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Dashboard Gauges

I've searched through the internet but I couldn't find what I wanted. So I've decided to make my own by pulling together a couple of widgets and refining its looks...and here's what I've got. The gauges tell you the status of your computer. Depending on your system, some widgets may not apply. (e.g. Battery status on an iMac)

Tachometer - CPU Usage
Fuel Gauge - Battery Status
Temperature Gauge - Computer's Temperature
Speedometer - Free RAM & Uptime (Built-in Odometer in minutes)

Mirror 1 - [link]
Mirror 2 - [link]

-Speedometer & Tachometer
---Fixes issues with macbook and ram settings.

[Improvements of Speedometer and Tachometer]
Kashidom - [link]

Xgrid@Stanford - [link]

[Eye Candy Scripts]
Xgrid@Stanford - [link]

[System Scripts]
ShockWidgets - [link]

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger is required. If you’re using Safari, click the download link. When the widget download is complete, show Dashboard, click the Plus sign to display the Widget Bar and click the widget’s icon in the Widget Bar to open it. If you’re using a browser other than Safari, click the download link. When the widget download is complete, unarchive it and place it in /Library/Widgets/ in your home folder. show Dashboard, click the Plus sign to display the Widget Bar and click the widget’s icon in the Widget Bar to open it.
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Hmm...wanted to have a look at these - but they're gone...gone gone ya have a link to the archives anywhere else? Love to have this toys (toys?) on my iMac...
Thanks in advance - regardless the outcome! Cheerio!
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Hi, sorry for the very late reply. I just tried, and you still can download this directly via Deviant Art.

how can i download it?
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Click the download button at the side.
If the memory meter points down all the time try to edit file:


Replace (inside updateUsedRAM() function):
"/usr/bin/nice -n 20 /usr/bin/top -l1 -n0 | /usr/bin/awk /^Ph/'{print $8}'"
"/usr/bin/nice -n 20 /usr/bin/top -l1 -n0 | /usr/bin/awk /^Ph/'{print $2}'"

And (inside updateTotalRAM() functions):
"/usr/bin/top -l1 -n0 | /usr/bin/awk /^Ph/'{print $10}'"
"/usr/bin/top -l1 -n0 | /usr/bin/awk /^Ph/'{print $6}'"

It worked on MacBook Air and OS X El Capitan.

Cheers :)

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The speedometer is pointing right down and i don't know how to fix it. And the temp gauge is showing the lowest temperature but I know that it is hotter then that.
I'm running it on a MacBook Air with mavericks.
Could anyone please help me?

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Thank you all for your interests in my widget. This was a really old project of mine. If you have improved it, I'd gladly upload it here to share with everyone and of cause give you the due credit. :)
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I'm sorry. I meant:
var cpuheat = result[3];
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I tried changing the bundle with the temperature obtained (temperature.bundle).

I replaced the compiled executable that doesn't work (miniCpuHeatCore) with one that does work extracted from the widget miniStat2 (miniStatCore).

But I can not correctly change the script of the widget (tempgauge.js) to obtain the temperature of the new bundle (miniStatCore).

In the place where you set cpuheat should put something like:

var result = miniStatCore.updateSensors_andFans_ (UnitType == 'C'? 0:1, (! forSummary | | sFIRSTUPDATE | | sFanSectionExists)? true: false);

cpuheat var = result [3];

but do not understand the syntax of miniStatCore to give me back the temperature.

Can anyone help?
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anyone know how to fix the temperature gauge?

I'm afraid that the problem is in the file compiled miniCpuHeatCore and therefore without the source code will not be solved.

To fix the battery gauge:

1) Download the widget
2) Right click and go to "Show Package Contents"
3) Open "" and replace the entire file with this line:

for(`ioreg -w0 -l | grep Capacity`){eval"\$".substr($1,3,1)."=$2"while/(\w+)"=(\d+)/g};printf"%.1f,%d,%d,%d",$r*1E2/$a,$g&1,$g&2/2,$n if$a;

4) Save, close, install

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I've seen you fix the perl code in the battery widget.

I'm trying to fix the temperature widget. But my skills are insufficient.

I think the easiest way is to monitor the temperature using a compiled executable TempMonitor that is within the program Temperature Monitor (…. TempMonitor allows for the temperature from the terminal.

In the terminal
"TempMonitor-ds-c-a-l | grep CPU | sed-e 's / ^ [^:] *: / /'"

It returns me the following:
53 C
51 C

I want to make some instructions on perl ( to trim the first two issues of this result, and so provide the temperature to the widget. In the same way that works that you have repaired.

Do you think it's a good way? Can you help me?

It didn't come out right. Go here:

i can't get temperature & battery gauge working. how do i fix it? what do i do?

i'm using macbook Pro (snow leopard)
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Hi, thanks for using my widgets. They were made a while back when I was running Tiger on my old iBook (Pre macbook days). My iBook has since died and I am now using a Mac Mini. Therefore there is no way I can upgrade my codes against new OS (leopard and above) since a Mac Mini doesn't have a battery. There's nothing much you can do unless you know how to make widgets, in which you can look at my codes and change them yourself. I believe it's via "right-click, show package contents". If you managed to do it, let me know. I will share it here and credit you. Thanks again for using my widgets.
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This is just awesome.
Thanks for sharing
Hey I just installed this and the Tachometer just reads full XD My computer (macbook pro) is running just fine but according to the gauge it's running on full tlit xD

Any suggestions?
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Thank you for your interest in my widgets. I did these widgets long ago and are designed to run on Tiger OSX. I do not currently have any plans to make Leopard or Snow Leopard compatible version. If you have any knowledge on widget making, feel free to edit it and perhaps you can send it to me to share it with the community and I will credit accordingly. :)

Thanks so much, i'll look into it!
Speedometer and tach work awesome, but the temp and fuel gauges don't work at all.
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Thank you for your interest. Those widgets were designed for Tiger OSX. I've have yet to find time to get them to work on Leopard.

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