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Hello pips,
I've been in quite a ride for the past few years, seems like I've been living under a rock. I drowned myself in work to such an axtent that I complettely forgot about the outside world. I lost almost all connection with the community. It's been hectic and tireing at times but on the other hand also incredibly fulfilling. Since everythng went too far, and wore me down, I made the decission to lay back a bit and come back to surface. This was boud to thange at one point or another, and I think that moment has come. I'm now trying to see where I left off, where are the devious people I left behind, how has the community evolved and where it's going. When I used to post here, I was still a student, most works I've done were exercises or simple play done in my spare time. I'm planning to post more regularly now and catch up with you guys. I've also creted a portfolio on Artstation a few days ago in case anyone wants to follow me there too.
Artstation: www.artstation.com/tib_irimia
Instagram: www.instagram.com/tib.irimia/?…
Stay devious my dudes, and have a great time.
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