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patterns: set no.7 by 77words patterns: set no.7 :icon77words:77words 699 77 patterns: set no.6 by 77words patterns: set no.6 :icon77words:77words 908 79 patterns: set no.5 by 77words patterns: set no.5 :icon77words:77words 224 8
patterns: set no.4 by 77words patterns: set no.4 :icon77words:77words 93 1 patterns: set no.3 by 77words patterns: set no.3 :icon77words:77words 54 0 patterns: set no.2 by 77words patterns: set no.2 :icon77words:77words 58 3 patterns: pattern fever by 77words patterns: pattern fever :icon77words:77words 72 3 textures: patterned by 77words textures: patterned :icon77words:77words 11 0 textures: mixed bag by 77words textures: mixed bag :icon77words:77words 10 0 textures: joy in division by 77words textures: joy in division :icon77words:77words 6 1 textures: green calx by 77words textures: green calx :icon77words:77words 22 1 textures: gorecki by 77words textures: gorecki :icon77words:77words 5 0 textures: glitch by 77words textures: glitch :icon77words:77words 11 0 textures: odds and ends by 77words textures: odds and ends :icon77words:77words 3 0 textures: eple by 77words textures: eple :icon77words:77words 13 1 textures: dark horizon by 77words textures: dark horizon :icon77words:77words 4 0 brushes: crayon doodles no.2 by 77words brushes: crayon doodles no.2 :icon77words:77words 38 1 brushes: crayon doodles no.1 by 77words brushes: crayon doodles no.1 :icon77words:77words 9 2 textures: colour crazy by 77words textures: colour crazy :icon77words:77words 11 0 textures: chroma by 77words textures: chroma :icon77words:77words 13 0 textures: candy bleach by 77words textures: candy bleach :icon77words:77words 10 0 gradients: blues by 77words gradients: blues :icon77words:77words 212 30 textures: believo by 77words textures: believo :icon77words:77words 4 0 textures: assorted by 77words textures: assorted :icon77words:77words 4 0


someoneoutside122 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011
Well, I don't know how to say this but there are some girls on Tumblr that are using your patterns and claiming as their own... The Tumblrs are and / They don't even have a credits page, click on 'util' and on 'extras' to see your patterns, please check.
llenalove Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2012  Student Interface Designer
both brazilians... *shy*
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