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the worlds enemy

Hi ! i'm back from a busy month, this week i have finished sephiroth, so i made a pic of the Crisis core version.

render with VFC : 3 hours
Postwork : around 6 hours

Hope you like it :)

C & C welcome

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no one ever makes Cloud or Sephiroth perfect, with good quality,  like it IS in FF VII. clouds hair, eues, sephiroths hair eyes?
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looks like MJ LOL!!!
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When I saw this picture I heard his theme music from Kingdom Hearts in my head. Man he whooped my tail...took like 6 tries before I defeated him. Awesome pic. Love his eyebrows.
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badass as always : )
Laineyfantasy's avatar
OMG this is amaizing he looks so real here :)
Rau-Le-Creuset's avatar
Genesis: "The World needs a new Hero."
Sephiroth: *smiling* "Come and try."
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Amazing! Really great work!!
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its awsome quality, im a huge sephiroth fan :3
but his hair is looking really short lol, and whats the pinkish circle above his right jacketbracer.
other than that this is really awsome looking, love the textures and the hair looks really realistic : )
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Seriously this kicks ass, I only managed to make one with poser a few years ago, I finished Tifa recently.

Great job!!
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This is really amazing!
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Very cute Sephiroth!!
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Unlocked file: my new wallpaper * _ *
Frutodetuimaginacion's avatar
*_____________________________________* Unlocked file: my new wallpaper * _ *
Laineyfantasy's avatar
Amaizing, almost real, lol imagine if he were a real guy mmmmmmm :)
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What program did you use ?
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AMAZING!!!! your works is is is... i don't a world! *O*
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Absolutely gorgeous...
But isn't his hair supposed to be a bit longer? I always thought it was about knee length.
Regardless, this render is top gun.
The textures are magnificent.
Amazing job. :thumbsup:
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