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San-Surreal 01

By 8025glome
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I have been thinking a fair amount about the imagery that I have been using in my artworks. I realised that possibly my imagery is based in a world that I am not familiar with, I never been to Europe or seen massive Cathedrals. I am from Africa and when I walk down the streets of Cape Town is I am surrounded with ethnic artwork imagery of unique cultures. Which for me is normal and regular but in a global picture that imagery is pretty unique. I thought it would be cool to mix that imagery with my personal love with surrealism and create unlikely bed friends: Ethnic Surrealism.

I've been thinking a fair amount about what sort of direction I should go into and I've decided to immerse myself in one on the most interesting art forms, Rock-Art of San people. From a genealogy it is said that the Koi-San people are the earliest ancestors of mankind and much study has gone into their paintings in caves. I am going to attempt to use those very early primitive imagery in a extremely unique manner. So hopefully here comes a new series called: “San-Surreal”, this is the first one :)
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wonderful work
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Please accept our request of this piece to :iconpearls-of-dreams:

It will make a great addition to our group gallery.

Thank you.
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I'll draw something, and I'll be just so proud of it, and I'll think that it's just perfect, and that I've improved so much... then I come and look at pictures like these, that just make me think "God. I cannot draw at all."
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It happens to me all the time as well :)
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gah, what are you talking about? You draw good.
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beautiful figure, very dali-like, the environment is fantastic, very warm feeling. keep it up
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A wonderful feeling of being part of the landscape!
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thank you, its all melting together :)
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I really do enjoy the concept. I look forward into seeing more of these. I think the desert look is a good. It kinda reminds of some the scenes i see from Dali. This one i find rather adorable. I can't wait for more!
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Thank you so much :)
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I love your San Surreal concept and I look forward to seeing how it develops!

I'm also a Capetonian, and I love surreal art.
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Oh wow!!! A fellow Capetonian, on DeviantArt we are as rare as hen's teeth :D I really hope you like this series. I think it will look exotic to foreigners and strangely familiar and strangely not familiar to us...
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Oh I have found quite a number Capetonians around here. Most that I know have joined more for the social interactions and being able to show off their work to their friends more than anything else though.

Well I like the first two. =D That duality of familiarity and oddity is rather appealing.
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I was a real big DA junkie but since Facebook I've completly neglected DA. Now I am a Facebook junkie because all my real-world friends are one there :)

I actually really want to exhibit these when I am done because they are my only works that will probably be accepted by Cape Town galleries :D
Siluriformes's avatar
Fair enough. I find that sharing images on facebook is rather a hassle, despite that being one of its primary functions. I've managed to get my real-world friends who do art onto DA, which makes this all the more enjoyable.

Ah yeah I understand where you are coming from. Although I must say I can see these being well received by the Cape Town art community. Where were you hoping to exhibit?
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I tried to get my real world friends to join Deviant Art but it was like herding cats. Facebook is not build for people to display art though its more like snapshotty drunken party pics, I think I have mastered the art of Facebook art pimping :)

Thanks I really hope that it will be well received, I kinna want to turn into a real artist that exhibits and all and is not just someone that posts art online.

I need to find out exactly how to market my stuff and who to speak to. I know you just can't pitch up at the AVA and demand an exhibition, you have to start off at lesser galleries and work your way up... I so wish I had an agent or something. I can make art... but marketing is a whole new world....
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Place a large fish on DeviantART. It's the best way to herd cats. ^^
I guess I was lucky. I've managed to get the most important people in my life on DA, that is if they weren't here already.
Pimping facebook you say? I'm curious. :) I just keep mine to a minimum, as I actually rather like my privacy.
In other words, every month or so one of my friends sends me a distressed message as to why I don't have a wall.

I am actually surprised to hear that you don't exhibit.
Have you tried Stellenbosch? There are a number of smaller galleries there that seem to be keen on supporting local undiscovered artists.
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hehehe, fish is one way of herding cats! I meant pimping my art on Facebook, it just gives it a wider audience that not only limited artist and art likers. The whole privacy thing is interesting. I think extremely carefully what I write in a comment or a post and exactly who can read it. I think it takes a bit of getting used to realise what is public and private conversations...

I've not yet tried Stellies, this calls for an investigation :D
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As someone who's fascinated by the San and their culture, I'm really looking forward to this series.
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Thanks I really hope that you like it :)
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Surrealismo, surrealismo, that's what Dali says...
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Very interesting! Thank you for sharing! I :heart: it
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