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With a plan beginning to form in mind, Garin kept quiet for the next day, obeying orders like a good member of the crew. That boatswain rat, Bart, was a great big pain in the neck morning, noon, and night, though Garin had learned that the short rodent was an avid drinker, rumored to sometimes even sneak rum from Captain Ratigan’s cabin to satisfy his thirst. Garin grumbled as he heard the boatswain crack his whip and shouting on the deck below as he tied down the sails above. He finished tying them down and climbed back down to the deck, stopping for a moment on the railing to take a look at the sea. He took a deep breath of the sweet sea air, then exhaled with a smile and gazed up at the sky.

“Tonight will be a fine night, judging by the sky,” he said, glancing down at Lefty, a large mouse who had lost his left hand and had it replaced with a hook. The mouse merely scoffed at him, to which Garin tilted his head.

“Stow that gab and get back to work!” the boatswain barked, cracking his whip, and Garin winced, more out of annoyance then out of fear. “I said back to work, you sea scum!”

The whip cracked again, but this time stopped and tightened abruptly, as Garin had turned, lifted his wrist and caught the whip. He glared at Bart, his eyes flashing coldly as he tightened his grip on the whip and gave it a strong pull, trying to pull it from the drunken rat’s grip.

“Work yourself, you loudmouthed dog!” he growled, giving the whip another, much stronger pull on the whip, and yanking it from Bart’s hands. He swung the thick handle back at Bart’s head, catching him in the jaw and sending him to the deck with a loud thud. Garin dropped the whip to the deck and jumped off the railing as Bart rubbed his face and stood up, drawing a knife from his belt and making a suddenly lunge for Garin.

Garin caught Bart’s wrist and fell back to the deck, pulling the rat down with him and trying to wrestle the knife from him as the two tussled back and forth on the deck. Several of the crew gathered and started cheering the fight on, though a few tried to break through those gathered to stop it. Garin bit down on Bart’s arm hard, and kept biting until the rat dropped the knife, then pulled the rat over and forced him onto his stomach. He wrapped an arm around his neck and squeezed as hard as he could, despite Bart’s best efforts to claw and bite his way free from the grip.

“Belay!” boomed a voice, and the crew who were watching stopped cheering and parted quickly. Garin grunted as he felt a sharp strike between his shoulders, then was pulled up and off of Bart by the scruff of his neck. Garin’s arms were forced behind his back, holding him still as a large shadow loomed over him, and he looked up with a growl, clearly not giving a damn who it was standing in front of him.

“What’s goin’ on here?” Ratigan growled, glaring down at Garin.

“The little picaroon tried to wring me neck!!” Bart cried, leaping up with a hand on his throat. “Mindin’ my own business I was and he jumped me!”

“Is that so?” Ratigan raised an eyebrow and looked at Bart, then back at Garin, whose eyes were fixed on Bart in a rage.

“Liar! You pulled a knife on me!” Garin shouted.

“Shuddup!” Ratigan roared, grabbing Garin by his vest and glaring into his face. “You’re one of them new recruits, ain’t ye?”

“Aye, that he is!” Bart said before Garin could answer, and Ratigan shot a scowl at Bart before looking back at Garin.

“Ye’ve followed orders good n’ proper, so killing you would be a waste of time,” he said, then threw Garin to the deck. “Otherwise I suppose its t’ the brig with ye!”

Garin grunted as he was picked up and dragged down below to the brig to be thrown into a cell and locked in. He pulled himself up off his stomach and winced at the cuts and fresh bite wounds in his arm that Bart had inflicted on him. He sighed as he looked around the cell and sat down on the small bench that was there… only to have it suddenly creak and then snap under his weight. Garin yelped in shock and pain as he fell backwards against the wall, thumping his head hard against the wood. He winced and growled as he heard a voice chortling at him from the doorway.

“That’s what you get, see?” Bart said with a snort, walking up to the door of Garin’s cell. “Serves you right for not killin’ me when you had the chance, squirrel!”

“I am not a—” Garin growled and slapped a hand to his face in frustration. “You know what, forget it!”

“Oh but that’s just the thing mate.” Bart grinned. “I won’t be forgettin’ this for a long… long time. So enjoy your stay!”
Amber bit her lip as she waited for Bart to leave. She had been standing in the shadows for almost an hour, which is how long he had been in there, gloating over her friend’s misfortune. She sighed as finally she watched Bart leave, snickering to himself as he swaggered away not noticing her. She picked up her things and slipped inside, finding Garin sitting in his cell, picking at the splintered bench. He looked up at her.

“Amber?” he asked.

“I heard what happened, are you alright?” she asked, sitting down and dipping a cloth into a bowl of water. Garin nodded and she smiled in relief. “Here, hold out your arm. If those wounds don’t get cleaned they’ll fester.”

Garin smiled and stretched his arm out through the bars to let her clean the wounds. The water was cold and stung, but he was used to it, since he had taken worse damage from worse pirates. Amber finished cleaning the wounds and tied a soft white bandage around a small set of bite marks that seeped red regardless of being cleaned, then she reached into a cloth bundle beside her and took out half a loaf of bread and a slightly bruised apple. She handed the food to Garin.

“Here,” she said. “I’m sorry, it’s the best I could get.”

“It’ll do just fine, thank you Amber.” Garin said, flexing his arm with the bandage around it. Amber smiled, when her ears suddenly twitched at a low rumble that rolled overhead, to which she looked up at the ceiling.

“Thunder, I think,” she said. Garin shrugged.

“Probably. If it is a storm, you might wanna stay below tonight,” he said. “You never know just how bad they can get.”
That night, the ship pitched back and forth, up and down, then went on well into the next morning, before finally calming down. Garin’s body was still sore from all the times the ship had rocked and thrown him into the metal bars around him, though he did manage to get some sleep. Another full day had passed since the storm, and he now sat in his cell, finishing off the apple Amber had given him, before tossing the core away as he heard someone approaching the brig.

Garin’s ears flattened when he saw Ratigan walking down with Lefty, wanting nothing more than to have his dagger back so he could stab it into the rat’s gut, yet he didn’t have it, and had no choice but to keep his feelings to himself. He looked up at Basil upon noticing the mouse’s presence, but then turned his attention back to Ratigan as Lefty suddenly unlocked the door to his cell.

“On your feet, lad.” Ratigan said. “Get up on deck and get back to work.” Garin nodded and stood, swiping his hands together.

“Bart change his mind already?” he asked, though he feared something worse awaiting him.

“Bart’s dead.”

Garin blinked. “Eh? Come again?”

“Stupid swab got himself slobbering drunk during that storm,” said Ratigan with a snort, turning and walking out of the brig. “Now step to!”

“I did warn you,” Basil muttered to Garin as they walked out of the brig. “Just don’t go picking anymore fights. You may actually wind up joining Bart next time!”

“Thanks for the warning.” Garin muttered back as Lefty passed him and went back up on deck. Garin looked at Basil and nudged him in the arm before he could follow. “Oi, you got a minute?”

“Should I?” Basil rolled his eyes and put his foot on the first step.

“Yes!” Garin snapped quietly, grabbing Basil by the back of his shirt and pulling him off the stairs and over to the shadows. He looked around carefully as Basil yanked free of his grip and looked at him with a harsh glare.

“What’s the big—” he started to shout, but Garin glared at him and gave him a light shove in warning.

“Quiet,” he said firmly. “How long until we next make port?”


“Answer the bloody question!”

Basil sighed in annoyance. “If you’re thinking of escaping you’ll never make it. Captain Ratigan’s smart, he’ll see right through any plan you have cooking to jump ship!”

“I said answer my bloody question.” Garin grumbled with another glare. Basil rolled his eyes.

“Cor’blimey…” he grumbled, then sighed again. “We should reach Tortuga within the next week or so.”

“Hmm…” Garin rubbed his chin. “That’s not much time.”

“I’m tellin’ you mate, don’t be foolish!” Basil insisted, grabbing Garin’s arm. “Ratigan will see right through whatever you’ve got in mind! You’ll be lucky if he chooses to kill you quickly!”

“Well he hasn’t seen through it yet, has he?” Garin asked with a shrug. Basil blinked in confusion and let go of Garin’s arm.

“I’m sorry, what?”

Garin whapped Basil on the back of the head with his hand. “You numbskull!” he hissed. “Who do you think got rid of that drunk little snitch so quietly that no one was the wiser? Hm?”

“You!?” Basil exclaimed, then winced as Garin shushed him and the two ducked further out of sight in the shadows. “But… how?! You had been confined below all night for picking that fight with him!”

Garin smirked. “Which is exactly where I wanted to be! I knew getting in a fight with him would get me locked up, and it was only a matter of time before he’d come to gloat, so when he did, I offered him my rum ration as settlement. He of course, accepted.” Garin’s smirk changed from one of pride, to one that was almost dark and malicious. “And it doesn’t take a bilge rat to tell when a storm is brewing…”

“So… you wanted to be locked up…” Basil took a moment to piece it together. “Because you knew he’d get drunk on your rum ration and be swept overboard!”

“Now you’re getting’ it!” Garin elbowed Basil in the shoulder gently. Basil rubbed his arm and grit his teeth a bit, then looked up at Garin.

“Who are you?” he asked quietly. “And what are you up to?”

“Why mutiny of course!”


“Shush!” Garin slapped a hand over Basil’s mouth and looked around cautiously before groaning in annoyance at the mouse. “Why don’t you blow a bugle next time?!” Basil pried Garin’s hand off his mouth. “And yes, mutiny. I’m surprised you’re shocked, I thought you’d leap at a chance like this.”

“What makes you say that?” Basil hissed. Garin held up three fingers.

“Brown hair, brown eyes, answers to Amber,” he stated bluntly, lowering a finger each time he spoke. Basil’s cheeks warmed to the point of turning pink and he looked down at his feet, fists clenching. He bared his teeth and glared up at Garin.

“You harm one hair--” he started to say and Garin groaned in sheer annoyance.

“Really? You think I would stoop that low? I’m disappointed,” he said, then smirked at Basil’s face. “Help me, and I promise you and Amber can go free together.”

Basil paused, looking around just in case someone was listening and he lowered his voice to a near silent whisper, tilting his head in Garin’s direction, so that only the Usul could hear what he was about to say.

“What do I have to do?” he said. It was clear from his cautious tone that he didn’t fully trust Garin quite yet, but Garin didn’t mind. He just smiled and lowered his voice as well.

“For now, nothing. Its best you and Amber don’t know the full extent of my plans, should things go awry.”

“Amber knows?”

Garin nodded and smirked. “Why do you think I’m talking to you?”

Basil blushed again and Garin chuckled. The two suddenly froze as footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs above them, and they tried sinking back further into the shadows, but they were already as far back as they could go. Garin looked at Basil and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Meet with me later,” he said. “I’m sure I’ll have thought of something by then!”

“Wait, you’re making this up as you go?!” Basil exclaimed quietly as Garin moved away quickly.

“Its how I always do things!” Garin whispered back. “Who do take me for?”

“That is a very good question!” Basil hissed, and the Usul blinked.

“Oh, right.” Garin said, then gave a poor salute. “Captain Garin at your service!”

Basil’s face went agape. “Oh!”

Garin chuckled at the mouse’s reaction then quickly climbed up the stairs and up to the deck.

Step two was complete…
This might be in FOUR parts instead of three...

Amber :iconals123:
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Anyways, Garin's plan to get rid of him was genius :3 I'm on the edge of my seat, I can't wait to see what happens with the mutiny!! :happybounce:
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