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Cleopamon Meditating .:Lineart:. by 6SeaCat9 Cleopamon Meditating .:Lineart:. by 6SeaCat9
A friend wanted to see more pictures of Cleo, particularly expressions, so I thought while I work on those, I'd post this full one of what Cleo looks like when she's meditating.

Those stones floating around her are special stones that all Sovereign Priest trainee's use to help them focus, they're called Meditation Stones.

Sovereign Priests and Priestesses often use the stones to help focus their spiritual and mental energy when meditating, and as that energy is passed from one stone to the next, the stronger and deeper the meditation they find themselves in, as well as the stones beginning to float. Depending on how many stones are floating around the Priest or Priestess, you can tell just how deep of a trance they are in.

Meditation Stones can be found in various places in the Digital World, and come with all sorts of patterns and shapes. Part of a Priest or Priestess initial training is to locate their own Meditation Stones, by being taken to an area where the stones are common, and given one full day to find at least nine that all have similar energy resonating from them. If they cannot complete this task, they are taken back to the Temple to train for a few more weeks, then taken back to the area where the stones can be found to try again.

Once in possession of all nine of their Meditation Stones, a Sovereign Priest of Priestess' training is taken to the next level, and they are given the task of making a pilgrimage across the Digital World to various Sovereign Temples in each of the regions. Once at one of these temples, they meditate on the virtues they learned during their initial training for a certain period of time, then move on to the next temple. And finally, once they have completed this stage of the pilgrimage, they journey to one of the Lands of the Four Sovereigns (which they travel to various upon the temple in which they were initiated), to a final temple where they are made official Priests or Priestess' of the Digimon Sovereigns.

Unfortunately, Cleo has yet to complete even the first half of her pilgrimage...

...Mostly because of a certain Virus Type, biker-demon, bounty hunter Digimon... *Cough, cough*

^^; Heh, sorry for that lengthy description, but a few of you have been asking me about some of Cleo's Priestess training lately, and I wanted to be able to explain it in further detail. Thus, here it be!


Cleopamon/Sovereign Priestess Concept © Me
Digimon © Toei
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April 26, 2015
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