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The sky was orange as I walked across the field of prarie. The sun had set. It was nighttime. Is that fire? Surely not. But I still let my curiosity get the best of me. I soon found myself sprinting across the tall grass and flowers, yearning for warmth. But as I stumbled upon a small rodent, I stopped. It looked scared and alone; just as I was. I put it in my shirt and held it as I ran. But the farther I ran, the farther the orange got- then I felt a wave pull overtop of me. A wave with all my fears, depression, and anxiety. A wave that had been pulling me under for years. I fought the current. The current of distress. But every time I finally pulled up, another wave came crashing down over my head. Waves of stress. It left me helpless and more alone. If left me wanting to die. It left me wishing I was never alive. Cold, wet, and alone, I trekked farther, the guilt nagging at my throat and arms as I attempted to live- but life did not accept me. I coughed and collapsed onto the ground. Visions whooshed past me. Visions of my arms with blood and the razor. My throat, sliced up. But they never happened. And with my last, heaving breaths, I was glad they didn't.