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The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.

the idea isn’t originally mine; this was an idea to show on an school editorial [link] I made.
I displayed it like a font presentation file; and also made it so, that the action/movement could be understood.
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ahahaha boa ideia! xD
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haha :D axas mesmo? LOL

opa, foi uma ideiazinha so para prencher mais umas paginas do meu trabalho hehe
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ahaha arranjaste uma boa maneira de preencher mais umas páginas :P. Mas, é uma ideia simples e as ideias simples são sempre as melhores :D
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Great work. I love the concept.
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thanks, I guess this work worth the wile ;)
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Hahaha, briljant! I'm laying strike on the ground..
Maybe a bit more detail? But on the other hand, is it the beauty of the simplicity in this work.. That makes it so strong!

Great job and very funny :D
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thanks, if a changed anything it would be the presentation, I would make it more like an font file showcase window, but that just gives to mush work haha
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Lol.. Yeah maybe that would make the link more visable..
But it's still an amazing work..
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:D haha

thanks, school makes me do this kind of stuff haha
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Oh I get it! It's a cool idea and has a great visual effect
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:D hahaha
that's exactly the reaction I got from some people
"Ohhhhh!!! I get it." haha
it's actually not very direct... my bad...

thanks bush for the comment ;)
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That's a good thing though! :P
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Superb illustration of a well-known pangram.

The dog almost looks like he's ducking for the fox; it's not as explicitly lazy as if he were lying down.

Since most people know the phrase, it might be an idea to remove the phrase to allow it to subtly sink in.
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I couldn't lay the dog down... :(
or else, it would look like some amorphous abstract sack of potatoes... LOL

Ohhh… believe me… there are some dume-dumes out there… hehe… most people I shown it, took a wile to get it…

Thanks a lot for the comment, very appreciated
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