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Smooth Alternative

This is a continuation of Enhanced's and pAntoni's Longhorn Alternative WindowBlinds skin. It is part of the upcoming SmoothAlternative GUI Kit. It features smooth rounded edges, translucent StartPanel with blur effect, glossy org Start button, great styling.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for the Dark version when this one hits final release.
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Is the dark version ready yet?
I just can't help loving it!
lovely. hopefully, someone will turn this into a vs, too.
One word sums it up - Professional.

Any hope for a dark skin?

i just realize that.. deviant have two windowsblind.. wb and wb xp... what is wb xp? im sorry if i ask at wrong place.. but can somone help me?
could you make a glossy slate brown version.
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One of my favourite skins ever! :) Exelent work!
very nice skin thanx =)
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One of the best looking styles I have ever used , also love the fact that there is a firefox 1.5 skin :thumbsup:
Although I don't have the same styler buttons and black top background (?) in explorer. :(

Anyway I added the thumbnail view button to your styler and changed the positioning a bit to suit myself .
Have a look here ---> [link]
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Oops forgot to mention I added the up button as well :)
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Love this.. got it on RIGHT NOW. It also looks great with the Vista Icons, although, Can I also find the object dock theme @ wincustomize, i dont really want to look right now, internet is kinda slow for some reason.
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Quick question.

How many programs (and which) u need to have running in order for this VS to look like it does on the pic?
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so when can we expect the dark version :) really looking forward to it ! :D

oh and btw, nice work on this one !
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i think the orb ruins it, it doesnt suit LHA
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nice nice nice

why don't change the bar colour?
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I like it, but I feel it wasn't executed as well as it could have been. Needs a little touch up on detail and then it would be perfect :D Good work though man ;)
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I would like to retract my previous comment. I just installed it and started messing around with everything and I have found what this skin is really used for. Great work :D
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Hey, I've got this skin installed, but how do I get the icons and buttons at the top of windows like my computer like that? What programs/extra skins do I need?
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where does that matching calendar come from? can i have a link? maybe you can send it to me - plz!
BTW: this skin is residing on my desktop already - schweeeeet!
what program do you guys use to encorporate this style?
Very nice! I give this skin an A+.
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Geat job!
What iconset on the screenshot? (SD, SmartMedia, CF, USB icons)
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