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''Keep ya mouth shut!'' .:Lineart:. by 6SeaCat9 ''Keep ya mouth shut!'' .:Lineart:. by 6SeaCat9
An alternate way of how Cleopamon and Beelzemon met. Beelzemon was on the run from the Royal Knights and took refuge inside a Sovereign Temple that he came across, where he also found Cleopamon meditating inside. He took her hostage and forced her to take him deeper into the temple to hide from the Royal Knights, threatening to delete her if she didn't do as he said.

The Knights searched the temple and eventually left, but Beelzemon continued to hide within the temple with Cleopamon as his hostage until the search for him died down. While keeping her hostage Beelzemon and Cleopamon got on friendly enough terms to the point where the hostility between the two ended. Eventually, some of Beelzemon's bounty hunter buddies showed up, and his tune changed to where he was able to convince them (and by convince I mean trick) into believing that Cleopamon was an important Sovereign Priestess, and worth keeping alive to get past the Royal Knights.

After a few more days on the run they Royal Knights finally tracked them down and captured most of Beelzemon's "buddies", but Beelzemon turned himself in to ensure Cleopamon's release, proving that she wasn't involved with the bounty hunters. Afterwards she returned to the temple to continue her training, and Beelzemon escaped from the Royal Knights a few days later...

But yeah, like I said this was an alternate way for them to meet. This isn't what actually happened between them.

Anyways, please excuse the sorry excuse for Gallantmon in the background... I was getting pretty tired by the time I finished this drawing up and when I eventually color it its going to be darkened to the point where you can't really see him all that much, so yeah...…
Toony-Tornado Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015
I rather like this alternative meeting:D

Lol, I wonder if he was too busy worrying about getting caught to realize he was holding a pretty girl digimon so close XD
6SeaCat9 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad. ^^

lol, kinda... X3
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April 8, 2015
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