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Later that night aboard the Black Pawkeet, a victory celebration was well underway, with Basil and Amber being introduced to the crew before Garin started to tell their tale. If there was anyone who could tell a story and make anyone believe it, it was Garin, though if Basil had to argue, he would say that the young pirate was being a little exaggerative. He rolled his eyes and looked about for Amber past some of the crew who danced to music being played, but couldn’t find her.

“Where’s Amber?” he asked, looking at Garin.

“Oh, she went with Sea Cat,” the Usul replied.

“What for?” Basil asked, tilting his head. Garin opened his mouth to reply, and smiled and pointed behind him.

“Probably that,” he said. Basil turned around, jaw fall open as he laid eyes on the young mousette in her new dress. It was a deep red and gold, with matching gold trim and lace patterned all over it. Her hair had been washed, curled and halfway done up in a bun, with sparkling earrings dangling from her ears. Basil gulped shyly as Amber smiled and walked over with Sea Cat.

“Well go on!” Garin whispered, nudging Basil in the arm. “Ask the girl for a dance!”

“U-Uh…” Basil turned back to the table and stood. “I-I think I’ll just have another drink…”

“Oh no ya don’t!” Garin said, grabbing Basil and turning him around before shoving him towards Amber. Basil came to a skidding halt in front of her and blushed madly as he stood there awkwardly, trying to find the right words.

“U-Um… Y-You… You l-look l-lovely…” he stuttered.

“Oh shut up and just dance with her, you numpty!” Jacques hollered with his hands cupped around his mouth. Some of the crew laughed and Basil blushed even redder, before bowing politely, yet still awkwardly, to Amber and offering his hand. Amber smiled and curtsied before taking his hand and beginning to dance with him in step to the lively jig. Garin snickered to himself and lifted his mug of rum to his lips to take a swig as Blackie let out a wolf whistle at the couple from his shoulder, which made Garin laugh harder.

“Aye, aye, that’s one way to put it!” he said, scratching Blackie on the head. Blackie clicked his beak and ruffled his feathers in a content manner as Jacques looked at Garin.

“So what now?” he asked.

“We go wherever the wind takes us.” Garin replied.

“And what about those two?” Jacques nodded his head towards Basil and Amber.

“I’ll ask them if they wish to be dropped off somewhere, otherwise I suppose they could sail with us.” Garin said, and Jacques nodded in agreement. “But for now, my friend, we celebrate, and then get some well earned rest! I for one could use it…”

You could use it!?” Jacques asked. “What about me?! I haven’t a wink since you’ve been gone because that fool bird of yours kept biting my nose in the middle of the night!”

Garin laughed hysterically as Jacques and Blackie glared daggers at one another.

Soon the festivities came to an end and everyone began to turn in for the night. Sea Cat made Amber a spare bunk in her room, since it had once been a mere closet that had been cleaned out. As she changed into her new nightgown, Amber couldn’t keep from smiling, because this was the first time she ever felt safe on board a pirate ship. Before she was afraid because of the way the pirates of the Felicia would look at her, but now that was behind her. She felt… free.

Free at last.

“Thank you for the dress,” she said to Sea Cat as she turned around.

“Aw, don’t worry about it!” Sea Cat said, settling into her own bunk. “The look on your Basil’s face was thanks enough!” Amber blushed and giggled, then sat down on her bunk, but a knock at the door caused her to look up.

“Yes?” Amber asked.

“Its me,” came Basil’s voice. Amber smiled and stood up, opening the door a crack to look at him. “I just wanted to say goodnight,” he said, smiling.

“Good.” Amber said. “Goodnight, Basil,” she said, leaning forward and lightly kissing him on the lips. Basil blushed and gingerly reached up to her face and held her in the kiss for just a few moments longer before the two pulled away from each other. Amber smiled, then blinked.

“Oh, before I forget!” she said, then reached under her pillow and produced a rolled up piece of parchment, which she handed to Basil. “Can you give this to Garin? Just something of thanks, from us.”

“What is it?” Basil asked.

“Unroll it and see.” Amber replied. “I got it from Ratigan’s cabin when I was hiding there during the battle.” Basil looked down and unrolled it, his eyes scanning over the writing briefly before looking up at her with a start. She smiled at him and he smiled back inquisitively.

“Taking up pirating ways are we?” he asked. Amber winked.

“Maybe just a little,” she said. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Amber.” Basil said as she closed the door, then turned and walked up on deck, where he found Garin standing with Blackie on his shoulder at the helm. “Excuse me, captain. Might I have a word?”

“Of course, what’s on your mind?” Garin asked. Basil walked up to him and showed him the parchment. Garin tilted his head. “A map?”

“A map to Ratigan’s secret anchorage.” Basil confirmed with a grin. “Where he keeps all his accumulated treasures.”

Garin grinned and his eyes sparked in a new light showed a craving for adventure. “Well then, what are we waiting for? Are there position markings on that map?”

“Aye, there are.” Basil replied with a nod.

“Then get below and chart a course. We set sail first thing in the morning!”

“Yes sir!” Basil gave a salute and ran down the stairs to the main deck and then below. Garin chuckled to himself and looked at Blackie as the bird squawked at him in a confused manner. Garin looked at his feathered companion.

“Aw, c’mon, Blackie! You know the Code!” he said. “Take what you can, give nothin’ back!”

The End
AND ITS DONE!!! FINALLY!! OMGOMGOMG...Ohmygosh its done... YES.

I hope you love it Amber!!! :D

MOAR PoTC references FTW!
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ALS123 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
D'AAAAWWW I love how awkward Basil was... "Shut up and just dance with her, ya numpty!" :rofl: And I LOVED the ending, Ratigan is gonna be so ticked when he comes to his hideout and finds his horde of treasure gone :XD:

Oh and thanks to you, I am now officially a Garin fangirl :love:

Thank you thank you THANK YOU so so much for writing this. I can't even describe how happy it makes me. So we'll settle for a happy Ratti icon :iconratigansqueeplz: :XD: You're an awesome writer and an epic storyteller :D
6SeaCat9 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
:hug: You are VERY welcome! I had way too much fun with this!
WingsOfASong Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*squeals incoherently* I LOVE that last part. SO MUCH LOVE TO BE HAD HERE.

*pervs away to write some Assassin's Creed/Garin/GMD awesomeness*
6SeaCat9 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
WingsOfASong Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really like it! ^^ Well done!
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