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Garin spent the next two or three days using Basil’s knowledge of the crew to create problems and situations that often ended with sour feelings. One night, while making sure that Basil kept an eye on the crew that were carousing down below in the galley, Garin slipped into the crew’s quarters and pilfered anything he could find from gold shares to stashes of tobacco or rum. Once he found enough, he’d hide some of it in random bunks to make it appear that some of the others in the crew were the thieves, then dispose of the rest. This caused a large fight the next day, which was broken up quickly thanks to the Ratigan’s intervention, and that of course, was the third step of Garin’s plan.

Making things difficult for Ratigan himself would prove a bit more difficult than stirring up the crew against one another. Basil was right; the large rat was smart, and infinitely more devious than most other pirate captains that Garin had encountered. It was easy to see that he suspected something the night of the big fight that had occurred in the crew’s quarters, and was intent on keeping a close eye on Garin.

But Garin was pretty clever himself. That’s why tonight, when it was quiet, he was intent on quietly raising Ratigan’s frustrations. While the crew was gathered in the galley, playing cards, drinking and what not, Garin slipped down into the hold, where all the supplies were being kept. Amber had been kind enough to slip him a corkscrew for him to use as requested, so he set to work on the first of the water barrels. He ducked low, just in case someone were to walk in and see him, then put the screw against the wood near the bottom of the barrel.

Barrel after barrel he went around, making small holes barely visible to the naked eye in all but three of them, and with that, he was done. Garin wiped sweat from his brow as he crept from the crew’s quarters and walked back to the galley, looking in the door at Basil and giving him a nod. Basil nodded back carefully before standing up from a card game and walking over to meet him, pulling out a pipe as he did.

“Well?” he asked as he stuck the pipe into his mouth.

“All finished.” Garin replied. “By tomorrow afternoon we’ll be so low on water that Ratigan will have no choice but to make for Tortuga in half the time he originally planned.”

“So that’s what you needed the corkscrew for.” Basil said. Garin nodded.

“The less you two know, the better,” he said. “If we were to be discovered I’d hate to think of what could happen. Especially to Amber.”

Basil nodded silently and lit his pipe, and in the dark, Garin could see his eyes glazed over in thought and worry. He couldn’t hold back a smile, knowing he was thinking about Amber. The two walked up on deck, and Garin took in a deep breath of the crisp night air.

“Ah, nothing like fresh air!” he said. Basil nodded, taking a few puffs of his pipe and looking at Garin with a tilt of his head.

“Hm,” he said. “Captain Garin the Foolish.”

“That’s my name, don’t wear it out!” Garin said with a chuckle and a grin. Basil took his pipe from his mouth and chuckled lightly with a shake of his head.

“No offense, but I expected you to be…” Basil stopped himself as if lost for words, and Garin lifted an eyebrow.

“To be what?” he asked.

“Well… Older.” Basil said. “No offense of course, but from all the stories I’ve heard I never expected you to be so young!”

“Young? I’m barely past twenty!” Garin protested, his ears flattening against the back of his head.

“…I rest my case.” Basil said, trying not to grin as he stuck his pipe back into his mouth. Garin scowled at him with a grumble of disapproval, turning and leaning forward against the railing to look out at the horizon. Basil chuckled and did likewise, downwind from Garin so his pipe smoke wouldn’t waft into his face.

“Its only a matter of hours now before someone discovers the leaky water barrels.” Garin said. “Finish that pipe of yours then head below. I’ve got the next watch.”

“Alright.” Basil said, taking his pipe out of his mouth, then looking at Garin. “What if something goes wrong?”

“Just look after Amber. Remember you’re her only ally here.”

Basil hid a blush and looked down at the water. He opened his mouth to speak again when he heard someone climbing the stairs behind them. Both pirates turned around to find Amber, with a blanket around her shoulders walking up on the deck. She gave a start upon seeing them, but then sighed gently in relief. Garin smiled a bit and dipped his head to her.

“Evenin’ miss,” he said, choosing his words carefully to be safe.

“Good evening.” Amber replied.

“Can’t sleep?” Basil asked, unable to hide the concern on his face. Amber blushed and shook her head.

“I just wanted some fresh air before turning in,” she said as she walked over to stand at the railing near the two. “I keep worrying something will go wrong,” he whispered.

“I wouldn’t, there haven’t been any signs of any more foul weather of late.” Garin said normally, then looked at her. “Trust me.”

Amber nodded. “Well, I think I’ve had enough fresh air for now,” she said, then turned and headed back down below. Basil sighed as she walked away, then looked at his pipe.

“I think I’m going to turn in as well,” he said. “Have fun on that first watch mate.”

“Aye I’m sure it’ll be a jolly ol’ time.” Garin replied with a roll of his eyes. He jumped up onto the railing and swiftly climbed the ratlines up to the crow’s nest as Basil walked down below. Garin paused as he climbed and looked out over the dark horizon, sighing as he did.

“What I wouldn’t give for this to be the crow’s nest aboard the ol’ Pawkeet!” he thought, then continued to climb. “Eh, chin up Garin. At least you’ll get some peace and quiet around here for once.”

Garin wasn’t up in the crow’s nest for more than an hour when he found his eyelids growing heavy and harder to keep from falling shut over his eyes. He yawned and stretched his arms above his head in an attempt to wake himself up, yet this proved to be to little avail. Garin sat down on the floor of the crow’s nest, with his back against the mast, and he sighed.

“I miss Blackie,” he said with another yawn.

Garin suddenly felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end and a chill run down his spine. He furrowed his brow before prying his eyes open carefully and looking up to the presence he felt. He was met with the dull, yellow eyes of Captain Padriac Ratigan, and he nearly jumped clean out of his fur.

“Bloody hell!!” he cried, jerking up and away from the large rat, who grinned, showing all of his teeth.

“Falling asleep on duty, are we?” he asked.

“S-Sorry sir.” Garin grit his teeth to calm his nerves as he spoke.

Did he suspect? Was it over?

Ratigan climbed over the edge of the crow’s nest, and Garin gulped, standing quickly in a hope to avoid conflict. Ratigan had a bottle in his hand, which he took a long swig from before sighing in content and looking up at the sky.

“Nice night,” he said.

“Aye it’s been pretty quiet.” Garin replied, starting to calm down a bit, but kept his distance as best he could within the small space.

“Good, good.” Ratigan replied. “We could use a quiet night.” The rat captain took another swig from his bottle. Garin dare not sigh aloud; he tried to remain as visibly calm as possible and avoided eye contact with the large captain, knowing that one false look or move could lead to trouble. But Garin was no coward, so he dared, and looked at Ratigan whilst clearing his throat.

“Can’t sleep or something?” he asked. Ratigan shrugged.

“Plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead,” he replied. Garin gave a nod.

“Now there’s a thought,” he said.

“Aye. And if I’m not mistaken lad… Ye’ve been doin’ a lot of thinkin’ yourself.” Ratigan said, give Garin a dangerous glance that made the hair on the back of his neck stand on end.

“Have I?” Garin asked.

No time to react, except to grab at the hand around his throat that suddenly lifted him up and out of the crow’s nest. Garin latched onto Ratigan’s arm as he found himself dangling out in mid air, eyes wide in fear and his body going rigid as he hung there by his throat. Ratigan had a stern, angry, and yet somehow amused look on his face as he held Garin out over the edge of the crow’s nest, at his mercy.

“Don’t take me for a fool, lad!” Ratigan hissed through his teeth. “I can tell when someone is up to something, it’s like the smell of a rotting corpse. You can’t ignore it, no matter how hard you try.”

Garin said nothing, but continued to cling to Ratigan’s arm in desperation not to fall to his death, and the rat leaned out, bringing Garin’s face close to his, but still kept him out over the edge. Ratigan loosened his grip, and Garin tensed, tightening his grip on the captain’s outstretched arm.

“I know you’re up to something, lad.” Ratigan hissed again. “I may not know what yet, but I’m going to find out now!”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Garin said quickly, trying to swing his legs back into the crow’s nest, however his captor would not allow him, instead he only chuckled in amusement as the boy’s fear.

“Well then there’s no reason to leave you hangin’ then, is there?”

Ratigan loosened his fingers around Garin’s throat to drop him, when a sudden, powerful jolt that shook the whole ship. He did let go of Garin, but only after falling backwards in shock, allowing the Usul hit the side of the crow’s nest and cling to it. Garin gasped, for both air and from the sudden jolt that shook the ship before leaving it standing dead in the water. Ratigan peered over the side of the crow’s nest as the crew rushed up from below deck to see what had caused the jolt. He sneered and hurried back down from the crow’s nest, but Garin remained where he was, looking around down beneath him, the hair on the back of his neck standing on such an end that they could have been called sharp.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” he said to himself as he too descended from the crow’s nest.

Ratigan leaned over the side of the Felicia carefully and looked into the water. They weren’t moving, which was odd since they were at full sail and had favorable wind. His snout wrinkled into snarl as he looked at his assembled crew.

“Don’t just stand there! One of you get up to the helm and free the rudder!” he barked.

No sooner did he speak then the ship gave another jolt, this time almost rising out of the water. Ratigan lost his footing and fell clean on his tail, grunting in pain as he did before hearing the sound of the water churning behind him. He looked, then sprang to his feet and dove forward as a large tentacle hooked the side of the ship.

“Kraken!” he cried, and the crew quickly sprang into action. Ratigan drew his cutlass with a growl and stabbed down on the tentacle, snarling as he watched it retreat back into the water only for a second to take its place. Ratigan snarled again and hacked away at that one as more began to rise from the water.

Basil arrived up on deck and ducked as a wet, slimy tentacle swung at his head. He ducked onto his stomach and looked around, then back at Amber, who was still below. He waved an arm at her and shouted for her to get back, which she did, quickly finding a place out of reach, though terror gripped her harder than Ratigan’s claws. Basil quickly drew his sword and stabbed a tentacle near him, his eyes simultaneously scanning for Garin amongst the chaos and hoping Captain Ratigan would be the first claimed by this creature.

Garin arrived on deck close to where Ratigan was battling a large tentacle at the edge of the ship. He picked up a spear and jumped from the railing as another came up, thrusting it forward and giving a warning jab to the creature. He couldn’t help but wonder what drew it here, for the night had been a fairly quiet one with no real ruckus. He gasped as he backed up into something and whirled around, only to find that it was the Captain, who gave a snarl at him despite their situation. Garin couldn’t help but glare back, then turned around quickly to keep the large spire of slime at bay, swinging his spear at it, and in doing so, knocked over a lantern.

The flame inside gave a bright flash as it fell to the deck, and the kraken’s tentacle dove for the bright light, only to thrash about in confusion as it vanished as quickly as it came. Garin blinked and glanced slightly at Ratigan, who had a similar look of shock on his face.

“Did you see that?” Garin asked.

“Aye, I did!” Ratigan said before swinging at the tentacle again. Garin looked around at the ship’s lanterns.

“The lights!” he exclaimed. “It was drawn here by the lights!” He then grinned as a plan quickly formed into mind and he looked at Ratigan. “I’ve got an idea! Quickly, have those lights put out!” Garin dropped his spear and ran over to the stairs to the deck below. “Basil, Lefty, Patch, you three with me!”

“Do it, you dogs, or I’ll feed you to this beast myself!” Ratigan roared over the noise, and the three whom Garin had called to followed him, while the Captain barked orders for a nearby peg-legged bat to put out all the lights on deck.

“C’mon hurry up, get all of these loaded in the net!” Garin shouted, rolling a barrel over.

“Some of these are empty!” Patch said.

“I know, just do it!” Garin said, then looked up at Basil. “Quick, bring that lantern here!”

Basil did as he was told; at first holding it up to provide more light, but Garin quickly snatched it from him and blew out the light. Basil blinked from confusion and the now darkened room, but continued to help the others quickly finish up with the last of the nearby barrels. Garin cracked the lantern open and poured the oil out over the barrels and ropes of the net, then quickly scanned the room for another. Instead, he found a half drunken bottle of rum, and quickly poured the rest out over the bundle.

“Oi, that was mine!” Lefty complained.

“So I’ll owe you!” Garin snapped. “Now quick, open the hatch and lets get this hoisted up on deck!”

The three quickly scrambled to obey, and quickly the net of rum, oil, and empty barrels was lifted up out of the hatch and over the deck. Garin held off a few tentacles as the three followed his directions to have it swung over the side of the ship, before lowering it just a bit. Basil swung his sword as one of the kraken’s tentacles came too close for comfort and looked at Garin.

“Its in place!” he called.

“Right!” Garin said, then ran over, grabbing Basil’s sword from him and suddenly cutting the rope, letting the bundle fall into the water.

“What’re you doin’?!” Patch cried as he and lefty stumbled back, and Garin handed Basil back his sword.

“Shedding light on the situation!” the Usul said, before quickly looking for a rifle. He spotted one lying against the mast and quickly ran to pick it up, only to have Ratigan step in his way and pick it up himself.

“One side, lad!” he said, marching over to the side and taking aim at the bundle barrels. Garin moved around him quickly, picking up a marlinspike and leaning down to push the bundle away from the side of the ship. Ratigan followed it carefully, then fired, setting the bundle ablaze.

“Now, everyone quiet!” he barked, stepping back from the side. “Quiet, shut up!”

Though clearly bewildered, the crew obeyed, ducking low to the deck on the darkened ship, but Garin kept his eyes on the blazing bundle as it still drifted away on the currents. He bit his lip as he heard the tentacles begin to slow down in their thrashing almost to a standstill.

“C’mon, c’mon, follow it!” he whispered under his breath.

And almost with that, the kraken released its hold on the ship and it started to move again with a jolt, sending a squatting Garin falling onto his tail, where he stayed for a moment to keep the silence. Ratigan grinned and looked at Basil.

“Full sail, but silent as the grave! Pass the word!” he whispered. Basil nodded and did as he was told, for once not wishing to argue with the rat. Garin sighed in relief quietly and stood up slowly to also obey the order, only to stop as Ratigan suddenly laid a hand on his shoulder. He froze, every fiber of his being expecting a threat, but to his shock, the Captain’s hand moved to pat him on the back a few times with a chuckle.

“Well done lad,” he said. “Well done!”

Garin chuckled nervously, his knees quaking a bit as he took a deep breath, feeling some of the color rush his face from the relief of his plan not being discovered. He wiped sweat from his brow as Ratigan walked with him up to the helm.

“I see you think on your feet, eh?” the Captain said. Garin chuckled again and shook his head.

“S-So that’s what it’s called,” he said, his voice cracking a bit. “A-A kraken… wow!”

“First sea monster then?” Ratigan asked, taking his arm off of Garin’s shoulder.

“Aye.” Garin replied. “Well, sort of. I-I’ve heard stories of the kraken and sea serpents dragging down whole ships!”

“Don’t let them tales worry you, lad. Most of those beasties have eyes that are bigger than their stomachs.” Ratigan said, then pointed up to the stern of the ship, just behind the wheel. Garin followed his directing gesture, then winced at the sight of a large, frilled serpent’s skull hanging there for decoration.

“Um… R-Right.” Garin said, swallowing hard. Ratigan chuckled, then turned back to the main deck. Garin sighed in relief and gave a salute. “I’ll go see where I can help out!”

“Actually take the helm,” said Ratigan. “You can make yourself useful there.”

“Uh… the helm. Right.” Garin looked at the wheel and walked up to it to give it a gentle turn. Ratigan turned to him and raised an eyebrow.

“Ye do know how to steer, aye?” he asked.

“Aye, sir.” Garin replied with a quick nod.

“Good lad.” Ratigan said before turning back to the main deck. “Fidget, you vile display of rancid flatulence, damage report!”

Garin sighed in relief and looked at the ship’s wheel. The wood wasn’t as smooth and tempered as the wood of his beloved Pawkeet, but it felt good to be behind the wheel again. As he stood there, listening to Captain Ratigan bark out orders to the crew and steering the ship on its course, he began to realize something. He tilted his head down in order to hide the grin that spread across his face as this realization spun through his mind like a whirlpool.

He realized that this was the first time he had been allowed up to the helm, which meant that he had earned the captain’s respect. And he couldn’t help but grin at the sheer irony. Because now, he had gained Ratigan’s trust, and this may be even better than just sparking a mutiny...

Now it was time for the final step of the plan.
FINALLY OFF MY WRITER'S BLOCK!!!! So sorry for the wait, Amber!!!

Amber and pirate versions of Ratigan and Basil :iconals123:
Garin Neopets
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ALS123 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eeeeeeek that was AWESOME!!! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time :D I LOVE the way you write Pirate!Ratigan, I can hear his voice in mind as he speaks, so awesome :la: Garin's so smart, I hope his plan works, I'm so excited to see what happens next! :excited:

Pffffft the part where Ratigan called Fidget a "vile display of rancid flatulence" absolutely cracked me up :rofl: Pirates have such a way with words :XD:
6SeaCat9 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
SQUEEE! I'm glad you like it!! Yeah, Pirate!Ratigan is a bit of a mix of Hector Barbossa, Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones and Cutler Beckett. So he's pretty fun to write, but its also HARD! I'm more used to writing about Garin, who I'm pretty sure I have down.

Yeah, that insult is actually a lone from the Peter Pan Musical with Cathy Rigby. Hook says it to his crew... in fact its his first scripted line.
ALS123 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem, I absolutely LOVED it! :love: Haha yeah, I draw a lot of inspiration from Barbossa especially, I don't know if it's the voice or what :XD: Heh well, I don't know much about Neopets, so your Garin is really the only Garin I know :XD: But I loves him to pieces :meow:

Haha I just had to go look it up on YouTube, and it was hilarious to actually hear him say it :XD:
6SeaCat9 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Barbossa is so amazingly piratey.

I know, right!? He's an awesome Hook.
WingsOfASong Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ratigan is so awesome in this clip. Very Barbossa. ^^ XDD And poor Garin too. O_O I would not want to be him if he gets caught!
6SeaCat9 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That's because you're a girl and you know what would happen.
WingsOfASong Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yup. O_O
6SeaCat9 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
XD Owned.
WingsOfASong Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*hides behind Pirate!Ratigan*
6SeaCat9 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
WingsOfASong Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He makes me feel better no matter how fucking terrifying he is.
6SeaCat9 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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