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Neoko Doodles 5 by 6SeaCat9 Neoko Doodles 5 by 6SeaCat9
More doodles created from the depths of my boredom...

Okay so the first one in the first row, we have Neoko biting Jack's tail... WHY I do not know...
Second we have a scene from they upcoming Book Two of my LitD series, where Neoko asks Nelly out to a dance, and she looks like this when he picks her up. Cute right?
Third is Neoko giving a little anime inspired wink and thumbs up.

Row two starts off with Neoko's Bruce friend Sharky. The two of them knew each other at the orphanage where Neoko used to live.
Next, Neoko is sharing some carnival popcorn with Panda.
And third, Neoko was tricked into climbing down a well by Shingo, the ever prank-player...

Third row starts off with Neoko opening a book... that he was told not to open, due to an evil shadow being sealed away inside. But don't worry, he closes it before it can get away.
Now, in the second drawing we find Neoko giving off an angry pout, sort of like one would express when they don't want to help someone they don't like.
Last of the third row depicts Neoko climbing up a rocky cliff face, for Neorah mission purposes, or for his own adventuring... either way, don't look down!

The first in the fourth row was totally random. I wanted to draw Neoko looking confused, so I drew him looking at a map.
Number two in row four is my favorite! Neoko bought some nice, pretty flowers for Nelly and is giving them to her, though he's extremely shy and she appears to be clueless to his intentions.
The next one shows Neoko helping to clean out the armory, and is having trouble with a large, heavy shield.

The first in row five pretty much shows how much Neoko is like his father. Whenever either of them were not allowed to enter into a secret meeting or something of that manner, they listen in through the keyholes...
The next one is of Neoko enjoying a milkshake. Short and simple.
The last drawing is from a part in the series, where Neoko finds a strange jewel, that when he picks it up, it flashes in a bright light and knocks him unconscious.

Well, that's about it. Enjoy!

Kacheek, Bruce, Mynci and Harris
Orcbrother Featured By Owner May 3, 2011
Buncha cute little fellas
6SeaCat9 Featured By Owner May 3, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
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