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My last work, started yesterday evening,

C4D/Vray + photoshop

about 10 hours. and also my first bleach fanart, not the last ^^

enjoy ;)
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So detailed model! All shapes in C4D? Loooks light but juicy)))
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MIS felicitaciones son increible tus trabajos 
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It's cool. It has great lighting. Beautiful even. 

But I don't see that/him as being Kuchiki Byakuya. Personally, I think the face looks a bit to pointed and young to be him. 
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Woooooo.! Senbonzakuraa.!  ~
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Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love la in love 
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Amazing detail.. the textures, the lights and shadows, the intensity of the facial expression... I love it!
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You rock my world.
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This is so freaking amazing. I have no words
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It's gorgeous, but I can't get over the fact that he's a little cross-eyed, focusing on the dissolving part xD Very cute, which just isn't a word that can be applied to Byakuya xD
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If this Go to 3D movie like this

i can't speak any word
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This is realistic, too. :) Byakuya looks so peaceful...not a word I ever thought I'd apply to him, but still. Great job!
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looks like a girl
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Thank you! All of his masculinity is just gone in this picture!
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Love it. It's so amazing and beautiful. and for once Byakuya doesn't look comletely pissed off or bored. haha
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omfg it is perfect in every way
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