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My Bio
I'm insane. Live with it.

But anyways~!

I'm very active in the deviant art community, unless out of town you can find me on here for several hours every day. I very much enjoy drawing and well as writing so you'll see me posting that here. If you watch me, prepare in advance to have your inbox flooded, I post way much more than I should but most of my watchers don't mind.

Anyways, about me? I'm a huge space addict, I swear I've probably watched an unhealthy amount of Red Dwarf and Star Trek. I also get really excited over stuff like asteroids and the discovery of every single new exoplanet. I'm a bit weird. Live with it. I also enjoy collecting Pullip and Isul Dolls, which come from Japan. My friends don't understand how I sleep at night since they stare at me. Its rather creepy. Er... what else? I've been learning Japanese since 2011. One day (if colonizing Mars doesn't work out lol) you'll be able to find me teaching English to young students in Japan as well as writing and drawing to make money on the side. I guess I've got my life planned~!

So thanks for stopping by, and feel free to say hello. :meow:


My Original Species:
(Main Species)

:bulletpink: Ai No Hana: Ai No Hana Closed Original Humanoid Species Info:iconhikawaiiplz:
:squee: I have decided to make a species feathering my favorite cultural mix. Asian-inspired + Native American Inspired. They are a closed species but customs/commissions are open. ;3 They are called Ai No Hana (Japanese) which means Love's Flower in English. Lol I thought this out a lot... :happybounce:
:damphyr: Basic Info:
:bulletyellow: Where they live: Ai No Hana are a race of people that live in the beautiful world of Hanghae (Meaning Voyage in Korean).  It was given this name by the first settlers of the land. It is a small world filled with many different kingdoms and smaller village groups that resign in no kingdom. The main kingdoms are: Hwangbo, Jeung, Xu, Qiao, Moema, Rayen, and Wayna. Each has its own take on the culture.  Hanghae is slightly hotter than earth but not by much, the poles are also extremely cold. You can find the map of this

:bulletblue: Juru-Juru: Juru-Juru Closed Original Humanoid Species Info:iconhikawaiiplz:
:squee: I have decided to make another species to put in the world of Hanghae!  They are called The Juru-Juru and are very different than the Ai No Hana which they share the planet with.  I think of Ai No Hana as "light" and "happy" people.  The Juru-Juru are darker and a bit grim.  
I co-own this species with: :iconFat-Doodles: and :iconToxic-Scribbles: Which means we came up with most of the ideas together.  They own the species right with me which means they can make their own too.  
:damphyr: Basic Info:
:bulletyellow: Where they live: Juru-Juru live on the world of Hanghae as nomads.  The climate ranges from pleasant to unbearable on all ends of the spectrum.  Hanghae is a little bit hotter than earth usually but the poles are colder than any part of our planet.  While the Juru-Juru have adjusted, climates can sti

:bulletyellow: Valan Shalkal: Valan Shalkal Closed Original Species Info:iconhikawaiiplz:
:squee: I have decided it's time the Valan Shalkal saw the light. They've been a discarded species of mine for a few months but here they are.  Joyously joining the world of Hanghae! Lol the Valan Shalkal like the Ai No Hana are based off of traditional Asia and Native American Cultures but with a more colorful and futuristic-y twist. :happybounce:
This species belongs to :iconThatGeekyToonBubbles:, :iconFat-Doodles:, and :icon77SAR77: Since it is a closed species, those two are the only ones allowed to make their own members of this species.  We're looking for 1 to 2 more people who might want to co-own with us, so shoot a note to 77SAR77 if you're interested!

:bulletpurple: Hanghae Island and Ocean Landmarks Info: Ai No Hana Closed Original Species Island Info:iconhikawaiiplz:
Other journal with all the Ai No Hana Original Closed Species info became so massive that dA wouldn't let me add another word to it! Here's all the new island and ocean landmark info within the Hanghae world. You can find the Ai No Hana info here: As well as the full Hanghae Map here:
:damphyr: Islands and Important Ocean Landmarks:
:bulletblue: Naoki Island: A very industrial place thriving with hard working people from both Moema and Qiao.  Together these two kingdoms have decided to work together to mine the area.  Many Emeralds and the occasional topaz are found here.
:bulletgreen: Moema and Jeung Offland Settlement Young-Jau: A small settlement that formed near the mines for convenience.  There are many more men than woman here since men are constantly coming in to find work.  Young-Jau is very well off d

:bulletpurple: Hanghae World Map: UPDATED Map of Hanghae by 77SAR77

(Other Species)

:bulletpurple: Chausiku: Chausiku Closed Original Humanoid Species Info:squee: Ok, here's my entry for the Creative Inspiration Species Contest.  Which yes, IS my own contest and NO, I CAN'T win, but what the heck I'm going to go ahead and have some fun. I'm participating right along with everyone else. This species of mine is called the Chausiku which means "Night Flower" in one of the African languages.  I think you're about to find out why too...
:damphyr: Basic Info:
:bulletyellow: Where they live: The Chausiku live in the dark world of Kallan'tel.  They have a 29 hour day, and pretty much anywhere on their planet there's only about ten hours of daylight.  Kallan'tel is divided into five different kingdoms, all of which house very different types of Chausiku.  
:bulletyellow: Hair: The Chausiku can have any color of hair except gray.  There is no such thing as natural curly hair, since it isn't in any gene pools, but some do decide to curl their



Neelix Stamp by explodingmuffins Q Stamp by explodingmuffins The Doctor Stamp by japanthewoman Red Shirt Stamp by GeneveveX clear diagnosis by Neferit He's Dead Jim Stamp by GeneveveX 'Bones' McCoy -stamp by Clopina Team Rocket Stamp by MarkiSan Eevee's Stamp by Szkot-aye Pokemon Stamp by WetWithRain Space Stamp by WetWithRain Outer Space Stamp 2 by Brainmatters :thumb103815918: Japan Stamp by l8 MS Paint User Stamp by KishiFishy Ai No Hana Species Fan Stamp by 77SAR77 Life by TheArtistDarklady Background Music by Skylark-93 Red Dwarf: Mr Flibbles Stamp by PyroStorm Purple Alert Stamp by 666qqq666 Rimmer Stamp by japanthewoman Lister Stamp by japanthewoman Kryten Stamp by japanthewoman Cat Stamp by japanthewoman Holly Stamp by japanthewoman ANB - Sanjay by EllisStampcollection :thumb295676758:


Thanks for looking at my page. :)

Favourite Movies
From Up On Poppy Hill, Hotel Transylvania, Corpse Bride... anything made by Studio Ghibli...
Favourite TV Shows
Star Trek, XXXHolic, Squid Girl, The big Bang Theory, Cosmos, Soul Eater, Heroes, The Twilight Zone,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Death Cab For Cutie, Vocaloid, and Utauloids.
Favourite Books
Poison, Storm Thief, Battle Royale, Across the Universe, The Replacement...
Favourite Writers
Chris Wooding
Favourite Games
Harvest Moon, Style Savvy, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Pikmin...
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
Learning Japanese, watching Star Trek, drawing, star gazing, writing novels, and inventing OCs.
Hello everyone! I'm moving to a new account due to a lack of interest on this account and a huge change in my art style. I hope this won't be a big problem for anyone! If you have any questions or concerns, please state them. Anyway, please come find me at my new account: ~EuropaAstronaut (https://www.deviantart.com/europaastronaut) I think a lot of people have notice how inactive I've been but I've already been working towards this new account. In case anyone is wondering, I'm NOT deleting this account, I'm just moving. If anything were to ever happen to my new account, this can be my backup. Thanks for your understanding.
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Ok guys, so I'm thinking of redoing the Hanghae language completely. I mean, I didn't get very far in the first place. If I was to do this, and make some better lesson plans and maybe a dictionary, would anyone be interest in learning it? Or am I doing this for a helpless cause? Also, the rest of the Hanghae stuff I have planned will start rolling again in summer. I promise I haven't forgotten about the RP, adopts, or updating new information. I might even start doing short stories for people's OCs who want it(though I'm still not sure). Anyway, tell me what you think on the language! Have a good day!
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Dear Everyone who is probably ticked off with me, I'm going to start trying to get back onto DeviantART regularly again. I'm so sorry I haven't been on lately, I had more school work than you can believe! But I've gotten things under control, and I'm at the top of my class. I might as well get back on, right? :meow: I sure hope no one gave up on me. I'm back, and I plan to have adopt sets coming on. Ai No Hana updates probably won't happen until Summer begins, but as for everything else, be looking for me being here. The next adopt set is inspired by Earthbound enemies.  I think everyone's going to like it, so keep your eyes open. Anyway
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Gosh, what a long time it's been... this account had so many memories. 

On the off chance anyone from my past ever needs me, I'm at Kafka-Cosmonaut now. 

Good bye forever, old account~
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You're welcome :meow:
Oh I sent another note to u. I had a question about the commish :aww:
I thought I replied to that already, but apparently it must not have sent. I just sent it back to you though~ ^^ Tell me if you have any other problems.
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