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By the next morning, the leaky barrels were discovered. Though everyone assumed, of course, that they had somehow been damaged during the kraken attack. Ratigan at first gave orders to stay on course and for water rations to be cut in half, but the crew made clear their displeasure with this. They called a meeting to discuss how to approach Ratigan about putting into anchor at Tortuga sooner than planned. Garin couldn’t believe his luck! His plan was working perfectly, and with a bonus now that Captain Ratigan trusted him, so he didn’t interfere when the crew finally decided to go up on deck and approach their captain.

At first loud arguments broke out amongst the crew, along with oaths and threats, leaving Garin hopeful for a brawl that might just sort out any possible threats. But to his surprise, when Ratigan emerged from his cabin to address the ruckus, he listened and agreed with his crew to put into port earlier. Garin at first found this suspicious, however Ratigan revealed that the hull of the Felicia had been damaged close to the waterline, and if they hit foul weather again it could sink them, so they had to put in for repairs. This satisfied the crew, but Garin knew the real reason was because none of them had any intention of making the rat angry.

Which was a wise move.

Garin returned below deck some time later, wiping some sweat from his face onto his sleeve and looking at Basil as they walked towards the galley. Basil too wiped sweat from his face, taking off his headband in order to do so.

“Bloody hell,” he muttered.

“Aye, its hot work up there!” Garin agreed, then stepped into the galley, where Amber sat eating a small plate of food. Basil sat across from her carefully and Garin beside him. He looked around cautiously before leaning in.

“Alright, so this is it!” he whispered.

“At last!” Amber almost exclaimed. Basil winced and held up a hand.

“Amber, command yourself! We have to be careful!” he warned.

“Basil’s right. We have to work fast without arousing suspicion.” Garin said. “So listen, Ratigan is going to drop anchor in port for three days and three days only. But it’s on that third day that we’re going to make our escape.”

“The third day?” Amber asked.

“Aye. That’s when everything will be restocked and loaded up, too much confusion to keep track of folk.”

“Alright.” Amber nodded, then quickly returned to her food as some other members of the crew walked in. Garin and Basil quickly struck up a conversation to appear normal, but in the back of their minds, they were each preparing for the next few days.
The Felicia laid anchor in the bay of their destination, Tortuga, and the crew took the boats to shore to spend the evening carousing before having to start restocking the next morning. On the third day was when the last of the cargo was to be loaded, and that is when Garin, Basil and Amber would slip away into the forest to hide until it was safe to escape the island.

“Well, here we are!” Garin said as he followed Basil down the gangplank.

“Aye, finally.” Basil agreed as several of the crew pushed past them once they reached the bottom. “Hey, watch it Patch! That was my tail!”

“You’ll grow a new one!” Patch snorted back at Basil with a laugh, and Basil rolled his eyes.

“Cheer up, Basil!” Garin said loudly, looping an arm around his shoulders, then suddenly lowered his voice. “With the lot of these blaggards gone, Amber will have plenty of time to pack up rations without anyone noticing!”

“Ah, a fair point.” Basil gave a quick nod, then followed the others as they headed for the nearest pub.

They entered the loud and noisy pub and went to their own table instead of following the others to the counter. Garin sat down with a relaxed sigh and rolled his shoulders as he looked around at all the hustle and bustle going on before finally looking at Basil, who pulled out his pipe. He knew by the look on Basil’s face that he was eager to finally get away with Amber, then the two of them could feel safe again. Garin chuckled to himself and adjusted his headband in an almost triumphant manner.

“Captain Garin!”

Garin nearly jumped in his seat and his tail bristled in fright, his head beginning to dart around, looking for whoever it was who said his name. Basil froze and looked around as well, his eyes finding a fat, and very, very drunk sailor sitting with his back to them at the bar. In his drunkenness, he had suddenly begun to ramble stories that had been told about Garin. Basil pulled his pipe from his mouth and looked over at the young Usul, finding him a bit pale and looking as if he were about to duck underneath the table. Garin looked at Basil.

“If anyone recognizes me we’re in trouble!” he whispered harshly. Basil nodded lifted his hands in a calming manner.

“Remain calm,” he said. “Just act natural and come on.”

Garin nodded and carefully rose from his seat, his ears twitching in an almost wince like manner as he heard the drunk continue on with his stories, but he followed Basil out carefully. His eyes scanned around them to see if anyone was watching, but thankfully, no one was, they were too busy with their own affairs to pay attention to the tales being told by an obnoxiously loud drunken sailor. Garin followed Basil out the door, then quickly the both of them hurried and ducked around a corner in the alley opposite them. Basil drew a knife and held it out in front of him, using the reflection in the blade to see if they had been followed, which they had not. He sighed and sheathed the knife.

“Looks like no one was interested,” he said, looking at Garin, who nodded, then followed him as they left the alley. Garin sighed in deep relief. That had been too close.

Back at the tavern, the fat sailor continued in his ramblings, but in between started to tell tales of Garin the Foolish, and Ratigan’s crew was having well more than an earful listening to his drunken ramblings.

“Blimey!” Lefty complained. “He’s drunker than a fish!”

“Aye, no mistake about that…” Patch complained with his mate, then turned an angry shoulder over at the drunk. “Oi! Stow that gab, you lubber! We’ve heard enough of your squawkin’!”

The drunk snorted in their direction and grumbled to himself as he lifted his mug of ale to his lips again, but then stopped when a heavy hand was placed on his shoulder and turned his head to look at whom it belonged to.

“Ignore them, mate.” Ratigan said with a grin. “Tell me more about this, ‘Captain Garin’.”
Basil and Garin walked around the village and the docks for a while, going over their plan carefully to make sure nothing would get in their way. Finally they returned to the ship, arriving just as the last of the others did, then went below to rest. Basil checked with Amber to make sure she didn’t have any trouble with hiding their rations while Garin turned in for the night, and found she had everything ready and hidden away without anyone noticing. With that, he and Amber went off to bed to await the next day’s events.

The next morning, Garin woke to the sound of other crewmembers stirring from their hammocks. He sat up from his own and stretched his arms up, mouth agape in a great yawn as his back popped, bones creaked and muscles loosened. He swung his legs out of the hammock and over to the galley, going to a pot of water and splashing some on his face like some of the others were doing. Garin blinked away the water from his eyes and wiped it away from his face with his sleeves, sighing as he shook away the last of his sleepiness before he walked up on deck.

“Oi, lad.” Garin’s ears pricked up and he looked over at Captain Ratigan, who stood on deck with his arms crossed. “You have a minute?”

“Of course sir.” Garin nodded and walked over. “You need something? Just say the word, and I’m you’re man!”

“Aye, I figured as much.” Ratigan grinned and uncrossed his arms, putting them behind his back. “I was wondering if you could provide me with a bit of information.”

“Information, sir?” Garin asked.

“Aye.” Ratigan replied. “Have you ever heard tell about a certain ‘Captain Garin’ before?”

Garin gulped silently and put on a pondering face. “Um… I can’t say that I have, captain, why do you ask?”

“I think you know why… Garin.” Ratigan said with a sneer.

Garin’s blood ran cold and sweat beginning to form on the back of his neck. He opened his mouth to protest, but then he said he saw the crew gathered around, and with that, he knew that they had discovered the truth about his identity. Though with any luck, his plans made with Basil and Amber would go undiscovered. Garin sighed, lifted his hands a bit and leaned forward in a slight bow, unable to keep a smug grin from forming on his lips.

“What gave me away?” he asked as he straightened up. Ratigan gave something of a chuckle and laid a hand on the hilt of his cutlass.

“A few things, I suppose,” he replied. “I’m shocked I didn’t realize it sooner. I’d heard stories about you before, but until last night I never would have guessed it was you. You know you’re a foot shorter than I’ve heard.”

“Don’t worry, I’m still growing.” Garin crossed his arms.  Ratigan chuckled and shrugged.

“So I assume all the trouble that’s been happening these last few days was all your doin’ eh?”

“Aye. Well, all except the kraken, that bit was Dame Fortune’s bad sense of humor.” Garin said with a shrug, smirking at Ratigan with that still smug look on his face. Ratigan scoffed at him and drew his cutlass.

“Tie him up,” he said to the crew. Garin winced and quickly made a run for the side, but Lefty stuck out his good arm and caught him in the gut, stopping him. Garin grunted in pain from the impact, however this didn’t stop him from struggling when more of the crew grabbed him by the arms.

Basil watched in horror from the stairs to the lower deck, his hand stretched behind him to grasp Amber’s, who covered her mouth with her other hand to keep from almost sobbing aloud. Basil took his hand from hers and grabbed the hilt of his sword, but Amber reached up with both hands and stopped him, shaking her head frantically. Basil grit his teeth, but nodded and quickly walked below deck with her, out of sight from the others.

“W-What do we do?!” Amber asked.

“I dunno if there’s anything we can do!” Basil whispered. “We’re out in the middle of the bay so there’s no hope of making a run for it…”

Amber threw her arms around Basil. “I-I’m afraid…”

“I know.” Basil sighed and hugged her. “I know.”

Amber sniffled and wiped her eyes, glancing past Basil’s back and out one of the porthole windows nearby them, leading out into the open window. She sniffled again and wiped away a few more tears, before tugging lightly on Basil’s vest and nodding at the window.

“Basil,” she said. “Look.”

“So now,” Ratigan said, glancing down at the now wrist bound Garin. “What should I do with you?”

“Loosen the ropes and let me go?” Garin asked, somewhat hopefully. Ratigan scoffed and rolled his eyes, tapping his claws against the blade of his cutlass.

“I was thinking of something a bit more painful,” he said.

“Why not just kill me?”

“Why not just—Oh, Garin, Garin!” Ratigan laughed and shook his head, looking down at the Usul. “Don’t ye know the Code? When a mutineer fails the Captain is allowed to show leniency towards said mutineer. Killing you would be a waste of time and gold.”

“Gold?” Garin tilted his head in confusion.

“Aye, gold.” Ratigan nodded and knelt down in front of Garin, though still looking down at him. “I’ve horded plenty of loot and spoils in my years, and if the stories are true you have as well. Think of how much more you could have if you started taking orders from me!” He held up his hand as Garin opened his mouth. “You’d still be captain of your own ship of course and commanding your old crew, but you’d be taking your orders from me and some of your shares will go to me. Shall we say thirty-five percent? I’m feeling generous.”

“Well I’m not in the mood to share.” Garin’s ears flattened as he spoke through gritted teeth.

Ratigan grinned, showing his teeth. “Are ye so sure?”

“Of course I’m bloody sure. I mean, think for a minute, old man. Think for once!” Garin barked, pulling himself back onto his feet and meeting Ratigan at eye level. “You’ve spent years and years collecting your spoils and making a reputation for yourself, and well done! You’re now a rich and famous man, but guess bloody what? So am I! But instead of taking me half a lifetime, it took me three years. Three. Years. To be just as, if not more infamous as you, and all the pirates on all four points of the compass! So for what purpose would I want to join forces with you, rat?

Ratigan grit his teeth and glared hard at the boy, his pupils shrinking in such an enraged way that his crew actually stepped back from him as quickly as possible. Ratigan grabbed Garin around the throat and stood up, lifting him somewhat while glaring down as the boy choked a bit. Garin grunted in pain, but managed a chuckle and a smirk as he looked up at the angry rat’s seething face.

“And what pray tell is so funny?” Ratigan asked with an almost snake-like charm.

“It’s a small world,” said Garin. “See, I know someone with a short temper just like yours… except he’s twice your age and better looking.”

Ratigan gave a blank, yet clearly insulted stare for a few brief moments, then gave an amused chuckle, letting go of Garin’s throat and setting the boy down. He then reeled back his hand and struck Garin hard across the face, one of his rings scraping down hard across Garin’s cheek and ripping open his flesh to make a large cut. Garin fell to the deck from the impact of the strike, his bound hands behind his back preventing him from catching himself. He winced and bit his tongue to hold in a cry of pain.

“Yup, that’s familiar too…” he grumbled under his breath.

“Get him up.” Ratigan snarled, and the two pirates closest to Garin obeyed as Ratigan’s face broke into a smile. “And run out the plank.”

The crew cheered out loudly and ran about the deck to obey. Garin growled a bit and kicked out as he was dragged towards one side of the ship and the crew began to sing in a somewhat mocking fashion, literally passing Garin down a line to the now outstretched gangplank.

“A pirate's life is a wonderful life, but not forever they say! When you're neck's in the noose, and you can't get it loose, it’s the life of a pirate you pay!” they sang, cackling as Garin was finally forced out onto the plank, glancing down at the water beneath him with a gulp of worry. He looked back at Ratigan, who pushed the tip of his cutlass against Garin’s chest to force him backwards, grinning a bit sickly.

“You know, I really am terribly sorry about this.” Ratigan said in truly fake empathy. Garin grit his teeth and was about to retort angrily, but then his ears pricked back up at the sound of a loud bang in the distance.

A loud splash and the ship rocking nearly sent both he and Ratigan falling off the plank and into the water below, and the crew of the Felicia let out loud startled cries as they whirled around to the source of the noise, which came from the opposite side of the ship. Another ship was approaching fast, the muzzle flashes of cannons lighting up the early morning sky as they fired upon the Felicia. Garin’s ears twitched again.

“I know those guns,” he said.

“What are you standing around for you bilge rats?! Return fire!” Ratigan roared, getting back onto the deck. Garin quickly took the opportunity to do the same, ducking behind a few barrels on the deck as the crew began to rush about as the ship approached ever more rapidly. Garin turned himself on his knees and looked between the barrels at the ship, positively unable to hold back a grin as he heard each new blast from a cannon.

“Now this is what I call a timely interruption!” he said to himself. “Dame Fortune, you are a fickle female!”

As the new ship came along-side the Felicia, Garin jerked in surprise as someone grabbed his arms from behind, however upon turning he found it was Amber, with his dagger in her hands. She nodded to him quietly, lifting the dagger blade and cutting his hands free from their tight bonds. Garin winced and massaged his wrists, nodding to Amber in thanks as the sounds of battle began to ring louder on board.

“Here,” said Amber as she handed Garin back his dagger. “You’ll need this.”

“So I suppose this means I’m trustworthy then?” Garin asked as he accepted it. Amber smiled.

“No arguments from me!” she said. Garin nodded and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Get into Ratigan’s cabin and barricade the door. Don’t come out until I shout this,” he said, then whispered into her ear. She nodded and quickly raced into Ratigan’s cabin, after checking to make sure she was alone of course. Garin stood from his hiding place and looked at Basil as he ran over.

“Is that ship what I think it is?!” Basil asked over the noise. Garin nodded with a grin. “Oh good, then I would have signaled them for nothing!”

“Well done, Basil! Do what you can in the fight without getting killed, and I’ll see you when this is over!” Garin patted his friend on the shoulder, then smirked and ran into the fray, his eyes seeking out a red haired Kyrii just ahead of him.

Garin lifted his dagger and met blades with the Kyrii as he spun around expecting to face a new foe. He froze and his eyes widened as Garin simply smirked at him.

“Did you miss me?” he asked. The Kyrii lowered his weapon and laughed aloud, grabbing Garin around the shoulder with one arm and using the other to rub his knuckles into the Usul’s head.

“You buggering bushy tailed numpty!” Jacques exclaimed with joy. “Where have you been?!”

“Oh you know, around.” Garin said simply, unable to wipe the silliest grin off of his face. “I’d love to fill you in, but maybe now isn’t the right time.” Garin said as he motioned to the battle around them.

“Good point. Shall we crack on then?” Jacques asked. Garin nodded and twirled his dagger.

“Aye, we shall!” he said. “But first, there’s something I need to attend to. Wanna help?”

“You’re kidding, right?” Jacques gave a most devious grin that Garin returned before he led the way through the flurry of battle and back towards the helm of the ship, where Ratigan stood watching the battle. Garin ran up one side of the helm slashing at a foe in his way while Jacques waiting out of Ratigan’s line of sight for Garin’s signal.

“Like what you see, captain?” Garin asked as he arrived at the top of the stairs. Ratigan snarled at him.

“This is your doing!” he growled angrily. “I don’t know how you did it, but it’ll be the last thing you ever do!”

“Aw, now I can’t take all the credit!” Garin said, dodging as Ratigan swung angrily at him. “I did have the most gracious help from one of your own, none the less!”

“What?!” Ratigan roared, lunging at Garin again with his cutlass. Garin moved aside quickly and parried before locking blades with the large rat.

“Are you really so surprised?” he asked before parrying with Ratigan again. “I mean who would want to be captained by a filthy sea rat anyways?”

Ratigan growled angrily and swung at Garin violently, who parried back quickly. Jacques crept up the stairs to the helm while Ratigan’s back was turned and looked at Garin, waiting for his friend to give him the signal, which came in the form of a nod. Jacques nodded back and grabbed up the rat’s tail, then gave a good yank, causing Ratigan to stumble.

“What?!” Ratigan shouted.

“Eyes front, Captain!” Garin taunted, stabbing forward, but Ratigan blocked with his cutlass. Jacques did not let go of the rat’s long tail and in fact kept pulling on it, ducking every once in awhile as Ratigan swung at him. Garin looked at the ship’s wheel.

“Jacques, the wheel!” he shouted.

“Aye!” Jacques acknowledged and pulled harder on Ratigan’s tail while Garin continued to duel with him. He pulled and pulled, before suddenly diving forward to stand beside Garin, causing Ratigan to trip backwards over his own tail. The two friends sprang forward and grabbed Ratigan by the arms, pulling him with all their might towards the wheel, sticking his arms through the spokes. Jacques quickly drew a knife and drove the tip through the thick leather of Ratigan’s gloves, trapping his arms behind him and around the wheel. Jacques stepped back and so did Garin, wiping sweat from his brow and sighing a bit.

“I’m beginning to wonder just how many times this is going to work for us,” said Garin as he looked at his friend, who laughed and drew one of his cutlasses again as the Usul walked to the edge of the helm. Putting his fingers into his mouth and letting out a shrill whistle was enough to get the attention of both crews, and upon seeing their captain restrained, the crew of the Felicia were left dumbfounded as what to do next.

After herding them into an unarmed pack, Garin walked down from the helm, leaving Jacques to keep an eye on Ratigan. Basil ran over to him, as well as some of the crew, who happily welcomed Garin back into their ranks, but Basil pushed his way through them and over to Garin.

“I’ve looked everywhere for Amber but I can’t find her!” Basil exclaimed. Garin lifted a calming hand.

“Relax, I told her to hide in the cabin,” he said and walked to the cabin door. He knocked and leaned in close to the door. “Amber, Basil’s an idiot!”

“I beg your pardon?!” Basil exclaimed, before the door suddenly flew open and Amber tackled him to the deck in an enthusiastic embrace. Garin laughed.

“Calm down Basil, it was just a password!” he said past his laughter. Amber sat up and giggled as Basil stood up with her.

“I knew that…” he grumbled.

“Sure you did.”

“Aagh!!” came Jacques’ pain filled cry, followed by the Kyrii suddenly flying overhead and to the deck with skid.

“Jacques!” Garin exclaimed, about to run to his friend when he turned to him quickly.

“Look out behind you!” Jacques cried, but too late, as Amber suddenly screamed.

Garin turned around to find Amber pulled up to the helm, Ratigan’s tail wrapped around her like a snake and his cutlass to her throat. Garin drew his dagger as Basil grit his teeth in anger and Jacques pulled himself back on his feet.

“Move and she dies!” Ratigan roared.

“You viper!” Basil seethed angrily. “You cowardly r—” Garin quickly stopped Basil before he could continue.

“Watch yourself mate, if you make him angry he’ll hurt her!” he whispered. Basil grit his teeth and clenched his fists, however kept himself as composed as he possibly could. Jacques rubbed his aching shoulder and moved over closer just in the slightest.

“I have to agree with him though,” he said. “Bloody coward…”

“Jacques,” Garin asked quietly. “Are the windows to my cabin open?”

Jacques blinked in confusion at his friend. “Aye they are, but what—”

Garin replied by suddenly sticking his fingers into his mouth and letting out three, shrill, bird-like chirps. Basil winced from the loud sound and Ratigan hissed, pulling Amber back further away from the helm’s edge.

“Whatever trickery you’ve got planned it won’t work! Ye hear me?! It won’t—AAH!” Ratigan suddenly cried as loud squawks and shrieks filled the air. Blackie had answered his master’s call, as expected! Garin moved quickly, tugging Basil up with him just in time to catch Amber as Ratigan’s thrashing about threw her violently towards the railing. Garin tackled Ratigan to the ground, the rat’s face scratched up and bloody from the sudden attack from Garin’s feathered friend retreated to watch the scene from the wheel. Garin threw a curled fist into Ratigan’s face hard, then curled his other fist and did the same.

“Amber are you alright?!” Basil asked frantically, lifting her chin just slightly to see if she had been cut in the struggle. Amber shook her head calmly and sighed shakily.

“N-No, I’m alright,” she said.

“Are you sure?”


“Are you sure?”



Amber leaned forward and kissed the mouse on the lips, causing his eyes to suddenly fly wide open, before pulling away and looking at him with a smile.

“I’m sure,” she said, then looked over as she and Basil stepped back from the two fighting pirates. Garin threw another punch into Ratigan’s face before standing up at last. Ratigan growled and leaned forward as if to stand.

“I’d stay down if I were you,” said Garin. Ratigan spat at him, suddenly drawing a knife and leaping up. Garin grabbed Ratigan by the wrist and twisted it, both pulling him back down to the deck and taking the knife from his hand before rearing his arm back and striking Ratigan across the jaw one more time hard.

“I said, stay down!” he roared angrily. This time, the large sea rat obeyed, merely giving a groan. Garin swiped his arm across his brow and kicked away the knife Ratigan had tried to stab him with moments ago as he stepped back. Turning to his crew, he sheathed his dagger and then fixed his headband as he walked forward.

“Alright boys, lets shove off,” he said. “It’s been a long day and frankly I could use a good ol’ swig of rum.”

“You’re…” Garin stopped as he heard Ratigan to pause and cough up a loose tooth, not even turning around to address the sea rat. “You’re not going to kill me?” Ratigan finished asking.

At this, Garin did turn his head, making instant eye contact with the other captain, the words he spoke next disturbed only by the sound of the wind making contact with the sails above.

“You tried to kill me, I tried to kill you,” he said. “But neither of us is dead so I think we’re even, savvy?”

Ratigan remained utterly silent as Garin turned away once again and walked over to where his friends waited for him. His crew, now with Basil and Amber, quickly boarded the Black Pawkeet and made quick sail away from the Felicia as Ratigan stood up and simply watched them go, rubbing his sore jaw and scratched up snout.

“Should we go after them sir?!” Fidget asked as he hobbled over.

“No.” Ratigan replied. “No, let them go.”

“B-But why?” Fidget asked, baffled at his captain’s answer.

“Its like he said…” Ratigan said with a slight chuckle. “We’re even.”
So it turns out this isn't gonna be four parts after all, but FIVE. I promise! Just five! Sorry this is taking so long, :iconals123:!! I'm trying hard, I swear!

So, PoTC references FTW! And Blackie makes an appearance in doing one of the things he does best! Lastly that song bit the pirates are singing is property of Disney! It plays during part of their annual Halloween Parade in Disney World, I do NOT own it! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy!!
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