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:new:I had just upload a Speedpaint video, please watch it!!!! =D:new:

I was originally going to upload this drawing once *cmara will start another horror contest, but I was too impatient, and decided to upload it right now. Forgive me *cmara.

Anyways, you may remember my stamp of anyone who's a fan of Sonic.exe right? [link] Well, at some point, I decided to draw a fan-art of Sonic.exe, because in my opinion, he's an awesome, yet sadly an under-rated creepypasta, because when people think of CreepyPasta, they think of Jeff the Killer, SlenderMan, Smiledog.jpg, Dead Bart, or other(*XcomickittyX should know him, since she likes and draws CreepyPasta creatures). I just wanted to give Sonic.exe some decent love with my artwork. I hope you like it Sonic.exe fans. Enjoy.

Speedpaint video:[link]
Drawing: Paper, mechanical pencil, eraser
Cleaning and coloring::iconpainttoolsaiplz:
Editing, writing, and finishing touches::iconsumopaint-plz:

Tails, Knuckles, and Dr. Robotnick are (c) to Sega and Sonic Team.
Sonic.exe, and Tom are (c) to someone who created Sonic.exe
This artwork is (c) to me. :threaten:
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Oh god... the NOSTALGIA!!!

I remember watching the speedpaint for this image back 2012.