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420 -Pixel Art- Icons for RPG

Set of 420 RPG icons, free for commercial use
You can download a pack with them all in individual .png files here:…

Inspired by Maplestory, Ragnarok Online and Diablo 2



So this guy @_Engrenage_ made this cool html+css sprite code to show the icons. It might be useful to someone if you're working on a browser game. Preview:…



I removed any icon where I used an icon from another game as a base. Someone pointed out to me that using something from a commercial game as a base and making it public is a bad move, even when unintentional. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Public Domain
This work is free of known copyright restrictions..
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nice, gonna save this one.

gonna have to make the other sprites in pixel art if i use this tho XD

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Thanks ! xoxo

50x50 piece of one and make an icon for yourself, Icons rock >_> I've been making them for friends lol - though I do just the pixel art ones ^^ an

Thank you! By the way, that is an excelent piece of work! I'll surely credit you in my works! See ya!

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Using, thanks <3

sacrificialknife's avatar

how do I save one of em

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You can download the pack of files from the first link in the description
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oh, i just downloaded the image from deviantart XD

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Using! Thank you!!
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Hehe 420 pixels... alll riiight
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Lovely work thanks for sharing!
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Are there any Platinum Shotels? Asking for a friend :3
7Soul1's avatar
These are all there is
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Thanks for sharing!!
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How do I resize these to fit into rpgmaker mv?
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MV has 16 icons on each line, so if you increase this iconset canvas to be 512 it will work
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I see, many of them are from Honeyball's texture packs :D
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Hey, why are some of the icons in this set "blocked"? Are they not finished or do you just not want to include them for everyone?
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