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16x16 RPG Icons - Pack 1 - Free Sample



This is part of a big pack of game graphics I'm going to release over the year. Pack 1 contains over 1400 items and skills icons. This free sample contains a small selection of those icons.

The pack is out and can be purchased here (20% off): 7soul.itch.io/7souls-rpg-graph…
The full assets pack is also discounted: itch.io/s/1686/7souls-rpg-asse…

Free Sample Download (.zip): www.dropbox.com/s/0tu5svgj1guz…

The icons in this free sample can be used for commercial works.

EDIT: Added 10 icons and "black border" style icons to the free pack

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TL;DR: don't resell the icons and you're good

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