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Forgotten Media - MediEvil

Yay I manage to finish the title card before Halloween!!! :iconalfredw00tplz: ~MeltingMan234 ask me to do a Forgotten Media Title Card, since the other one is too busy to do one. Also, I did a speedpaint one more time, just for the hell of it, and yes, on my brother's laptop as usual. But just because this is for one of my favorite youtubers, doesn't mean I'm imune to criticism, and I'm sure I probably fuck up some of the spots. ^^; please let me know on how I did

Forgotten Media - MediEvil Series:[link]

Drawing: Paper, mechanical pencil, eraser
Line-art and color: :iconpainttoolsaiplz:
Background and text: :iconsumopaint-plz:

Sir Daniel Fortesque and the MediEvil series are (c) to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and America
MeltingMan is (c) to :iconmeltingman234:
This artwork is (c) to me. :threaten:
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That's not MeltingMan! His head is WAY longer.
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I'm sorry, I'm still learning to draw head lengths. >3<
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So this is that request you were working on. Congratulations on getting it done!

As always, your colors are awesome and your outlines are crisp. You even did a good job of drawing the skeleton in his own style (as far as I can tell anyway, never played the game). If I had to point out anything, however, the orange plant on the left looks very flat and a little too simplistic. Fingers are also something you could work on as they always seem to turn out pointy for you, like little claws.

Glad you were able to get this done in time and I hope MeltingMan enjoys using it in his video.
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Thank you, and don't forget to watch MeltingMan's video.