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Life - WITHOUT steroids
What is a poem
What is life
What is home
What is strife
Make sense never
And follow these words
Fight no more forever
And fly like a bird
What's at stake
When life is the wager
One mistake
One wrong pager
Making sense
is for the fools
Pay up four cents
and go to schools
One must realize
to handle life
you must vizualize
and leave your strife
Life isn't fair
neither is Man
check the weather there
it's all that you can
Death is to life
As nil is to step
Peace is to strife
as loved is to wept
All's fair
in love and war
Row me there
with this oar
Pointless poem
Fathomless rhyme
Going home
For it's time
Time for me
to write more
Can't you see
School's a bore
Bore I said
and Boar you heard
I said Bed
You heard Bird
Your ears must be broken
Your brain is puzzled
for clearly I've spoken
and you're all confuzzled
Random countries
tend to rhyme
with each other (oh please)
so now it's time
Korea (be it north or south)
is merely a country
divided like your mouth
plant a tree
And treat them fair
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I wanted you to feel better...
If your feeling down,
Look up at the sky,
There's no clown,
And just fly.
Torn apart and cast aside,
Broken heart,
How will you survive,
When you just can't part.
Don't be sick,
It's never over,
You just got someone else's pick,
And I'll push them of a cliff in Dover.
Look up at the sun,
Look up at the sky,
It's only begun,
And it won't end until you die.
Because it's life,
Life never ends,
Put aside your strife,
It's time to make ammends.
Hate is a curse,
And so is love,
Guard your purse,
When push comes to shove.
We were told,
To forgive,
We were bold,
To live.
Life seems crazy,
I know,
He was lazy,
And he'll never show.
Think of what you can do,
When you're not stuck in this hole,
Don't start hating too,
Otherwise you'll take his role.
Don't dig deeper,
Climb out now,
Don't be a creeper,
And I'll show you how.
Do yourself a favor,
Pick yourself up,
Ignore the paver,
And buy a small pup.
I know,
I've wanted to kill people on a whim,
You've got to show,
Your better than him.
My poe
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End of the World Comical Poem
When the world begins to end,
The sky will fill with red,
While we argue over the new trend,
Soon we'll all be dead.
It's too late now,
We've gone and done it,
Our planet's gonna go KABOW,
And it'll pop like a zit.
To make things worse,
We've already begun,
Some voodoo man set us up with a curse,
Saying to blame the gun.
The end is nigh,
That is sure,
We've past our high,
And gone and stepped in manure.
The asteroids have come to play,
And Earth's the field,
Sometimes I wish I was born yesterday,
Because we have no shield.
The ice is starting to melt,
This we already know,
Tie yourself with your belt,
Because we'll never show.
When it's over,
And trust me it will be,
I come find you in a dozer,
Then you'll all see.
Mars' atmosphere went away,
Sucked off by the sun,
It's gone astray,
But it's only just begun.
Venus burns under acid rain,
And toxic air,
Can't you imagine the pain,
And aren't you glad you've never been there?
If we wanna survive,
Think of something fast,
If you wanna s
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