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Christian Supportng Gays by 6t76t Christian Supportng Gays by 6t76t
EDIT(12/2/15) - Since secretagentTexas told me that this comment is filled with arguments nonstop, I'm going to disabled the comments. It's your damn fault guys.

EDIT - Since many people told me about name calling them, I decided to change it.
Yay, another stamp of a Christian supporting the LGBT community, how unoriginal I am(although I'm actually Catholic, but then again, Catholics and Christians mean the same thing). :iconyayamericaplz: But seriously, I'm not one of those people who say "Marriage is between a man and a woman."

Really? Well, someone told me that Marriage is about unity and reproducing, which I agree on that one. So, here's my argument: Unity, I did some research on what does Unity means, and my answer? That's why they're fighting for the right to marry, they to want unity too. And as for reproducing, here's a question, let's say a heterosexual couple wanted to have a baby. However, they found out they can't have one due to be from problem with a man or a woman, then what? Simple, they adopt a child. But wait a minute, gay people can't reproduce a child too, but they also want a child, so the solution? Adoption!! But what if they want a child of their own. For lesbian couple, they go to a sperm bank, and as for gays, they probably they do what Greg Corbin and Terry Bates in American Dad did, have a female volunteer to carrying one of their child, I don't know if this can happen in real life(sorry for sounding like a dumbass). So you see, Marriage for unity and reproducing is possible for Gay people, they just have a different way of showing it.

If you thought being gay is sinful, guess what? Last year, I read an article about a gay man became a priest in California, if only I can remember where did I read it, so I can show you the link. ^^;

But what I'm saying is, gay people can believe in god. And whether you like it or not, gay marriage will be legal. If it can happen to women, blacks and other minorities, interracial relationships and people with disabilities who fought for civil rights here in the US and succeeded, then it can happen to the LGBT community as well. What I'm doing is called thinking, and being Logical.

If you want a cartoon version of this argument, here's

And gay people, don't worry, I and many fellow Christians and Catholics will stick by your side. Don't let them tell you otherwise, only God will tell you what's right and wrong.

PS This is the font that my favorite band Fireflight use this font on some of their albums, and it's Century Gothic, so it's kinda like a tribute to them.

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November 3, 2012
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