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July 20, 2011
Wolf by *Wen-JR. Suggester Statement: Not only is this sexy and moody as hell but the artist has managed a very realistic render while keeping the facial features true to the style of the characters original depiction in metal gear solid.
Featured by KeremGo
Suggested by Muffin-Machine
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BACK!! a little tribute to sniper wolf to begins the action :D well she forgot her cloth for the shooting but i guess it's okay with everyone :p ??

©2011 ~ Graphics by Wen-JR - (Sniper wolf) Copyright © Konami, based on an artwork by Yoji Shinkawa
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© 2011 - 2021 7bpictures
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the lightning makes her powerful.Strong 'Revamp'

Robobeer's avatar
I love the lighting! Awesome pose and character as well!
SwitchKillaa's avatar
everything about this is great! but im curious. what happened to the other boot? >.< 
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BlackrockLegacies's avatar
that looks like Fox, from Gargoyles, cool, I think she's a wolf anyway... she looks FINE
like super fine...
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seppie08's avatar
looks incredible , great job 
grazerone's avatar
Awesome piece of art:clap::+fav:
Edwardv17's avatar
I can take you out at 2000 meters and then some :)
nice picture i love it
linuxUsr117's avatar
Hot damn! Beyond seductive, yet just as powerful!
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DyllanTheDrawer's avatar
My word, now thats amazing.
linuxUsr117's avatar
Forgot how stunningly beautiful she is.  Illustration, shading, colouring, pose, hell even the angle is perfect.  Location of the gun just adds on.
Very beautiful artwork 
spartiAtes's avatar
Seriously awesome!!!!
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TheShatteredOne's avatar
I'd love to see a companion piece to this of Quiet from MGSV :D
you are a genius!
TheSeaRogue's avatar
Nice, and it's ok with me.
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