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July 28, 2016
O.N.Y.X by Wen-JR exemplifies exceptional character modeling; a piece with striking expressive qualities and realistic details that herald a powerful, frightening narrative. 
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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Back to the dark :D

No description for now, but more informations will come, probably, one day x'D

C4D / Octane / zbrush
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Very nice work, love it!

You gotta get your stuff onto RenderHub :

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How do you get these skin textures?
And what digital art app do you use?
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An alien battle mage? :) (Smile) 
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wicked awesomeness
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beautiful design!!
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Il est superbe, singulier en envoûtant, quel regard! Magnifique!
Félicitations pour cette DD bien méritée :heart:
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this is wonderful!
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reminds me of Pan from Pan's Labyrinth
epic work
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Very cool ! :clap: 
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oh my how are you even able to draw this o.o its so cool!!! i love it!
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My first thought was "What movie is this? I like the look of it!"
This is just amazing! :wow: I love the design, lightning, everything!
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This is so stunning... I litterally sat here slack-jawed for a minute!

The textures, the sculpting... The design is unique and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Details! Those Little hairs, the texture of the eyes and the gaze... On top of all I like the composition and the colours, not to mentaion the really good lighting!

Superb work!
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this is amazing
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Wonderful work! :heart: 

Congrats on the DD~!!! :clap:
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GG pour la Daily Deviation !!
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Oh wow!  That is just cool!  Great work!  :wow:  :D
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If you do a lot with that genre of art you should consider latching on to an author who can put your work in their book, as well as promote you.
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Wow... Mate, that is simply awesome!!! There's something about him that's so terrifying... I guess is the three eyes (good job on that aspect, its very rare I see a third eye well made and placed), and the horns, and his general expression... 

Really, really good job! Congratulation on the DD, you deserve it! :heart:
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A very interesting creature and a great piece of art.
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Amazing model and great skill as well.
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Very nice! Congrats on the DD
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