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!!READ BEFORE JOINING!! Welcome to 808 Cosplay

Aloha and Welcome to the cosplay group for Hawaii's cosplayers! Why are we called 808Cosplay? Because Hawaii's area code is 808.

Hey there, it's chocolate-musubi, and I'm here to just lay down some rules and info :3

First off, if you couldn't already guess, this is a group specially made for cosplayers living in the state of Hawaii to talk and mingle, and share their costumes, thoughts and ideas. So if you don't live in the state of Hawaii, I'm sorry but you CAN'T join as a member but you can watch our group! Thanks for understanding everyone!

Rules (Don't worry! You wont have to sell your soul or anything~)

-there are no submission limits, but let's not get crazy guys take moderation into account and please put your photos in the correct folders.

-photos MUST take place in Hawaii. Gotta keep it local!

-For members who have moved away from Hawaii, may take part in blogs and comments and such, but cannot submit photos that don't follow the above rule.

- Be nice. Yes, I know. The most cliche'd rule EVER. But I can't stress this enough~! Don't be a jerk to someone, because you think you're better than them! All cosplayers are created equal! RESPECT everyones' different approaches to cosplay.

- No trolling. Just no :\

- No spamming. I love canned spam, but internet spam? Not as yummy D:

- No plagiarism/art theft. If you steal someones' design, post their photos without permission, or are posing as someone else, you will get a big whack with a Long's Drugs rubber slipper!

- Invite your friends! The more the merrier! Just as long as they BELONG in this group, they're welcome!

- Lastly: Have fun!

See! The rules weren't so bad! Failure to follow the rules, and if you're a really bad, repeat offender, may cause me to have to have you removed D: And I really won't wanna do that!

Seriously, we're just here for fun.

Also, if there was anything I did not cover, just ask me! I don't bite!

-Much love, Chocolate-Musubi~

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So!  Kawaii Kon is getting closer and closer, are you all excited?  Get out those costumes and pretty faces and get ready for a weekend of fun!  This is the best time to get photos of your own and of other people's cosplays.  Don't have an expensive camera?  Find a meet up at Kawaii Kon that fits your character and get the numbers of the photographers there, or find a friend with an expensive camera lol.  Anyway remember to have fun and remember your cosplay etiquette, it's not a written rule but it's something everyone should know when dealing with cosplayers.  Such as don't jump on cosplayers you could break their props they worked so hard to make or randomly take their picture, it's always polite to ask them.   This group needs more pics and more members so if you find people who aren't in this group yet, ask them to join the fun!.

In other news one of our members :iconhakaichou: has an announcement!  "Hello!
My friend will be hosting a Mad Hatter Tea Party event at Kawaii Kon this year.
All the information for the event can be found here;…
Thank you!!~"

Sounds like fun!
Hyogoko here!  As most of you know, I'm moving to San Francisco for college tomorrow.  So because of this, I will not be posting pictures of my cosplays here in this group because this is a Hawaii based group.  I will still admin the group, vote on members etc.  But you won't see much activity from me unless I take cosplay pictures in Hawaii.  So I wanted to have some member participation, whenever there is a cosplay event in Hawaii and you would like to have it announced in this group, feel free to note me about it!  I will blog it here for you!

This led me to consider a few rules/ updates to add on.

:new: If you move to a different state, you don't need to leave the group, but this means that you cannot post cosplay pictures that were NOT taken in Hawaii.  ^_^

:new: Please feel free to note the founders if you would like to make an announcement to the group (Hyogoko preferrably because Chocolate Musubi is barely on)

There!  That was painless!  Well goodbye for now all you Hawaii cosplayers, you all are awesome and never forget it.                                                                                                        

                                                                                                                -Hyogoko PEACE!
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Just a suggestion, but can we make a folder for comic book characters? I want to put my DC cosplay up, but I don't feel right putting it in the anime/manga folder.
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This group is a great idea! I am glad to see other cosplayers from Hawaii on DA.
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Hello I was wondering if it was possible for me to "officially" join your group. I live in Hawaii:D

you can email me :

or facebook: [link]

Thank you

Hyogoko Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011  Student Filmographer
Sure, can't wait to see some cosplay from you.
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Ok thanks;) I'm working on a eather a Kakashi or jonin Naruto cosplay for Kawaii con!

Thanks again!
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