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Pony Me: Story Teller

By 8-BitSpider
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This makes random pony names with story!
Got your new pony? Cool, now you just need a cutie mark
Pony Me: Cutie Marker by 8-BitSpider
By the way...
-You can change the text boxes… if you change the name it will transfer the next time you randomize the story
-Be on the lookout for easter eggs ; )
-You can use for adoptables
-Used some stuff from this

I love to see you’re "OC" or whatever the kids call it now a days, so I’ve made a little folder for yawl. If you make a pony based off of one of the names generated, post it on my Deviant page (with the link to the pic) and I’ll throw it into this…

-Thank you to the good people over at :iconoc-pony-love:
-And a BIG thanks to :iconabbeybunny::icon6tothesource::iconskyrimgirl358::iconnimari-shinigami::iconwertyla::iconbackupaccounttrololo::iconkatsuneottsel::iconcooleevee759: and :iconweresoul: they know why.
-My Little Pony © Hasbro

Later pegasisters and bronies!

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Yes, I would like to know how to use it, too!
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I'm on mobile btw ♡
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How do I use this?

Hey. If it's not too much to ask, may we please get the full list of options in the story maker? I've been trying to find the list online but it's not anywhere. Thanks :)

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Had to dig through some old files

First part of the name: "Astral","Air","Alpha","Amber","Bon","American","Annoying","Apple","Aqua","Asian","Awesome","Bad","Big","Bitter","Blaze","Blazing","Blue","Bright","Broken","Bronze","Cherry","Chimmy","Choco","Chocolate","Classic","Clear","Cosmic","Coco","Cold","Cool","Copper","Cranky","Crazy","Cute","Cutie","DJ","Dark","Da’","Deadly","Delta","Derpy","Desert","Diamond","Dim","Dirty","Dizzy","Doctor","Double","Drama","Eastern","Epic","European","Fancy","Fifth","First","Flutter","Fourth","Gamma","Ginger","General","Gentle","Glass","Golden","Good","Gotta","Gray","Green","Half","Handsome","Happy","Heavy","High","Holly","Honey","Hot","Hyper","Ice","Iron","Luma","Legendary","Lemon","Light","Lightning","Little","Lone","Long","Lovely","Low","Melo","Metal","Meteor","Mini","Mud","Multicolored","My Little","Mysterious","Northern","Nurse","Nyan","Orbital","Old","Omega","Orange","Over","Paper","Party","Peachy","Perfect","Pink","Pinkie","Pure","Purple","Quick","Rainbow","Rainy","Red","Ruff","Stella","Stellar","Sad","Sea","Second","Scatter","Shadow","Smart","Short","Silver","Simply","Slow","Smooth","Snappy","Sonic","Southern","Speedy","Strong","Sugar","Sunny","Super","Sweet","The Great and Powerful","Third","Thunder","True","Under","Vanilla","Warning","Western","Yellow"

Second part of name: " Shower"," Spider"," Angel"," Bon"," Apple"," Apples"," Armor"," Assassin"," Autumn"," Barry"," Beauty"," Bee"," Beetle"," Bell"," Berries"," Blade"," Blink"," Blossom"," Bomb"," Bone"," Bones"," Boom"," Boomer"," Bread"," Bubble"," Bubbles"," Bug","Comet"," Cake"," Candle"," Candy"," Cat"," Changa"," Charge"," Cherry"," Cider"," Class"," Cloud"," Cola"," Computer"," Crasher"," Cream"," Creeper"," Crush"," Crusher"," Cupcake"," Cupcakes"," Curse"," Daiquiri"," Dance"," Dancer"," Dash"," Dasher"," Dashy"," Day"," Days"," Deal"," Derp"," Dessert"," Devil"," Dew"," Dog"," Dovahkiin"," Dream"," Drop"," Dubstep"," Dust"," Dusty"," Eclair"," Egg"," Envy"," Eye"," Eyes"," Factory"," Fear"," Feather"," Feathers"," Fire"," Flame"," Flames"," Flare"," Flower"," Flowers"," Flyer"," Frost"," Halo"," Harvest"," Hawk"," Haze"," Head"," Heart"," Hoof"," Hooves"," Horn"," Horns"," Horseshoe"," Horseshoes"," Hunt"," Hunter"," In Socks"," Jam"," Jazz"," Kill"," Kills"," Lemon"," Lemonade"," Luna"," Mane"," Mess"," Miner"," Mint"," Mints"," Mist"," Moon"," Music"," Night"," Nights"," Noon"," Note"," Notes"," Nova"," Pepper"," Picnic"," Pie"," Pixel"," Pony"," Pop"," Popper"," Pride"," Punk"," Reaper"," Rock"," Roll"," Romance"," Runner"," striker"," strike"," Saddle"," Shimmer"," Shine"," Shy"," Sky"," Snap"," Snow"," Song"," Soul"," Sparkle"," Sparky"," Spawn"," Spin"," Spirit"," Spoon"," Spring"," Star"," Strike"," String"," Strings"," Stuff"," Summer"," Swirl"," Sword"," Swords"," Tart"," Time"," Times"," Top"," Trixie"," Tron"," Twist"," Trouble"," Water"," Waterfall"," Wind"," Wing"," Wings"," Winter"," Wolf"

Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!

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i'd like to give a shout out to the pony named "cute dog"
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Can't we just type in our own Pony names?
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apple computer
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I was generating race.
And got fluffy ponies.
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Okay did it this time.
Fluffy Ponies by puppycornashlynn  
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I got an interesting episode.
It's called "One Trick Pony".
My three characters I have are Flutter Dream, Lightning Leaves and Delta Dream. The episode's synopsis:
"Rumors spread through town of a cursed book peeking the interest of Flutter Dream. Despite the warnings of Lightning Leaves, Flutter Dream and Delta Dream seek it out."
puppycornashlynn's avatar
One of the random names I got (through the episode generator) was Delta Dream.
And he's a frickin a**hole.
"Flutter Dream and Lightning Leaves get involved in a dare off which quickly gets out of control, much to the enjoyment of Delta Dream."
puppycornashlynn's avatar
I've actually gotten OC PERSONALITIES from this. And OC names.
Like just look at this:
"Flutter Dream starts thinking highly of them self after finding out they may be related to royalty."
And I got the name Delta Dream. :3
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I like the subtle Undertale references
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The stars favor you, Delta Comet of pegasi. Born with a beautiful amber mane, flame coat and stuning gray eyes. you lived in a faraway land, where you focus on your studies. Your element of disharmony is Curse.
His pet is a snake named Zeus.
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Season 0 Ep 1: Insane Game
Twilight Sparkle and Spike come up with a new game but become overly competitive.

why isnt this an episode yet
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Celestia smiles upon you this day, Lone Heart of kirins. Born with a beautiful lime mane, red coat and stuning yellow eyes. you lived in Califoalia, where you take care of your two younger brothers. Your element of disharmony is Greed.
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Celestia smiles upon you this day, Cherry Night of alicorns. Born with a beautiful purple mane, pure white coat and stuning purple eyes. you lived in The Everfree Forest, where you mined for the rarest of gems. Your element of harmony is Luck.
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When I first found this, I loved it. And I don't really watch MLP that much.
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Fair greetings to you, Super Angel of kirins.

Born with a beautiful gold mane, salmon coat and stunning gray eyes.

you lived in Ponyville,where you spent very little of your time, due to how often you travel.

 Your element of disharmony is insanity

A fruit bat(Blueberry) named Coco is the perfect pet for you!

I like this generator
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"The stars favor you, Mysterious Wings of corrupted alicorns. Born with a beautiful electric blue mane, lime coat and stunning green eyes. You lived in The Lunar Republic, where you work alongside your family. Your element of disharmony is Sadness."

Me likey this generator. It's cool and interesting. :3
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