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Fiouu... i gat five more like that in progress...

New chara design for Heccate ( just her military uniform as prime commander.. )

It took damn long too, about 5 days nonstop...
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Wow!Magnificent detail!
5 days, and they pay it! It's just freaking amazing!!!
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Your understanding of materials is magnificent.
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That texture...Ugh I'm in heaven.
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WOW! That outfit is just fucking awesome! (Y) Love it! <3
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How did you do the leather texture on her uniform? Its amazing!
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Face And Hair Are Amazing

Harumi <3
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Very cool design; I love the parkings on her face and her outfit.
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This is beyond words.
How do you to your fabric? is it a pattern? or a brush? Insane detail!
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Leather is so real, I feel I could reach out and touch it!
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The cloth textures are amazing!! And the embroidery.... I haven't words. I love it!
WOOOOWWWW!!! Superb !!!!!
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Genial. Especially the expression
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it´s hard to believe what you are able to do! Brilliant seems a poor word to put on it. It´s lovely, on all levels. Merci.
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amazing man. would love to see a case study of this.
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HOLY CRAP!! i cant believe you can do all this on photoshop!! i cant do crap compared to you. So jealous :D
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