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More Neoko Doodles by 6SeaCat9 More Neoko Doodles by 6SeaCat9
Okay, so here are more doodles of everyone's favorite little furball!

Neoko: I resent that!!

Get back behind the Fourth Wall! :roll: Anyway, let me give you a break down of these doodles. (Going from left to right here.)

In the first row we see Drena and Galied with Neoko when he was just a newborn baby, and as you can see, he's very tiny, because he was born a runt.
The next drawing is of Galied playing with baby Neoko. A little father and son time.
The third drawing is Neoko asleep in his basket cradle he had as a baby.

In the second row, the first drawing is of Neoko stalking a bowl of cherries. Cherries are his favorite food, so you get the idea...
The next picture is of the ocarina he plays. On it is a drawing of the sun, the moon, and the stars, which sort of describes how his family is. His father being the sun, his mother the moon, and he himself, the stars.
The last drawing in this row is of Neoko looking at a moth. Okay, when I first drew this, I just drew Neoko staring off into space, so I decided to add the moth just because I thought he needed something to stare at.

In the third row, the first two drawings are related. In the first of them, Nelly, Neoko's sweetheart, touches her nose to his, and in the second, he faints because of it, and poor Nelly is startled.
The last picture in this row was sort of requested by a friend in my Spanish class. She wanted to see a picture of Neoko conjuring up a complex piece of magic, so that's what she got.

In the fourth row, the first drawing was inspired by Tails' famous "I'm afraid of lightning!", so yeah... Not much to say there.
The next two are related. Neoko's pet Harris, Panda, has a bad habit of climbing up the tree, getting stuck, and then falling on his would-be rescuer, or an innocent on-looker. This really annoys Neoko...

In the fifth row, first Neoko is balancing on a rock for he is trying to cross the river.
After that he is underneath an umbrella, trying not to get wet from the rain around him.
And finally, Neoko is sitting on a beanbag chair and watching some television with a nice batch of popcorn. (Apparently its a very interesting program...)

Well, that's about it... finally, lol. Comments plz!

Neoko, Galied, Drena and Panda= ME!

Kacheek and Harris species=
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December 27, 2010
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