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VoltronPositivityMonth by 6stringRaven VoltronPositivityMonth :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 21 2 #VoltronPositivityMonth - Allurance by 6stringRaven #VoltronPositivityMonth - Allurance :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 23 3 Caribbean Blue - Miranda by 6stringRaven Caribbean Blue - Miranda :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 1 0 Caribbean Blue - Lucy by 6stringRaven Caribbean Blue - Lucy :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 0 0 Realization by 6stringRaven Realization :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 30 3 Haili - Team Elements by 6stringRaven Haili - Team Elements :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 7 0 Danger, Will Robinson by 6stringRaven Danger, Will Robinson :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 7 2
Love Sometimes Hates | Haileck (Chapter 8) FINAL
Love Sometimes Hates: Chapter Eight
  Haili first heard the gentle breeze whisper around her before feeling it on her face. She very slowly opened her eyes. The sky was gray, but bright. She watched a bird fly over her and cry out a few times. She looked around and slowly started to push herself up. She groaned feeling the throbbing pain hit her head. She lifted her hand to feel a bump, then immediately winced, retracting her hand.
   “Damn…” She hissed.
   Opening her eyes again, she peered around. She froze seeing the destruction all around her. The once massive stone guild hall was now nothing more than ruble. All its remains were scattered around in large rocky piles. She sat up more and just stared, not entirely sure what to make of it. It didn’t take long for her memories to come rushing back, and her eyes shot open, “Aleck!”
She jumped to her feet and started running, scrambling over the ruble. She climbed up on a mini
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Love Sometimes Hates | Haileck (Chapter 7)
Love Sometimes Hates: Chapter Seven
   The woman who had just lit the house on fire stood at the center of the carnage, waiting for her husband to finish the job. It wasn’t a hard one, just two old mages from the Fairy Tail guild. The assassin couple didn’t ask any questions, like why they were wanted dead or by whom, they just knew they had to get the job done. Soon the dark haired man came stomping down the stairs.
   “Is it done?” She asked calmly.
   He nodded, gripping his arm which was covered in blood, “The guy got a few shots at me before hand though.”
   She looked down at his wound, “I think you’ll live. Come on let's get-”
   “Wait,” The man said, his head snapping off to the side. The woman slowly turned to see two little girls. One was laying on the floor unconscious while the other was trying to protectively stand in front of her. Her eyes were
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Commission - Anakin and Zoe by 6stringRaven Commission - Anakin and Zoe :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 5 5
Love Sometimes Hates | Haileck (Chapter 6)
Love Sometimes Hates: Chapter Six
   Haili and Aleck were led to a large open room made entirely of stone. It looked old. Very old. Some black scorch marks from what was probably a fire lingered on the floor and walls.
   “What is this place?” Haili asked.
   “Why don’t you asked ‘Aleck’?” Chrysós said into her ear, which made her want to spit in his eye, but instead she looked over to Aleck who was peering around with a look of disgust.
   “...It’s the ceremonial room.” He said plainly.
   “Ah good, you remember.” Chrysós said with a sickening smile, “We have many good childhood memories here, don’t we?”
   Aleck said nothing and just averted his gaze from his older brother.
   “What was this room used for exactly?” Haili asked.
   “I’m glad you asked.” Chrysós said. He let
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COLLAB: VanillaBeanSpots - Roe and Clara by DragonAnalei COLLAB: VanillaBeanSpots - Roe and Clara :icondragonanalei:DragonAnalei 62 16 VLD OC - Believer by DragonAnalei VLD OC - Believer :icondragonanalei:DragonAnalei 84 27 VLD OC Screenshot Edits Part 3 by DragonAnalei VLD OC Screenshot Edits Part 3 :icondragonanalei:DragonAnalei 70 5 Lance, Keith, and Allura Palettes by luxites Lance, Keith, and Allura Palettes :iconluxites:luxites 52 1 The Suit that Opened Lance's Eyes by luxites The Suit that Opened Lance's Eyes :iconluxites:luxites 143 14 [FT-OC] Team Elements Chibi Onesies by Elphin-Zephyr [FT-OC] Team Elements Chibi Onesies :iconelphin-zephyr:Elphin-Zephyr 6 2 Hidden Paradise by yuumei Hidden Paradise :iconyuumei:yuumei 13,484 262 Must Be the Feeling by AuroraLion Must Be the Feeling :iconauroralion:AuroraLion 1,419 80 Nice to see you again Twinkle Toes by YAMsgarden Nice to see you again Twinkle Toes :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 985 64 This is the End by YAMsgarden This is the End :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 1,289 68 This Is Only The Beginning (UPDATE) by YAMsgarden This Is Only The Beginning (UPDATE) :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 1,394 40 LoK: Left My Heart At Republic City by ShootingStar03 LoK: Left My Heart At Republic City :iconshootingstar03:ShootingStar03 373 10 LoK: Republic City Noir by ShootingStar03 LoK: Republic City Noir :iconshootingstar03:ShootingStar03 291 18 LoK Kuvira: Modern Warfare by ShootingStar03 LoK Kuvira: Modern Warfare :iconshootingstar03:ShootingStar03 340 13 LoK: Compassion by ShootingStar03 LoK: Compassion :iconshootingstar03:ShootingStar03 931 73 LoK: Weak and Afraid by ShootingStar03 LoK: Weak and Afraid :iconshootingstar03:ShootingStar03 539 28
Hey, so a really good friend of mine has just made a FT RP server on discord! You are able to create your own character, join a team, even just chill out at the guild hall. 
It looks really cool, and any Fairy Tail fans that still follow me should all check it out!

Here's some words from the person who actually put it all together:

"Come check it out at: 

It is brand new, so there will probably still be a lot of tweaking, bear with me please. 
In this server you can submit an OC and just HAVE FUN! Start a brawl in the guild hall, play out fun jobs, make new friends and form teams, everything is possible! The link is set to never expire so don't worry if you aren't the first to respond! When you join, be sure to check the rules and if you have any questions about them just contact me. I'll try to be active as often as possible since I've appointed myself as guild master.

I hope you want to join, and if you enjoy yourself be sure to spread the word!!!


PS: If you want to ask questions before joining the server, send me a note @ MaxStraw"



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Voltron: Legendary Abridge is trying to promote a Voltron Positivity Month in order to help this final month before the show ends for good be as positive as possible. 
Id you are a passionate Voltron fan and would like to help, here are the details:…
#VoltronPositivityMonth - Allurance
Would you believe a hardcore Klance shipper drew this?
Join Voltron Legendary Abridge's Positivity month to help make the fandom's atmosphere less Toxic!
How do you help? Simple! Draw one piece of fan art of a Voltron Ship you don't normally ship, it's a way to help everyone appreciate all kinds of ships and keep from lashing out at people for what they like. 
Help make this last month before the show ends a good one!

Here's a video for more details:…
Caribbean Blue - Miranda
Another character from the steampunk/fantasy I am hoping to one day turn into an animated series. 

Quick description:
Miranda is a Sylph, which are basically half elves, half humans. In this universe, Sylphs are commonly victims of prejudice due to their bad stereotype of being swindlers and cut throat thieves. Miranda is actually the princess of the 'Pure Sylphs' (This worlds equivalent to Amish culture). When her exiled uncle came to seek temporary refuge after being injured in an expedition, she became absolutely fascinated with his talk of the outside world. After he left, Miranda had a falling out with her mother, the queen, and left to seek his uncle. To her dismay she found him drunk out of his mind in a tavern. Seeing how pathetic he was, she set off on her own, and has just been surviving ever since. 
Caribbean Blue - Lucy
This is a character from a steampunk/fantasy i'm currently writing. I'm really hoping to one day be able to turn it into a animated series like ATLA, LOK, or VLD. 

Quick description:
Lucy is a airship engineer/pilot. She and her father built her ship before he died when she was young. With her mother threatening to destroy the ship, wanting to get rid of anything that reminded her of him, Lucy quickly took the ship and ran away from home. She has been living on her own ever since. 


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Hey, I'm 6stringRaven

I'm obsessed with Fairy Tail, Markiplier, drawing, movies, music, ext.
Hope you like my dA page

The end :P


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