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Tia halibel portrait_MAJ

Tired with this one...

There is always some thing whoo don't wana work... composition etc...

Anyways, i just hope you'll enjoy it

Halibel Tia (Bleach) Copyright © Tite Kubo.
CGArt by wen-jr

EDIT : fixed her nose / face and many details
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Like the whole thing. There is one detail I want to point out. The fingers of her left hand are a little weird. The other parts are great. Woul you kindly make this picture into a print and also make other arrancars like this. Not like her but the same stylr and color and other stuff that you do. I would like a segunda version of her. There are segunda versions of her on this web site but it will be cool when you make a version of her segunda into your style of art. Just fix her fingers on this picture.
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

this is definitly the best Halibel art on the internet, saw this on tons of forums over the years and it never lost its impact on the crown.

Everything in it is original and its bursting of awesomness.

The only thing i noticed was wrong is her nose , her highlight makes the nose really thin and curvy,
But other that its an amazing job.

ANd btw i know how to rate and it totally deserved it,, definitly your best work ever

All praise Wen-jr samaaaaaa

Just need to fill the text limit if you will excuse me sorry, 13.12 b
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your welcome :) and you deserve it xD
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Absolute amazing terrific fantastic work, looks sooo epic
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wow i've seen your work before but never knew who the actual artist was (Im a hugeeeeeeeeee Haribel fan) and i'm so glad i found you aha
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This whole piece seems to scream with energy. Awesome work!
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So cool!  It's so nice to see a piece on this character that isn't focused on her sexuality.  Instead, she's dangerous.  I love the coloring; it looks like there's some sort of energy/flame/electric properties to her speed and/or powers in general.  
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It's gorgeous, if only the anime would have been done this way.
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Flawless work!
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OMG!! I love this, Its just so <3 great :3
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This... is phenomenal. Wow. Your talent is undeniable.

Excellent job!
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Daaaaammmm... IS INCREDIBLE!!!! Halibel looks so TRULY AWESOME... !!! It's so sad what the Quincy's are doing it with her, she doesn't deserve that kind of treatment... :-(!!!
This is amaaaazing~
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This is the visual incarnate of absolute badassery o.o
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this is the best halibel that i have seen on internet
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How do you do it.. Seen some now, but.. how? It's so .. amazing.. O.o
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This is fantastic. Very beautiful artwork.
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