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Balthazar aka 'Hooded Claw' by 6SeaCat9 Balthazar aka 'Hooded Claw' by 6SeaCat9
Name: Balthazar AKA "The Hooded Claw"

Age: 35 (Human years)
117 (Gargoyle years)

Species: Gargoyle

Nicknames (Mostly taunting): Claw, Cyclops, Cyborg

Color: Green

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Story: Originally a Gargoyle by the name of Balthazar, Brand and Kim met him in the midst of Greenland, where they found a hidden paradise populated by many extinct and mythical species. During their stay, Balthazar began to show that he had developed something of a lust for Kim, but she turned him down every time he made an advance towards her. But after one spurn too many, Balthazar decided to take matters into his own hands...

He invited Brand out for a sporting flight, which turned out to be a clever and deadly trap that almost killed him. Balthazar flew back to the city alone to lament to Kim about her lover's "tragic accident", and though Kim believed him, she still turned down Balthazar's latest offer. Except Balthazar wasn't going to take another 'no' for an answer; he abducted Kim and whisked her away to a secret mountain stronghold to make her his own.

Meanwhile, Brand survived the trap, unknown to Balthazar, and he raced back to the city, only to find Kim gone. But thanks to a friend who had witnessed what happened, Brand was able to locate where Balthazar was keeping Kim. He challenged Balthazar to a duel, where the loser would leave forever, and the winner would keep Kimono.

Balthazar lost the battle, due to Brand clawing at his eye and blinding him. But when Brand started to free Kim, Balthazar attempted to attack him from behind with a knife hidden in his belt, but during the struggle, Brand got hold of the knife, and cut Balthazar's right hand off.

Brand and Kim escaped, despite one last trap Balthazar had set up to bring down the whole building, and Balthazar escaped as well, never to be heard from again... or at least not for another year. He returned with a new mechanical hand, and a new identity as the Hooded Claw. He's still after Kimono, and is also seeking his revenge on Brand, and he'll stop at nothing to get both.
You like? I thought the two needed a villain to chase them. He got his name from the villain in the Perils of Penelope Pitstop, because I used to watch that show a lot as a little girl. His laugh always made me crack up.

Gargoyles Disney
Balthazar Me
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