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The Hourglass and the Die
Let us a play a game of Life
Said the Hourglass to the Die
Hands of Fate, a threaded knife
Falling sands, a wistful sigh
Ev'ry day again they play
Till the old clock doesn't chime
That it ends we have no say
But will Chance win or will Time?
:icon8-0-8:8-0-8 11 15
Mercy by 8-0-8 Mercy :icon8-0-8:8-0-8 3 4 Sacred Stones by 8-0-8 Sacred Stones :icon8-0-8:8-0-8 1 0
Victory and Defeat
That silly game, once played
The endless innocent lover's tirade
I love you, I love you more
There is no winner, is no score
No one expects to beat the other
My heart is that of my lover
Each already knows the answer
But what if this heart had a cancer?
Whispering thine lover's name
Not all lovers love the same
As they tarry, back and forth
Some opposites attract, South and North
No one saw it then, of course
That even with this powerful force
We were already set in our ways
That silly game numbered our days
'I love you more', that last time said
That force which lived, now is dead
As the rain falls all is quiet
Even though my heart denies it
When, everytime in games before
You'd responded 'No I love you more'
This time, no response from you
Because the words I spoke, now were true
This is the way it ends, see
That which was sown, now is reap'd
You were my greatest victory
and I your greatest defeat
:icon8-0-8:8-0-8 7 23
Faded Memories
It's been a long time.
[Feels like longer]
The days grow shorter, and the years grow longer. It seems like memories of a past life, one that I only woke up from yesterday.
I often look back, and wonder how things could've turned out differently; there's plenty of ways. And often, those futures feel like my past, one that never happened.
[Yes, sometimes I feel denied]
I can't say you made the wrong choice; as you said then, when the flame goes out on the candle, it's gone. Of course, it pains me, and that pain is something I learned to live with. It has changed me, in ways that I can't explain to other people. I just know that I can't go back.
[Maybe it's better this way]
I've never stopped loving you; mine is a candle that doesn't flicker, doesn't waver. It burns bright, and steady, for all eternity.
[But the candle still melts away]
I miss holding you when you're hurt, laughing with you when you're happy. I miss hearing your dreams, your crazy stories. The news on your family, the sco
:icon8-0-8:8-0-8 5 11
My Name
I am sought by many, and they often come to scorn me
I can be found inside every person, if you know where to look
I have defined the lives of many
And the deaths
I have broken the greatest heroes
I have redeemed the greatest villains
Empires have crumbled due to my presence or my absence
The Earth itself has been shaped by those who felt me
I was the reason Jesus died on the cross
Some say I am God Himself
I am eternal, neverending and undying, because
I have defeated Death, the Destroyer of Worlds
My name is Love
:icon8-0-8:8-0-8 6 8
Promises Unkept
the promises we made
the things that we felt
my heart was true
but I'm still human
You said you'd fight for me
Heal me if I fell
I said I would love you forever
It was more than a promise, it was truth
I carried you for so long
Cried every night because of your pain
Did my best to heal your wounds
I'm sorry I wasn't there
And then you were alive again
Defeated all of your demons
I was beaten and tired
And you left me here to die
I thought you would fight for me
I thought our love was unconditional
I believed the promises we made
but all in all it's okay
People just say things sometimes
:icon8-0-8:8-0-8 3 11
When you took off that mask you wore
said you didn't need it anymore
But when you looked at me and saw
I wasn't as pretty as you thought
So you said 'wear it or I will not love you again'
I said okay and put it on.
:icon8-0-8:8-0-8 1 15
Stay Away from my Heart
You have been untrue to me in almost every possible way. Every promise that you made you have broken, and though you make new ones I have no doubt they will break too. What's worse is that you don't understand how untrustworthy this makes you; from your perspective it makes perfect sense, and all your betrayals are logical and understandable exceptions to the rule.
I can never trust you again, that's for sure. I've told you things I would have never told anyone else, and though you said you would keep them secret for all time you seem to not know the meaning of such words - which makes me glad I hadn't told you everything, because deep down inside I must've known you were just like the rest of them. Only human.
You're about as two-faced as they come, and impossible to convince otherwise or show your own fallacies. You are proud, and condescending, and though you know you have faults you are too stubborn to admit them or try to change them. You are perfect, or at least in the mirror of
:icon8-0-8:8-0-8 4 43
I Am Screaming
I scream myself to sleep everynight
Keep it silent for the people sleeping nearby
I scream but it's a quiet, quiet night
You'll never hear me.
:icon8-0-8:8-0-8 2 0
Whispering your name
the world seems so the same
time flows, passes by
the frozen tears I cry
laying here on the floor
beneath my heart's shut door
I hear your voice, echoing
then look outside, its snowing
Footsteps on the ground
Running but there's no sound
Feel my heartbeat in my chest
the cool wind of my breath
Your voice again, calling
sounds like we're almost falling
Rising on my feet
Accept no such defeat
Looking for your face
marred by tears of ashen grace
Subtle beauty inside hidden
A ghostly soul lay therein
The cold impact as I run
from room to room till I am done
searching for your fading hand
to take me to that Otherland
Whispering that song
Almost forgotten now, so long
I wrote it once, for you
when both our hearts were true
the knives we played, invisible
ignorance my only evil
Dance of blades on skin
Deep red warmth within
Drops of blood upon the stone
which is your heart, the blood my own
Drive the dagger deep in me
Until the horrid truth you see
Spills from my veins in
:icon8-0-8:8-0-8 1 0
Infinity Particle by 8-0-8 Infinity Particle :icon8-0-8:8-0-8 2 9
Mature content
Corruption - 06 Dark Journey :icon8-0-8:8-0-8 0 0
Serathuu's Bow by 8-0-8 Serathuu's Bow :icon8-0-8:8-0-8 4 4 Shadow-form Morningstar by 8-0-8 Shadow-form Morningstar :icon8-0-8:8-0-8 16 9
Depth of the Spirit
Midnight stars dancing around
Beautiful blue fireflies
cold dark air
a water droplet falls
makes no sound
I can see you
face drifting with the clouds
starlight features
frost on my skin
let me sing for you
"Baby, my baby, my beeaautiful lady
Swim with me and the stars tonight
take my hand, we can fly
make love where shadows lie
follow me into the sky
shhh not a word, not a word
take my hand, we can fly
into the stars tonight
stars tonight"
that smile of yours, so quiet
sensory shivers down my spine
tell me what you're thinking
Press my finger against my lips
I promise I won't tell a soul
Such a deep cold feeling inside
you make me smile too
I can almost see you when I close my eyes
dancing with the bright blue
"Come lay with me, come lay with me
don't speak
words mean not enough
be next to me
sweet ecstasy
Come lay with me my love"
Drifting naked in the sea
cool waves they carry me
moonlight dances on the water
beneath the surface there is no end
there is no light this deep
:icon8-0-8:8-0-8 2 0




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