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So! I've decided to start taking commissions~ :D

---Currently: OPEN!

I am willing to draw most things so feel free to ask! 

*Can draw in both traditional and digital media; let me know what you prefer.
*Please do not ask me to copy another artist's style.
*reference pictures and detailed descriptions are extremely helpful!

If you would like to commission me or have any questions, please feel free to message me anytime either here or through email at!

Thank you so much in advance!

Please note that these are base prices. Contact me for an exact quote based on what you'd like. :)
***prices ARE negotiable.*

$5 sketch
$10 color
**special** $12 for 2 to 3 characters COLORED

2inchSheet by 7AirGoddess3 Sailormbutton by 7AirGoddess3 Mikubutton by 7AirGoddess3 Erenbutton by 7AirGoddess3 Chiibutton by 7AirGoddess3 Magibutton by 7AirGoddess3 Totorobutton by 7AirGoddess3

Sketch: $10
+$5 each additional character

Happy Valentines~ Demyth + Valkyria by 7AirGoddess3  KaiLeira-- by 7AirGoddess3   Una by 7AirGoddess3   Totoro by 7AirGoddess3  Hush by 7AirGoddess3

Colored Sketch: $15
+$6 each additional character

Dev by 7AirGoddess3   Designss by 7AirGoddess3    Cyclops by 7AirGoddess3   Rezz-1-- by 7AirGoddess3

 Full Color Portrait/Bust: $20
***Realism/semi-realism starting at $35

Kai- Realistic-ish by 7AirGoddess3  Elephants in Technicolor by 7AirGoddess3  Behind The Mask by 7AirGoddess3   Star killer by 7AirGoddess3   Rezz - Realistic-ish (unfinished/wip) by 7AirGoddess3   Free-Makoto by 7AirGoddess3  Sailor Moon - Crystal Sky by 7AirGoddess3

 Full Color Fullbody: $30
+$15 each additional character

Imaginary Kingdoms by 7AirGoddess3  Juliet Starling - Bleeding Rainbows by 7AirGoddess3   Character Concept -- Nova by 7AirGoddess3   BottleMikuFINAL by 7AirGoddess3   Howl's Moving Castle - Skyscape by 7AirGoddess3

Other (Comic pages, animations, etc.): Prices will vary based on project so please contact me if you have something a little different you'd like me to do!
Commission: Super Speed Comic Page by 7AirGoddess3


please shoot me a note or an email if you're interested!

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