "DID YOU LIKE THE HAT? I THOUGHT IT WAS NICE, BUT THE APRON WAS A LITTLE TOO MUCH..." Then, Jimmy bursted into tears. Sherman felt sorry for this toy. But then as soon as he saw the window, Sherman had an idea, they're next to the Cooper household! They can get his friends to help him!"Jimmy! You're a genius! Let's go!" Sherman then said, in triumph. He then proceeded to drag a crying Jimmy along with to Duncan's room."Years, training in the CIA academy, all for nothin'!" Jimmy moped."Are you sure? We probably should wait on him to sober up." Lydia said, but Sherman didn't listen."This is gonna go badly for him. VERY BADLY." Mark said, annoyed.Meanwhile, as the day became cloudier and cloudier, all the toys were minding their own business at Trent Cooper's room. Gene, Soos and Gumball were playing Tecmo Super Bowl. Things have not been going great for anyone in there, Trent's missing his 2 favorite toys, Sherman's accused of Murder, and only 2 toys believe him."Hey, you're cheating!" Soos ranted."You got to tackle me. It's "B." You got to press "B."" Gumball grinned."I'm pressing "B." He's too fast." Soos angrily said."Change your guy, Soos. Change your guy." Gene then said.Meanwhile, Mabel was starting to get worried as she said, "I don't know where Sherman, Mark and Lydia are. Who knows where they could be?!"The Louds and Danny and his friends comforted her. Luan kept reassuring her, "C'mon, you worry too much.""Hey, guys! GUYS! HEY!" Everyone turns to the window, and much to their shock and disbelief, they find the one who was calling: Sherman and Mark! He had pulled up the window, and tried to catch the attention of Trent's toys."Son of a buildin' block, it's Sherman!" Gumball exclaimed."You're serious?" Jimmy Pesto Jr. asks."At Duncan's house?!" Zeke said, stunned.All of Trent's toys were relieved, yet terrified to see the one they appreciate are at Duncan's house."Everyone, it's the guys!" Zeke signaled. The rest of the toys popped up to Gene's report, some of theme emerging from Styrofoam peanuts in boxes. "Sherman?!" The toys chorused in disbelief.Back in Duncan's room, Sherman laughed in anticipation. If everything goes according to plan, then Sherman, Jimmy, Mark and Lydia will go across to Trent's room, proving Sherman's innocence once and for all. Not only that, they would be free from their nightmare! "We're finally gonna get out of here, Jimmy!" He turned to see if Jimmy would respond to him, but he isn't with him. "Jimmy?"Mark and Lydia walked over to Jimmy with stern looks on their faces, glaring at Sherman."What?" Sherman said, nervously."He's down there, not taking reality well..." Lydia said, pointing to the floor. Jimmy sat on the floor, playing 'Bombs Away, with his broken arm. The space toy moved his arm in circles like an airplane, before making it crash to the ground, making Sherman cringe in guilt."Sherman!" The other toys said.Sherman quickly forgot about Jimmy's situation as he turned back to the window, "Oh, man, I cannot wait to get back home to you!""Yeah, me too!" Lydia said, upbeat."As do I!" Mark said. "I knew you'd come back, Sherman!" Spongebob relieved."What are you doing over there?" Mabel called out. Once Beetlejuice saw everything, he was horrified. His best friend, in the house of the toy destroyer!"It's a long story, Mabel! I'll explain later!" Sherman picked up the coil of Christmas lights and called out, "Here! Catch this!" Sherman tosses the lights over to the window. By a stroke of luck, Mabel caught it."Babes!" Beetlejuice said, worried."I got it, Sherman!" Mabel reported."He got it, Sherman!" Toothless repeated."Good going, Mabel! Now just tie it onto something!" Sherman called out."C'mon, we gotta get you outta there!" Gene said."Beetlejuice?" Lydia asks."Babes, we need to get you guys outta there in a jiffy!" Beetlejuice said, worried."Wait, wait, wait, wait! I got a better idea!" How 'bout we don't?" Gumball snatches the lights from Mabel's hands."Hey!" Mabel shouted."Gumball!" Spongebob scolded angrily."Haven't you ever heard of guilty before proven innocent?!" Gumball said, sternly."One of my favorite law quotes." Beetlejuice said, in awe. Then he asks, "What's that got to do with this situation?""Yeah, I mean come on, people," Jay asked. "Have you forgotten what he did to Jimmy?""And now you want to let him back over here?" Riley said. "That's whack!""Thank you, Riley." Gumball said."Riley, we don't know for sure if Jimmy was murdered by Sherman out of coldness!" Huey said, getting frustrated."This is heteronormative boredom at it's worst." Matthew said, getting bored."Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!" Sherman tried to defend the misunderstanding. "You got it all wrong, Guys!""Are you seriously gonna believe Bilzerian over us?" Lydia said, scoldingly."He's a little rat liar!" Mark said, scoffing."Yeah, Jimmy's fine! Jimmy's right here! He's with me!" Sherman said, assuringly."Sherman, again, he's not lying about what he's going through..." Mark said, insistently."You are a liar!" Gumball shouted."Watch who you're talking to!" Beetlejuice said, annoyed."No, I AM NOT!" Sherman insisted. "Jimmy, get over here. Please tell the nice toys that you're not dead."Jimmy is still preoccupied, by the way. Jimmy peeled the communicator sticker off the communicator strapped around his broken arm. With a frown, he crumpled it up into a ball. Sherman saw how he's taking this new reality and cringed."Please don't do anything stupid, Sherman..." Lydia said."You know what? Screw it, Ride or Die, brother!" Mark thought to himself as he spoke out loud, "Just a second!"Lydia then looked at the camera as she spoke, "Men. Go fig!"Mark called down to Jimmy, "Jimmy, will you do me a big favor and lend Sherman a hand?"And he did it. Jimmy tosses his arm up onto the desk, which landed next to Sherman's feet, leaving him confused.Mark then laughed, Lydia held back a snicker, Sherman sardonically said, "Ha, ha, ha, Real funny!" Then he exploded, "THIS IS SERIOUS!""Hey, Sherman! Where'd you go?" Toothless called out."He's lying! He ain't there!" Gumball snorted."Jeez, where's the Shame Wizard when you need him?" Luna said, annoyed at Jay's behavior."I know, right?" Danny said."No, I do not want that creep creeping around here!" Tucker said, sternly. Sherman then runs back to the side of the window, and said in fake casualness, "Oh, hi, Jimmy! Why don't you say hello to the guys over there?"Sherman, holding Jimmy's severed arm by the end out of sight, imitates Jimmy's voice, "Hiya fellas! Gotta blast!""Hey, look, it's Jimmy!" Toothless said."Hey, Jimmy, let's show the guys our new secret best friends handshake!" Sherman said, shaking Jimmy's hand, then he slaps the arm high-five."Give me five, dude!""Something's screwy here." Gene said, narrowing his eyes in suspicion. "What?" Leni asks, curiously. "No kidding." Gumball said, narrowing his eyes in suspicion. If you consider the fact of how jealous he was of Jimmy, there's no way Sherman made up with Jimmy so quickly. It's as if he was trying to hide something."So you see, we're friends now, guys. Aren't we, Jimmy?" Sherman said. He goes back to his Jimmy voice."You bet. Give me a hug!" He throws the arm around his neck, and laughed. "Ha-ha! Oh, I love you too!""See? It is Jimmy." Mabel replied. "Now, give me the lights, Gumball."Jay then asked Sherman, "What are you trying to pull?""Nothing!" Sherman shrugged innocently, accidentally exposing Jimmy's severed arm.The toys scream at the sight of it. He realizes it, and he tries to hide it behind his back, but it's too late to undo the damage. Toothless, sickened by the sight of it, covered his mouth with his paws, and turned his face away to vomit."What an idiot..." Mark mumbled to himself."Oh, that is disgusting." Gene frowned."I KNEW IT!" Jay said, annoyed. "MURDERER!" Gumball shouted, furiously. "Oh, my god!" Beetlejuice said, stunned "NO! No, no, no, no, no!" Sherman yelled desperately. "Dude!" Luna said. "You murdering dog!" Gumball shouted. "It's not what you think! I swear!" Sherman confessed. "Save it for the jury!" Gumball replied. "I hope Duncan pulls your voice box out, you creep!" As a result, Gumball drops the lights, which made the other end fall off the edge of Duncan's house."NO! NO! NO, DON'T LEAVE! DON'T LEAVE!" Sherman begged desperately. "YOU GOT TO HELP US, PLEASE! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE OVER HERE!"Come on, let's get out of here." Gumball said, as the other toys start walking off."Go back to your lives, people. Show's over." Gene replied.Everybody left, except Mabel, who has a sad look plastered on her face. This girl has been supportive to him, but he realized that Gumball was right all along."Mabel, please! Don't do this to me!" Sherman begged, desperately. "Mabel, please! Please! Please! Mabel!"All she could do is close the blinds, Sherman sighed in grief, what is he going to do now?"Why does this keep happening to me?! Sherman sobs as he slumps on the window. Sherman's in a hopeless situation, his friends have turned against him, his owner's about to move away in a day, and he's stuck in the toy destroyer's house!"We tried to warn you." Mark said, annoyed. "You didn't listen. Now what?"Sherman looked sad, and then, he became so angry he wanted to break Jimmy's other arm off. But then, he heard a noise, concerned, he turns, only to see a horrifying sight, all of Duncan's mutant toys coming after a depressed Jimmy."Jimmy!" Sherman exclaimed in terror. Lydia and Mark gasped in shock. Jimmy can't be destroyed like this!They screamed and ran to them in fury, "Shoo! Go away you monsters!"But Then, Mr. Freeze grabbed Jimmy's arm, after a temporarily short game of Tug-of-war, Mr. Freeze won, which caused Sherman to fly towards the wall, and caused Lydia and Mark to be knocked out. Mr. Freeze walked towards Jimmy. As he gets up, Sherman notices Jimmy surrounded.Furious, Sherman runs over at the mob, angrily. He lost everything he cares about. He's not ready to give up on saving Jimmy from this place."He's still alive and you're not gonna get him, you monsters!" yelled Sherman as he throws the Mutant Toys aside buy punching or kicking, trying to get to Jimmy. He furiously throws the mutant toys aside, digging his way to see a surprising yet relieving sight.Jimmy is still alive and he is sitting up, with his broken arm newly attached on his body! Jimmy weakly smiles as he moves it. It's as if it was never broken to begin with! And in addition to that, he looks like mint condition all over again!Sherman looks confused as he said, "What? You're fixed?" Sherman walks over to the depressed Jimmy as he shakes the arm to confirm he's seeing the real deal. Surely enough, the arm is for real. Mark and Lydia got up as they walked to the commotion, curious."Heh...Yeah, it's okay, I guess. Kinda killed the moment, though." Jimmy sighs in depression."So they weren't killing him?" Mark asks."No, apparently not..." Lydia said.He glares at the mutants as he said accusing them, "But...But Jimmy, you said they're cannibals! We saw them eat those toys!" As the Mutant toys moved aside, Sherman then sees Freddy Fazbear and Ducky Momo back to normal. with their heads on their correct bodies. He looks at the mutants still confused about what's going on. He can only come to one conclusion, these toys aren't cannibals after all. They were only trying to help those who were hurt by Duncan's sick and twisted games. They were trying to help Jimmy as well... and Sherman tried to kill them without even knowing."Woah," Lydia said, taking sympathy. "You actually can fix toys? Sorry for the misunderstanding."Sherman blushed as he nervously said, "I am terribly sorry. I thought you were gonna...heh my friend?In an instant, the mutant toys went scrambling under the bed into the shadows. "No, no! Hey, hey! What's the matter?" He realized why: Duncan's back! "Duncan?" His mom called out. "Not now, Mom! I'm busy!" Duncan called back. "Duncan! Jimmy, come on, we gotta go!" Sherman said, alarmed. "We'll be in the trash bin!" Mark and Lydia said, walking into the trash bin and burying themselves underneath paper. Sherman tried to help Jimmy up, but he refused to go anywhere, still depressed after his realization. "Jimmy, come on!" Sherman said, sternly. "Get UP! Use your legs." Jimmy refused, laying there limp. "Fine! Let Duncan trash you, but don't blame me!" Sherman said, angrily as he hides under a milk crate. And perfect timing too. Duncan came in with an evil grin as he is holding a big box. "Yes! It's here!" Duncan said, evilly. "After all these weeks, my package has came!" Duncan goes to his workbench, puts the box down on it, and rips it open. Looking inside, Duncan continued, "The Big One." Sherman watched from inside the milkcrate. His eyes widen in horror as Duncan walked in with a firework rocket just as tall as Sherman. Duncan then said, "Finally, after all these years of waiting, it's finally here! The Big One!"Reading the label, Duncan said, "'This rocket is very dangerous. Do not let any children play with it.' All right!'" Duncan laughs evilly as he looks around. Sherman knew what he's looking for: something to blow up. "Where's that dorky doll?"Sherman gasps in horror, then, Duncan picked up the milkcrate, hoping to find Sherman, but he was nowhere to be found. had he looked, he would've seen that Sherman was hanging on for dear life inside the crate.Duncan walked around, but then he stepped on something, a familiar laser noise was heard, and Jimmy was beneath him. Duncan laughed in triumph and slams the milkcrate on the workbench."Yeah, of course..." laughed Duncan as he grabs Jimmy. "It only makes sense for a boy genius to go into orbit!"Duncan then grabbed the toolbox, opened it, and placed the tool box on the crate, trapping Sherman inside the crate. He then grabbed the tape and taped Jimmy to the rocket. After a while, Jimmy was taped to the rocket. Sherman's eyes widened in horror. Duncan DID find something to blow up, and that's Jimmy!But as luck would have it, lightning was seen and a thunder clap ruined the moment."Oh come on!" Duncan yelled, in shock. With Jimmy taped to the rocket in hand, the boy then goes to a window and sees to his anger that a big rainstorm is going on. He smacks his head against the window upset. He won't be able to launch in this storm! No way! "Oh, man!"Sherman heaves a sigh of relief. At least Jimmy is safe. But did this rainstorm discouraged Duncan? No, he smirks as he turns his focus from the rain to the rocket. As he sets Jimmy near the Crate."Eh, no harm, no foul." Duncan shrugged evilly. "I'll just post pone it to tomorrow morning." He then decided to set his alarm for 7AM in the morning, and then he heads to bed, planning to go through with his evil deed. "Sweet dreams!"Meanwhile, in Trent's bedroom, it was bedroom, Trent was clearly depressed. He has looked everywhere but he can't find 2 of his favorite toys! He is very depressed. He really misses those toys, even Sherman. Jimmy may be his present favorite toy, but Sherman will always be his favorite toy he has since kindergarten."I just can't find them anywhere, Dad. What if we leave them behind?" Asked a sad Trent."Calm down, dude. I'm sure you can find them before you leave tomorrow." Trent's dad replied confidently. Once they go inside their opposite homes, a box nearby that is labeled 'Trent's Toys!' scrawled on it begins to move, shaking. "Let me out! I want air!" yelled a voice. The box opened up revealing Toothless coughing out packing Styrofoam peanut from his mouth. Gumball peeks out next to him, looking annoyed. Although they don't trust Sherman now, they stick to his suggestion of getting a moving buddy. Unfortunately, guess who Gumball is stuck with?As Toothless looks relieved as he coughs, Gumball rolls his eyes as he snapped, "I wish you stop moving around! It's hard to sleep when you get like that!" "Sorry. I get nervous before travelling." said Toothless sheepishly. "Why I have you for moving buddy, I would never know!" snapped Gumball as he goes back into the box. "Well, that's easy. Everyone else got picked!" said Toothless as he follows Gumball back into the box. Mabel sadly looked at Trent through the window. "Oh, Sherman, if only you saw how much Trent misses you." Mabel sadly said, missing her boyfriend. Back at Duncan's house during the storm, Duncan was sleeping in his clothes, not caring to get into pajamas. People say that they can sleep like an angel when snoozing, obviously, they've never met Duncan. In the trash can, Lydia and Mark made sure the coast was clear, peeking out to the table, only to see something. The severity of the rain made things bleak as ever. Starting tomorrow morning, Jimmy will be blown by a rocket, and there's nothing Sherman can do. And to make matters worse, Trent's family was leaving in hours. Cringing, Lydia got out. She can't just let her friend be left like this, Mark followed her as she walked to the table, only to trip on something metal. It was Mr. Freeze. Lydia was about to shriek in horror, but Freeze put his metal tentacle over her mouth, shutting her up.Mr. Freeze then spoke, "Don't make any sudden noise." "So you can talk?" Mark whispers. "Yes." Mr. Freeze said. Then he looked at Jimmy still sitting there dejectedly, shocked, sad, and heartbroken about the truth with the rocket on his back. Whether he knows it or not, the Boy Genius doesn't care. "Your friend is in danger.""We need to get out of here so we can help him!" Lydia said."Fools. It's suicide to try to escape." Mr. Freeze scoffs. "You would be making the same mistake as my wife Nora did. Next thing she knew after she saw me like this, she was in a microwave, melted down and exploded into goop. All because of that miserable punk.""Well, we need to help him." Mark said. "His kid probably misses him more than anything.""So you aren't Duncan's property?" Mr. Freeze said. "Then why are you here?""A misunderstanding." Lydia said. "We belong to this kid named Trent, and Sherman is Trent's favorite toy in fact. A few days ago, Trent's Birthday party was happening and our friends were afraid that the new toys might overshadow them, even to the point of having them be given away. Sherman was there to calm them down because he's Trent's favorite.""Or at least, was." Mark then said. "Jimmy Neutron, the toy you fixed, who did not believe that he is a toy, quickly became Trent's new favorite toy. Sherman got inevitably gets jealous and tried to fight for his spot as alpha dog. One day, one of his plans went too far and he accidentally knocked Jimmy out of the house. We got roped right along with Sherman, and right now, we need to get back to Trent before he moves." "Try as you will, but it seems as if Jimmy doesn't have any hope at all." Mr. Freeze sighs. "Well, we have to have to try something." Lydia said. At the desktop, Sherman tried to get out of his milk crate jail, but the supporting weight reinforced, causing the crate refusing to ever budge. Suddenly, Mark and Lydia appeared, climbing up as Sherman turned and noticed. He then said, "Glad you could be here, guys, I need your help here.""Well, even with the 3 of us, it's no use. The toolbox is too heavy for mere three toys." Mark said, regrettably."But you may want to focus on another matter," Lydia said, pointing at Jimmy.Sherman looked and saw a dejected Jimmy sitting in defeat."He doesn't wanna be bothered," Sherman said. "At least not right now.""Well, if not now, when?" Lydia asks.Sherman knew Lydia is right, now that Jimmy's got his arm back, he can get our heroes out of the crate here."Jim, do me a favor and help me lift this crate!" Sherman then said, but Jimmy was still too depressed to help. Without Jimmy, it won't be easy to move the crate as it's too heavy.Sherman threw a stray washer to get Jimmy's attention. Jimmy sighs as he looked at Sherman. What does he want now?"Be a lamb and see if you can get this toolbox off me!" Sherman pleaded. But to his confusion, Jimmy just stares at him. Getting defensive, Sherman said, “What? What’s that look for? Hey, I didn’t do anything! You’re the one who wouldn’t move, Nerdtron! It’s on you that you got strapped to that thing!”But much to his annoyance, Jimmy turns away from the toy who helped him realize who he truly was all this time, hanging his head."That's not exactly what I meant..." Lydia said, annoyed. Frustrated, Sherman shakes the crate, but the toolbox closes really loudly. Gasping, Sherman worries that might’ve woke up Duncan, but Duncan was out like a light.Annoyed, Sherman turned to Jimmy as he sternly said, “Alright, Alright, I’m sorry! OKAY?! Is that what you wanted to hear, Neutron? I should’ve known better than to leave you for Duncan, there, I said it! But you gotta admit, you weren’t helping much!!!!”“Sherman, being like this is what got us in this situation!” Mark said, sternly.Sherman calms down with a sigh of regret. He can't yell at Jimmy when he's like this. He then said in a begging yet sad tone, "Jimmy, I can't do this without you. I need your help.""I can't." Jimmy weakly said.Sherman raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean, you can't?" "I can't help. I can't help anybody, toy or not." Jimmy's reply was small and was laced with grief and sorrow.Lydia encouraged, "Sure you can, Jimmy. You can start by getting him outta here." Mark added, "We'll get that rocket off you," "And we'll make a break for Trent's house!" Sherman then said. "Trent's house. Duncan's house. What's the difference?" Jimmy moaned with a no caring manner of why bother for being in either child's home. "Look, those guys fixed your arm! You should be feeling better by now!" Mark said, poking his noggin. Jimmy rolled his eyes, pessimistically saying, "Really? And even if I didn't get it broken, does that change anything that happened?" The trio then started to get concerned as Mark asks, "Jimmy, what's going on?""Sherman was right," Jimmy stated sadly. "I saw a TV commercial in a room that revealed who I really am. I had to face the facts, guys; I'm not the real Jimmy Neutron. I'm not a boy genius, I was never any of those things. And I never will be. I'm nothing.""It would seem the truth has finally sunk in, but now the question remains for him: what now?" Mark said, concerned with grim symphony. "Well guys, I think I got an answer, it's time for us to give it to Jimmy straight and get him out of this mess." Lydia said. "Look, so you found out about the fact you are a toy, beating up yourself over the fact you're not a hero isn't gonna solve anything."Jimmy rolls his eyes in disgust as he said, "You know as hard as things seem, you don't have to kick me while I'm down even further." Sherman looks concerned, as he and the others can see it, Jimmy is really, really depressed. He has got to snap him out of it. If not now, when?"Oh, Jimmy. You've had a BIG fall, y-you must not be thinking clearly!" Sherman said, starting to get desperate and trying to keep his cool."No, Sherman. For the first time, I am thinking clearly." Jimmy sadly said, looking up at Sherman with a glare that was mixed with sadness and grief. At the same time, Jimmy flipped up his communicator, which is actually a plastic compartment. As he sadly sighs, "You were right about me. I'm not a CIA Apprentice, I'm just a Toy, a stupid, little, insignificant toy."As Jimmy begins to sniff, Sherman had a concerned look, at first, Jimmy thought he was the real thing. He thought he was the real Jimmy Neutron, a boy with a godly I.Q. of 210, making him the smartest Retroville citizen. Jimmy believed he was someone important, someone with the power to rescue entire galaxies. To him, being a toy means he is powerless and unimportant. Jimmy can't even see what Trent would want with him now that Jimmy realizes he is just another toy and not a CIA Apprentice. As far as Jimmy's concerned, he feels useless, no one to be bothered with.Sherman then felt like he had to try something. Then he went straight up and spoke sternly to explain this to Jimmy. "Woah, hey, wait a minute, being a toy is a lot better than a CIA Apprentice or a... Genius of Steel!""Yeah, right." Jimmy scoffed."No, it is!" Sherman said. "Look, Over there in that house is a kid who he thinks you are the greatest, and it's not because you're a CIA Apprentice, pal. It's because you're a toy! You are his toy! ""But why would Trent want me?" Jimmy said, with sad hopes with a doubtful look before going back to trying to ignore Sherman."Why would Trent want you? Look at you! You're a Jimmy Neutron action figure!" Sherman said, happily. "Any other toy would give up his moving parts just to be you! You got wings, you shoot lasers, you glow in the dark, you talk, your Jetpack even does that whoosh thing! If that's not a cool toy, I don't know what is!"Jimmy was taken by surprise as he raises an eyebrow, no one has ever said about him, ever. Probably because he was too busy being everyone's idol."Maybe you ARE a toy, but you are a toy of one of the best cartoon heroes of the twentieth century or decade. So, your gadgets aren't real. Your MIND still works perfectly. And that's all you need if you just believe in yourself." Lydia said, encouragingly.Jimmy words seemed to be making an impact. Jimmy turned his head slightly, a hint of light slowly come back into his eyes. But he hesitates, asking, "And when that certain time comes?""Then you can make it last before the time comes, but you can do it for the right reasons!" Lydia said, laughing."They speaks true, those like you are known to be even popular with other toys, new and old." Mark spoke in giving his own opinion in the matter to cheer his friend up."Guys," Jimmy sniffed. "W-Why are you being so nice to me? Especially Sherman?""Because there's a little kid in that house that needs his favorite toys, and so do our friends." Lydia said.However, Sherman pauses and looks at himself. He started to have a sad frown on his face, after all, it was his own jealousy that got them into this mess in the first place. Even Trent wants to play with Jimmy more than him."If I even boil down what Mark said, you're too popular for my tastes. I mean... Well, let's just face it, what chance does a toy like me can have against a Jimmy Neutron action figure? All I got is..." Sherman sadly said, pulling his own string.Surely enough, the voice box responded, "I have a deep regard for you as well, Mr. Peabody.""Why would Trent ever wanna play with me, when he's got you?" Sherman said, now realizing his mistake. "I'm the one who should be strapped to that rocket.""What? Why?" Jimmy said, surprised. Why is Sherman saying that? "No. You don't deserve to be strapped to the "Big One".""I do." Sherman sighed. "Especially after the way I treated you. Don't get me wrong, I'm welcoming to meeting newer toys, but you were something different. You were so full of yourself, and thought you were the real deal, I actually felt threatened by you.""Wait," Jimmy said, humored finally giving Sherman a genuine smirk for the first time in hours. "You felt threatened by me?""How could I not? You had all those features, and all I had was some dumb pull string, but if I just let things be, and if I didn't pushed you out the window and if I had listened to Lyds, then maybe all this might've never happened," Sherman replies, bowing his head. Then he shrugged, "Not that I was trying to anyway.""What?" Jimmy said, confusedly, paying more attention to Sherman. "It wasn't the window I was aimin' for. It was behind the desk. That way, Trent would've found you more easily." Sherman said, turning his back on Jimmy."That's what you were going for?" Lydia asks, confused as Sherman sadly nods."OK...but why push me at all?" Jimmy asks, raising an eyebrow as he shrugged. Then, the realization hit like a tidal wave hitting him. "You were afraid I was going to replace you, weren't you?""Yeah. I was under the impression that you might become his new favorite toy, and I'd be off to the trash can in no time flat. Some friend I turned out to be, trying to eliminate you just to save my own status, and now look where we are...trapped in the house of the toy torturer." Sherman said, hopelessly.Sherman turned his back on Jimmy, sadly slumping against the crate. He's right, it was his fault that Jimmy was left to be strapped to the firework. It's his fault that they're in this mess. If he would've let Duncan strap him to the rocket, Jimmy would've been safe to go back to Trent's and Sherman would die, knowing he's doing the right thing, making his owner happy.However, Jimmy had a curious look on his face and thought about what his friend said, even though he hadn't been with the other toys a bit longer, he had seen sparkle in the little boy's eyes as he played with him and the others, heard his raucous laughter, and examined his joyous attitude. If his communicator cover reads "Made in Taiwan, not a flying toy", then surely there must be evidence to support Sherman's claim that Jimmy's useful as a toy. Curious, he then lifted and looked at his boot and saw Trent's name, the shoe may be dirty, but the name was still visible.As he runs his fingers on the sole, he remembers all that joy he brought to Trent. Jimmy now understood his purpose in life, making Trent Cooper happy as a toy. Jimmy finally got it: Not only can he be a toy and still be important to someone, but also what Trent means to Sherman and that Sherman's hostility towards Jimmy has all really been about Sherman's fear that he was losing the person who matters to him more than anyone else."You know," Mark asks, "Even with the old getting replaced by the new, they can still work together. The question is, what action shall you take on life now, Jimmy Neutron?" Mark looks to Jimmy as the genius glances over to the crate and the toolbox to think for a moment. So, what if he wasn't a real Space Hero? He was still bringing a child joy, just by being a toy.But then, a distressful thought came to Jimmy's head. What happens when Trent does grow up? What will happen when the day inevitably comes? He gets a concerned look on his face as he opens his mouth, preparing to ask Sherman that. But he shrugs it off, thinking that he can still make the most of Trent's childhood while he still has the chance.Now once again confident, a look of determination spreads across the Boy Genius's face as he glares at the toolbox."Listen, Jimmy, forget about me." Sherman said, leaning on the crate. "You should get outta here while you can. Take the others with you." He waited for an answer. When none came, he turns around and sighs. Jimmy has disappeared along with Mark and Lyds."Well, at least he got away." Sherman sighs, bowing his head. He couldn't really say he blamed the Boy Genius toy for leaving him. Sherman closed his eyes, silently accepting his fate as he loses all hope. It's over for him. Now he has no kid, No friends, nothing.Author's Note:This has been Act 2. Get ready for the 3rd and final act. Jimmy's confidence is restored as Jimmy learns about the joy he can bring to Trent just by being there for him when Trent needs him. But did Jimmy really go on without Sherman?Jimmy: Well, it's clear what has to be done...Me: Wait til' the final act, Jimmy, Next act, You're about to learn why Duncan's afraid of Seline Deion Music Store Standees!
Bearquarter's Toy Story: Act IIn celebration of the Snyder Cut of Justice League, I'd thought I'd re-work my Toy Story series into a more true to the Movie-version of Bearquarter's Toy Story series. So without further delay: enjoy!It has been said that a group of people look to a person for leadership, and normally, after a while, people look to find a new leader, but when that new person comes, he must test his strength to overcome his fears of being replaced without giving in to jealousy. Jealousy has long been deemed the guardian of love and friendship. But more often it's one's downfall. We typically blame our partner for paying attention to another, but the real issue may be what jealousy teaches us about ourselves.It was a quiet day in a kid's bedroom in 2002, with boxes drawn on to look like buildings, it looked like as if this kid had a great imagination, he even had a drawn a wanted poster of a criminal. The criminal is a light blue cat. On his oversized head, he has six whiskers, but only five are visible most of the time, because his head is mostly shown at an angle. He usually wears grey trousers, coupled with a tan sweater, which has brown cuffs and a brown collar. He doesn't wear shoes. He is Gumball Watterson.Next to him was a boy with a slim build, who has spiked black hair, brown eyes, olive complexion, large full lips, and a long narrow nose. He also has large, thick eyebrows with 3 visible strands in between them. He typically wears a dark gray vest over a white t-shirt, indigo jeans, and black sneakers.Then, out of the blue, someone was holding the Gumball toy, taped to a dart gun."Alright, my prisoners! Don't move!" A child's voice was heard. "Give me all your money."Someone grabbed a Ceramic Gene Belcher Piggy Bank. Gene has black hair, tan skin, and brown eyes. He wears a yellow shirt, blue shorts, and red All-Star Converse sneakers. He often wears a burger costume. The boy shakes out a few coins. "Ooh hoo hoo! Money money money!" He made the Jay toy kiss the coins greedily."Stop it! Stop it, you monster!" A child's voice said with his voice high, holding a Mabel Pines has round blushing cheeks, long brown hair that reaches her hips, her eyes are brown, and she has silver-colored braces. Mabel's apparel consists of a sweater, undershirt, skirt, headband, black shoes, white socks, and occasionally earrings, though she does deviate from this look occasionally."Zip it, Shooting Star!" The child's voice said again, "That is unless you want your friends to say sayanara!" The hand pointed to a Remote Control Pig car toy named Waddles.A group of one boy and 10 girls sits on a Hot Wheels track right in the path of danger of being ran over by Waddles."Oh, no! Not waddles! Somebody please do something!"Then, came behind a toy box was another toy held by a left hand.The toy is an adorable short little boy with red hair, and wears round glasses like Mr. Peabody. Usually, he wears a white buttoned rolled up sleeved undershirt, and over the undershirt is a dark grey sweater vest and black tie, and black formal pants, and shoes.The toy, held by the left hand approached the "prisoners" and "criminal". Someone pulled a string behind the toy's back.The voice box then said in a 8-year old boy's adorable voice, "Hey, leave those kids alone!""Oh no, Sherman Peabody!" The child's voice then said, the child's voice said slightly deep, "Unhand those prisoners, Gumball Watterson!"The child's voice then said, "Well, you should know that I have a forcefield with me, so you can't touch me!"The hand then grabbed out a yellow weird looking sponge wearing a white shirt, black tie, and square pants. His name is SpongeBob SquarePants, a slinky SpongeBob toy.The child's voice then said, "I've got news for you, Sherman, I got my crew along with me."Jay's "crew" consisted of, Nick, Andrew, Jessi, Missy, Matthew, Lola, Devin and Devon.Jessi's primary outfit consists of a lilac-colored shirt, crimson leggings, and gray slip-on shoes. She has pale skin, light brown eyes, a pointed nose (similar to Jay's), and medium-length red hair that's tied in a ponytail with a lilac-colored hair tie.Nick has an unusually big forehead. Apart from being the shortest of his friends, he also has bright blue eyes and a hook-ish nose over his upper lip. He has full lips with his front teeth being on constant display whenever he's not smiling or showing his teeth in general, which could possibly be the actual result of a dental deficiency. He wears a dark blue shirt with an unbuttoned formal shirt over it, with purple pants and dark purple shoes.Missy is a young girl with thick dark brown curly hair, deeply tanned skin, light brown eyes, small pill-shaped eyebrows, and large lips. Compared to the other females in the show, Missy shows a more youthful and innocent look complete blue overalls over a light yellow t-shirt, brown open-toed sandals, a light yellow headband, and large braces on her teeth.Lola has a larger body shape than others and happens to be the only major female character in the show to be voiced by a man rather than a woman. She has pale skin, a rather large forehead, dark purple eyes, small singular eyelashes, a blonde hair that's curly at the bottom and straight at the top, while styled with full fringe bangs. She casually wears a violet-red shirt under a lilac purple jacket with white trimmings and a matching lilac purple skirt. For footwear, she wears light pink heels with socks. Her accessories include orange button earrings and an orange necklace.Matthew tends to wear a navy blue button-up under a brown sweater-vest, accompanied by white jeans with a brown belt. He's mostly caught frowning and only smiles when necessary. His eyelids are normally half closed.Andrew has a pudgy, pear-shaped physique. He has brown hair, hazel eyes, a mustache, and wears black glasses.Devin's features consist of light-colored skin, deep rose-pink colored eyes, full eyebrows, dark red-violet hair, and bright pink eyeshadow. Her everyday outfit is a denim colored buttoned up dress with light blue trimmings, dark brown ankle boots, light green earrings, and two bracelets on each wrist (one yellow, the other light green).DeVon is an African-American boy with a large black afro and dark gray eyes. His usual outfit is a purple shirt, light green pants and black and white shoes."Well, I've brought my Dragon! Who breaks through forcefields!" The child's voice said, while the child grabbed another toy, it had jet-black scales covering his whole body, his sides having small light patches in a pattern similar to that of a manta ray. Toothless possesses two sets of wings, one main pair on his back and one smaller pair near the base of his rather long tail. He is missing the left side of his tail-fin which he lost when he was shot down. The dragon toy was named toothless.The child roared as well, prompting him to move his Spongebob toy a little to the left. Next the 2 hands pulled out two more toys. One is somewhat of a boy version of Mabel, only difference is that the toy wears a T-Shirt with a black vest over it, jeans and black shoes, no braces. His name was Mark Pines.The other toy was a doll. The doll had pale skin, purple eyelighter, black hair with a ponytail that pointed upwards, and her regular outfitis a long dark purple top, a pair of black leggings, a light purple and pink sash tied around her waist and black slipper-shoes. The doll's name was Lydia Deetz."And I've got my sidekicks with me to take you down!" The Child's voice said, knocking down Jay and his "crew" with Mark and Lydia.He then proceeded to move his Gumball toy to a laundry basket named "jail"."You're goin' to jail for a long time, say goodbye to the liter and the cat wife, partner." The kid said, then a baby with blonde hair and brown eyes grabbed the Gumball toy and hit it against the baby crib, making banging noises as well, making body pieces fall as well as a song plays.Mitchell Movie Productions presents...The child revealed to have a Jim Miller Chicago Bears Road jersey, he had light skin, green eyes, camouflage shorts, green shoes, and black hair. He was 8 years old. His name was Trent Cooper.Trent proceeded to pick up the Sherman Peabody toy and say, "You saved the day again, Sherman."Trent pulled Sherman's string and the voice box then said, "Thanks. You're a cool pal." Then Trent continued to do whatever he wanted with the toy as long as he had it with him.Bearquarter's Toy StorySinger: You've got a friend in meYou've got a friend in meTrent then turned the boxes around, changing the cardboard buildings to the drawings of cows."C'mon, time to wrangle up the villains!" Trent playfully said, he then used a jump rope as a lasso to wrangle the "cows".When the road looks rough aheadAnd you're miles and miles from your nice warm bedA Bearquarter Production"Round em' up, kid!" Trent then said, placing Sherman on RC and pressing the "go" button for it to accelerate, pushing a few boxes.You just remember what your old pal saidBoy you've got a friend in meYeah you've got a friend in meTrent picked up the boy toy, giving a hi-five to the toy., saying, "Hey, Sherman!"Then, it seems as if Sherman was walking through a desert, but in reality, Trent was giving his toy a piggyback ride.Some other folks might be a little bit smarter than I amBigger and stronger tooTrent placed Sherman on the stair ramp and ran downstairs.MaybeSherman slid down the ramp…But none of themWill ever love you the way I doIt's me and you boyTrent then caught Sherman as he hugged him and smiled. They then jumped on a recliner and they spun..And as the years go byOur friendship will never dieThe couch slowed down as the toy tipped a bit, Trent then chuckled,You're gonna see it's our destinyAnd placed Sherman on the bottom of the recliner. He pulled the lever hard, sending the doll upward.You've got a friend in meThe toy then fell on his bottom, standing for a moment until he leaned to the side.Yeah, you've got a friend in meYou've got a friend in meAs Sherman laid limp on his side, Trent headed into the kitchen. It's Trent's birthday party. The family is having an impending move to a new house. There were colorful helium balloons bobbing on their strings, and streamers decorated the ceiling and walls. He was turning 9 years old the following week, but his father decided to have the birthday party today. A banner hung across the archway read HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRENT!"What do you think?" Trent's Dad asked."Oh, this looks great, Dad!" Trent said."You really are excited, huh, Trent?" Trent's mom asks, putting on a birthday party hat."You betcha. We saw all of this at the store and I have asked you for it!" Trent said. He is just as excited as ever about the party. The inanimate Sherman's face stared in the direction of Trent's party. "Can we leave this up until we move?""Well sure! Anything for you, Son!" Trent's Dad said."Yeah!" Trent cheered, his energetic attitude never leaving him."Mom, not that I'm complaining, but why do we need this party today?" Trent asked."Because, your father got a new job in the new suburbs, and I obviously want the party before we move to the suburbs of Boston." Trent's mom was heard again. "Now get your cousin down, it's almost time for the party.""Okay." Trent picks up Sherman from the couch's arm and said, "It's party time, Sherman! WHOO-HOO!" He ran back up the stairs, then he opened the door to his room, where where the baby was still playing roughly with Gumball."Hi, cousin of Trent!" Trent said as Sherman. Trent's infant cousin squealed as he dropped Gumball.Trent then pulled Sherman's string and then the voice box said, "Let's just say the Leaning tower of Pisa wasn't always leaning." Then, the Sherman toy sat on the bed.Trent then proceeded to pick up the infant cousin of his and carry him like a baby. "Wow, Dwayne Jr., you're gettin' heavy. Trent proceeded to go downstairs and said, "See you later, Sherman!"The door was closed, and once again, it was quiet once again, too quiet, then something odd happened:The Sherman toy blinked.Then the lips moved.Then the head nudged.And finally, the pull-string doll sat up, his expression changing from a smile to a look of concerned."You're kidding, the birthday party's today?" Sherman then said, with his mouth moving, surprised. He knew what this meant, new toys!Not many people knew this, but when kids, babies, adults, or even the elderly weren't around in a room, toys can move and have their own lives, but in the history of toys, there hasn't been one toy that came to life in front of a human being, if that happened, it would be disastrous for not only the toys but for the humans as well."Okay, everyone! Coast is clear!" Sherman then said out loud.Then, more and more toys started to independently move by theirselves, such as the RC toy, a Mr. Krabs squeaky toy, ETC.Gumball then proceeded to sit up angrily, he then literally lost his parts like a toy part, but he could reattach it with ease. He doesn't like the fact that he gets teethed on. Jay and his friends walked over."Whoa, Gumball," Jay said, curious. "Dwayne Jr. did a number on you!""Ages 3 and up! Ages 3 and Up! It says so on my box, I can't just be babysitting prince drool!" Gumball ranted as he put himself back together."Yeah, we get it." Jessi said, sick of the rants. "Let us help you with your face."It turns out that toys have a secret life of their own, they can move and think independently. Every single toy were going about their daily lives. It was another average day of the life of Trent Cooper's toys. And 2002 seems like a good year so far. The toys were going about their daily lives, with mini firefighters placing theirselves back on the seats of the toy firetruck, Gene was getting his change back inside him with the help of Andrew and Nick.Gumball, Jay, Jessi, DeVon, trotted up to him, with Gumball having his face rearranged a bit."Hey, guys, check it out! I'm Picasso!" Gumball said, referring to his rearranged face. Jay laughed."Seriously?" Nick said, uninterested."I don't get it." Gene replied, shaking his head as he walking away, leaving behind a slightly annoyed Gumball."You uncultured burger boy!" Jay shouted, angrily."I thought it was funny..." Andrew said, uncertain."I've heard better jokes." Matthew said, scoffing.Growling, Gumball stomps off, saying something to something else, "What are you looking at, you hockey puck?"Turns out that Gumball was talking to a Hockey Puck with arms and legs, the puck shrugged.Near the Hot Wheels track, Lydia was helping the 1 boy and 10 girls up, with the assistance of another toy, he is a normal African-American ten-year-old who has a rather prominent black afro and brown eyes. He often is described as having an almost perminant scowl. He's Huey FreemanThe first girl had large blonde hair tied into pigtails. She wore blue tank top, brown cargo shorts, blue-gray slip-on shoes, and light blue eyeshadow. She also wears white pearl earrings. She also a gap in her top teeth. Her name was Lori.The 2nd girl has long, pale-blonde hair, with side-swept bangs, and three pairs of eyelashes. She wore a seafoam green shirt, brown cargo shorts, white socks, and seafoam green shoes. Her name was Leni.The 3rd girl has short brown hair styled into a pixie cut, freckles on her cheeks, and wears light purple eyeshadow. She had long hair that went down to her shoulders, extra eyelashes, a light purple shirt, white earrings, the same square-patterned skirt, white socks with blue stripes worn high and black Mary Jane shoes.The 4th girl wore a sleeveless yellow dress with a checkerboard pattern and white undershirt underneath, light pink socks that were worn all the way up, and black ballerina flats. She also wore pigtails in two yellow scrunchies. The two protruding hairs sticking out from the center of her forehead were also backward and more curly. Her eyebrows were also less curved and rather pointy, while her nose was less pointy and more curved.The 5th girl has thick brown hair pulled back into a short high ponytail that is smaller than Luan's. She wears a red and white jersey with a red "1" on it, red-and-white track shorts, and black cleats with striped white knee-high socks. She has freckles on her cheeks. She is Lynn.The 6th girl has very pale skin and long black hair, with bangs long enough to cover her eyes. She is very thin, and a bit smaller than Lincoln. Lucy dresses in black and white, wears long striped arm sleeves and stockings, a black dress worn over a striped shirt, and black shoes. Her name is Lucy.The 7th girl has long blonde hair that she wears down, and a tuft of hair on top of her head pointed to the right. She is missing her front teeth, like her twin, Lana. She wears a princess attire; a long pink gown and sash, a white pearl necklace around her neck, long pink gloves, white earrings, pink high heels, and a tiara on her head. She was Lola.Lana is nearly identical in her physical appearance to Lola. She has blonde hair, with two downward pigtails tied down with red scrunchies, and is missing her front teeth, like her twin does. She wears a red baseball cap backwards with a small square hole, white sneakers with blue stripes, and a murky green t-shirt under dark blue overalls.The 9th girl wears a short, shaggy, brown wig and large glasses. She wears a green turtleneck sweater, dark pink pants, and brown shoes with no socks, all of which droop down to illustrate her stoic demeanor. Her name was Lisa.The 10th girl has one prominent tooth, and three thick strands of blonde hair on her head. She wore a white shirt and lavender shorts, and her strands of blonde hair appear to be thicker than in previous seasons. Her eyelashes also appear to be longer and thinner than the others'. She was Lily.And the Lone boy of the group had round head with short white hair, with a large tuft of his hair sticking upwards on his left side and two strands sticking up on his right. He has an overbite, with a prominent chipped front tooth, noticeable bags around his eyes, and freckles on his cheeks. His white hair is a very unique feature that he has. He wears an orange polo shirt, blue jeans, gray socks with blue and red stripes, and white sports shoes with red stripes. His name was Lincoln."Hope you're okay," Lydia said. "It's nothing unusual.""It's the 38th time this summer we've had to play the role of the Victim!" Lana said, bored. "At least YOU do something exciting.""Trust me, being a hero isn't as exciting as Trent makes it out to be." Lydia said, bored. "It has its perks, but it can get boring over time.""Now you tell me?" Another toy said, walking by. He was an African American boy with cornrows, a white T-shirt, grey brownish baggy pants, and light brown boots. His name was Riley Freeman. "Sherman gets all the spotlight because he's Trent's favorite!""Riley," Lydia said. "Even Beetlejuice can't control who's Trent's favorite toy.""Yeah," Luan joked. "We can't be TOYED with like this!" Luan laughed, making others groan."If you need me, I'll be over at the book section." Huey said, annoyed.Lydia then walked over to the bed, where Sherman was talking to a South Park Figurine. His name was Eric Cartman. Cartman wears a red jacket, yellow mittens, a blue hat with a yellow puff ball on top, brown pants, black shoes, and white socks. He sometimes wears a green t-shirt with a bear picture on under his jacket, a white tank top, and occasionally a dark red t-shirt. He has medium-brown hair and a double-chin. He also has triangular-shaped eyebrows, in contrast to the other main boys' rectangular ones."So, uh, have you seen Spongebob or Mark, Cartman?" Sherman asked."Sir, no, sir!" Cartman then said, saluting."Okay, alright, at ease." Sherman replied, then he jumped down and looked around. He notices Lydia as she asks, "Who are you looking for?""Spongebob. I needed to tell him something." Sherman said."Right here, Sherman." Spongebob then said, getting out a SNES controller from underneath the bed. "I'm ready for Super Mario Kart! Wanna be Luigi this time?"The sponge slinky grins as Missy turns on the SNES on Trent's worktable. He and Sherman always enjoyed playing Super Mario Kart."Not right now, Spongebob." Sherman replied, not interested."Oh, you wanna be Mario still, I understand." Spongebob then said."I'm sorry, Spongebob, but there's some bad news I recently got." Sherman said, stressed."BAD NEWS?!" Spongebob shouted. Sherman desperately shushed him, fully aware of the toys were watching if they are seeing any gossip.Sherman sighed in defeat, "Listen, get everyone together for a meeting, and be happy about it.""Alright." Spongebob said.Sherman added more volume in his request, "Be happy!" Spongebob walked off with a laugh, and Sherman walked past two yellow guys wrestling each other. Zeke and Jimmy Jr.Zeke has messy brown wavy hair and wears a black tank top, dark green shorts, black shoes.Jimmy Jr. has dirty blonde hair and a cleft chin similar. He wears a yellow shirt under a blue vest, black pants and white shoes."Okay, Jimmy Jr., put me in a crotch-lock and see if I can get out of it." Zeke said, chuckling."Alright," J-Ju said, attempting to do so, but Zeke manages to tackle J-Ju and put him in a head lock"Staff meeting, everybody!" Sherman called to the toys. "Zeke, Jimmy Jr., podium duty."Sherman walked past a blue Etch-a-Sketch, and came up with a sly but funny idea. "Hey, Etch?" The toy stopped in its tracks, and Sherman called out, "DRAW!" Both Etch and Sherman pose like gunfighters. Before Sherman could fully extend his arm out, Etch quickly drew a picture of a pistol and pointed it to the pull-string doll with a ding."Oh!" Sherman exclaimed, pretending to be hurt. "Got me again! Wow, Etch, you're really working on that draw?" Etch nodded, and the sponge replied, "Fastest knobs in the world."Spongebob passed the group of toys and the Sponge announced, "We've got a staff meeting, you guys. Let's go."Jimmy Pesto Jr. and Zeke made the podium out of a Tinkertoys bin, and steps made from blocks. Every staff meeting in Trent's room needs to be well thought out.Matthew snarkily said, "Look at this, I can't believe this, he's really going to make sure everything is in tip top shape?""Can't blame a dude for wanting his stuff in order." Luna said."What's next, he'll want a Van Gough put together perfectly?" Matthew quipped."No one can recreate art that easily." Andrew then said. "I've tried with Etch, and it was the worst 3 weeks I've wasted."Sherman searched for one important thing for the meeting. "Now, where is that..." He found a doodle pad on the floor, "OK, who moved my doodle pad way over here?"Sherman bent down to pick it up, and Toothless appeared, trying to roar at him. But SpongeBob doesn't seem to be intimidated. "Hey, how you doing, Toothless?"Toothless went to his gentle face, 'Were you scared? Tell me honestly.""I'm not so sure," A voice was heard. On Toothless' back were 3 more toys.One was a toy version of a 9-Year old caucasian boy with raven black hair, and light blue eyes. He wears a white T-shirt with a thin red collar, red cuffs, and a red circle in the middle, light blue shorts, and red-and-white sneakers. He's Danny Fenton.The 2nd was a toy that was a 9-Year old that has brown skin, turquoise eyes, black hair, and wears black glasses. He wears a short-sleeve yellow shirt, green cargo shortwith a black belt, and brown shoes along with a red beret. His name was Tucker.And the 3rd toy has fair skin, violet eyes, and short black hair with a small ponytail at the top and at the back of her head held by a green hair tie. She donned a purple shirt with black shorts and black sandals. Her name was Sam Manson."You didn't seem scary enough." Sam said, skeptical."Well, you can come out, Mark, it didn't work." Tucker said, annoyed. Mark walked by as he Sherman reacted in surprise."You did this?" Sherman asks, annoyed."Hey, they wanted to help with building his confidence." Mark said, shrugging. "Was it worth it?""I was close to being scared." Sherman then said, grabbing his clipboard, they all walked and talked."You know, I've been practicing, but I'm still struggling to work on this scare tactic. Maybe I should practice scaring the fruits." Toothless then said."Just try not to scare that Orange downstairs. He's annoying." Mark said. "During the Bears/Eagles game, I was stuck in the kitchen with him, where he annoyed me and a dinner party plate until the food on the dinner party was chopped up with a knife.""Trust me, Orange is much more friendly than he'll lead you to believe." Danny said, shruggingly."Is it worth hearing those puns, though?" Mark said, annoyed."Why don't you put Luan down there, and then you tell me?" Danny said, annoyed.Then, someone grabbed Sherman and lured him to the indicated spot, Sherman was grabbed by Mabel, who was smiling at him. Sherman wouldn't admit it, but he was in love with Mabel ever since Trent got Sherman as a Christmas gift when Trent was in Kindergarten. Waddles is behind her, chewing on a sock."Oh, uh, hey, Mabel." Sherman then said, nervously."Hi, Sherman, thanks for saving my friends back there. I appreciate it." Mabel then said."Well, it was nothing, really." Sherman then said, rubbing his neck."Well, how does this idea sound, what do you say I get someone else to watch Waddles on his punishment tonight?" Mabel swoonfully said."Oh, right." Sherman chuckled, feeling very flustered. "Oh, yeah." Sherman felt his heart bounce. Mabel walked off, with a seductive grin, passing ABC blocks."Remember, I'm just a couple of blocks away." Mabel replied. Meanwhile, the toys congregate around the podium under Mark and Spongebob's instructions."Come on, come on. Smaller toys up front." Mark urged. Mark turned to Sherman, with a lovestruck face in the center of the room. "Hey, Sherman! Come on!"Snapping out of it, Sherman noticed the podium was ready. He walked up the podium, and set his doodle pad on the base for the drills and minor notes. He turned and saw a small toy microphone and he reached down to pick it up.Just as Sherman was about to speak into the microphone, feedback was heard."Hey, do me a favor, and step a few inches away." Sherman said, then the karaoke toy stepped back. As soon as every toy is ready, Sherman exchanged a few blows into the mic.He then spoke into the microphone, "Hello, can everyone hear me?"Everyone nodded in agreement."Hello, everyone! Now, let's get to business. Does everyone have a moving buddy?" Sherman spoke into the microphone.Everyone was confused, why would anyone need a buddy during the big move? Sherman and Gumball have kind of like a stereotypical co-worker relationship, Sherman is like the employee that gets more praise and Gumball is like the co-worker that's unappreciated at work."I didn't even know if we needed one." Toothless then replied, confused."Hey, Missy," Leni asks. "Why don't you ask Andrew to be your moving buddy?""I..." Missy said, uneasily. "I don't know if that's a good idea.""Why do we need a moving buddy?" Gene asked in disbelief from a window sill. "Surely you can't be serious!""Do we have to hold hands?" Gumball jokingly said, holding one of his own arms up, prompting the other toys to laugh as well."Nice one, Gumball." Jay said."Mine are better." Luan said, shrugging."Guys, this isn't funny." Jessi said, crossing her arms."She's right Gumball. You think it's a big joke," Sherman then said, "Well, It won't be funny once you get left behind. I don't wanna leave anyone behind for the big move, so if you don't have one, get one! Anyway, last Tuesday night's Movie night was perhaps the biggest success, and I'd like to thank Spelling Bee for that, thank you, Spelling Bee."Sherman was talking to a toy bumblebee, the insect toy replied in a robotic voice, "You're welcome.""Any questions?" Sherman asks. Missy raises her hand."Yes, is it possible that maybe we can probably be moving buddies with lamps and whatnot? I'm not so sure if I'm ready for a moving buddy." Missy said, rubbing her arm."Sorry, but those are the rules." Mark said. "I'm not too proud of it either, it ain't gonna easy, but you gotta earn certain things.""Easy for you to say," Nick said, crossing his arms. "You're in a relationship with YOUR moving buddy.""We're just friends!" Lydia said, sternly. "And besides, people should suspect me and Beetlejuice of being in a relationship with each other.""That's literally a red flag!" Lori said, annoyed. "You're a child, and Beetlejuice is a man in his thirties.""Where is he anyway?" Huey asks. "Is he really gonna skip out on this?""You know how Beetlejuice is? The laziest person in the Neitherworld on his series and as a toy." Devin gossiped."How can you blame him?" Matthew said, snarkily. "He'll come out for a Beetle shaped paper drawing and eat the paper."Wanting to take the conversation elsewhere, Sherman took a look at his clipboard and then said, "Oh, and one minor note here, Trent's birthday party has been moved to today. next thing..."Unfortunately, Sherman never got the chance to finish, and the toys all exclaimed shockingly, "WHAAAAT?!""What do you mean the party's today?! His birthday's not until next week!" Toothless panicked."What's goin' on down there, has Trent's mom lost her mind?" Gene ranted."Well, obviously, Trent's mom and dad want the party to happen before the big move!" Sherman said, rolling his eyes. "I'm not worried, you shouldn't be either!""Easy for you to say! Yeah, you've been Trent's favorite since Kindergarten." Gumball complained."C'mon, guys. Sherman said it's all right and that's good enough for me." As Mabel continues, Gumball rolls his eyes then he takes his mouth up and holds it to his own butt. Some of the toys snicker at this, especially the Spelling Bee who said his words in the display screen quietly."That's not nice, Gumball." Spongebob said, getting annoyed. "Sherman is always right and there is no reason he should be wrong now!""Has he ever NOT been right?" A seastar toy Patrick said, curiously."He was wrong about Bears beating Tom Brady in Super Bowl XXXVI," Zeke said."Mainly because they choked against the Eagles." Tucker said, shrugging. Suddenly, some toys were pushed out of their way by a certain someone."Guys, I honestly don't believe this. Every single birthday and Christmas, you always behave like this!" Lydia said in annoyance and disbelief."What if Trent gets another Dragon, an alpha? I don't think I can take that type of rejection!" Toothless then said."That is not good." Lynn said, nervously."Geez! Its getting so a guy can't even get himself to eat Paper Beetles around here." The guy said. Lyds knew who it was. It was grown man toy with long blond, messy hair, crooked green teeth, yellow eyes, faintly purple skin and dark purple eye shadow. He wore a striped black-and-white suit, and a buttoned purplish red shirt underneath. "What the heck is going on?!""Trent's birthday party is coming today!" Missy said, scared. "Toys might get replaced!""Woah, this is Trent we're talking about, no one's getting replaced. It doesn't matter how much he plays with us," Sherman assuredly said, as he stepped down from the podium, only to see the Microphone isn't going anywhere. The karaoke toy then stepped closer to Sherman. Sherman then said, "What matters is that we're here for Trent when he needs us, that's what toys were made for, right?"The toys knew that Sherman had a point. Being a toy means being there for your kid no matter what."Sherman's right." Mark said. "Get your things together, and save your batteries. There's no need to overreact.""Oh, man," Jay said, worried. "We're gonna end up like the Shame Wizard!""That is not great, he hasn't been played with for years..." Missy said, concerned."Guys," Sherman said, assuringly. "It's going to be alright. What's the worst that could happen?""Sorry to be a Benedict Burger, but..." Gene then said, he then shouted, "THEY'RE HERE! BIRTHDAY GUESTS AT 3 O'CLOCK!"Soon, everyone became alarmed, and so did Sherman, but Sherman was concerned about the toys panicking, which they did."Let's check it out!" Lana said, worried."Stay calm everyone!" Sherman then said, too late, all the toys ran up to the window sill. Sherman looked at a toy. He wears a light brown cap, has light peach fair skin, and buck teeth, similar to those of a beaver. He's stocky and wears dark brown shoes, beige shorts and a jade green-ish gray shirt with a big red shirt with a dinosaur on the front. He also has a double chin. He has short light brown hair. His neck is wider than his head, or so it appears. It seems to be obscured by his double chin, his name was Soos."Uh," Sherman said, sarcastically. "Meeting adjourned.""Man, oh man. Look at those presents." said Gene, shaking his head in concern."Oh, dude, we might be in grave danger." Jimmy Pesto Jr. said."You're telling me, I can't afford to see you, J-Ju!" Zeke said, hugging his friend."Move it! I can't see!" said Gumball in annoyance."Well, you know how else how to see in a crowd." Luan said, annoyed. "Figure it out Gumball."When no one moved to let him see, the cat sighs and have to pulls his eyes out so he could hold them out to look over the toys. As the toys continued to watch, kids arrived bringing presents for the birthday boy. Trent was a popular kid at his school, however, despite his popularity, he did have a teacher he hated, Chris McLean."Yes sir, we're next year's yard sale for next year." A concerned Gene said."Or this Thursday's Garbage Day..." Tucker said, nervously."Does anyone see any Medieval time themed gifts?" Toothless whimpered, not wanting to look"They are all in boxes, Toothless, you moron!" Danny snapped.Toothless continues looking out the window. He begins to get scared, as is the other toys, as more boxes keep coming, much bigger than the last."Oh no! The boxes, they are getting bigger!" Toothless yelped."Wait just a second, there's a small one!" SpongeBob pointed to a box held by a child. Everyone sighed in relief."That seemed very anti-climatic." Lori said, relieved."Wait," Leni asks, "So the boxes just shrink like that?"Of course, the box only looks small at first. As the kid turns, the toys scream in terror. The thing is four feet long! This could be a bad sign for everyone. Most of the toys screamed in panic.Mr. Spelling-Bee dreaded, "Spell: trashcan.""Oh, where are you when I need you most, Mr. Krabs?" Spongebob sobbed.Toothless panicked, "We're doomed!"On the floor, Sherman facepalmed himself in frustration. He knew this madness would end if he would do something. Even a leader like him would do something diligent."Alright, already!" Sherman yelled in anger. "What if I told you that I'm going to get the Risk army down there? Would it make a significant difference?""Not significant, but it would calm us down." Toothless replied, relieved."Great, just keep yourself together." Sherman said, walking towards the Risk game pieces."One step ahead of you!" Gumball then said.It was clear that the South Park toys heard everything, and they are awaiting instructions for what to do next."Cartman. I want you and your friends to establish a recon post downstairs. It's a code red. You know the drill." Sherman ordered the general."Yes, sir." Cartman said as he salutes Sherman. He then hops down to the floor and goes to a bucket where his fellow army is at. They looked out from the game box as he begins to speak, "Men, you heard what he said. We got a Code Red! Repeat: A Code Red! Recon plan Charlie! Execute at once! Prepare to move!"Following the Cartman's orders, the soldiers jump out of the tub, and march in single file toward the door, following their leader to carry out the mission.Trent's door creaks open and a lone South Park ventures forth to make sure the coast is clear. Satisfied, he motions for the others to proceed. Squads of South Park kids march into the hall carrying a baby monitor and a jump rope. The South Park kids each leapfrog behind the stairway banisters and hold their positions while the Sargent surveys the scene below through his binoculars.Directly below, Mrs. Cooper passes through the hallway rounding up Trent and all his birthday guests."Okay, c'mon kids! Everyone in the living room. It's almost time for the presents." She said, as the kids pile up into the living room.Once Mrs. Cooper and the children are out of sight, Cartman motions to his men with a silent hand signal. Two paratroopers named Butters and Clyde jump out through the railing, parachuting down to the floor below. The paratroopers sweep the area with their plastic rifles, then give the "all clear" sign. The jump rope is lowered, and more South Park kids rappel down.Back in the bedroom, the toys gather around Sherman, who is sitting by the receiver of the baby monitor, identical to the one the soldiers carried downstairs. "All right, gangway, gangway." Gene commenced."Are we checking up on Dwayne Jr.?" Leni asks, concerned.Sherman turned on the receiver, "No, this is how we will find out what is in those presents.""Like Superman's X-Ray vision?" Gene asks."Much less complicated than that, Gene." Danny said, laughing."Impossible!" Gene said, braggingly.Cartman and his peers march in single file line across the floor for the party. Suddenly, they hear Mr. Cooper's voice. "Okay, who's hungry?"The South Park kids quickly freeze in their classic poses."Okay, Trent! I got Cool Ranch, Nacho and..." Mr. Cooper said, happily, but then, he steps on a Army guy, he yelps loudly in pain."I always have to tell that boy not to leave his army toys lying around." Mr. Cooper then grumbled. "That boy ain't right."Back in Trent's room, all of the toys, except for Sherman, were concerned."Don't tell me they're late!" Toothless then said."C'mon, guys. These dudes are the best. They'd never lie down on the job." Sherman replied, confidently.Ironically, the South Park kids are indeed lying down on the job...but not by choice. As soon as Mr. Cooper is gone, Cartman motions for his men to proceed toward a nearby houseplant that looks into the living room. Cartman then notices an injured friend struggling to drag himself forward - a casualty of Mr. Cooper's foot. It was Butters. The Sargent helps the injured soldier to his feet."Go on without me! Just go!" Butters said."A good soldier never leaves a man behind." Cartman said.Cartman motions to the remaining South Park above. They lower themselves via jump rope, riding the baby monitor. Once downstairs, they hustle the baby monitor towards the houseplant.Suddenly, a ball bounces into the hallway, followed by the sound of footsteps and kid clamor. The Sargent, supporting his wounded man, reaches the plant, right on the heels of the squad with the baby monitor. They conceal themselves in the house plant just before the children run by.While the baby monitor is set in place, A MEDIC named Wendy Testaburger evaluates the wounded kid and gives the "thumb's up" signal. Cartman scans the party with his binoculars.He looks impressed. Trent Cooper got himself a lot of presents this year. The question, did any of them have any new toys in them? That is why they were sent, to find out.Back in the bedroom, the toys ears catch sight of static until the sergeant's voice emanated through the speaker."Target in sight." mumbled General then said as he nods. Trent starts to open his gifts."Attention, Omaha QB. This is General Commander." The general said through the monitor."Okay, the moment has come! Quiet down everyone!" Sherman exclaimed anxiously. The toys quiet down as The South Park commander is speaking."Come in, Omaha QB. Trent is about to open the first present."As the gang listened in, Gumball smiles excitedly as he repeated to himself, "Dani Phantom, Dani Phantom, Dani Phantom..." Toothless gave him a strange look, knowing that it's odd for Trent to get a present like that.Gumball said, "Can you blame someone like me for wanting a girlfriend?" It's true.Soon General continues his report, "The bow is coming off, the wrapping paper has been torn off. It's a...a Chicago Bears lunchbox! Confirmed! It is a lunchbox!""A lunchbox?!" Sherman said in shock and relief. A lunchbox isn't a toy but still."A lunchbox?!" Sherman exclaimed in disbelief and a hint of relief.The others groan in annoyance."Lunchbox?!" Gumball chorused, with surprise."A Lunchbox?" Danny said, annoyed."For lunch." Spongebob replied, chuckling."Okay on to the second present." The General notified as he continues to report. "Now it''s...bed sheets! We got bed sheets."Jay slapped himself with a hand as he said, "Okay, who let that kid into the party?! Seriously!""We are now on the last present." General Reported.Several minutes later...Every single present have been unwrapped and Trent's been getting new things, and not a single toy to replace them. According to the reports, Trent has been getting a lunch box, bed sheets, and other great gifts. Well, Trent did Simpsons toys, Bart, Lisa, Nelson, Millhouse, Ralph, The Mackleberry Twins and Jessica Lovejoy. But it didn't bother them that much."Here it is, the last present!" Sherman said with a grin. So far, no toys and that means, no chance of being replaced, even himself though he tries not to worry.The toys wait anxiously and nervously as General speaks through the monitor. What is this present Trent Cooper's getting?"This one is a big one. It'''s TECMO SUPER BOWL 3! I repeat, we got a Tecmo Football game!" exclaimed General then said.The toys cheered in relief. Sure the Tecmo Super Bowl game is a SNES Game, but it's a Game they can all lived with."Okay, we're on the last present, now!" The sergeant reported.Sherman breathed a sigh of relief, and they cheer. Sherman gives the toys an 'I told you so' look. Turns out that no toys are there for the old ones to be replaced. Zeke slapped Gumball's back, causing some of his parts to fly off his face."Hey, careful!" Gumball complained."Sorry there, Gumball." Zeke replied sheepishly."See, what did I tell you guys? You have nothing to worry about" Sherman said.The mission was a success, and the toys are impressed with the results. The South Park kids were getting ready to head back upstairs. "Mission accomplished. Well, done, you guys! Pack it up, we're going home." With that said, one South Park kid turns off the baby monitor.The South Park kids were about to get out of the plant, until...something unexpected happened."Wait a minute! Ooh, what do we have here?" Butters looked through his binoculars, and sees Mr. Cooper opening the closet to pull out...a surprise extra present! If it's one thing about these kinds of birthday parties, it's always expect to the unexpected! The gift was covered in black wrapping paper decorated with planets."Butters, what the heck are you looking at?" Cartman asks as he looks through the binoculars, he then looks alarmed as he sees what's going."WAIT!" Cartman alarmed. Gesturing to the South Park kids, he issued "Turn that thing back on!" The South Park kids turned back on the monitor, reporting the desperate news to the toys.In Trent's room, the receiver crackled, and a new report is made. "Come in Omaha QB! Come in Omaha QB!" Sherman whipped his head at the radio, surprised at the new transmission. "Trent's dad has pulled a surprise present from the closet! Trentis opening it."This caused a great deal of panic for everyone.Gumball made the sign of the cross, as Sherman leaned in closer, concerned."It's a..." He never got a chance to finish as the children cheer excitedly as a shadow of the new toy is shown downstairs. This was no ordinary present."What?!" Sherman exclaimed, for a long time, he kept his fear of being replaced hidden, but it seems as if it's going to come true!"What is it?! Tell us!" Toothless shouted, but the radio was bursting with audio from excited children, no one can hear Sargent. Toothless nervously shook the baby monitor so hard, it fell to the ground, making the batteries fall off."You big coward! Now we'll never know what it is!" Gumball snapped to Toothless."Way to go, Toothless!" Gene exclaimed sarcastically."We can still fix this," Mark said, grabbing the batteries as Gumball took them away from him."NO! NO! TURN 'EM AROUND! TURN 'EM AROUND!" Sherman shouted. Nobody heard him. Gumball tried putting the batteries in, but he's doing it wrong."You're putting them in backwards!" Gene growled, shoving Gumball out of the way as he tried too."PLUS IS POSITIVE, MINUS IS NEGATIVE!' Sherman yelled impatiently. "OH, LET ME!" Losing his patience for one day, the sponge jumped off the bed, shoving Gene and Gumball aside to put the batteries in.Downstairs, the kids ran, "Let's go to my room guys!" Trent called. They ran past the potted plant.The sergeant issued to one of his fellow soldiers, "Red alert, red alert! Trent is heading upstairs!"In the bedrooom, Sherman put the covering on the batteries after putting them in the right way. "There!" Just in time, he props the monitor up, and he hears one last report."Juvenile intrusion! Repeat: resume your positions now!""TRENT IS COMING, EVERYBODY!" Sherman screamed in panic. "BACK TO YOUR PLACES! HURRY!" Nobody needed to be told twice. The toys began scrambling back to their places. As for Sherman, he frantically scrambled back up on the bed.Everyone hastily went back to their spots, and everyone went into Toy mode, especially Sherman, and just on time as the kids barged into the room. They looked extremely hyped as the birthday guitar boy shows off his new present."Hey, look! His lasers light up!" One of Trent's friends admired."Take that, Dark Danny!" Trent happily exclaimed."Quick! Make a space!" One of Trent's friends shoved Sherman off the bed, and slammed down what appears to be a small spaceship right onto it. "This is where the spaceship lands!" Unknown to the kids, Sherman falls in the dark space between the wall and bed.Trent shouted gleefully, "And you press his back and he does a karate chop action!""Come on down, guys! It's time for games! We got prizes!" Trent's Mom called from downstairs. Taking their rambunctiousness with them, the children then head out of the bedroom like a stampede. The door closes as the kids go down to resume the party.As Sherman went to life instantly, he gulps. There is only one reason why Trent Cooper is so excited. The rumors were true, he thought it was just rumors and lies, but it's now true.A new toy has arrived.As soon as the coast was clear, the toys headed to Trent's bed, curious as all heck.Once the kids were gone, that's when the toys hiding in the closet crack the door open. The coast was clear again. As they walk towards the bed, they find out what's standing on top."Something's up." Mark said, curious."What is it?" Spongebob asked."Something that got Trent really excited." Lydia said, worried."Can you see it?" Mabel asked."No, not from here." Jimmy Pesto Jr. Said."What the heck is up there?" Toothless asked."Sherman, who is up there with you?" Luna asked.As the toys gathered near the bead, Sherman was heard coughing and then he came out from under the bed, he dusted himself off and adjusted his glasses."Sherman?" Spongebob asked. "Why are you under the bed?""Uh, no reason." Sherman hastily replied. "Probably from a lot of cake and ice cream, I suppose. Well, whatever happened was some sort of mistake.""Well, Sherman, the only mistake is someone's sitting in your spot." Gumball then said, chuckling."Have you've been replaced?!" Toothless asked in panic."You're totally a goner if you are." Devin said."Oh, my god, totally!" Lola Skumpy said."Hey, nobody's getting replaced. What part of that do you not get?" Sherman said, getting annoyed by this discussion."Seriously, dude," Danny said, getting frustrated. "Get therapy from Lori!""Now let's all show some respect, and give whatever it is up there a nice big, Trent's room." Sherman said.Sherman climbed the bed, eager to welcome the new toy. His mouth drops open in shock as he studies the newest arrival in the bedroom: a truly expensive-looking action figureThe new action figure has a disproportionately large head (which appears to be larger, due to his hair), blue eyes, and a large brown cowlick hairstyle. His wardrobe consists almost exclusively of red T-shirts that sport his trademark symbol of electrons, circling a nucleus. He also wears blue jeans and a pair of grey and white Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. And a backpack which appears to be a jetpack in disguise.Sherman gulped, worried about what's next. This can't be good.Then, the new toy came to life and looked around with a stern look on his face. It appears that he's surveying the room, notifying his surroundings. He then pressed a button on his right bookbag strap, and a beep was heard."Jimmy Neutron to CIA Retroville, come in, CIA Retroville." Jimmy then said. He waits for a response, but nothing, he pressed the button again and said, "CIA Retroville, come in! Do you read me?"Nothing was going on, this has never happened before."What is going on? Shouldn't they hear me by now?" Jimmy then said, looking around before noticing something that made him gasp in horror."Leapin' electrons! My ship!" Jimmy then said in shock, running to the package he came from in a hurry. "Gas planet. I should've gotten Goddard to come along with."Then, he pressed a button on his watch and acted as if he was recording something. Jimmy then said, "Jimmy Neutron mission log, June 1st, 2002. The auto pilot I was using has gone off course while I was on my way to the Nightmare Realm. It seems as if I'm on a strange planet. The impact must have awoken me from hypersleep." He paused as he jumped up and down on the bed. "Well, the ground seems slightly unstable, probably common in this place. And there's no signs of life just yet..."Suddenly, Sherman appeared out of nowhere and greeted, "Hi."However, this startles Jimmy. Alarmed, Jimmy gets himself into a fighting stance with his watch aiming at Sherman, but a light blue dot from Jimmy's watch was aiming at Sherman's head.Sherman becomes startled as well. He then said nonchalantly, "Woah, woah, take it easy. I didn't mean to frighten you. Anyway, my name is Sherman Peabody, and this is Trent's room, that's all I wanted to say, and I think you're mixed up. See this place, the bed, is my spot..."Jimmy turns off his laser, nodding."So you must be a local Law enforcer." Jimmy then said, but Sherman was a little dumbstruck about what Jimmy meant by that. "It's about time you got here. My name is Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, CIA apprentice and Genius of Steel. My ship crash landed here by mistake."Jimmy continues to move around on Trent's bed."Yeah. This is my spot, so of course it's a mistake!" Sherman said, sternly."I'm going to need to repair my turbo boosters, you wouldn't happen to have any neutromic protocores, would you, Sherman?" Jimmy asked."Well, I don't know about that, but we have double a batteries." Sherman said, confused."Where's the danger?" Jimmy asks."Wha-? Well, the closet's a mess, so..." Sherman asks, raising an eyebrow as Lydia walks up to Jimmy in curiousity."Are you the new toy?" Lydia said, curious."Ah, you must be the princess of this world. Well, I'm here to help in case you need it. But it has to be on my own terms. And you have to convince Washington of that." Jimmy said."Wait, what does Washington D.C Have to do with any of that?" Sherman asks.Suddenly, Sherman was interrupted by Jimmy as he knocks him to the blanket, prompting Jimmy to aim his watch "laser" at someone."HALT! WHO GOES THERE?!" Jimmy angrily shouted."Woah! Take it easy! We're friends!" yelled Toothless. He and the other toys have came up to the bed to see how Sherman's doing. Their presence has obviously caught Neutron by surprise."Are you one of those people who never had any friends?" Zeke asks in concern."Do you know these other lifeforms?" Jimmy asked.Sherman then said, slightly irritated, "They're Trent's toys, so yes. I know them."Jimmy then soon calmed down and stood up and walked over to the other toys as they walked up to Jimmy."I better have a look anyway." Jimmy then said. "Greetings, I'm Jimmy Neutron, I come in peace."Toothless then shook Jimmy's hand in relief and said, "Oh, thank heavens you're not a dragon toy!"Jimmy was unsure what to think of that comment."Well, thanks for that kind comment." Jimmy said, feeling appreciated."Say! What does that button do?" Luan asked."Well, let me show you!" Jimmy then said, pressing his left strap button, and his voice box in Jimmy Neutron's cartoon voice, "I may be small, but I've got a big brain!"Everyone is impressed and awed at Jimmy's features.Jay replied, "Hey, SpongeBob's got something like that! His is a pull string. Only it…""Only it sounds like a car ran over it." Gumball said. Sherman, overhearing Gumball's statement, held onto his pull string sensitively."This, is high def sound quality." Gene then said."Mr. Neutron, might I ask you where you came from when it came to your location in the East?" Lisa asks."Wha?" Jimmy asks, confused."What she's trying to ask is where are you from? Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong?" Lana said, equally annoyed and confused about what Lisa just said."Well, not really. I came from Retroville in my dimension. As a member of the Universe Protection unit of the CIA apprenticeship Corps, I, alongside with my friends, protect the galaxy from the threat of an invasion from the evil Dark Danny. Sworn enemy of Heroic Academy!" Jimmy then said. While Jimmy said this, Sherman took a look at the back of the box the Boy Genius came in and sees a cartoon drawing of him on it after reading it upside down, he sees that the words on it are the same ones Jimmy himself just said.Everyone was confused."That seems like a lot, dude." Luna said."I think it's pretty impressive!" Leni said."You would." Everyone replied, annoyed with Leni's stupidity."Oh really? I'm from PlaySkool!" Gumball said, happily."We're from..." Andrew said, announcing."Actually, we never made out which company we were from." Nick said. "Something purchased by Sony Pictures. A smaller company that was purchased in a leveraged buyout.""And I'm from Mattel! Well, not really, I'm from a company that was purchased by Mattel." Toothless then said.Sherman walked over to Mabel and he crossed his arms in jealousy."Unbelievable. It's like they've never seen a new toy before." Sherman said, rolling his eyes."Well, of course. He's got more gadgets on him than a Swiss Army Knife. Just look at him." Mabel replied."Can't really blame him." Mark said.Out of curiousity, Lydia walked over as she said, "So, you're Superman and Iron Man combined huh?""Well, I wouldn't know anything about that," Jimmy said, rubbing his neck."Are you kidding?" Beetlejuice said. "He's got the bravery of Superman from the DCAU, and the tech of the Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist himself!"Then, Beetlejuice fiddles with Jimmy's laser. Jimmy warned, "Ah, ah, ah, ah! Please be careful. You don't want to be in the way when my laser goes off. It could be very unstable.""I know a girl who may want to be in the way..." Beetlejuice said. "Know what I mean?""Beetlejuice," Lydia said, scoldingly. "Not even Claire deserves to be cut in half.""Hey, a Laser!" Riley asked. "That's kinda dope, man.""Now that is Iron Man level Tech." Devon said, laughing."Yeah," Gumball said, mockingly towards Sherman. "So much for how much Trent plays with us.""How come you don't have a laser, Sherman?" Jay asks, curiously."It's not a laser! It's just a little lightbulb that blinks!" Sherman said, making motions."What's with him?" Jay asked Gumball."Laser envy." Gumball replied. Sherman stepped in front of everyone, tired of this ordeal."That's enough, alright? I'll admit, we're really impressed by Trent's new action figure." Sherman said, annoyed."Action wha?" Jimmy asked, skeptically."A toy, T. O. Y, toy!" Sherman spelled it out to Jimmy."Excuse me, I think the word's you're looking for is CIA Apprentice." Jimmy then said."The word I'm searching for?" Sherman then asked, angrily. Then he said, embarrassed and disappointingly, "I can't say, because there's preschool toys present. And I'm way too young.""Gettin' kinda tense, aren't ya?" Gumball taunted."He's got more gadgets on him than Iron Man and Batman combined, I don't blame Sherman for being low level like Nightwing, right J-Ju?" Zeke said.Jimmy Pesto Jr. bursted into laughter as soon as he heard that, replying, "Yeah, Zeke, feels good to laugh!""Um, I have a question, Jimmy Neutron. What does a CIA apprentice actually do?" Toothless asked, after hearing all this, it's clear he wants to know what a CIA Apprentice does."Mm. Pish Posh. Try the Community College for information. I've heard through the tutoring grapevine that students there tutor for extra credit." Lisa said, skeptically.Lily walks across the hall and hugs Jimmy's leg."Lily wanna know about Jimmy!" Lily said, grinning."Yeah, What does a CIA apprentice do, little dude?" Luna asks."He's not a CIA APPRENTICE!" Sherman raised his voice, about to lose his patience. "He doesn't fight evil, shoot lasers, and he doesn't know anyone from the CIA! Heck, I bet he can't even fly!""Funny you should say that." Jimmy then said, he then pressed a button on the right strap and wings with two rocket shaped "thrusters" launch out of the pack, aweing everyone in sight, and further angering Sherman."Woah, impressive wing span, very good!" Gene then said."Are you serious? These are plastic. He can't possibly fly!" Sherman angrily said. He grabbed one of the rocket boosters and shook them to prove his point.Jimmy pulled away, and said confidently, "I made them myself in my lab, and I can fly!""No, you can't.""Yes, I can.""You Can't.""Can...""CAN'T! CAN'T! CAN'T!"As the Pull-string toy and the action figure argued, Gumball whispered to Gene, "Hey, this is getting good!""I know!" Matthew said, happily. "This is the type of arguments that I love to be snarky about.""Then why aren't you making any snarky comments?" Jessi asks, curious."I just wanna see how this turns out." Matthew said, shrugging."Tell you what, I can fly around this room with my eyes closed!" Jimmy said, angrily."Okay then, Mr. Nut-Tron." Sherman said. "Prove it.""All right, then I will." Jimmy said sternly. He walked over to the edge of the bed. "Stand back everyone!"The toys moved so Jimmy can go to the edge of the bed nearby, climbing up the bedpost. Sherman grins evilly. He figures Jimmy will fail flying and ended up getting scratched.Looking down at the toys below waiting anxiously, Jimmy took a deep breath and shut his eyes.Then he said these words, "Gotta blast!"With that, Jimmy jumps off the bed and goes straight down. Sherman figures that it is...until he looks alarmed as he hears a bouncing noise.Sure enough, Jimmy has bounced right up. The Boy Genius hit the ball that is on the floor nearby.Next, Jimmy lands on a small car and speeds down the track through a Hot Wheels loop. He ends up flying right off the ramp. As everyone witnessed, Jimmy unknowingly got stuck to a toy plane mobile hanging from the ceiling.Unaware that he got stuck, Jimmy's impact got the plane's motor running resulting in both it and Jimmy to fly around the room. The toys looked amazed as they watched. Sherman, on the other hand, looks in disbelief. He's the only one who knows what's going on.Soon a centrifugal force has Jimmy removed from the plane and sent him flying back to the bed. And as if to add insult to injury, he landed right in front of Sherman, who's in disbelief, and Jimmy opened his eyes."Can!" Jimmy bragged.All the toys excitedly cheered for Jimmy."Wow, you flew magnificently!" Toothless then said."Well, I've found my new moving buddy!" Matthew said."Oh, my god. That was, Like, stupidly awesome!" Lola Skumpy said, clapping.Jimmy pressed his strap button and his wings came back in the Jetpack Backpack."Why thank you, you've been a splendid audience." Jimmy then said."Flight entertainment, you know I love it!" Beetlejuice said, chuckling."You call that Flying?! That's...falling with style!" Sherman angrily said.But everyone ignored him, too impressed by Jimmy's features."Man, the dolls must go bonkers for you. Maybe you can teach me that someday." Gumball then said.Spongebob laughed in amazement, much to Sherman's jealousy."Oh, zip it." Sherman angrily said. He crossed his arms as a smiling Spongebob walked over to Jimmy.Lydia and Mark started to notice how jealous Sherman looked."Are you jealous of Jimmy?" Lydia asks."No, I'm not. I just don't like the way he talks to you. It makes me feel weird." Sherman lied."That's the definition of jealousy." Mark said, crossing his arms."Look, I want you to promise me you won't do anything stupid that will get you in trouble with Jimmy." Lydia said."What?" Sherman said, feeling accused."Jimmy's new and everything, and I don't your jealousy to ruin everything. Promise me, Sherman!" Lydia said."Alright, I promise." Sherman said, crossing his arms."In a couple of days, it won't matter because it will be the same once again." Mark then said. "Trust me, Sherman. This will blow over before you know it. You're still Trent's favorite toy."Sherman Peabody wants to believe that, but based on what's happening so far, is he really Trent's favorite toy?I was on top of the world, living highIt was right in my pocketThe fallowing day, Trent was playing with Sherman like he usually would...I was living the lifeThings were just the way they should beHowever, Trent set Sherman down on the side of a cardboard building on the floor. The boy landed Jimmy Neutron, his new toy, on the floor opposite Sherman. The boy made Jimmy point his watch to the Boy and fired his laser.When from out of the sky like a bomb comes some little punk in a rocketThen he smacked Sherman across the room, as if he were blown away by Jimmy's laser. Trent ran into his closet, and in a matter of seconds, his Bears Jersey is gone and is now wearing a costume like Jimmy's along. "Jimmy Neutron to the rescue!" Trent whooped as he ran out of the room.Now all of a sudden some strange things are happening to meAfter playtime was over, Sherman went out of Toy mode and had a disappointed look on his face. Trent beginning to like Jimmy more than he likes SHerman.Strange things are happening to meIt felt as if in an instant, Sherman's likeness began to be removed. Anything that was related to Sherman vanished and turned into a Jimmy Neutron Motif. The drawings, posters,Strange thingsSherman looked down at the bed, and the pillows and the bedspread have changed as well. The blanket has a giant picture of Jimmy flying through space with his catchphrase "Gotta Blast!"Strange things are happening to meMeanwhile, Toothless was practicing his roars with Jimmy, but Jimmy helped the plastic dragon with his stance and on the 2nd time he roared, he roared like a beast, sending Gumball's parts flying.Ain't no doubt about itJimmy's hand was shaken by Toothless. Danny, Sam and Tucker clapped.Later on, Sherman found an Etch-a-Sketch drawing of Jimmy, he looked over at Jimmy helping someone out, and Sherman erased the drawing in a fit of rage.I had friendsI had lots of friendsNow all my friends are goneLater, some of the toys are lifting Tinkertoys as gym weights. Jimmy, on the other hand, is running on a miniature treadmill.And I'm doing the best I can to carry onGumball tried lifting the heaviest squat weight possible, but his arms came off by complete accident,I had power (power)I was respected (respect)Later, Sherman looked under the bed for Spongebob, hoping that Mario Kart would take the mind off the changes. Spongebob is not underneath it. Lydia and Mark begin to noticeBut not any moreSherman looked around the corner, and sees Spongebob and Lincoln, under Jimmy's orders, hoisting the cardboard spaceship on top of ABC blocks, so it can be 'fixed'. And to add insult to injury, Mabel was swooned by Jimmy.And I've lost the love to the one whom I adoredAnd then, Sherman kicked the checkers board in a fit of rage, but one checkers piece ricocheted into Sherman's mouth. Lydia and Mark shook their head in frustration.Let me tell you about the strange things are happening to meLater, Jimmy was adjusting Spongebob's tie, but his end was near Sherman, who pouted, and to add insult to injury, Spongebob's feet were kicking Sherman's legs. Sherman then shoved Spongbob off the bed, as soon as his spring started to feel that, Spongbob was alarmed as he fell.Strange thingsLater that night, Trent was putting away his toys, and all that was left was to put away Sherman and Jimmy, but then...Strange things are happening to meTrent slept that evening with Jimmy like a baby sleeping with his teddy bear. And where was Sherman, you may ask? Well, he was in the toy box. He felt heartbroken, and betrayed. What if he is being replaced?Ain't no doubt about itIn no time at all, Jimmy Neutron became Jimmy's favorite toy. Things are just changing too fast for poor Sherman. He closed the toy box and went to sleep.The next morning, Lydia was at the windowsill, tossing some croutons down to the driveway, much to the confusion of Lori and her siblings. Danny also took a look at this."What are you doing, Lydia?" Lori asks. "Feeding Percy." Lydia said. "You gave him Croutons?" Danny asks, shrugging. "He likes them." Lydia said, before she heard more meowing from down the driveway. "You're still feeding that Cat?" Leni said."Percy's a missing cat, Leni." Lydia said. "I can't just turn my back on him."Down in the driveway, a black cat named, Percy was looking up at the window, eating the croutons. "But it's gonna attract yucky roaches and ants!" Leni whined. Beetlejuice ran up and said."Then I'll be your guide to getting rid of those pesky bugs! They won't BUG you anymore." Beetlejuice said."Aw, but bugs seem like fascinating creatures!" Lana said."No, they're gross!" Lola said."Oh, man, Jimmy is the coolest, isn't he?" Riley said. Unbeknownst to him, Huey was reading a newspaper article on George W. Bush."Oh, boy, here we go." Huey said, annoyed."Guys, I would really appreciate if you'd tone it down with the talk about Jimmy. Sherman isn't feeling like hearing any more about it!" Lydia said, annoyed."C'mon, don't act like it ain't true. He's pretty fly for a high tech action figure." Riley said."Riley, if Sherman ain't in the mood to deal with all that, then leave him be." Huey said, shrugging. "There he go, hatin' again!" Riley said, laughing."Riley, this is serious. We already live in a society that always likes newer, and much better things." Lydia said, annoyed. Lola Skumpy walked by, hearing this. "And often, we forget to appreciate the things that we DO have until it comes back to bite us badly!" "Boo!" Lola S. said, mockingly. "I am not with Debi Downer here." "Lola," Beetlejuice said. "Shut your yap about this. You aren't part of this argument." "Anyway, Who knows what Sherman's dealing with right now?" Lydia said, shrugging. Speaking of which, Sherman didn't sleep well at all, he dreamt that he was in the toy box, fighting Jimmy Neutron, who can actually shoot lasers, and who can do real damage, he woke up, gasping in panic. That morning Sherman looked around and the coast was clear, Trent was hanging out with 2 former 2nd grade classmates of his, Devin, Ryan and Scott."Finally." Sherman said, relieved. Then, he noticed that his glasses were gone. "Alright, who's got my glasses?" Then, Mr. Krabs appeared with Sherman's glasses, saying, "Hey look! I'm a nerd!" "Very funny." Sherman sarcastically said, he then grabbed his glasses and put them back on, and then he jumped out of the toy box. "Well, super stretch sponge and giant lizard, although I'm not part of this world, it seems I've been accepted into your culture." Jimmy then said. Showing his foot off to his friends. "Your chief, Trent, inscribed his name on me."It turns out that Jimmy had Trent's name on his foot in impact font and in ink, much to the amazement of the 2 toys. Trent usually marked his own name on a select few toys he cared and played with the most. "Woah! In permanent ink, too!" Toothless said, in awe, Sherman angrily shook his arms in annoyance. "Well, I must get back to repairing my ship." Jimmy then said. Fixing a cardboard spaceship should take some time, though he remained blissfully unaware of his true nature as a toy. Sherman then looked at his foot, where Trent wrote his name at the sole of his sandal in crayon, though it was largely faded. It was written a few years back, when Ken first received him. That had been the best day of his life. A few seconds later, his heart felt very heavy. Could this be a sign? "Don't get worried, Sherman." Mabel and Mark walked over. Sherman yelped in alarm and put his foot down."What? Me? I'm not worried." Sherman lied, trying his best to conceal his insecurities. "You know how even the Shame Wizard can tell when you're lying?" Mark asks. "You look like you wet your pants." "That's ridiculous, I'm not worried." Sherman said, lying even MORE."I know, that even though Trent's excited for Jimmy, Trent still has a special place for you." Mabel then said. "Yeah. In the attic." Gumball jokingly said, insulting Sherman."Okay, that's the last straw!" Sherman said out loud. Unfortunately, this grabbed the other toys attention, to the point where Jay and the others started to take interest. "Wow," Jessi said, curious. "Sherman's really jealous of Jimmy." "Can't say I really blame him, he's more modern and Sherman's clearly dated." Danny said. "I mean, where's he from, the 80s?" Tucker asks. "Most likely the 70s." Jay said, shrugging. "I mean, should we do something?" Missy asks. "We are his friends, aren't we?" Nick asks. "Are we?" Andrew asks. "It ain't any of our business." Devon said. "We shouldn't Butt in." "But then again," Lola Skumpy shrugged. "Maybe we should do something before this goes too far..""Now, hold on, before we intervene, let's just see how this plays out…" Matthew said, taking an interest in Sherman's petty rivalry with Jimmy. Jimmy was working on the repairs to his "ship". He lied down on a skateboard and slid under the ship, with Robotboy and Zeke waiting for instructions."I'll need more of the sticky like substance, my interdimensional friends." Jimmy then said."Mr. Neutron needs more tape!" Robotboy turned to Zeke, who ripped off a piece of tape with her mouth from a tape dispenser.Jimmy continued to work on his "ship", but then, Sherman pulled him away."Listen, Nerdo." Sherman angrily said. "You stay away from Trent. He's mine. No one's taking him away from me." "I would, only if I knew what you meant by that," Jimmy said, slightly humored. Turning to Robotboy and Zeke, he asked, "Where's that bonding substance?" He rolled himself back under the cardboard ship, but Sherman rolled him out again. "And another thing: STOP WITH THIS CIA APPRENTICE MAKE BELIEVE!" Sherman said, irritated. "It was funny, but now it's getting on my nerves! "Is that your way of saying you wanna lodge a complaint with the CIA?" Jimmy asked, threateningly."Oh, I see, you want to do it the hard way, don't ya?" Sherman said, interested by this. "Don't even think about it, Sherman." Jimmy said, getting up, threateningly. This gained attention. "Oh, my god..." Skumpy said, raising her eyebrows. "Oh, yeah?! Tough guy?!" Sherman shouted. He then shoved Jimmy, and a bunch of stuff fell out of his jetpack pocket, along some plastic replicas of his inventions, much to the genius's shock, he hastily tried to look for it, Sherman nonchalantly looked around in boredom, and picked up a pair of red shades, much to Jimmy's surprise. Jimmy was confused as well. Jimmy then said to Sherman, "How dare you nearly make this genius lose his inventions?! My enemies could've killed me!" Jimmy took back the shades and his "Inventions" and Sherman had a surprised look on his face. This guy thinks he's the real deal, he's heard stories, but he never thought they were true. "Wait, you actually think you're the real Jimmy Neutron?" Sherman said, humored. "And all this time, I thought you were getting my goat! Hey guys, look, I've found the real Jimmy Neutron!" Jimmy was clearly unamused by this, he's getting mocked by the Boy toy. "You're mocking me, aren't you?" Jimmy said, glaring at Sherman. "What? No, of course not!" Sherman said, he then panicked and pointed to the window, "Neutron, look an alien!" "WHERE?!" Jimmy looked. Sherman pointed and laughed at him, he tricked him. Just as Jimmy was about to berate Sherman, everyone hears something that frightens them, a dog barking and a child evilly laughing. All of the toys froze in fear, easily recognizing the voice from a mile away. "Oh, no!" Spongebob freaked out, hiding under the bed. "It's Duncan!""Duncan?!" Lori and her siblings yelped, hiding under the bed. The toys headed towards the window sill. "I thought he was at Camp Ridonculous!" Toothless wondered, as he and the toys walked over to the desk. "Don must've gotten smart and kicked him out earlier." Lydia then said. "It went from Ridonculous to RIDICULOUSLY unacceptable!" Gene said. "Yeah, he's pretty scary." Jimmy Pesto Jr. said. "Yeah. He's like any grandpa at a yard sale, going after their junk." Zeke said, worried. Sherman and the gang went to and jumped on top of the desk, peering out the window to get a better look at the danger next door. The Cooper household stood next to the home of the Ryanson family, a family barely interacted with the former, mostly because of the behavior of one of their kids. The toys focused on the Ryanson Backyard, dubbed "The Backyard of Death", having gained notoriety for a toy's pain and suffering. Any toy that ventured there never came back in one piece… and those lucky enough had survived. A tiny figure stood isolated in the middle of the yard. A 10-year old Boy pummeled it with rocks, while a dog strained at his leash, jumping and barking wildly, wanting to get a piece of the action. "Who is it this time?" Jay asked, heavily concerned of this newest victim. "Whoever it is, he's a goner!" Gumball said."I don't know, guys, anyone seen Soos?" Mark said, not getting a good view of what's going on."Right here, dude." Soos then said, walking towards the toys. "I simply couldn't bear to watch this again," Toothless worried. Sherman said uneasily, "Matthew, can you see what's going on?" Soos then handed Sherman a pair of binoculars, and he gave it to Matthew and the two looked over and saw a GI Joe toy strapped to a firecracker. "Oh, no, it's a GI Joe." Sherman groaned. "They always go out like this," Matthew cringed, then Jimmy ran up to Sherman. "What's goin' on?" Jimmy asked as he joined Sherman and the others on the desk, wanting to know what the fuss was about. "Nothing that concerns you "CIA Agents". Just us toys." Sherman replied, rudely. "C'mon, let him look, it's not that bad." Mark said, getting annoyed. Sherman rolls his eyes as he snapped, "Don't bother. He isn't supposed to meddle, remember? This is our affair." "I should take a look at this anyway." Jimmy asked, now seeing GI Joe. "Why is that Soldier strapped to an explosive device?!" "Here's why. Duncan's destroying him." Matthew said, pointing over to the dog, which had golden fur and black eyebrows and a black collar, the dog's name was Vinny. "Oh, can't blame you for being afraid of him. That's one big furry monster." Jimmy then said, stunned. "NO! That's Vinny, you moron!" Sherman said, realizing his miscalculation, he ended up pointing the binoculars at the 10 year old kid. He had apricot skin, a Green Bay Packers Brett Favre Home jersey, black hair, punk shoes, and dirty jean shorts. His name was Duncan, AKA: The Bane of the Toys' Existence."That's Duncan." Mark said. The toys could only watch as Duncan laughed hideously, having taken great delight in the torment and suffering he inflicted on that helpless toy."You mean that Happy child?" Jimmy then said, confused. "Ha! If you called a monster like that a happy child!" Tucker said, annoyed. "That's no happy child!" Gumball panickedly said. "We've lost friends and family because of him!" Jessi said. "Mom, Dad, Connie," "Maury," Andrew cringed. "Tyler," Nick sighed. "Mona," Missy shuddered."And Featuring Ludacris!" Jay said, cringing. "Yeah. He tortures toys by cutting them up, ripping them, smashing them or even blowing them up!" Toothless panicked. "And the worst part is he does this for fun!" Devon said, frightened. Duncan proceeded to throw a cinderblock at GI Joe, only to miss him by a mile. "Well, someone better take care of this, or I'll have to!" Jimmy then said. The toys, however, begged to differ. "Have you lost your mind?!" Matthew then said, grabbing Jimmy by the arm. "Get down from there!" "I'm gonna teach that punk a lesson," Jimmy said heroically. "Go ahead. Melt him with your cute little laser." Sherman taunted, pressing Jimmy's lightbulb blinking watch. "Be careful with that!" Jimmy said, annoyed. "Do you want to be sliced in half?!" As Sherman and Jimmy argued, Mark notices something horrifying as he and Soos gasp in horror. Duncan is lighting the M-80! "He's lighting it, he's lighting it!" Mark shouts, scared. Duncan then ran behind the table that was used as a cover place. "Uh, dudes!" Soos said, alarmed. "Hit the dirt!" Then everyone took cover as the firework exploded, blowing GI Joe into pieces. The Toys peeked over the windowsill and saw, to their horror, a large black scorch mark from where GI Joe stood. "YES! He's gone! He's history!" Duncan shouted victoriously, jumping up and down while Vinny resumed his barking. "What a monster." Gene then said."I should've stopped him." Jimmy then said. "Oh, Nerdtron, I would love to see you try." Sherman said, evilly. He then gestured to the backyard, where Duncan cackled and danced around the scorch mark, "Of course, I would love to see as a crater." "When are we going to move?" Sam asks."Soon enough, Samantha. Soon enough..." Mark sighed, distressed. "The sooner we move, the better." Mabel then said, frightened. Agreed, Mabel, agreed.The house got bought by a couple later in the week, and now, there's only 2 more days until the big move. And these past 4 days haven't been a cakewalk for Sherman, either, he kept having bad dreams of being replaced and forgotten. And to add insult to injury, Mabel has a crush on Jimmy. The only ones that know about Sherman's crush on Mabel were Gumball, Gene, and Spongebob. Of course, Sherman doesn't go to great lengths to get Mabel to love him. He knows that you can't force someone to love you, you can only take the opportunity to better yourself to become being worthy of being beloved. It was June 7th, 2002. It was 5PM at the Cooper household. The sun was setting on a beautiful summer afternoon.In Trent's room, Trent was playing with his toys, when his mom came in."Trent, I just got a call from Danny and Tucker, they want you to hang out with them at Dave and Busters'." Trent's mom then said."Dave and Buster's?! Alright!" Trent exclaimed. "Can I bring a toy with me?""Alright, only one toy." Trent's mom said, the 2 left the room, closing the door. The toys came to life, Jimmy was looking through some stuff and Sherman had a concerned look on his face. At the way things are going, Trent's going to take Jimmy, no doubt about it."One toy, huh?" Sherman said, face palming himself."Hey Sherman!" Jimmy said to the toy, startling him. Then, he raises his arm out in a manner of sportsmanship. "I just like to wish you luck, I know you'd do the same for me.""Sure." Sherman said, rolling his eyes. He shook his hand, and Jimmy went back to minding his own business. During this time, As the toys played cards with each other, Lola Loud went over to Devin, probably to gossip about Jimmy."You know, I think Jimmy's going to be taken to Dave and Busters." Devin said.The other toys agreed on that. Then they turned to Matthew, where Sam asks, "What do you think?""Pass." Matthew said."C'mon, it's just gossip." Devin said."Well, I'm not up for this," Matthew said, uninterested. "I honestly don't care who's picked as long as those two are squabbling with each other.""I get it," Zeke laughed. "It's kinda like watching Devin insult Lola Loud."Unbeknownst to any of them, Lydia and Mark are watching this. They're growing concerned. It would seem the gossip and favoring over Jimmy is adding fuel to the fire to Sherman's jealousy. Both went their separate ways, Lydia went to Sherman, and Mark went to the guys.Beetlejuice then came out of from underneath the bed as Lydia went to the desk."Hey, babes! I got my VHS Tape of Goosebumps!" Beetlejuice smiled"Guys, come on," Mark then said, annoyed. "Just shut up about this.""It's just chit chatter." Jay said."Yeah, dude, no big deal!" Luna said."It's a big deal, Sherman's not liking this at all, so lay off him a bit." Mark said, getting frustrated."Come on, that's stupid." Riley said. "Why should we lay off the Jim Talk? We saw cool, so we said cool. It's not like it's bullying, it's an observation! Did the laws of the universe change and no one told us? We lost our first amendment to free speech?"Huey watches this from a distance as he red on the table, shaking his head as he looked to Sherman, who was starting to look annoyed."You know, you can't really blame them for being interested in Jimmy." Huey said."Don't you think I know that?" Sherman said. "I just wish there was a way to be with Trent again."Sherman then noticed a Magic 8-Ball and then he grabbed it."Will Trent pick me?" Sherman asked, shaking the ball, but the ball then said, "Get real.""Get real?!" Sherman exclaimed in fury. He shakes it again, more forcefully.Sherman throws the 8 Ball down in frustration, just as Lyds climbs up on the table, with a concerned look on her face."Was that really necessary?" Lydia said."No, but he did it." Huey said, annoyed."I'm sorry, I lost a little control." Sherman sighed in grief. It's not like the ball did anything to him.Suddenly, the 8-Ball rolls off the edge of the desk and falls in the crevice. Sherman heard a thud, and he looks over the edge to find the 8 ball stuck in a crack. He then saw the Waddles the Pig remote control car sleeping, and it's pointing in the same direction of a corkboard.Looking over to Jimmy, he got an idea, what if Jimmy couldn't be found, if Jimmy were to, say, fall behind the desk, he would be stuck down there with no way to get out before the big move., then Sherman will get to go to Dave and Buster's with his owner. Sherman smiled mischievously.Knowing this look, Lydia sternly said, "Sherman, you promised!""It's not like I'm trying to hurt him." Sherman said, shruggingly. "He'll only be out for a couple days.""Sherman, don't. This is a horrible idea." Lydia said."I don't know what you plan on doing, but it seems really unnecessary." Huey said."Trust me, it's just a harmless prank." Sherman said, nodding.He then walked over to him and reached Jimmy. But, Jimmy then grabbed Sherman by the hand and put him into a restrained move, Jimmy then noticed it was Sherman. He then freed Sherman."Oh, Sherman." Jimmy chuckled. "You should never sneak up on a Superhero like that, you could easily get hurt. Now that's safety tip number one.""No, wait, Jimmy." Sherman said, "There's a problem.""A problem?" Jimmy then said, shocked."Yes, and..." Sherman said."THE SUN!" Jimmy shouted out in shock. He ran to the window sill and ranted, "The sun is fading away from existence! Children can't play, you'll never get up in the morning, no more breakfast, the sun is gone...""JIMMY!" Sherman angrily shouted. "The sun going away is not the problem! Neutron, it's evening!"Jimmy then realized that it is the evening, he then rubbed his chin, and said, "Oh, I see.""Look, the problem is this..." Sherman said, now calm."You know what, I think I may have been accepted into your culture, Sherman." Jimmy interrupted, he lifted his right foot and showed Sherman that it had Trent's name written on it. "Your chief, Trent, marked his name on me. Juvenile, but endearing.""But that's the problem!" Sherman angrily said."My foot?" Jimmy skeptically said, not believing a word that Sherman said recently."No, no, Jimmy." Sherman said, concerned. "Trent. Trent's in grave danger. That's why I'm really glad to see you. I mean if you weren't here, how could I even...""Get a hold of yourself, time traveler." Jimmy then said, cringing."Jimmy, I'm not a time traveler!" Sherman said, stressed out and worried. "It's my cover, don't you get it? I'm dressed like one. I got sent here to help you with your mission!""My mission?!" Jimmy then said, surprised."Yeah. But one thing's for sure, we're the only ones standing between Trent and..." Sherman said, convincingly."What can we do?!" Jimmy begged, grabbing Sherman. The 2 awkwardly stare at each other, then Sherman shoves Jimmy away from him."Well, there's something that could help Trent save his own life!" Sherman said."What?! Where?!" Jimmy said, alarmed."Down there!" Sherman said, pointing to the edge of the desk. "An object that could help us got stuck down there. Someone got careless,'s trapped, Jimmy!""Well, we have no time to lose!" Jimmy replied confidently. As he went over to the edge of the desk, Sherman sneakily tiptoed over, then got out Waddles and the control."I can't see him!" Jimmy then said."Oh, he's there, just trust me." Sherman mischievously said, he then pushes the 'FORWARD' button and caused Waddles to go right at the un-expecting Jimmy."Leapin' Electrons, how could..." Jimmy looks up and gasped as he sees Waddles coming right at him, like what Sherman planned. What Sherman didn't plan, though, is that Jimmy got out of the way just on time of time. The toy car instead went by him as it collided right into a bulletin board."Oh, boy." A concerned Sherman said.As globe hit the board, causing the pins to fall out, and the globe to fall off its handle, rolling towards Jimmy. All Sherman could do is stand there in horror and look at the chaos he created.Then Jimmy ran from the globe and slipped on some Pencils, and even after falling, he was still able to get out of the globe's way, but that didn't help, because the globe hit the desk lamp, causing it to spin around and then, Sherman ducked, and the lamp hit Jimmy, sending him flying...OUT THE WINDOW!"Jimmy!" All the toys exclaimed in terror as Sherman watched Jimmy fall into the bushes. The toys went up to the window sill and tried to look."I don't see him, I think he fell off into the streets!" Beetlejuice exclaimed in horror."He's as good as roadkill!" Zeke then said."Yeah, he ain't goin' to Pizza now!" Jay then said."I think he bounced into Duncan's yard!" SpongeBob then said.Not wanting to be blamed for an accident, Sherman backed away, trying to stay out of trouble, but Lydia followed him, mostly to scold him."What did I tell you?! WHAT DID I TELL YOU?!" Lydia snapped, grabbing Sherman by the collar."I didn't think..." Sherman said, nervously. Mark ran by as he asks, "Sherman, what the heck did you do this time?!""Before you say anything, it was an accident, Mark. I can explain everything before it gets worse." Sherman said.Unfortunately for Sherman, just as Sherman was about to explain everything, Waddles squealed repeatedly, gaining everyone's attention."Hey guys! Waddles is trying to say something!" Toothless then said."How can he speak?" Lincoln asks. "He's just a pig.""But still, he senses something is seriously wrong." Lana said."What's he saying?!" Mabel asked."He's sayin' that that was no accident!" Gumball said, suspicious, all the toys were curious about what he just said. "I'm sayin' that Humpty Dumpty was pushed..."The toys gasped in shock, but who would've done such a thing?" Sherman Peabody!" Gumball shouted, pointing at Sherman, who was shocked. The other toys gasped in shock. All Sherman was trying to do was get Jimmy stuck between the wall and the desk, that's all, but who's going to believe that?!Sherman nervously, "Wait, wait, wait! Let me explain!"Lori scolded, "You've got exactly three seconds before we pulverize you!"Lynn cracks her knuckles and Lisa starts a stopwatch to time Sherman's very limited time."Hey, he slipped. I tried to… He… I couldn't hold on… It was an… He slipped!" Sherman stuttered. "Oh, good lord." Lydia said, annoyed."Don't sugarcoat it, S.P!" Jay said.Zeke said, "Yeah, we know you deliberately knocked Jimmy out of the window!"Mark then got annoyed as he spoke, "If he wanted, he would've done it days ago if he were to do it!" Sherman nervously said, "You don't think I meant to knock Neutron out the window, do you, Watterson?""That's Gumball Watterson to you, you back stabbin' murderer bandwagon rider!" Gumball angrily said."Guys, come on. Now, it was an accident. This is me we're talking about! You gotta believe me!" Sherman pleaded."We don't!" Riley said."Neither do we!" Tucker and Sam said."Wait," Danny said. "You're really gonna count out Sherman like that? We don't know if it was on purpose or not!""We believe you, Sherman." Mabel then said, of course, since she's a faithful friend to Sherman, everyone expected her to say that."So do I!" Spongebob said, nonchalantly."What about you, Toothless?" Beetlejuice asked."What's your position on this?" Nick said, curiously."I...uh..." Toothless gulped. Gumball and Gene gave him a look. He would like to believe Sherman, but he doesn't want the toys who hasn't turned on him turn against him, so he stuttered, "Ye-nuh...I don't like confrontations!"Then, Cartman came out of the South Park bin, angrily pointing at Sherman and shouting, "Dude, what the heck is wrong with you?! That is not cool, you idiot! That is not cool!" Before he could finish, Sherman put the top back on."Guys, calm down, this is no time to go into hysterics!" Mark then said."Seems like the perfect time to go into hysterics!" Lola Loud said. "Lola!" Lana said, scoldingly. "Well, I'm team Jimmy, because he can glow in the dark!" Lola Skumpy said."Really Lola?" Luan said, annoyed."What?" Lola Skumpy whined. "I'm scared of the Dark!" Then he whispered to Tucker and Danny as she continued, "But at the end of the day, I LOVE drama!" "We won't know for sure if we don't hear his side of the story!" Luan said, sternly. Then everyone looked at Jessi as Luna asks, "What do you think, lil' dudette?" "What do you think of this?" Huey said. "I have no opinion on this, OK?" Jessi said, crossing her arms. "Are you kidding me?" Mark said, annoyed. "Oh, please, Jessi. You have an opinion about everything." Tucker said. "It's not that hard," Sam said, "Just tell the truth, no big deal right?""You want the truth?" Jessi said, shaking her head no. " I don't want any part in this dumb blaming game." "Here's what I can put together, Sherman. You just couldn't stand the thought of Jimmy being played with more often than you, didn't want to accept the fact that Jimmy might be Trent's new favorite toy, so you had to get rid of him." Gumball said, like a noir cop."Is that true, Sherman? Well, what if Trent starts playing with me and Huey more often, eh? You're gonna throw us off the roof too?" Riley said."Since he's not thankful for what he has, then let's just put him outta his own dang misery!" Zeke said. "I don't think we should give him another chance." Gene then said, glaring at Sherman.Then, the South Park figurines jumped and grabbed Sherman making it hard to move, all the toys surrounded the boy. All Mabel could do is watch in horror."Let's string him up by his pull-string!" Gumball shouted."I got dibs on his glasses!" Gene shouted."Hold him down, J-Ju!" Zeke said."Will you boys stop it?" Lydia asked, annoyed. Unfortunately, their protests fall on deaf ears."Tackle him!" Cody shouted.Sherman was in a whole lot trouble, but this, he didn't expect this to go this far. Trent's toys then prepared to throw Sherman off the table."Wait!" Gumball then said. "Don't throw him over there!"Sherman heaves a sigh in relief as he said, "Yeah!" "Throw him out the windwo like he did to Jimmy!" Gumball said, pointing at the window.The toys then move towards the window as Sherman protests, "No, no, no, wait, wait, wait! I can explain everything!" Then, all of the sudden, everyone heard Trent coming up stairs. The boy's voice was loud enough for the toys to hear. "Okay, Mom! I'll be right down! I got to get Jimmy!"The toys went scrambling back to their moving places. SpongeBob fell limp on the desktop. Trententered, but he frowned. He starts searching everywhere for Jimmy, but he doesn't know that Sherman accidentally shoved him. Sherman heard Gumball say "Psst!" He turns to see Etch drawing a picture of a hangman's noose. Gumball with a sinister frown, he gestured from the noose drawing to Sherman with an accusing finger. The fearful Sherman gulped; he prayed that Trent would take him to his car."Trent, your friends are gonna go without you!" Mrs. Cooper said in a singsong voice."But, Dad, I can't find him!" Trent protested. "Trent, just grab some other toy. Now come on, you got to go!" Trent sighed as he grabbed Sherman and left. "Okay." Trent headed to the to his friend's car. What both Sherman and Trent did not know, though, is that there are rustling coming from a bush nearby. A familiar toy came out spitting out foliage in disgust. It's Jimmy. The boy genius survived the fall and has leaves stuck to his body. He sees Sherman, the culprit, being carried by Trent. Trent climbs into the car and Jimmy scrunches his face in anger. 'You betrayer, I'm going to make you pay!' Jimmy thought, with revenge on his mind. As the car begins to start up, Jimmy runs out of the bush and jumps up just in time to grabs the rear fender just as the van it just attached to begins to leave the driveway. Author's Note:The plot thickens for Sherman Peabody and Jimmy Neutron as we put Act 1 aside and begin Act 2.Jimmy: You're a dead man, Peabody!Sherman: Come on, Jimmy, don't make me do something I'll regret.Me: Dudes, save it for the next act, where Sherman attempts to get him and Jimmy to reunite with Trent while Jimmy's adventure will be put on pause as Jimmy learns something that shatters his world.Sherman: Intense.Jimmy: Woah.
Toy Story (1995) by Bearquarter2008
Any Of Old School Classic Tv Show from 80s90
80s90s2000s CrossOver Artwork Group by NWeezyBlueStars23
80s90s2000s Cartoon tvshow logo
Christmas Toons by CuteCArtsy
Halloween Costume Party #3: Underdog's Party #2 by SHREKRULEZ
Spring Breakers #4 by SHREKRULEZ
Happy New Year, 2016 by SHREKRULEZ
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Happy Mermay 2021 by Retr0Neko

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Spa and Pool Treatment: Easter Edition by SHREKRULEZ

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Sweet Polly PureBred's Showing Off by SHREKRULEZ
Super Shadow by Hellbound-Hellhound
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Zippy by CuteCArtsy
Yellow-Beaked Mother Penguin - Pingu by Louisetheanimator
Green Mother Penguin - Pingu by Louisetheanimator
Professor ThreeHorn - Pingu by Louisetheanimator
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The Iron Giant (Sketch) by RailToonBronyFan3751
the BEST art of the members.
Camp counselor Dawn by Godzilla2137
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Dib Meets the Warners by Tiny-Toons-Fan
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Sexy New Year 2021 #5 by SHREKRULEZ
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(The title is too long to fit) by JTeka
Cartoon Network Cartoon
Relish the Fine Summers Day by BravoKrofski
Nickelodeon Cartoon
Hey Arnold Conquer the Wind (preview) by R101D
Power Rangers
Super Legends Red Ranger by blueliberty
Beetle Juice BEETLEBONES Cartoon
Beetlejuice and Lydia: Wedding Portrait by wolfie425
Abstract Art
Atlantis Calling by LeiaIceCommander
Any Other Of The Artwork
Subby....? by SnowChibz
Toy Story
Toy Story Design Colorful Drawing by NWeezyBlueStars23
Power Puff Girl
Images (3) by cupcakelover4547
Ed Edd Eddy
Sure Am Eddy! by BravoKrofski
California Raisins
The California Raisins Drawing by NWeezyBlueStars23
Alvin and The Chipmunks
Alvin and The Chipmunks Design Drawing by NWeezyBlueStars23
The Rugrats
I'm Sorry by BravoKrofski
Hey Arnold
Hey Arnold Artwork Drawing by NWeezyBlueStars23
VHS DVD Collection
All Of My Thomas Friends VHS DVD Collection by NWeezyBlueStars23
Courage The Cowardly Dog
Courage by Knazgle
80s 90s 2000s Cross Over Artwork
Octavia Hates Doll Duet by ARTIST-SRF

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DeviantART 14th celebration ! Everybody ! Let's show the all of our love to DeviantART ! Thanks to it, we are all here and meet each other , so I suggest our group should have a small celebrate to, right ? :)
Here is how we celebrate :
:bulletgreen: Draw !
:bulletgreen: Draw anything that to mention DeviantART and a momentous about Birthday ! It will be very touch for it.
This celebrate is simple, I'm not forcing you all to join it, but I suggest it !

Let's do it everybody ! It's time to tell D.A how much we love it !!!
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AT: Beetlejuice by Toongirl18
Beetlejuice done in Polymer Clay by LittleLadyAquamarine
Beetlejuice and Lydia Sleepover (Light Version) by LittleLadyAquamarine
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