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Pixel art tutorials

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 29, 2014, 12:07 PM

So I made that poll of whether I should be making a pixel art tutorial or not, and "yes" won by a large margin. The problem is, now thinking about it, there isn't anything new I could be adding when making one.

First that I'm not good at making tutorials, but most importantly, I can't think of a single thing to write about that hasn't been done before. For that, I'm just going to list here some of the tutorials that I feel are the most interesting.

Art tutorial by Arne - Pixel art is still just art, and so, concepts of color, light and shape are the most important aspects of doing it well.
Pixel art tutorial by Arne - Great examples on the techniques and mistakes of pixel art.
No bullshit pixel art tutorial - An awesome tutorial for those who don't know where to start.

And PixelProspector's list of pixel art tutorials and drawing and animation tutorials should contain everything you need.

I'm drawing pokemanz

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 18, 2014, 12:19 PM

I'm starting a project in which I repaint the original pokemon red/blue sprites: Posting twice a day!

Commission Work - Status: Busy

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 3, 2013, 6:53 PM


:bulletyellow: Busy

Pixel-art icons

Game icons for objects, spells and such.

Size 32x32 - (around 2.5$ each - see rate below)

 (old style, matches the free icons in my gallery)
 (new style, better colors and shading)
 (no-border, to be used on a fixed color background)
 (colored border, better for light backgrounds)

Size 24x24 - (around 1$ each - see rate below)


Size 16x16 - (around 0.5$ each - see rate below)


Rate: 15$/h


henriquelazarini (at)

- Only work with direct payment, no revenue sharing.
- Please provide a complete list of what you need, as that speed up the work a lot, here's an example: [link]

Payment must be made through paypal… Watch it until the end, where you can hear the sound very clearly.

After seeing the theory that you could hear songbird's cry while at Fort Frolic, I decided to take a closer look at it. Other videos I saw weren't clear enough, and for the most of it I wouldn't believe unless seeing it by myself.

You can clearly hear a screeching sound multiple times. You could say the sound play too many times, or that Songbird doesn't actually scream like that, but nonetheless it's funny how the developers planned this easter egg so ahead in time.

Want to check it by yourself? Get this save file:… It places you right at the elevator where this video starts.
Hey everybody! I just released my first game! It's an endless run game, but you're climbing instead of running. You can play it here:…
I got a new PoE key and I'm giving it away
You just have to retweet this message:…
Good luck!
Hi all,
here's some stuff I wanted to update my journal with

:bulletorange: My buddy :iconx-wing9: recently started taking commissions, please go take a look at his stuff and give him some love <3

:bulletorange: Me and some buddies (:iconx-wing9: :iconguaxguax: and others) recently made a game for the Ludum Dare compo. We got some good ratings, we are really exited about it, check it out here:…

That's all, byebye
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So I've been playing around with this thing, making maps is fun. Hard, but fun.

I'm not sure how is the best way to link them, but try this link:…
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Mah buddy Guax :iconguaxguax: is beginning to take commisions, you should check it out here…
Me and my buddies finished our game for LD23
See more about it and play here:…
Me and some friends will be together for LD#23 Jam

- livestream cancelled -

And follow our group twitter @indiedeadpixel

Thx everybody ^^
Looking for some free music? Check out this album made by Erick Skiff, its free, so you can use on your games and all… :iconirapeitplz:
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Check out this awesome game my buddy Danilo Dias just put a teaser video for:…

Oniken is a 2D sidescroller action packed game that capture the NES feel perfectly
Keep an eye out for it!
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Criei um novo grupo no DA, o Pixel Paraíso, um descendente espiritual do meu fórum Pixel Paradise, que hoje deixou de existir :'(

Pra qualquer pixeleiro que leu esta mensagem, o grupo está aqui:
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48 hours limit. 8 hours of sleep. 36 hours of work. 1 game made.
Ludum dare is awesome.

Download and picture of my game here:…

Watch timelapse here:…
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This weekend i'll be participating on Ludum Dare #22.
I'll be livestreaming it, you can either follow me on twitter @7SoulDesign, or check this journal later for links and/or more info
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My buddy :iconx-wing9: is hosting an xmas collab! Head over there and give him some support!…
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Hey everybody, long time no see o/

Turns out i'm working on a new icon set, its 100 times better than that other one I made, and it will be improved in many ways. For instance, each icon will be available in 3 styles, one anti-aliased, for dark backgrounds, one with colored outline and one with black outline.
I will also make separate variations, and that means that, if the pack contains 400 icons, they will be 400 UNIQUE icons, all made from scratch. If there are edits to that icon, like one is a gold ring, and the other a silver ring, the variation will come separately.


Anti-aliased, black outline, selective outline

One other important difference is that I want to make some cash out of this. And this is where everybody might get mad at me >_<
But i'm not that greedy, I only got that many watchers because of those free icons, so i'll remember you guys. I'm not sure yet, but i'm probably going to do something like this: half the icons for free, in one or two styles, while the other half, one style and the variations are only for buyers

The thing is, I need some help. I have some problems being creative, so I need ideas.
This help would speed up the project immensely. I'm aiming for another 400 icons, and I have around 150 so far.
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