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Loneliness and the memories

By 8025glome
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The real title is:
"Loneliness and the memories included, as time streams back"

This is an emotional one for me as it encapsulates my feelings at this moment as a reaction the events of recent time. Producing this has been therapeutic and I am glad I did it.

I am going to make this a print.
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that..........hurts my brain
GenaroVannucci192's avatar
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brilliant. i love it.
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Oh...I love it..I cant stop staring:)
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looks and feels like wretched heartache - strangely lovely - :) Judy
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A flower
A first love
And happy times
You feel like king of your castle, your world
She is the oasis in your dark, desolate world
The passion
Maybe a child
One wants it
The other dosent
The breakup
The heartache
You lose it
And you lose yourself
And you cut yourself
The agony
The numbing
The loss of touch
The loss of love
The loss of life
The loss...

well? idk, spur of the moment, origonaly just an attempt to understand the painting(drawing?) but I might've gotten a little carried away? *reviews what he's typed* ...
...okay, mebeh a LOT carried away? ^^;
well I'll let you be the judge.
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I'm sure that if Salvador Dali' had a channel on DeviantART, he would surely put your picture into his favs... really good painting :D
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amazing work... reminded me with Salvador Dali's paintings =)
8025glome's avatar
thank you so kindly
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First, I thought you stole this from Dali.
Then I realized you didn't.

It's amazing.
8025glome's avatar
nope not Dali, thanks :)
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Beautiful... I just recently had a very important piano recital... For me, this picture depicted the happening of my recital in a very ironic way for me... This picture worked for me...
8025glome's avatar
hahahahaa, I hope that those that listened to the recital enjoyed what you played even though it might have taken a peculiar twist
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i remember my loneliness
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Very nice...! it's remainds me a paint of Salvador Dali-"Soft Construction with Boiled Beans".like it^^
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thank you, it is quite similar
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This is truly extraordinary. I love where your mind is, which brings up a question? Where exactly is it? Ahaha, your work reminds me of Salvador Dali.
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I really enjoy this piece. It reminds me of Salvador Dali's work. You've done a very excellent job. :+fav:
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You're welcome. =)
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beautifull,....theres something verry Salvador Dali-esqe about this,...its very nice^-^
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