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It wasn’t until later that evening that Garin returned to the Black Pawkeet, with Victor and his family in tow. Vivian had taken some convincing, only agreeing when Victor and Betsy promised to visit for family gatherings… once things had settled down of course. The crew was excited to see how big Victor’s little ones had gotten, since they hadn’t seen them since they were practically newborns, but they didn’t have all that much time to ogle, as the ship needed refitting and stocked before they set sail in the morning.

“I’ll get Betsy and the little ones set up below and then be up to help, alright cap’n?”

“Take your time, Victor, we’ve got until morning after all.” Garin said, turning to his cabin as the crew bustled around.

“Oh, Garin.” Jacques said, leaning over the railing of the helm to look at him. “Sea Cat’s said she had somethin’ she wanted you to sign, but had to get back to her ship. She left it on your desk.”

Garin waved to his friend in thanks. He didn’t need to inquire as to what sort of papers she wanted him to sign to know what they were. He was almost certain they were the papers of marque that privateers needed to prove they were on the side of the law, or whatnot. Stepping into his cabin, and looking to his desk, he found he was right; there they were, neatly bundled into a thick envelope of purple-dyed leather to prevent damage. He untied the cord holding them together and briefly gave them a look-over before his eyes fell on the line at the bottom, where his signature was needed.

It took him a moment to move around his desk and pick up a quill. Part of him still didn’t want to sign this, however, it seemed in order, just like Sea Cat promised. And she was good for her word, he knew that, so if luck was on his side, this moral itch wouldn’t be bothering him much once his signature was on this paper. Sea Cat’s signature was located just below where his was supposed to go, and beneath hers was the seal of the Faerie council, if not the Queen herself… he honestly didn’t know the difference between them. Garin dipped the quill in ink and quickly scratched out his name, deciding to stop lingering his thoughts over the issue and just get it over with.

And with that, he set the quill back down and looked at the completed document, sighing a bit to himself and sitting down. It didn’t necessarily feel like a relief, or like a betrayal, in a sense, it felt more… well, it felt like Victor had described it. It was something new, something exciting, in its own way, and it didn’t bother him, but instead filled him with the sensation of adventure. It was going to be an experience, that much was for sure, for better or for worse, but that was how nearly adventure he set out on went.

Thinking about it this way, he wasn’t sure why he was still worrying about it so much.

As he stood, Garin caught sight of a small note he’d passed over by mistake, since his focus had been so on the papers of marque that needed his signature. He recognized Sea Cat’s handwriting and picked it up, eyes scanning it carefully from top to bottom.

“Dear Garin,
As I’ve said repeatedly, I can’t thank you enough for doing this. I wish I’d been able to stay longer to talk things over with you and the crew, but I need to see to the resupply, to make sure nothing is forgotten.

Since I haven’t informed the soldiers left at the fort you’re coming yet, don’t enter the bay without my ship entering first, just in case they start firing on you. Once ashore I can explain the situation to them, as well as show you around the village. Its small enough, but it’s like a bloody maze if you’re not careful, believe me!

Also, when we reach Tartaruga, I must ask you and the crew not to refer to me as Sea Cat in front of others; please refer to me as Matilda. I know. Trust me, I know. I don’t like the idea one bit, but you know my situation, and it doesn’t help that there are residents on the island who share that nasty little opinion of humans. If they found out I had a pirate alias, I trust that rather creative imagination of yours doesn’t need much help coming up with what that may do to their already ‘high’ regard of me.

I’ll be waiting to see your ship entering Tartaruga Bay soon. Thank you all again so very, very much.

Ever your shipmate,
Sea Cat, or rather, Acting Governor Matilda Flanchester.

P.S. Don’t think just because I’ve got a fancy title doesn’t mean I won’t wallop your arses if you mess up my kitchen again. I nearly had a fit when I saw the state you left it in! Honestly, I’m not your mums!”

Garin couldn’t help a chuckle as he set the note back down on the desk. Fancy title or no, she was still the same hellcat he and his crew knew and loved so, so much!
By morning, the crew was all up early and getting the Black Pawkeet underway for Tartaruga Island. It wasn’t far from Krawk Island, only about half a day’s journey away, but it was located on the far side of a stretch of ocean known as the ‘Triangle of Doom’ by most seafarers and explorers, mostly for three reasons; the first of those being pirates, and the second being freak storms and weather patterns, and the third being superstition, though that didn’t come until the area had been called ‘Triangle of Doom’.

Garin went over Sea Cat’s instructions from her letter with the crew, just to be sure they knew what they were doing once ashore. He also took the time to carefully go over a map of Tartaruga he had in his cabin, however, it was an older map so it was possibly outdated. Still, he had an idea of what the bay would be like once they reached it; a crescent shaped bay with a wide and deep enough entrance to allow ships with large drafts to enter and exit without risk of becoming beached.

It wasn’t long before the island itself came into view, and once the lookout confirmed that the supply ship Sea Cat had been on was already in the bay, Garin gave orders to move the ship in and drop anchor.

“Steady as she goes there, Jacques.” Garin said to his friend at the helm. “We’ll bring her in to the dock so we can let Victor and his family off, and so the boys can get a lay of the land.”

“Aye, aye.” Jacques said, adjusting the wheel slightly as they moved the ship in closer and looking around the cove. He nodded his head to Garin as he looked out towards a large, stone structure set on the hillside that overlooked most of the bay. “That must be the fort Sea Cat mentioned.”

“Aye.” Garin said with a nod, lifting a spyglass to his eye to give it a quick look over. “Looks like its situated well enough to keep ships from reaching shore, at least.”

“How many guns do you count?” Talak asked.

“Let’s see… One… two…” Garin went on muttering to himself before lowering the glass again. “I count about six guns on the battlements facing the bay, and if I had to guess there are at least four or five more facing out towards the far side of that spit of land its sitting on.”

Talak let out a whistle. “Looks like they thought it out, don’t it?”

“Looking like they’re well prepared isn’t the same as actually being prepared.” Jacques said. “And that’s where we come in, right Garin?”

“Yup.” Garin said, looking down towards the bow of the ship as it came into the docks. “Speaking of which, there’s Sea Cat—Err, Governor Matilda waiting for us now.”

“Still need to get used to that.” Jacques said with a laugh. Garin chuckled in agreement, then turned to the crew.

“Stand by to run out the gangplank!” he called out, before looking at Jacques. “Let’s get ready to go ashore and see the island, mate.”

“You really are excited about this, aren’t you?” Jacques asked, leaning on the wheel with a smug looking smirk on his face. Garin shrugged.

“Aye, just a tad.”

Matilda couldn’t keep a genuine smile off her lips as she watched the Black Pawkeet tie off at the docks and lower its gangplank. Several of the crew who stood at the sides while others worked to secure the ship waved to her, and she gave them polite nods in return. Despite how relieved she felt, she had to remember that she was a Governor now…

A Governor, ugh. That was still sinking in for her, no matter how many times she repeated it in her head.

“Welcome to Tartaruga, gentlemen!” she said as Garin and Jacques came down the gangplank, closing the gap between them calmly.

“Thanks Ca—Matilda.” Garin said, catching himself. He shook hands with her and looked at her awkwardly. “Sorry, that is going to take me and the lads some getting used to.”

“It’s alright.” Matilda said with a chuckle. “It’s good to have you all here so promptly, thank you.”

“Hey, we owed you.” Jacques said, about to say more when he noticed a Desert Gnorbu and a Shadow Scorchio, both wearing rather fancy clothes walked towards them, slowly, as though sizing them up. Matilda noticed his gaze and turned to see them.

“Ah, gentlemen,” she said calmly, though Garin and Jacques knew her well enough to know there was irritation in her voice. She turned to them briefly and stepped aside to the two were in full view. “Mr. Standish, Mr. Vladstone, allow me to introduce my old friend, Captain Garin of the Black Pawkeet, and his first mate Jacques. They have been appointed our island’s temporary guard until my permanent stations arrive.”

“Ah,” the Scorchio seemed to relax, but the Gnorbu continued to look down his large nose at them.

“Garin, Jacques,” Matilda said, her gaze turning to her friends. “This is Mr. Joshua Standish, our harbor master,” she motioned to the Scorchio with a nod, before switching to the Gnorbu. “And Mr. Drake Vladstone, one of our island’s wealthiest landowners, he runs a plantation further along the cape.”

“Gentlemen.” Garin said with a polite—or at least as polite as he could manage—salute.

“They don’t seem like soldiers,” the Gnorbu, Vladstone, said.

“If they were, they would have been stationed at the fort when I arrived, Mr. Vladstone. Garin and his crew are privateers,” Matilda said, with a voice laced in an assassin’s untraceable venom and a charming smile on her face. “Their marching ground is the deck of ship with the sea swell beneath them.”

The Gnorbu sniffed, then said with a bored tone and expression. “Well, I’d best get back to my plantation for now. I’ll see you both tonight at the gathering.”

“Gathering?” Garin asked, looking at Matilda as the Gnorbu walked away with the Scorchio.

“My inauguration, as it were,” she replied. “I have to give an address to the various officials and representatives of the village.” A sigh left her as she turned to him. “I’m not looking forward to it, honestly.”

“With a tight collared blowhard like that attending I don’t see why you would!” Jacques said, still looking after Vladstone. Sea Cat chuckled.

“Aye,” she said. “Well, I have time before tonight. I may as well show you around the village. Especially the vault. It’s only fair you know what you’re guarding.”

“Give us just a few minutes.” Garin said. “I want to help Victor and Betsy get on their way first.”

“Oh, right, Jacques mentioned you were bringing them to settle here!” Matilda said with a smile. “Alright, we’ll start by helping them to their new home, then we’ll tour the village.”

Garin nodded. “Yes, ma’am. Be with you in a minute!”

Matilda smiled as she watched Garin and Jacques head back onto the Pawkeet to fetch Victor and Betsy, eyes traveling past the ship and up to the fort for a brief moment as a sigh escaped her in the form of an Irish prayer. So far, everything was going well for her, but it was impossible to tell how long that ‘well’ would last.
I'm starting to wonder if I should abbreviate the titles of this series...? Let me know what you guys think in the comments, about the episode's content too, of course!

Garin, Jacques and co. © Neopets
Sea Cat, aka Matilda © Me
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Oh my goooosh we are finally on the island! YES! I'm so excited to see more of it! Ah, it seems Mr. 'Snooty' Vladstone isn't really fond of Garin and Jacques yet xDD Well at least the Harbor master seems relieved.

I would be, considering that they need permanent defense soon for the island. Especially if they are also close to this 'Triangle of Doom', lmao this sounds exactly like where I lived in Puerto Rico. We literally make up the Bermuda Triangle, so yeaaah.... I think extra defenses are necessary >W<'''

This is so coooooool though, aah i'm so excited to read the next part and know more of the island. Especially this vault too. Im so curious about that as well!! :dance: 
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I'm glad! And maybe I'll start abbreviating the chapters from now on.
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