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S.K. OMEGA Poster Art by 7377 S.K. OMEGA Poster Art by 7377
This is a poster that was created as an exclusive to be handed out at the 2010 Canadian GIJOE Convention on August 7 in Toronto, ON. Due to issues with the printer, these posters never quite made it there. These were intended to be a full size promo poster limited to 100 copies and handed out for free to the first 100 people to attend the convention.

The poster features the complete S.K. Omega team: Rook, Buzzard, Foxtrot, Runway, Axle, Patch, Back-Talk, and Blitz.

These characters are from a new toy line I am developing called S.K. OMEGA. It is a 3 3/4" action figure line with figures, vehicles, and accessories.

Poster artwork by :iconrl2vas:

TM & 2010 MMI. All Characters Property of MMI. All Rights Reserved.
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Dr-Syn Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
I can't wait for this line, since Hasbro screwed the classic collectors over by destroying all the classic o-ring molds.

I hope they can be dismantled and have the parts switched around for custom figures like the originals.
7377 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2010
They did not destroy all of the molds, they just disposed of some not worth keeping around. Very few people know what is left and what was disposed of.
Andy1976 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010
It looks cool. A pity it didn't see print in time for the convention.
7377 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010
The artwork may be re-purposed in the future, but I wanted to show the mock-up here since I was disappointed it could not make it in time.
RL2VAS Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010  Professional General Artist
Thanks. ;-)
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