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edit : hair, picture size, colors, etc...

3d version, full sculpt no rigg. 2 days of work

Render vray for c4d : 58 min
Postwork about : 8 hours

What's next ? ^^

Some new experiments with polygonal + opacitymap for the hair

First work i'm realy happy with, that was a real long work
( 2 days about 12 hours by day ^^ )

Hope you like it
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Really well done!
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really nice work :D keep it up!
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Spooky!? This is spooky->FnaF Icon [49] - Nightmare Bonnie Jumpscare 
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This is simply amazing!
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Simply Beautiful
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This is spooky nice. :) 

I like how you treated her clothes. 
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You're so good at textures
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Oh gawd, you did justice to one of the most awesome underrated Bleach characters around! 
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 i love nel.even in that form she is still a bit childish.that straightforward attitude of hers does not chance a bit XD
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Amazing!!!!!!! :3 :]
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Favorited!!! =D
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Awesome, you have worked so hard! xx
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u should be happy with this
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Realmente Bueno el dibujo de bleach en forma realista
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So real, so great. o.o
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This is really realistic, epic and badass! Amazing! :D
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the texture in this drawing is amazing*.* looks so real!
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This is amazing! Doge 
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