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Edit :

Fixed : hair, breast, mask, textures, lighting and colors

Tss i realy can't stop making fanart xD

Is this realy ichigo ?

I hope no :)

cause is realy badass ^^

So the unknow guy is modeled textured and renderd within C4D, sculpted with zbrush.

Some changes in my workflow, the render is pretty simple, GI + SSS + spec + HAIR + sketch & toon no reflection

©2009 ~ Graphics by Wen-JR - (Bleach) Copyright © Tite Kubo.
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This is absolutely breathtaking... Incredible work!!

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i will eventually cosplay this, and i really wanna try for this version though it'll be harder than the original.  I've got the body type, just gotta get good at molding the mask.
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Found this at a posterstand at a cosplay convention. (i have not used this account in yeeears) just logged in to say i hope you got something out of it. 
all in all this is an awe inspiring print. 
I found this on google images a looong time ago and used it for a phone background for almost a year. Can't believe i found the original through another of your pictures :o
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I have a poster of this one in my bedroom, i didn't know when i buy it someone stole it to sell, sorry 
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sorry to hear that too, but at least you have a poster you like :) that's why i make pictures in the end ^^
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I love this picture. I have your Ulquiorra Vastor Lorde Ichigo and Neliel as my wallpaper. i want to go to college for this sort of thing so maybe someday my art wont suck.
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I absolutely love this picture... It´s amazing ! one of the best pictures I have seen... ever!
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This is Awesome. That fight was one of the best in the series. 
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Wen-JR, I know you don't want people using your artwork for videos, but it was one of those that brought me here. It was this picture that made me look for you. Found it!

This image is so strong and embodies the emotional scene of Ichigo's resurrection much better than the original. I am in love with it.

Keep up the good work!
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O.O........ *runs away*
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man that's a wicked render.
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man ....i love this
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Very good work \m/ Congratulations
Strength in your projects : )
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Holy frig...soo much epicness! I've loved this picture from afar now I get to see the epic artist that made it! x3
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I love this <3 I love everything about this
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SO....... Amazing......... Gaaaahhh <3
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Hey dude, I made a signature using this:
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Holy S! I want a render of this *o* Super Badass
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Ichigo. Hollow. Awesome.
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details and colors are outrageous......
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