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Neoko Doodles 4 by 6SeaCat9 Neoko Doodles 4 by 6SeaCat9
More doodles. I warned you guys to expect a lot of these from me...

In the first drawing not much is going on... Neoko has been stabbed by the Dark One. Don't worry he lives!
The second drawing was a request from a friend, who wanted to see a picture of Neoko eating a piece of pie... so he's eating pie.
The third drawing is of Neoko looking for a book of spells in the library.

The first one of the second row is my favorite. Neoko is cosplaying as Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
The second drawing is of Neoko and Regina, his ghost friend. And when I say ghost, yes, I mean an actual ghost. Neoko has an ability that allows him to see and talk to ghosts. Cool huh?
The third picture is of Neoko and his rival, Jack the Mynci. Jack is a stuck up brat who has a crush on, and flirts with Nelly. Neoko doesn't like that... and plus, Jack is a jerk, so... yeah.

First drawing in the third row is of Neoko in a barrel... I don't know why...
Second drawing is of Neoko waking up after one of his nightmares.
Third drawing is sort of from a mini story. Neoko was kidnapped by a random bad guy, but Panda snuck into Neoko's backpack, and then climbed out and started chewing at the ropes that bound Neoko's hands behind his back.

The first drawing in row four is Neoko's Uncle Omar. Well, Omar is really Neoko's HALF uncle. Galied's father, Neoko's grandad Lucius, had son with another woman other than his wife after he ran away and became the leader of a band of infamous thieves. And let me just say, the relationship between Omar and Neoko is a lot better than it is with his grandfather Lucius...
The second drawing is the tatoo that Omar has on his right arm. Its the emblem of the band of thieves he's apart of.
The third drawing is of Neoko holding his locket and thinking about his parents.

In the first drawing in row five we see Neoko riding his Glydeboard, a special kind of board that can transform from the size of a pen to the size you see, with a cord that allows it to be steered.
The second drawing depicts Neoko fallen into a puddle of... goo, or something...
The last one is of him wading across some body of water, keeping his bow and quiver above water so they don't get wet.

Kacheek, Harris, Mynci, Zafara species=
Neoko, Panda, Regina, Jack, Omar, Dark One= ME!
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January 20, 2011
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