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Thanks everyone for the interest, my commission period is closed as I've got 11 slots filled and i was able to pay off scary bailiff. Thanks all! I may reopen the period again late april so check back here or on my twitter @NGsucho if you remain interested! 
Long time no see! Well actually i've been far more active on my newgrounds account, as evidenced by my inability to successfully post pictures in journals here. I am opening up commissions as bills are desperately in want of paying and this month is low, but I am also zealously getting back into illustrating and wanting to improve so this seemed like a case of two birds with one stone.

all the information you need to know is HERE so feel free to ask any questions to the email provided in the link. Slots are limited, as I can't accept too much that would keep me from my other work, and I want people to be able to get their commissions finished in a timely manner. Thanks in advance for any business, and also thanks for anyone just browsing through my work here :3
grow some balls
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i live an hour from london now and purposefully avoided the meetup. suck it DA
how do i do it?
how do i shot them
i was looking over my old monster concept photomashawpz and i felt i could get some STROKING of my E-GO if i uploaded them. most, but not all were uploaded on my newgrounds, but in a fit of artist's rage and possibly pms i deleted them to make way for the brighter, more experimental/shallow talentless fanart i have there now. i dont want to sully my ng page with old work, but i don't fukkin care bout DA!

would it be something you guys think you wanna see? i was thinking i could just spam my old creepy horror/concept art all over october, cuz i cant celebrate halloween proper no more...
what happened to the journal layout

~Faawx 5 hours ago
2. brown/pink kinda color
3. you were my fav upwn member and always will be
4. the ice cream man from dexter's lab
5. are you goin 2 comiccon this year
6. youre fuckin swell
7. sucksomuchdick
8. my ass
9. !
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so yeah, you might have not noticed anything new in my gallery in ages. you're all very observant.

i've been inundated with work for a project you can learn about here
-and due to its nature i've been doing lots of sculpture that i havent been allowed to upload to my personal galleries :

my deadline for that is nearly up though, but in the meantime i'm still doing prop sculptures under a diff commission. i'll have more on that when i can actually upload some juicy tidbits.

i dont have anything lined up when the new year starts so i'll probably resume drawings then. thanks for the watches, my cuddlies
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::update:: oi sorry i hit a harsh deadline, i'll get back to these comments soon theennks guiize c:

i'm sad :C

first person to cheer me up wins a doodle.

expect this quality…

go for it plz :'C
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wuts a llama vadge
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commission idea ended up being kind of a massive failure. not doing those anymore.

i'm not sure what to do really. what do you people like to see in my gallery?
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::EDIT:: $50's are back up

so yes, i'm accepting commissions at this point. i dont really know what to expect or request other than total silence, but i will say that i'm offering:

- digital pieces done in photoshop

i am not offering/capable of:

- animations
- vector art
- latex pieces or other sculpture (at the moment, that may change depending on outside income)

as far as actual subject matter, this is not a request to be employed as a concept artist or artist for anything that requires high volume of pieces. i'd like to keep this at one-item-per-customer. (if you ask for one doodle now and another 3 months from now, thats totally fine - but one piece per commission is what i'm getting at)

rates are loose, but this is what i'm comfortable with.

uncoloured lineart (little to no background) $8…

monochromatic illustration $11…

coloured lineart (little to no background) $16…

basic illustration/portraits (little to no background) $22…

advanced illustrations $50…

really, just send me a note with any questions and requests with COMMISSION somewhere in the subject line.

thanks again, even if you're just here to 'critique' my rates and work, i really appreciate it so i can learn to better myself and the product in this ordeal.
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i've put some more pictures up, BUT NOT HERE. i'm slowly whittling down my deviantart to be just my most polished. everything else i'm uploading to newgrounds cuz i LOVE IT THERE. AND ITS DARK GREY.

in other news, by this time next year i might be moving to san francisco. i'm applying to AAU there, in hopes to get into the monstermaking bis-nass. wish me luck. sometime i'll start uploading all the latex things i've been doing recently.
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hey bois, i'm going to be at the San Diego Comic-Con thurs-saturday. i'll be hanging around the Newgrounds/Behemoth booth most likely. If you're in attendence, drop on by, if you're really my friend BUY MY PRINTS at the ART SHOW. DO IT. THIS IS TOTALLY SUBLIMINAL.

also, i've got another art site here which i'll be posting some more finished pieces on, i haven't paid much attention to deviantart, soiree.
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inspired by this post nicktheartisticfreak.deviantar… , i'm doin my own little promotional thing where i list links of the best three pictures (in my opinion) of the first *reads post again* 14? sheez that's alot - artists that request it on this journal. knowing the traffic i get, there will probably only be one to TWO whole artists**. GET SPOTS WHILE YOU CAN*


a gallery full of rich and vividly twisted pen-and ink designs. alot of nice backgrounds thrown in for good measure too, great artist with a universe of miscreants.

'oraro' nicktheartisticfreak.deviantar…

'unicorn' nicktheartisticfreak.deviantar…

'border surveillance' nicktheartisticfreak.deviantar…


an artist with a wide variety of medias and an even wider array of colours....has really good sense of tone and shadow i think

'Neurotic Hospice'…

'Happy Nurse'…

'Swamp Guy'…


zany and dark comic artist with a knack for blending harmless comedy into what looks like very harmful scenery. or was it the other way around?

' Poodle with a Parasite'…


'Animation Fun 3 - Ugly Dog'…


i hope you did that icon, cuz i love it. i particularly liked the oekaki drawings. very nicely rendered.

'Winged Kitsune'…




artist that dabbles in ALOT of medias, i gravitated towards the objects but there are lots of good surreal sketches/photographs in there as well. take a gander

' Purple Vomit Monkey'…

' Party T Shirt'…

'Alice in Paperland'…

*i will only post the links once i see that the corresponding author has complied and posted a similar journal entry of his/her own.

**will love a donated subscription so you see nice glossy thumbnails instead of links.
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hey guys, i really want to reinforce the fact that I DON'T USE DEVIANTART. i upload a picture now and then because the 5 1/2 people that watch me deserve to know i'm not dead (no celebratin' yet) but for every one picture i upload here, there are a bunch more there (campnorth is temporarily down for redesigning, if it takes too long i'll upload things here in the meantime.)

newgrounds account -

and, ampersand, i have an oekaki account now, i'm going to be doing doodles more often so for a good laugh you can look there…
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and now for something completely different

a conversation between my left foot and plantar warts

*left foot enters, fresh faced with ruby cheeks and lollipop in hand, skipping merrily*
"well hello stranger, who might you be?"

-why ah'm a fungal virus eheyehheheh... *cough*

"gee that sounds fascinating, wanna be friends?"

>no wait left foot! you dont wanna talk to him! he's a no good carpetbagger who just wants to give you blue star stickers and rub lsd on payphones!<

"nonsense right foot, he looks swell to me"

and the plantar wart virus begins to make out with my left foot, resulting in an unhappy home life where i sit on the bathroom floor clipping away dead skin, scrubbing with a cheese grater, applying flesh-eating acid to my foot, and continue to pray to shivalinga for relief or a quick death
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now that i have your attention...i...have.... nothing to say.....

carry on.

so lonely...

you cant use that as a bandname, i have dibs!!
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hilarious video ^ not worksafe though

anywho, the recent influx of art is premeditative of what will hopefully be a deluge of photoshops that have been musting(?) up my folders. its harder for me to finish pictures that i start in photoshop rather than ones i just color... but it'll all be done soon, especially now that SCHOOL'S OUT!!!! oh man, i'm just now feelin the buzz, its been a week officially... no more dental lab forever and ever!! none of those stinking minorities and cackling comedic foils stealing my tools, notes, and sanity.... and mispronouncing my name. not just mispronouncing, actually coming up with worse names..... i dunno... you'd have to be there...

i'm thinking about being Falco Lombardi instead for comic-con
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