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Watership Down - Caught You Napping



"That's no way for an officer of the Owsla to act. Aren't we supposed to be on night patrol?"

"You're one to talk, Dandelion. Now shove off, you're in my face."

Ahaha. Well I never thought I'd get back into this series anytime soon.

So there's a book about rabbits called 'Watership Down' and it's great. That was made into a great movie and then later it was made into a kid's series that got a lot of mixed reception. For me, it's . . . kinda childish and pretty bad compared to the original XD But there's a few little things I like about it.

Anyway, these are two characters from it, Dandelion and Hawkbit. They're great friends, even if they do quarrel and are kinda useless on the team at times. I also kinda ship them . . . if that wasn't obvious, ha.
Could I ever ship them in the book? Probably not. And Hawkbit isn't even in the film so there ya go.

I tried to make this look like a screenshot and I quite like how it turned out ^_^

Watership Down belongs to (c) Richard Adams
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I prefer this ship over Hawkbit x Clover no offense to the people who do ship Hawkbit x Clover .

I just feel this ship makes more sense you know in the series finale image if Hawkbit jumped up and kissed Dandelion.

In my Au Hawk is Bi and Dandelion is Pan.