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Samus Tribute

Samus aran / Metroid is © Nintendo ~ art by Romeo Jonathan ( Aka Wen-JR)

thought to start by making some fanart :)

I don't know Metroid that well, played only once but i remember i really liked it ^^ anyway i always wanted to make
that suit in 3D, i try to keep the design as close as possible from original but took some freedom on it hope you people don't mind

 * Metroid belongs to Nintendo i think ? copyright stuff me being very professional :> *

Have fun
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© 2014 - 2021 7bpictures
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I'm simply mind-blown by this gorgeous and amazing creation. 🤯 The amount of layered detail in this piece is, well, out of this world. 😲🌌

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I love this as a concept. Iffy about nipples poking through a thick zero suit, but the attention to the lore that she needs to constantly concentrate on having the Power Suit (Varia in this case) activated shows through well here, as though she's pre-prepping for a mission.

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I would love to have this as a print :o
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Sweet! Nicely done! = D
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You did an amazing job here.
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Sweet Jesus! Dude, that's awesome!
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This is awesome beyond words man!
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I like the blue!
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this is so fucking amazing
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What can I say that hasn't already been said? This is absolutely stunning! From the look in her eyes to all the gorgeous, detailed and brightly colored components of the suit, is is a beautiful piece of art. You have done a fantastic job!
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this is amazing!!!!
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Gosh such a well done job here kind soul~ Do keep on drawing. If I may give some small advice. Try to focus on more shading. Like stuff like this.… or this…

or screenshots that have better shading veiws too. Like here… and here… and here too… for examples~

Ah.....suggestions. Just suggestions really. Your doing great no joke~ Keep on working hard alright?
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i will see a little dead girl in me
that's a change for once in a while, i hope this works.
i mean i didn't get why she cuts me open but i think it's cool that she will enter my body afterwards or something idk.
can't wait till monday!
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hey, I made a fan fiction story about her a few years ago with drawings and the plot revolves around her being half Metroid. you see after an accident the only way to save her was to infuse baby( that is the name of the last Metroid that hangs around her from game two) baby's blood and her suit even changed I am trying to get the strength to continue the story.
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Absolutely gorgeous! One of my all-time favorite video game characters
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Samus' Hard Nipple Kinda Ruined It, No Offence, Good Art :)
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My beautiful Samus Aran!!!! She's the best!!! (Love how ya made this)
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It's so beautiful!! You're awesome!!
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