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Small Icons - Arena

Some small icons (15x15px) i made for a Roguelike game called The Arena. The game wasn't finished because we lost our programmer, and we couldn't find another one.

Edit: The icons are now available for download for free:…

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I love the cloaks, tunics, & vessels.
BTW, the license here on DeviantArt says "Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0". Just wanted to let you know because you said they are public domain.
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They don't have an options to show it as public domain, so I just removed it then

I also updated the link as it was broken
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Okay. I was wondering about that. I've only uploaded a few works here on DeviantArt, under CC BY. I knew that they allowed using other Creative Commons licenses & figured they also allowed CCO/PD.
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Wow, found your art on opengameart :) Really awesome stuff :)
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since this pack is now free to use, can you please make the backgrounds transparent?
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My mistake. The .zip now has all transparent images
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These are really cute avatars! Too bad it's lacking female characters :(
Teu desenho tem muito potencial, queria ter tempo pra fazer uns joguinhos contigo!
Cool stuff! Who knows, it could be useable for some other roguelike in the future...
Is the game these icons were made for still on idle? If so, what language was being used to develop the game? I'm a flash programmer myself and may be able to provide some assistance seeing as most of the art looks finished.
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This was going to be on the iPhone, that's the only information i have
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Nice, would it be ok if I used some if not all of the images on here?
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Sorry but these are not available for use
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alright thank you, do you have any player icons that i can use?
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No, sry, the only ones to use are in the 420 pack
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alright, thank you anyways for at least answering back i hate when people don't do that. :)
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Me permita dizer em bom português que admiro muito seu trabalho
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E me permita dizer que eu agradeço ;D
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Pô ficaram bacanas, um estilo simples, acho ainda mais difícil, porque um pixel fora do lugar e dá pra notar bem o erro. D:

Lembro da title screen que tu fez pro jogo, ficou demais também. XD
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Pretty sweet. Different from your usual style.
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Thx, i really had to go for a different style here, cuz of the style of the game, and mostly becouse of the size, as i cant use my trademark'd black outline on such small icons ^^
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