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"Here's one to Captain Garin! A finer Captain you couldn't sail under!"

"Here, here!"

"Oh, stow it, you lot!" Garin said, raising his mug of ale to his mouth and smirking behind it. His crew laughed and they finished toasting him, and Jacques elbowed his best friend.

"Aw, c'mon Garin!" said the Kyrii. "Its not every day you turn twenty, now is it?"

"I suppose not." Garin smiled as his friend took a swig of his own drink, then he sighed. "Twenty… Damn, I'm starting to feel old!"

"Old? Lad, you don't know the meaning of the word!" came a thick Scottish accent. Garin turned and found a tan scaled pirate Hissi with green eyes headed in his way. Garin gave a sort of half gasp, half laugh and stood up, putting his mug down.

"Cap Havenworth!" he and Jacques both exclaimed. Garin and the Hissi shook hands and Jacques stood.

"Turning twenty I hear, lad!" Havenworth said to Garin, then looked at Jacques. "And I hear you have become something deadly fierce with those swords of yours!"

Jacques chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck. Garin laughed. It had been a long time since they had seen Havenworth at all. They had met him back in their first days of pirating, and he had been a good teacher for the two. He'd practically rescued them from a bad gambling game, and taught them how to turn the game to their favor even if it was an unfair method. Havenworth had retired a few years afterwards to spend more time with a family he talked about having, though, if the rumors were correct, his wife had died sometime after.

"What are you doing in this neck of the woods, Bernard?" Garin asked as he and his old friend sat down at the table. "I thought you were retired."

"Oh I am, quite happily." Havenworth replied. "But I happened to be passing by the docks and saw a familiar set of sails at anchor. I figured if I looked around I'd find you here, and lo n' behold! How have you been fairing?"

"Eh, can't complain." Garin said with a shrug.

"Tell me about it! The Pawkeet is so loaded down in treasures; her sides might burst if we don't spend some of it!" Jacques said, elbowing Garin a couple of times. Havenworth laughed.

"You two lads going to be in town long?"

"Until we get our supplies restocked." Garin said, ordering another drink for Havenworth. "What about you, Cap? How's your family?"

Havenworth smiled. "My daughter just turned sixteen. Having a party for her tomorrow night… Which reminds me, she's still in the carriage waiting for me!" Havenworth stood and turned to walk out, but stopped. "Oh! Giselle darling!"

Garin turned, finding a young female Usul with white fur walking over to Havenworth. She had strawberry blonde hair, and was wearing a light green dress with an assortment of gold jewelry. She had forest green eyes that danced with every glimmer of light in the room similar to the way a gem did once polished. She reached Havenworth and the two embraced.

"I'm sorry papa, I couldn't stand waiting," she said. Havenworth chuckled.

"Its alright dear, just visiting an old friend." He turned to Garin. "Captain Garin, my daughter, Giselle."

"Ma'am." Garin gave a small, polite bow. She curtsied in reply.

"Garin… or that is, Captain Garin," she said a bit sheepishly.

"Please, its just Garin to my friends." Garin said.

"As you wish." Giselle said with a smile. "Father has told me several stories about you when you first met. And even then I've heard stories told by sailors about you… it all sounds so adventurous!"

Garin laughed. "Some of it, yes."

Giselle gave a light giggle, then paused, clearing her throat before turning to her father and whispering something in his ear. She seemed like a shy girl, whatever she was saying to him she was embarrassed to say aloud. Garin could tell by the way she carried herself that she was the shy type, yet she seemed to have more confidence then she portrayed. Havenworth blinked after Giselle finished speaking and looked at her.

"Well, its your party darling its up to you," he said, then Giselle looked at Garin.

"I was wondering if you would like to attend my birthday celebration. Its nothing really, just a dance, some drinks," she said. "If you want to of course." Garin and Jacques looked at each other. Jacques shrugged and Garin thought for a moment.

"Aye, sure, why not?" he said.

"Splendid! Give us a chance to catch up!" Havenworth said, patting Garin on the shoulder.

"Aye." Garin smiled and nodded.

"Tomorrow evening at seven o'clock." Giselle said. "At my father's mansion."

"Can't miss it." Havenworth chuckled, nudging Garin with his elbow. Garin laughed.

"I've no doubt of that."

Saying their goodbyes, Garin and his friends finished celebrating in their way. Most of the crew weren't particularly interested in attending a fancy party, but instead took shore leave to see to their own personal affairs. Garin stayed behind at the pub with Jacques for a while, to talk and reminisce about their times with Havenworth.

"So are you coming for Giselle's party?" Garin asked.

"Yeah, I guess I can show my face…" Jacques replied. He suddenly grinned, then tried to hide it behind his hand. "Though you know who you should really try to convince to go with you?"

"Who?" Garin asked, tilting his head.

He suddenly felt a pair of lips pressed against his cheek, sending a shivering sensation through him that caused his ears to tingle and his bushy tail to bristle a little bit. A warm blush appeared on his face and he turned to face the source of the kiss.

"Happy birthday, captain." Hannah purred with a wink. Garin beamed and stood and embraced her before pressing his lips against hers. Jacques chuckled and stood from the table.

"I'll leave you two alone for now, eh?" he said, before slipping away out the door to the pub. Hannah pulled away from Garin and smiled.

"So… anything special you want to do for your birthday?" she asked, walking her fingers up his chest. Garin blushed again, then smiled broadly and gently put his arms around her.

"Well, now that you bring it up…"
The two arrived at the party the next evening. Hannah had to loan a dress coat that belonged to her grandfather, while she wore a blue dress with a high, white collar. Yet because the collar was so high and tight, she left it unbuttoned and folded back so she could breath. While Garin's dress coat was brown, and he kept picking at it, especially around the neck and shoulders.

"Oh stop it, you look fine!" Hannah insisted as they walked up to the front door.

"I don't feel fine." Garin grumbled under his breath. He looked down to pick at the tight buttons, and bumped right into someone. As he looked up to apologize, he found himself having to look higher than normal.

It was a Desert Lutari, with thick muscular arms that were covered in scars, and crossed over his chest. One eye was a faded grey while the other was a pale green. He wore two large scimitars on his back and a pair of bolas on his belt. He curled his lip down at Garin, and Garin felt his ears droop in intimidation. Hannah gripped his arm a bit, and he put a hand on hers, his courage snapping back into him for her sake. Whoever this fella was—

"Stephano, its alright." Giselle said as she walked up. "I invited Captain Garin, he's a friend of papa's," she explained, and the Lutari stepped back, giving a polite bow to her, then turning his attention to the door, watching other guests.

"I'm so sorry, Garin, Stephano is a bit overprotective of me." Giselle explained. Garin looked at the giant.

"Of you?" he asked.

"Yes, he's my bodyguard." Giselle said, folding up a fan she carried. She was wearing a lavender colored dress, decorated with white ribbon and embroidered with purple and white flowers. She wore gold jewelry and a golden, heart shaped necklace. Garin could tell from years of pirating that she wore it constantly by the way the chain that went through the small hole in its side had chafed at the gold. It must have been important to her. Giselle smiled at him, then looked at Hannah.

"Oh, I'm sorry…?" she said, looking at Hannah with a sense of unfamiliarity. Hannah blinked, then gave a small laugh.

"Ah, yes of course!" she said, then curtsied. "I'm Hannah. A pleasure to meet you, Miss Havenworth."

"Likewise." Giselle said with a return curtsy. "Please, this way."

She led them to a large room with red marble flooring and two large crystal chandeliers hanging overhead. Garin let out a whistle and turned in a circle to look around the room, careful not to bump into anyone this time.

"Can't argue with Bernard's taste!" he said.

"Glad you like it!" Havenworth said, slithering over to the two. Garin laughed and shook hands with him. "Glad we'll have some to catch up lad!"

"So am I." Garin replied, the turned to Hannah. "Cap, this is Hannah."

"A pleasure to meet you, Captain Havenworth," she said, curtsying. Havenworth looked at her, then looked at Garin and gave a knowing grin, then looked at Hannah again, giving a polite bow.

"The pleasure is all mine Miss," he said. He stood back up again. "Hannah… not Hannah the Quick?"

Hannah blushed. "The same."

"Well! Then this is indeed a treat!" Havenworth said. "I'm beginning to see Garin's interest…"

Garin blushed and tugged at his collar, and Hannah laughed, covering her mouth and winking at him. Havenworth shook his head before leading them further into the room, past several guests and to a table of refreshments. Havenworth nudged Garin in the arm.

"So where'd you find her?" he inquired quietly. Garin blushed.

"Not gonna leave it alone, are ya?" he asked.

"Course not!" Havenworth said, patting Garin on the back as Giselle made her way over. Garin smiled as father and daughter embraced, then he looked to Hannah. He began to wonder if he might ever have a family with her someday, before someone tapped on his shoulder.

"Pardon me, Garin." It was Giselle. "I wanted to apologize again for Stephano…"

"Not to worry. He's a man doing his duty." Garin replied. "No harm done." Giselle smiled and looked over at Hannah, who was talking to her father.

"She a friend of yours?"

"You could say that…" Garin said, smiling over at Hannah. Just then a loud crash was heard, along with a cry, which Garin recognized as Hannah's. He turned immediately on instinct, ready to protect her, but the only danger was from a pair of full glasses that had been spilled on her clothes. Garin rushed over as the man who bumped into her apologized over and over, having turned around carelessly.

"I'm alright," Hannah said. "It just startled me is all!"

"Still, I can't allow you walking around dripping wet!" Havenworth said.

"Oh no, please captain its alright!" Hannah blushed a bit.

"Nonsense!" Havenworth looked at Giselle. "Giselle darling would you mind?"

"Oh of course!" Giselle smiled and took Hannah by the arm gently. "Come with me, I'll get you a dry dress!"

"Well…" Hannah looked at Garin, and he nodded at her. She nodded back then followed Giselle out of the room. The two went down the hall and up a set of stairs, then down another hall to soon walk through a door. Hannah looked around as they walked in, unable to keep herself from feeling awe. The room had a large canopy bed, a balcony, stained glass windows with silk curtains, a large vanity, and small powder room. Hannah blinked as Giselle closed the door and walked over to a large oak wardrobe.

"Your room is… amazing!" Hannah said, gaping.

"Yes it is." Giselle said, searching her closet. "Let me see, its here somewhere… Ah!" Giselle pulled out from her wardrobe a silver dress with sheer, emerald green straps at the shoulders. The bottom half of the dress was also covered in the sheer green fabric, but the silver beneath still shone, and white pearls connected the straps to the shoulders.

"It… its beautiful!" Hannah gasped.

"It's gotten too small for me." Giselle explained. "Besides it's a bit out of fashion, too plain for my taste."

"Plain?" Hannah asked as Giselle gently pushed her behind a divider in the room.

"Hurry up and change, I'm missing all the fun!" Giselle said, sitting down on the chair at her vanity. Hannah cleared her throat and started to change into the new dress.

"So how long have you known Garin?" Giselle asked, fixing her hair.

"A few years, I suppose." Hannah replied.

"Oh. So then I assume there's nothing too serious between you?" Giselle asked. "I mean a man like him and a bar wench like you…"

"…Bar wench?" Hannah asked, her ears flattening and walking out from behind the divider, having changed. Giselle looked at her, scanning her up and down.

"Hm. It fits well, but you don't do it half the justice it deserves. And its not like you'd be able to afford it yourself," she said turning back to her mirror. "I mean, a bar wench, really!"

"Well, excuse me." Hannah grit her teeth, fist clenching around the green part of the dress. "At least I'm not a spoiled brat with no manners!"

"Oh please!" Giselle said with a laugh. "You only say that because your daily hobby is wiping down spit ridden tables and taking orders. Me? I give the orders. It doesn't make me spoiled it just makes me stronger than you are. No one tells me what to do. You on the other hand…" She sighed in an almost sympathetic matter. "Poor Garin. There are so many better women out there… you'd think he'd have better taste."

Hannah grit her teeth to the point of hurting, then turned and stormed away in anger, slamming the door to the room behind her. Giselle merely shook her head as Hannah left, though her pace has slowed as she walked down the stairs. Giselle's words may have been nonsense, however they weren't without a sting. Feeling this way, Hannah couldn't go back to the party, so she turned down the hall and headed for the door, but instead found herself in a large garden. She sighed in frustration. Now she just had to find her way out of this.
"Hannah and Giselle sure are taking awhile…" Garin said, taking a sip of his drink, making a face at its tartness. "Women and their dresses." Garin sighed and walked out onto the balcony to get some of the fresh night air. He did have to admit that Havenworth had done well in his retirement, though Garin could never see himself actually settling down. He always was so restless, but someday that might change, he knew that.

Though that someday sure wasn't today, or tomorrow… or any day soon for that matter.

Garin smirked behind his glass and looked down from the balcony. His ears twitched suddenly as he saw someone moving around below in the garden. It looked like… No, it was Hannah! What was she doing down there? Garin shook his head a bit and put his glass down on the balcony rail and turned to find a way down there, only to bump straight into Giselle.

"Gah! Oh… Miss Havenworth," he said. Giselle giggled.

"Please Garin, its just Giselle," she said, then blushed shyly. "Um… I'm not very good at asking this, but would you care to dance?"

"Dance?" Garin asked, then looked over his shoulder. "Uh, sorry, Giselle. I'm here with someone, remember?"

"Its just a dance." Giselle insisted, taking hold of Garin's arm and smiling up at him. Garin stared at her for a moment, making sure to look her in the eye. He knew how women worked, and he could tell by the look in her eyes, the way she held her body, the way she was touching his arm… they weren't exactly the same way a seductress held herself, but she was trying to charm him. Garin felt his ears bristle, however he kept himself visibly calm. He jerked his arm away from Giselle.

"No," he said. "I'm sorry but I have to decline. Good evening, Miss Havenworth."

Garin then walked away from her and headed out in the direction of the garden. It was easy to find, but it was so dense with flowers, hedges and trees that finding Hannah might be a bit harder than he thought. He saw her near a fountain, so he would head there and see if she was still there. He called out her name as he walked, then rounded a large wall of hedge and spotted the fountain and her.

"Hannah?" Garin asked, walking towards her. She stood from where she sat, a bit startled at his presence. "Hannah are you—" Garin stopped as he caught sight of her in the new silver and emerald green dress up close for the first time. It was clear his breath had been taken away from him.

"You look like an angel," he said. Hannah gave a small smile and pushed her hair back as Garin walked up to her. "Is everything alright? Why didn't you come back to the party?"

"Its… its nothing," she said.

"To hell be damned, it is." Garin remarked, sitting down with her on the edge of the fountain. "I know you too well, love. Something's the matter."

Hannah looked at her hands. "Its… just something Giselle said," she said, then looked at him. "Garin do you think of me as… bar wench material?"

"What?" Garin asked, a bit shocked. "Absolutely not!"

"And what about Giselle? What do you think of her?" Hannah pressed.

"Well, she's the daughter of an old friend."

"And she's pretty…"

"Well, I guess so, but—"

"She's talented."

"And you're not?" Garin titled his head and raised an eyebrow. Hannah giggled a bit.

"She's rich," Hannah added. Garin laughed.

"So am I!" he said, referring to his plundering ways. But then he smiled and gently cupped Hannah's chin. "Any man who possesses a jewel like you is rich enough to buy all the kingdoms of the world, my love."

Hannah blushed and looked away sheepishly. "Oh Garin, you could charm the quills off a porcupine if you wanted."

"But I don't want to." Garin said, gently kissing her ear. "I only want to charm you."

"And why's that?" Hannah asked with a smile as Garin wrapped his arms behind her back, holding her in an embrace.

"Because porcupines are no fun!" he said, grinning and suddenly picking her up as if to carry her. Hannah laughed and put her arms around his neck.

"So I suppose this means we have the rest of the evening to ourselves," she said. Garin kissed her.

"Yes… Yes it does."

To Be Continued...
Part 1 of my gift for :iconwingsofasong:, hope you like it!!

Garin and Hannah Neopets
Giselle and Stephano :iconwingsofasong:
Bernard Havenworth :icon6seacat9:
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