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Sonic sat with his feet dangling over the wall, and on his face, a frown sat plain and simple.

He was thinking about his parents, who had a few months ago in a boating accident, both drowned… but he somehow managed to survive. Sonic had been in the hospital for about three weeks, and when he was allowed to leave, he hardly went to school. He would just pop in and out of school because he could hardly think or function, so the teacher told him it was okay for him to take leave for awhile, but now he was starting to do better and going like he meant it now.

He was only a twelve year old, brown, spiky hedgehog, with emerald green eyes. He was small, and shy, hardly ever having the courage to stand up for himself or talk back to those who would pick on him, but then again he hadn't had to worry about it recently… because he was too sad about the loss of his family.

Sonic's second week at school was almost over, just two days left, and already he was having to avoid even eye contact with Flash the Cheetah, who was one of his more constant tormenters. Flash always made fun of how small and timid Sonic was, and had gotten a bunch of his cronies to do it too, but Flash was always the worst of them. And, devil be spoken of… here he comes.

"Oh great…" Sonic moaned, squeezing his eyes shut.

"Hey, look guys! It's Scrawny the Hedgehog!" Flash said as he and his friends made a circle around Sonic to prevent his escape. Sonic ground his teeth together.

"My name is Sonic," he murmured.

"Shut up twerp!" a fox taunted.

"Aw, lay off dude. Let the rodent speak!" Flash taunted as well, and then waited for Sonic to finish. And Sonic did want to finish, but he kept his mouth shut, knowing it would just get worse if he said anything. Sonic slid off the wall, hoping to just walk away, but Flash blocked his path.

"We're waiting Scrawny!" he taunted again. Sonic felt agitated tears well in his eyes as he tried to get around the tall cheetah, but the spotted feline was too quick for him. Sonic was forced backwards and his quill covered back hit the wall he had been sitting on. Sonic let out a whine and again tried to get past Flash again, but then his nostrils got full of dirt from being tripped forward. Sonic coughed as Flash and his friends laughed as they walked away. Sonic let tears fall from his cheeks to the ground beneath him as he hauled himself up and started to limp off home.

Sonic felt anger and sadness stab at his heart like two needles, trying to poke him to death. Sonic wanted so badly to feel like belonged in this world, like he would mean something. His dad always said he could, but that was before his dad drowned and people treated him like a rat instead of a hedgehog. But then again he was scrawny enough to be a rat… and no one, not even he could see what his purpose was.

Sonic got back home and went straight to bed, but couldn't sleep for almost the whole night, and he woke up and twelve thirty the next Saturday afternoon. Sonic got up and ate some of his favorite cereal for breakfast before heading outside to find something to do.

Sonic usually got his peace and quiet by walking through the forests and fields for as long as he wanted. After all, Flash and the other kids would be at the park and in town hanging out, so Sonic hung out in the countryside to avoid being picked on. He would spend as much time here as he could, and talk to himself, or the sky. It depended on who he felt needed a good talking to. Sonic sat down on a log that lay within the trees and sighed. He wished his parents were here now, so he would actually have someone to talk to…

Sonic's ears suddenly twitched as he heard laughter coming within the trees, and he stood up. He squinted his eyes towards the source of the laughter, and found it coming from, none other than Flash himself, and his buddies. Sonic let out a whimper and leaned against on of the trees, hoping he wouldn't be seen by the cheetah and company… but they did see him move as they came closer.

"Hey Flash! Look!" one of the bullies said loudly.

"Well, well now! Hey, Scrawny! Are ya lost?"

"No!" Sonic actually retorted.

"Looks to me like you are, want us to help you find your way home, little guy?" Flash taunted again, chewing on a wad of bubble gum. Sonic felt his quills rise.

"I don't need your help! I know these woods well enough to live in them! And I'll prove it!!" Sonic turned and ran further into the trees, and Flash and his buddies ran after him. Flash was fast enough to catch Sonic, but Sonic was already ahead of him and pretty deep into the woods. Flash and his buddies realized they had never been in the forest so deep before as they followed, and suddenly gave up chase and decided to head back.

But Sonic kept running. He ran and ran until finally he felt like his legs were going to…

KONNNG! Sonic ran right into a large, metal wall, and he fell flat on his back, dazed from the impact. He shook his head rapidly and sat up, staring at the large steel wall. Sonic stood to his feet and continued to stare, walking along the wall as his curiosity overcame him and pushed him onward. He wanted to see over the wall, but it was too high… Sonic eventually found a tree and climbed into its branches that hung over one part of the wall, and he saw over top. In the center of the walls was a large, dome-like building, and Sonic felt a strange urge to get inside…
Sonic had gotten inside by now and explored the large structure with much interest. He had never seen such complicated machines before, and it was all very interesting. Sonic eventually found a room somewhere in the dome, and saw a large… rather rounded man standing in front of a computer with his back turned to Sonic. Sonic blinked at the man and the machine he was standing in front of, which was a large glass dome, with four spires around it, covered in gold rings. And in the dome, floated seven glowing gems, each a different color. Sonic gaped in awe and walked towards the glass dome, not even thinking about any possible danger.

Sonic looked up and down the dome and tapped on it with his finger, listening to it clink… and the gems inside flashed.

"Cool… What are they for?" he asked the man.

The man took one look at Sonic, and started shouting. Sonic panicked, wondering what he had done wrong, but suddenly two robots came into the room and grabbed him by his arms, and hoisted him off the ground. Sonic let out a yelp and kicked madly.

"H-Hey! What gives?! What did I do?!"

"What are you doing here?!" asked the man.

"I-I was just having a look around!" Sonic whined. "Who are you?"

"Mind your elders, rat! I am Doctor Robotnik and this is my research lab. My plan is to use the seven Chaos Emeralds and take over this planet by using their sheer power, which will make me unstoppable!"

"Wha-What?! But you can't do that!!" Sonic protested.

"Who's going to stop me?" Robotnik asked, then he turned to the robots. "He knows too much. Take him away and lock him up!"

As ordered by their master, the robots started to drag off a scared, and struggling Sonic. Sonic kicked and squirmed with all his might as they dragged him out of the room, and as they started down the hallway he had come, he managed to get a single arm free, and then he wrenched his other arm free and jumped away from the two robots. The robots dove for him, but crashed into one another, and fell the floor with a crash and a small explosion. Sonic yelped and ran around them to get away, but suddenly, he stopped.

A sudden rush through Sonic's veins told him he couldn't just let that madman carry out his plans, and if he did run to get help, who would believe him? And would he make it in time? Sonic bit his lip, trying to decide what to do, but before he had even made up his mind… he was already running back into the room.

Sonic threw himself upon the glass dome and started kicking at it with all his might, not even knowing what he was planning to do yet. Robotnik let out an angry shout and grabbed the small hedgehog off the machine, and Sonic yelled in rage and kicked madly, delving a final kick to the glass dome…

Crack! BOOM!! The dome cracked and shattered open, throwing both Sonic and Robotnik backwards to the ground. The spires around the dome shattered, and sent the rings flying, two of them landed in Sonic's lap as he sat up, dazed from the explosion. Sonic picked up the two rings, and then something else flew towards him and caught his eyes.

It was the deep blue Emerald, flying towards him. Sonic gasped and slipped the two rings onto his wrists as he jumped up to catch the gem… and with success. Sonic tucked the gem to his chest and ran over to the shattered glass dome, where there lay the other Emeralds.

"I know I can't carry them all…" he thought. "But I've got to get as many of them away from this guy as I can! Though… I'll never be fast enough to get away…" Sonic jumped up to the machine and reached down for another Emerald…

But suddenly the Emeralds lifted into the air, their glow shining brighter than before, and the one Sonic had been carrying, pried itself from his hands and started to spin around him in a circle. Sonic let out a yell of terror as he was suddenly lifted into the air, and as something strange began to happen.

Sonic felt his whole self, changing… but in what way, he wasn't sure. He felt a strange tingly feeling in his legs and he kicked with them as he hung in the air, as if trying to run. Suddenly the light ended and Sonic landed on the ground, but the Emeralds vanished, as well as the rings that had scattered around the room and his wrists. Sonic blinked and held his hand to the side of his head.

"Ow… My head… Hey. What's the matter with my voice? Why does it sound all… weird?" Sonic asked aloud. Suddenly more robots appeared in the room and Sonic gulped. "Uh oh! Time to leave!"

And then Sonic ran…right…through…the wall.

Sonic yelled out in shock and fear as he blew right though two more walls, and a bunch of robots, some of which he found himself attacking! Sonic tried to stop once, but instead tripped into a large ball and tackled a robot, which suddenly blew up into bits as he crashed through its middle. Sonic let out a yelp and looked behind him… But suddenly he found himself running through the forest he was in earlier, blowing past trees and then buildings, all the while his heart beating faster than he was moving with a feeling of being alive. Sonic ran all the way to the lake dock in his hometown, and stopped dead on the edge of the dock… and saw himself for the first time.

Sonic's spines had decreased in number, and they had grown thick and heavy looking. He looked taller too, and far more muscular than he had been before. Sonic gasped and looked his reflection up and down, shocked at his new appearance… and his color.

He was blue. A bold, royal blue! What was with that?? Sonic looked himself up and down again, turning to one side to get a better look. He looked at his muscles, his spines, his new height, his color; he looked himself over as best he could, before finally confirming it really WAS himself he was looking at. Sonic blinked and looked at his reflection one last time.

"Hey… I look good," he said to himself.

But what the heck had all that been back there? How was he moving so fast? Was he flying or something?? Sonic looked down at his shoes and blinked, and then he looked back up and down a long road that led out into the countryside.

"Hmm…" Sonic mumbled, and then he started running again.

Again that strange, alive sensation filled his heart and beckoned him to go faster. Sonic obeyed, and everything turned into a blur as he ran. Sonic looked one way, and then another.

"W-Wow!" he gasped as he ran. "This… this is amazing! I-I've never felt so alive before! It feels… It feels…" Sonic suddenly laughed in a strange triumph and joy and sped up, sending a resounding boom through the air.

"FEELS GOOD!!!" he screamed at the top of his lungs, whooping loudly and beginning to zigzag all over the countryside.

Sonic suddenly came towards a large canyon that was miles and miles away from his house, but he was going so fast he traveled that distance within seconds, and when he saw the canyon, he gasped and tried to stop, but suddenly he found himself flying high into the air and to the other side of the canyon. Sonic landed on the ground, stumbling and rolling a few feet, but then he stood up again. He blinked and looked around… but then he bolted right back for the canyon, and once again flew over its edge. He whooped loudly as he made a perfect landing and headed home, still zigzagging all the way.

Two days later was a school day, and Sonic was up long before school started to go on a wild run through the town and the countryside. He arrived at school right as the bell rang and was ready for class. All the other kids didn't recognize him at first, but they did as soon as one of them asked if he was new. And when recess came, Sonic found himself alone again, sitting on the small brick wall surrounding the playground… but then Flash and his friends walked over.

Sonic slightly felt his stomach churn as Flash came closer, but he remembered his powers that he had gained through that freak accident, and how he had been practicing how to use them, and he gained more confidence.

"Yo, Scrawny!" Flash taunted. "What's with the new color? But then again it's not really new since you were always blue!" Flash laughed and his friends faked a loud baby cry. Sonic rolled his eyes and leaned down on the wall, crossing one leg over the other.

"Gee Flash, I didn't know you could see in color!" he said loudly. Flash scoffed at Sonic and his posse made an 'Ohhh' sound and laughed again. Sonic blinked at the sky. He had never actually retorted Flash like that before…

"You like to talk big, for such a little hedgehog." Flash snorted. Sonic glared and sat up, sliding off the wall to stand in front of Flash… Only to discover he now stood just barely under Flash's chin. Flash blinked in confusion, but his eyes firmed again and he shoved his nose against Sonic's, trying to intimidate him. Sonic just glared back, his emerald eyes almost gleaming with courage. Flash snickered and stood up to full height… and suddenly he swung a clenched fist at the hedgehog's face, only to scare him, not hit him…

But as a blur, Sonic appeared behind Flash and yanked hard on the spotted feline's tail. Flash yowled in startled agony and jumped away from Sonic, who stood there, shocked at how quickly he had reacted to a sign of attack. Flash just growled.

"You're pretty quick, Scrawny. Where'd you learn that trick?" he asked.

"Nowhere special. But yeah, I'm fast. I bet I could even beat YOU, Flash."

There was a silence from Flash that almost scared Sonic, but Flash's posse was mumbling amongst themselves at what Sonic had just said. Sonic cleared his throat and crossed his arms as Flash stepped up to him up close again, growling at him.

"Say that again," Flash growled.

"I bet I could beat you." Sonic repeated.

"Well if you're so confident, why don't you prove it right now!?" Flash growled loudly. Sonic grinned and nodded, hopping over the brick wall and crouching down in an athlete's starting position, then he looked back at Flash.

"First one to make it around the old oak at the top of the hill and back to touch the wall is the winner," he said. Flash scoffed at him and jumped over the wall, landing next to Sonic and crouching down.

"You're on, Scrawny!" Flash hissed. "And when it's over you can spit-shine my shoes!"

"I hope you can work up a good spit then, Spotty." Sonic cracked. Flash bared his teeth at him, causing Sonic to chuckle. "On your mark, get set…"

"Go!" Flash shouted and took off, his friends cheering him on loudly. Sonic grinned and waited until Flash was just reaching the old oak tree at the top of the hill, then, he took off, blowing past Flash at high speeds and making a sharp turn around the tree, his shoes making a loud screech noise as he did, then he bolted back to the wall, stopping just before reaching it, then hopping up on top of it and leaning back like he had been before as Flash stumbled to a stop. Sonic smirked as everyone who was watching began to talk in shock about what they just saw.

"H-How d-did you do that!?" Flash asked in amazement. Sonic smiled and closed his eyes.

"Just a little talent I picked up. Way past cool, huh?" Sonic asked. "Oh, and don't worry about the spit-shining my shoes for me. Tap water from home will do just fine for that." Sonic hopped off the wall and started to walk home, hearing the school bell ring for the end of the day to end.

Suddenly, a large, dark shadow loomed over the school playground, and strange, dangerous looking robots surrounded the children on the ground and aimed their weapons. Several children ran to hide amidst the playground equipment while the robots stood where they were as a flying transport of some kind lowered towards the ground, and in it, rode none other than Doctor Robotnik. Sonic gaped.

"Its him…" he muttered under his breath.

"Ho-ho-ho-ho!" the fat madman laughed. "Don't panic, children! You'll only be held here for a little while so your parents don't get any ideas while they pay up!"


Four robots suddenly went down, their heads smashed in and parts of them falling off or exploding. Robotnik jumped, startled and looked around, as a blur of blue jumped at and destroyed each of his robots, one by one.

Sonic couldn't just stand there and let this happen, and this madman showing up only fueled a strange fire inside him to do something, just like a few weeks ago. He jumped at the robots, curling into a tight ball as he hit the first, his thick quills protecting him from the hit, and his speed creating a devastating blow to each of the other robots. Soon, the rest were destroyed, and he turned to the transport, jumping up right in front of the windshield, coming face to face with Doctor Robotnik himself, who gaped at the sight of the blue hedgehog.

"You…" he nearly gasped. "But how? Those powers…" he paused and then glared behind his glasses. "Who are you?!"

Sonic glared back and puffed up his chest with a newfound sense of pride, then he gave a large, cocky grin and thumbed at himself proudly.

"I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog!"

Sonic kicked forward and hit the joystick, throwing it into forward at full speed and as he leapt away and back to the ground, but within a blink, he sped after it, jumped up, curled into a ball and hit it square in the rear and sending it flying out of control into the distance with a screaming Robotnik inside.

Sonic landed back on the ground near the large oak, watching after the transport as it vanished. Just then, he heard a loud cheering behind him, and as he turned, suddenly found himself surrounded by his classmates and the other kids from the playground.

"Sonic that was amazing!"

"You rock dude!"

"How did you do that?!"

He was showered with thousands of more questions and praises, as well as slaps on the back and a few handshakes, but Sonic ignored them. He looked up at the sky; in the direction he had seen the transport fly off to.

"Everywhere he goes… he's just going to continue making plans and trying to hurt people to get what he wants… If I hadn't been here today…"

And that was when Sonic realized it. If no one else was there to stop him… then who would? Maybe this is why he got these powers, because he was supposed to be a protector. Protecting his world from that evil man, or any other evils that the world could hold. He clenched a fist, raising it up near his chest and glaring up into the sky and the wind.

"Wherever he goes, I'm gonna be there! I'll keep on running, and fighting! And I won't ever give up! So look out…"

Sonic broke out into an all out sprint, sending a resounding sonic boom ringing through the air.

"Here I come!"
... At Super Sonic Speed!

:party: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONIC!!! :party:

This is sorta how I always imagined True Blue came to be, so I thought I'd submit it for Sonic's 19th birthday. ^_^

(So, just imagine the Sonic in the picture above saying the last line in the story...)
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XD The two hate each other throughout the rest of time. Sonic's more of the leanient type though, Flash is just jealous, because on that day, he stopped being popular.
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aahhs welll flash would be embarised to be saved by sonic then
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