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Sixty Seconds(Project) by 6tails6 Sixty Seconds(Project) :icon6tails6:6tails6 4 1
Among chains and failures.
What went wrong?
How did it reach this point?
Two weeks
Damn, that’s fast.
Why couldn’t you slow it down?
Why was I powerless to change your emotions? Why can’t I know why I’m at fault? Why am I always at fault? I can’t even say sorry, can’t show any forgiveness. Why am I constantly falling behind in this. I know this isn’t how things are suppose to be. It takes two to bond, but of course the situations you always had to suffer over, you relayed onto me yet again.
Now I’m the one hurt inside. I’m the one with tears showing up, but never falling. These faucets I call my eyes are leaky, but never drip. And I just don’t understand it.
Why do these emotions come and then fly away for you but mines grow? I’ve gotten attached to you and it’s breaking me.
I can’t let go. I can’t stop feeling. I just can’t stop. You’re a lock to my emotions and the chains go deeper than my own heart, weighing me dow
:icon6tails6:6tails6 4 1
Death Battle: Mario vs Aang
See the prelude here: Mario vs Aang: Death Battle Prelude

Alright, the research is now done and the results are made.
Are you ready for a...
Death Battle!?
Kyoshi Island, Night time
Screaming was the only sound coming from the Island, that was made by the once powerful Avatar Kyoshi, as the village on the island were burning from flames. People were running, fleeing for their life, as a army of what appeared to be walking brown mushrooms and walking turtles with green and red shells marched down the burning village, using fire flowers to throw fireballs toward the houses. Some of those turtles were throwing hammers and others shooting bullet bills towards the village and its inhabitants.
As the rest of the people managed
:icon6tails6:6tails6 11 10
King Piccolo vs Master Hades by 6tails6 King Piccolo vs Master Hades :icon6tails6:6tails6 1 0 Hero Killer Stain vs. Great Angel by 6tails6 Hero Killer Stain vs. Great Angel :icon6tails6:6tails6 1 1 Ozai vs. Endeavor by 6tails6 Ozai vs. Endeavor :icon6tails6:6tails6 7 1 The Player vs. Shovel Knight by 6tails6 The Player vs. Shovel Knight :icon6tails6:6tails6 1 6 The Hunter vs. The Hunter by 6tails6 The Hunter vs. The Hunter :icon6tails6:6tails6 0 0 Shao Kahn vs. Boros by 6tails6 Shao Kahn vs. Boros :icon6tails6:6tails6 2 0
One Minute Melee: Guts vs. Black Knight

(My)One Minute Melee!
Where Everything Takes Place In sixty Seconds
Little Research for moves and personality
So Now...MELEE!

A lone, tall figure wearing black armor and a black cape, carrying a huge sword was passing by this random forest. A couple minutes later, he stopped walking and drew his large blade, preparing himself. Suddenly a couple demons jumped from behind the tress, charging at him. He was ready however because he swung and managed to slice a few of those demons in half with one single strike.
Guts had a dark grin on his face as he had something that can pass time and cure his boredom. One demon shot fire at the demon slayer, only for him to block the flames and in a blink of a eye, slashed that demon in two. Another pair lunged at him, b
:icon6tails6:6tails6 5 4
Frieza vs. Darth Vader by 6tails6 Frieza vs. Darth Vader :icon6tails6:6tails6 4 1 Leonardo vs. Green Arrow by 6tails6 Leonardo vs. Green Arrow :icon6tails6:6tails6 4 7 :3 by 6tails6 :3 :icon6tails6:6tails6 10 59 Sonic vs Naruto by 6tails6 Sonic vs Naruto :icon6tails6:6tails6 12 19 DBZ Playstation4 by 6tails6 DBZ Playstation4 :icon6tails6:6tails6 16 38 Remember this by 6tails6 Remember this :icon6tails6:6tails6 12 2
Stuff and art I do also can post other post friends art to.


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Today marks 17 years I been here.

Doesn’t make me less bless than I am everyday for being alive.

Lame man terms, it’s my birthday.
Start sharing this around again if there are those on this website struggling or so and you know about it.

I want to try and make a difference again.
A former student at my school hung himself. A ninth grader. Rest his soul.
This Journal won’t be very long. It’s something I’ve said multiple times in the past, present, I know for sure I’ll still be saying in the future. Whether it’s to friends in real life, or what I’m doing today, friends and followers on this website.

The way it may sound due to it being words you read may make it seem easier than it is, but I promise you it’s not. If you’re struggling with personal issues, mental health, or emotional problems. Please, get help. Reach out to professionals if it’s really bad or really getting to you. And if you’re not ready for that, at least reach out to people you can trust. Friends, family, teachers, or peers. No matter the person, seek it please.

There’s people who’s willing to help. People who will genuinely care about you and what you have to say/what you dealt with. Just whatever you do, don’t give in to the pain, don’t give up, don’t try to hurt yourself, and please don’t try and take your life. And if you have tried, please don’t try again. It’ll be worth living still.

All of what I said isn’t easy and won’t be easy. However all that needs to be done is if you try. Just keep trying.


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Tails Bow
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
The creator of "No matter what, Stay Strong". A young guy who aspire to help out as many people as I can. I understand the emotion and pain. And I want to show that someone cares. I'll listen if nobody else has before. I'll understand and I hope I can get you to understand as well.
Not a drawer, but I am still an artist. Have a great day and if you're not, I hope it can become one.

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